Building Blocks to Diversity

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People, process, and technology are key pillars to creating a more diverse workforce. But technology is empowering organizations to work toward eliminating bias, which in turn allows companies to build stronger and more diverse workforces.

What Do California's New Training Requirements Mean for Staffing Firms?

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California’s expanded sexual-harassment-prevention training requirements raise new challenges for staffing firms and their diverse working environments. Leadership and Navigation Harassment Contingent Staffing California

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C-TEN Insights: Diverse by Design

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As senior vice president of human resources and diversity and inclusion and chief diversity officer at Freddie Mac , she has made D&I a real priority for the organization. Jacqueline Welch: We are committed to embedding diversity and inclusion into all of our business efforts.

2017 Global Staffing Trends


Growing the business, competition for top talent, and doing more with less, are some of the issues that preoccupy the minds of staffing and recruiting leaders around the world. This is just one of the findings from LinkedIn’s recently released 2017 Global Staffing Trends report. Building your brand: 82% of staffing leaders agree that investing in their brand generates new business, yet only 10% of their budget goes to this.

How HR Creates Diversity and Inclusion

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Human resources is responsible for many duties, most of which directly or indirectly affect diversity and inclusion efforts. Many company leaders still cringe a little when trying to improve diversity and inclusion. Inherent Diversity. Acquired Diversity.

3 Ways Your Staffing Agency Can Support Employees with Disabilities


What if we told you we know about a massive pool of talented, loyal, hardworking individuals that could help your staffing agency grow? Part of the draw of working with a staffing agency is feeling supported and having someone in your corner when it comes to your career.

8 Tips for Starting Your Own Staffing Firm

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Have you ever thought about starting your own staffing agency? To lift the curtain on the staffing agency and help make the leap a little easier, we asked eight staffing experts to share their most valuable tips for budding entrepreneurs. Staffing Agencies

Sparking The Tipping Point: 4 Ways You Can Fight For Diversity & Inclusion

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March is Women’s History Month, and we’re talking all things Diversity & Inclusion. As a society, we use a highly diverse set of technology tools every day. But there’s a disturbing lack of diversity within the tech industry.

Here’s Why We Need to Pay Higher Referral Fees For Diverse Candidates

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By “diversify,” I’m not talking about diversity of thought, but to recruit a more diverse workforce in terms of ethnic, gender, and racial diversity. I know a ton of HR Pros right now who have been charged by their organizations to go out and “diversify” their workforce.

Three Workforce Solutions to Reduce Costs of Contingent Healthcare Staffing

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He leads AMN’s top-ranked MSP and RPO businesses, while reshaping the way AMN delivers workforce solutions to its diverse client base. The post Three Workforce Solutions to Reduce Costs of Contingent Healthcare Staffing appeared first on HRO Today.

Making a Difference With a Diverse Workforce


The workplace has quickly become a multicultural and multigenerational environment in which it is important for today’s staffing initiatives. Diversity in the Workforce. In fact, a diverse workplace can make a measurable difference in organizational collaboration and innovation , delivering a multitude of benefits that produce positive business outcomes. According to a report by SHRM , 41% of managers say they are “too busy” to implement diversity initiatives.

Your EEOC Job Posting Statements are Hurting Your Diversity Hiring!

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For racial minorities, those who received the pro-diversity statement were 30% less likely to apply for the job—and the effect appeared to be worse in cities with white majorities (see chart). In a follow-up survey, the prospective applicants said the statement prompted worries that they would be token diversity hires. Have diverse employees ask the CEO question that gets to the heart of where D&I is in your organization. Employers discriminate in hiring. This is a fact.

Diversity Double Dutch, Jump In


With sexism, racism, homophobia, xenophobia, and all forms of bigotry and hatred so prevalent today, there is a need for organizations to address diversity and inclusion in a meaningful way. The first step is to make a deliberate effort to hire diverse talent.

International HR: A Multi-flavored Buffet of Staffing Strategies

Global People Strategist

At the same time, the employer is free to recruit from a more diverse pool of talent. The increasing number and flavors of multinational employers in the world today has resulted in a hunger for relevant and accurate data on how to manage this unique set of global employees. How does one structure a company’s management and culture? Should the headquarters’ norms prevail or should leadership err on the side of decentralization and respect for each country office’s preferences?

Do you pay your employees more for referring Diverse candidates?

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By “Diversify”, I’m not talking about diversity of thought, but to recruit a more diverse workforce in terms of ethnic, gender and racial diversity. A diverse workforce will perform better in most circumstances, then I homogeneous workforce will. Now, keeping in mind the above assumptions, what do you think is the best way to recruit diversity candidates to your organization?

5 Must-Have's from your Staffing Service


my work in human resources included years of working with staffing services. There are many benefits to working with a staffing service, one primarily is not having to source candidates yourself. I learned very quickly that the best way to approach this working relationship, was simply developing a framework and a list of must-haves that I must have any time I considered working with a new staffing service. Tip: Learn from your staffing service.

Female Disruptors: How Audrey Henson is shaking up the congressional staffing pipeline

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College to Congress is about disrupting the congressional staffing pipeline. We work to ensure Congress reflects the fully socioeconomic diversity in America by providing access and means to congressional internships. I now understand that leadership is part art and part science.

How to Be a Savvy Staffing Service Consumer on the Perm Side


Getting started with a staffing service can be fairly quick and easy. The staffing service is part of what is going to build your business, so perform your due diligence wisely. If there’s one thing I have learned working with staffing services for over twenty years, it’s that the client (i.e., Ask compelling questions to any staffing service you are considering. A credible staffing service will be happy to answer all your questions, and then some.

Getting Social Media Recruiting on the Right Track for Diversity

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Previously, we’ve addressed how it’s great for finding and attracting strong candidates, but it’s also possible to use social media to exclude candidates that might lead an employer to a more diverse workforce. I can turn any one of these into a diversity search,” Tortorici says.

The Recruiting Reel Episode 13: How To Recruit For Diversity And Boost Inclusion

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@SourcerKelly on #TheRecruitingReel w/tips on how to recruit for diversity and boost inclusion Click To Tweet. In the 13th episode of The Recruiting Reel, Kelly Dingee from Staffing Advisors explores how organizations can start building a strategy to recruit for diversity and boost inclusion.

Embracing Gender Diversity in the Workplace for a better tomorrow

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Diversity is imperative to all workplaces. In each case, the customers are more diverse than the people serving them, which don’t bode well for understanding their needs. To better serve your customers, it’s important to cultivate gender diversity within the work.

What is the right diversity mix of employees for your organization?

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ATAP has told us at what levels we should be at with our diversity mix. So, what should you diversity mix be? The West is the most overall diverse part of America (where 46% of the American Asian population live, 42% of Hispanic/Latino, 48% of American Indian, 37% of multi-race). So, what does this all mean when it comes to hiring a more diverse workforce? . This is a question I think many executives and HR and TA leaders struggle with.

The Rooney Rules Killed NFL Diversity Hiring

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So, why should you care about NFL diversity hiring? Programs like these are what organizations need if you’re serious about diversity hiring. Candidate Experience Career Path Culture Diversity Hiring Inclusion influence Interview Leadership Metrics Recruiting Selection SHRM Staffing strategy Talent Acquisition The 8 Man Rotation The Recruiting Rules Trench HRWhat the heck is the Rooney Rule?

Making Progress on Diversity and Inclusion Means Getting the Data Right

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A global manufacturing company knew they needed to make progress on their diversity and inclusion goals. They can help business and HR leaders measure their progress, assess the impact of their diversity goals, and gain insight into what’s working (and what’s not).

#HotInHR: Improving Diversity Rates @Pinterest, Where Are All the Men in HR? Intern Takes Over Railroad’s Twitter


What We Learned from Improving Diversity Rates at Pinterest – HBR. In today’s workplace, diversity is more than just a buzzword; it’s a way to build a stronger business. Related: When Companies Get Serious About Diversity, They Call Her- Wired. HotInHR: What We Learned from Improving Diversity Rates at Pinterest, Where are all the men in HR?… Newsletter: What's Hot in HR Diversity Gender HR HR Technology Interns Social MediaTags: Diversity.

Launching a Diversity and Inclusion Program Isn’t Enough – Here’s How to Make a Meaningful Impact

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This is shocking, considering that 97% of respondents report that their company has a diversity program in place. Simply launching a diversity and inclusion (D&I) program isn’t enough. The diversity and inclusion (D&I) initiatives that all employees rank as highly effective.

The Four Biggest Impacts of Training Your Dynamic Workers


The reasons why staffing agencies are chosen as main employers by ever more workers are diverse, but we can point out a few that we hear regularly from. Staffing staffing training

Increasing Equality

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My friends and I look at corporate websites and when we do not see diversity, we think less of that company.”. You need to see women leaders to want to aspire to be one,” adds Kelly Quirk, the group managing director and CEO of the Harrier Group , which runs the diversity and inclusion strategies for several of Australia’s largest mining companies and energy providers. The benefits of ensuring diversity on corporate boards and in the workplace are well-documented.

Weighing the impact of the attractiveness advantage


Diversity and Inclusion HR Leadership HR Technology HRENow Recruiting Staffing Talent Acquisition Talent Management Top StoriesPhysically attractive people have long been viewed as more sociable, happier and successful than their less attractive counterparts.

How to Grow a Diverse and Inclusive Team with Evidence-Based Performance Management


Libby Stewart: Welcome all to our discussion today around How to Grow Diverse and Inclusive Teams with Evidence Based Performance Management. I’m really excited for the discussion today, I feel that diversity and inclusion is such a wicked and complex problem.

Hiring for diversity vs. skill sets: How do you find a balance?


Efforts to hire for diversity can be challenging. You, the business leader, know you need a workforce diverse in age, skill sets and culture for your business to thrive. When the word “diversity” comes up, business leaders often think first of hiring people outside their usual gender, religion or race. But that’s only part of the diversity equation. Talk openly about the benefits of diversity.

Why Events Are the Backbone of Any Diversity and Inclusion Strategy


Even though events are a well-known strategy for some roles, such as recruiting programmers or recent graduates, they are somehow overlooked for other TA challenges like sourcing diverse talent. There is growing consensus worldwide that workforce diversity and inclusivity (D&I) drive company performance. The idea that diversity improves decision-making, operation, and results is leading companies to seek talent with diverse experiences in various areas, like veteran status.

5 Takeaways from Cox Automotive’s 2019 Dealership Staffing Study


Cox Automotive recently released its 2019 Dealership Staffing Study , which surveyed 1,200 individuals about their work-related challenges, priorities and expectations. We read through the 2019 Dealership Staffing Study and have highlighted several of the key takeaways below. .

Online Reference Checking Gains Momentum Among Major Industries Including Healthcare, Higher Education, Banking/Finance, Staffing and Retail


Today, SkillSurvey, the leading provider of hiring solutions to effectively recruit, hire and manage employees to drive business results, announced that it is experiencing fast growth this year among a number of industries that are embracing online reference checking to shorten time to fill and improve quality of hire – including customer expansions and new business in healthcare/ long-term care, the staffing industry, higher education, retail, and banking/finance.

Generational Profiling – The Newest Trend in Recruiting!

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If the world, especially our work world, is moving to more and more of a technology focus, what are organizations doing to ensure they hiring for diversity across generations? We all have heard and know what Racial Profiling is, right?

T3 – @Teamableme – Recruit the Best Talent from your Employees Networks

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Teamable also found a game changer when it comes to using their technology to potentially increase your organization’s diversity hiring. Diversity hires more diversity. Applicant Tracking Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals ATS Diversity Engineering Recruiting Hiring HR Technology Inclusion IT Staffing Recruiting Recruitment Marketing Social Recruiting Sourcing Staffing T3 TA Technology Talent Acquisition Technical Recruiting The Recruiting Rules

Is Your Organization Using HR Tech for Good or Evil?

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Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals Branding Culture Diversity Hiring HR Department of One HR Technology Inclusion IT Staffing Leadership Life Lessons Recruiting Recruitment Marketing Selection SHRM Social Recruiting Sourcing Staffing strategy TA Technology Talent Acquisition Technical Recruiting The Recruiting Rules Trench HR Uncategorized