The most common employee documents used at trial

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How do you protect your company in the event you go to trial? Maintaining HR documents is an essential step in protecting your company, and yourself, in the event you go to court for civil litigation, criminal charges, or other investigations. In the U.S., laws require companies to keep documents for specific timeframes. Without the right documentation, you could be held personally liable by the court. Payroll authorization form.

Could Your HRIS Help Stop Workplace Sexual Harassment?

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The prevalence of sexual harassment claims in the news lately is making it very clear that the problem is widespread. While most of the claims making headlines have been brought forth against celebrities and people in high-power positions, sexual harassment takes many forms and can be instigated by individuals in any position in any industry. Fortunately, there are a few ways that HRIS software can help employers combat workplace sexual harassment.

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Today’s Sexual Harassment Case: Elf v. Santa

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Drelling shared the story of a sexual harassment complaint in Santa’s workshop and how the company handled it so very ho ho horribly wrong; today, Drelling shares how the company should’ve handled the situation with this mall Santa. Drelling, who serves as general counsel of the Restaurant Division at Specialty Restaurants Corp., wrote the following analysis. He should have been promptly removed and replaced with a look-alike from the North Pole.

What to Include in an Employee Handbook

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Consider covering the following while creating your employee handbook. Your welcome section should give a brief introduction to your business and set the tone for the handbook. The code of conduct section is a guideline on how your employees should behave, dress, and represent your business. You should cover your equal employment opportunity responsibilities as well as harassment, drug, and alcohol policies. Time off policy. Payroll

Office Romances: For Better or Worse.

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Love is in the air. This may not be a shocking statistic if you stop to consider a full-time employee spends at least half of his or her waking hours on the job. As managers and organizational leaders, what precautions can we take to ensure that personal relationships minimally affect the workplace? This is always good practice for compliance purposes, but fraternization and sexual harassment policies need to evolve as your culture changes. Office Romance.

8 HR Nightmares & How to Avoid Them


Luckily, when equipped with the right strategies, you can prevent these scenarios from becoming a recurring nightmare in your workplace. Failing to track important documents. Documentation is a necessary evil in the workplace. Lost documents, whether through lack of organization or failures with transferring ownership, can lead you into the dark depths of the forest with the daunting task of finding missing information.

Managing HR Compliance in the Age of Technology

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Compliance may not be the rock star of HR tasks, but it is the one that is necessary to keep the band together. For many companies, technology has changed the ways in which they manage HR compliance. When going from a paper-based to an electronic based HR system, there are many changes to adapt to, a lot of new information to learn, and many challenges that arise. Many businesses are now performing HR tasks online or storing information in cloud-based systems.

The Grievance Procedure Explained

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Grievance procedures; the pros and cons Grievance procedure: 6 steps How long should a grievance procedure take? When an employee feels that they’ve been wronged – be it an unfair paycheck, an unpleasant assignment, or sexual harassment, they can file a grievance with the company they work for. This is a formal complaint procedure that generally has rules that the investigator must follow. A grievance, however, documents that there is a problem.

How to avoid common mistakes with EEOC complaints


According to recent data, the top five EEOC complaints reported nationally are: Retaliation: 39,110 Disability: 24,238 Race: 23,976 Sex (including pregnancy): 23,532 Age: 15,573. What are the big mistakes you should avoid? Insufficient manager training.

How to Hire Employees in California


Wherever you operate, hiring new employees means not only searching for the best talent but also staying compliant. Nowhere is this more true than in California, with businesses needing to be aware of notoriously complex labor laws, relating to all stages of the employment process.

How To Write And Update Your Employee Handbook For 2020


Employee Handbooks in 2020: The Definitive Guide. Many business owners overlook the importance of a well-written employee handbook. Make training and enforcement easier. The Challenge of Keeping Handbooks Up-To-Date. In this section, we explain the importance of a good employee handbook. It should be the go-to authority for policies. Secondly, it’s critical for more than new hire training. Payroll deductions. Paid Time Off (PTO).

Would You Want to Work at Your Startup?


But what about the workplace that goes with it? Big players like Uber, GitHub and SheThinx somehow missed that second part (although they did muddle through their nightmares of workplace harassment). Here are some things to think about: We say one thing, do the other. Payroll?

Do Love Contracts Actually Work?


Love is in the air—and no office is safe. workers admit to having dated a colleague in the past year. So when the love bug bites, how does your HR department respond? Some teams are turning to controversial legal agreements to ward off compliance risks. No, “love contract” isn’t the next hit reality show on TV. Their purpose is to mitigate risk by affirming that a romance is consensual—in theory, staving off harassment claims.

Stop Stagnating, Start Scaling, With These Tips For Onboarding New Hires


According to Gallup , only 12% of new hires would be able to strongly support the statement that their organization does a great job onboarding new employees. In fact, according to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), you can expect to lose up to half of your workforce within the first 18 months of their hire date. Replacing them can be expensive, and the continual need to hire new staff to replace lost employees can prevent you from scaling.

Breaking Down the New Form W-4 & How to Ensure Compliance in 2020


In the first major redesign over 30 years, the IRS is kicking off the decade by rolling out a new Form W-4. The updated document reflects changes that were made to the federal tax code following the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act last year. To help employers and employees adjust to the new Form W-4, the IRS answered a number of frequently asked questions on their website. Why did the IRS choose to redesign it?

State Compliance Update with CIC Plus’ Brian Elfrink

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As business operations expand and regulatory requirements evolve, the more challenging it becomes for HR and Payroll professionals to remain compliant across all the states they do business in. Compliance Library delivers the right form, in the right format, at the right time.

Handling Employee Incidents and Grievances

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When incidents occur that affect the well being of employees or undermine the company culture, it is important to address the issues in a way that is effective and legal. Far too often, employee incidents and grievances are swept under the rug with the explanation that the issue is “under investigation.” If it makes more sense, allowing employees to report incidents or grievances using messaging or the telephone may also be helpful.

When should you hire an HR manager, if at all?


With that success comes the question: When should you hire a human resources (HR) manager? It’s best to have a strong HR presence early in your company’s life to establish company mission, vision, values, culture and vital HR infrastructure, which can have a lasting impact on the success of your employees and your business. Around the time your company hits fifty employees, things change, and there are regulations that you must comply with that weren’t previously applicable.

2020 HR Compliance Checklist: Know Your Requirements


Small business owners and HR leaders are working hard to manage the people center of their company while also staying on top of compliance requirements and calendar-based deadlines. Use the following compliance checklist to create your HR policies — or as a way to revamp existing ones.

5 compliance mistakes you may not know you’re making


Underestimating the importance of remaining compliant with employment laws and regulations is one of the biggest mistakes you can make as an employer. The cost of being audited or sued and found non-compliant can put a serious dent in your profits and your company’s reputation. When it comes to compliance, small businesses are often subject to the same laws and regulations that govern large corporations. Let’s look at five of the most common compliance mistakes.

How to Use HR Technology to Your Advantage: A Guest Post

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The big challenge for Human Resources teams in the foreseeable future will be staying on top of the game. Digital technology has freed HR staffs from mundane and repetitive tasks in payroll, benefits, and insurance. That’s where staying on top of the game comes into play.

5 Exciting HR Technology Trends


Through the utilization of compiled data and with automated processes established, these entities, covering a myriad of industries, have given themselves the ability to make better business decisions for themselves and their employees. When evaluating HR data, the Vs reveal: HR data comes in all varieties. It can come from employee demographics, payroll, surveys, engagement scores, performance reviews and even email content. The velocity of HR data is mostly static.

4 HR Technology Trends that Affect Your Business


Technology has changed the world as we know it, and as other industries and departments have evolved accordingly, so too has human resources. A strong HR department is essential to every business, and the advent of new tech often promises vast improvements to the field. There is consensus that employee portals are an excellent digital HR tool that can greatly improve the employee experience and increase engagement. Digital Training.

The Role of HR in Risk Management


Wage and Hour Penalties Pay Equity Harassment Policy Termination. Yet day to day, you step carefully, balancing the complexities of the workplace. We love to talk to HR professionals about their strategic goals – for inspiration, check out Unlock the True Power of HR. of the most common risks HR professionals need to balance throughout the employee lifecycle, starting with…. ATS Questions.and the answers you want to hear: Interviewing.

Nonprofit HR | Complete Overview for Small Organizations

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Think of it this way — you’re given donations to steward towards a good cause, and your staff and volunteers are the ones who use that support to actually drive your mission forward. Since nonprofits are funded solely through donations and grants, it can definitely be a challenge for new or growing organizations to find the time or resources to build out a dedicated HR department. Here’s what we’ll cover: Understanding the Essentials. Payroll & Taxes.

6 must-have policies for a strong employee handbook


Outline the policies that affect your employees. Your business’s code of conduct is the first place employees should look when they have questions about ethics and compliance. Some of the basic information you’ll want to include in your code of conduct includes: Code of ethics. Set expectations and establish the consequences for not meeting those expectations. Laws prohibiting discrimination are enforced by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

The #1 Way Small and Medium Businesses Save Time


Think back to some of the most time-consuming activities you’ve undertaken for your business. It’s common for SMB leaders to take on the mountain of HR tasks that are required for smooth operations, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only way. A major study from earlier this year shows that small and medium sized business owners consistently underestimate the amount of time and energy required to run their HR functions in-house. Training.

Does Free Speech Exist in the Workplace?


The First Amendment protects our right to free speech. Among legal scholars and the general public, the firing rekindled a nationwide debate on whether the First Amendment applies to the workplace. Read on to learn what federal and state employment laws say on the matter. In the Workplace Right or wrong, private employers generally have the authority to discipline or terminate an employee for any reason.

HR Consulting Firms for Small Businesses: 15 Leading Experts

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Effective human resources policies are probably one of the most important investments that any small business can make in its ability to continue growing! We’ve written before on the purpose of compensation consulting and some top providers in that space. Today, we’ll be doing the same for the much broader category of human resources consulting for small businesses. Use the list above to jump to a specific section, or follow along from the top.

How to HR in a growing company – A guide for every size business


When you first start a company, amid the excitement and many competing priorities, you may not be considering the vital role of human resources (HR) in growing a company. While you can probably get away with a less-than-defined HR strategy as a startup, these policies, procedures and strategies can determine your fate as the business grows. In a perfect world, all businesses would operate in strict accordance with the laws and best practices governing HR.

8 Compliance Tips for Small Businesses for 2020


A 2017 National Small Business Association survey found 44% of small business owners spend 40 hours or more per year on federal compliance, and 12% report not knowing the source of many of the regulations (local, state, and federal) affecting their business. Here you can outline everything from acceptable computer use and workplace conduct to the storage and treatment of employee data. Prevent harassment before it becomes a problem. The best defense is a good offense.

The EEOC’s new priorities: 5 emerging workplace issues to watch


The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) recently released its Strategic Enforcement Plan through the year 2021, which outlines its priorities for the coming years. In this plan, one of the areas of focus is a grouping the agency refers to as “emerging and developing workplace issues” – an ever-evolving subject, which can be challenging to navigate. The EEOC continues to broaden its definition of what constitutes a disability.

Everything You Need to Onboard a New Hire [Free Checklist]


How you onboard a new hire sets the tone for that employee’s experience at your company. A poorly organized orientation, on the other hand, can put the employee on unsure footing and make them question if they made the right decision in joining the company. This comprehensive new hire checklist will help you conduct the smoothest orientation possible so your employees can immediately feel at home and excited to get to work. Tour the premises.

The benefits of a ticketing system for HR teams


Improve the employee experience. And on top of that, manage the challenges—things like complying with various state and overseas regulations—created by ever-more distributed teams and the evolving makeup of the modern workforce. These are just a few of the business-critical initiatives HR teams are responsible for, but few HR teams have the time they need to truly focus on these tasks. The user experience has to be engaging.”.

Conference Twitter Primer #HRtechConf 2018


Once again using HRmarketer software, we analyzed the #HRTechConf conference website and tweets to come up with the following Conference Twitter Primer — all the information you need to socially prepare for the world’s largest HR technology conference and exposition hall!

Protect Your Restaurant from Wage and Hour Violations


The hospitality industry (particularly restaurants) faces more wage and hour violations than any other industry. According to the DOL, that’s nine times more than any other industry. And knowing the intricacies of state laws can be a full-time job. Streamline payroll processing.

What I wish I’d known about PEOs as a small business owner


Looking back at some of the things I got stuck doing (quite poorly, I might add – there was a lot of guesswork and error) makes me now realize I could’ve really used a PEO. I was spending a few hours each week running payroll when the shops were closed (family time — who needs that?). And I completely missed some of the legal nightmares my business partner got us into (yes, I chose the wrong partner, but that’s a different story).

Opening an Office in Another State? Ask Yourself These 7 Questions


If the market seems right and the resources seem available, most growth-minded business owners like you would explore expanding operations into a new state, given the chance. But at the same time, you’re not new to the challenges of being an entrepreneur. You’ve learned to pay attention to every little detail, because small oversights can easily turn into big problems that threaten the stability of your business down the road. Payroll tax.

The Employee Handbook—Best Practices

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Not only does this document serve as a means to inform employees of their rights and responsibilities but it also acts as a reference guide for all employer policies. Policies concerning the use of employer-provided equipment and software. Beyond the basics above, here are some best practices for creating, communicating, and maintaining an employee handbook. Ensure that nothing in the employee handbook could be construed as an employment agreement.

How to Assemble an Ideal Compliance Team

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But hiring the right people, to do the right things, to get and stay HR compliant takes work. And the right planning. We’re sharing some tips with you on how to assemble the right compliance team as your company grows. Have you had compliance issues in the past? How do you stay current with the latest regulatory and governance developments? Do employees know what’s expected of them in the workplace? Is training new employees an issue?