The Importance of Documentation


Documentation is defined as the language that accompanies a product, often outlining its development, design, and technical language in clear, definitive terms. Whether you are working on building a business or home-based projects, documentation is critically important.

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HR documentation: A step-by-step guide


At first, HR documentation can feel like a series of tedious administrative tasks you have to do as part of running a business. However, thorough HR documentation is incredibly important to your business. This is your guide to achieve comprehensive, accurate HR documentation.

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How The GDPR Is Changing Document Storage

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In practice, it has meant that almost every business across the UK has had to make changes to that way it stores data and documents containing personal information. For example, an individual has the right to know which aspects of their data is being stored as well as how it is being used.

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3 costly mistakes that could be lurking in your documentation

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It’s not always what’s missing from employee documentation that could get you in trouble. It’s also what may already be in your documentation that could land you on the wrong end of a lawsuit. . Creating inconsistencies between documents.

Lightening the Paper Load: Cloud-Based Document Systems for HR


Document systems seems like a perfect example of the old adage, if you build it they will come. If there were ever a time when it was necessary to reinvent the wheel, how we access, storage and manage documents is it. So much documentation goes into talent acquisition and management.

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Employee Documentation and Record Keeping Requirements


While some businesses might try to cut corners when it comes to employee documentation and record keeping, there are some documents that are absolutely necessary. A lack of proper documentation and record keeping can lead to financial setbacks and even legal problems for companies.

The Risks of Sketchy Employee Investigation Documentation


One of the most crucial ways to protect a business, and other employees throughout this process is via documentation. HR departments should be well directed to keep records on all written and verbal communication that show behavioral patterns and illustrating workplace malfeasance.

Why Should You Archive Historical Employee Documentation?


Wrapping up 2018: How and Why you should Archive Historical Documentation and Data. HR possesses the lofty job of creating and retaining confidential employee data, ranging from hiring information to performance data and even documentation of potential termination.

Employee Well-being Needs to Include Retirement Plans

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For more than a century, Xerox has been a leader in document technology and services. Thinking about and planning for retirement can have a huge impact on well-being. Should HR consider retirement planning a part of their well-being programs?

Making HR Document Generation Easier


In June, we announced Advanced Document Generation , a new feature to help HR build custom documents in ⅓ the time it takes today. Expanding our existing HR document generation capabilities for more static documents, Advanced Document Generation reduces the time it takes for HR to create complex, logic-based documents - and reduces the risk of error. In this post, we’ll explore why PeopleDoc chose to invest document generation.

How to document interview feedback for your hiring team


Make well-rounded hiring decisions. Timely, well-organized and easily accessible feedback helps make better hiring decisions faster. Instead, use a shared document or a platform that all team members can access at any time.

Special from SHRM 2017: Seven Steps to Creating Bulletproof Documentation

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Here’s typical documentation, says attorney Allison West: “I talked to Steve about what you wanted me to, and it went well.” Today we’ll hear more from West on documentation. Document, Document, Document. Poor documentation: Show up on time.

Documenting Employee Performance—Avoid These 10 Mistakes

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Today, we present Fentin’s top 10 mistakes employers make when documenting employee performance. Forgetting an audience—who will read the document? No supporting documentation—claims made on the appraisal should be supported. Is financial wellness an issue among your employees?

my employee locked me out of a work document in a fit of pettiness

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Over time it has become unusable because it’s not filtered well enough. But I can’t have my employee locking me out of work documents because of his ego! I’ve documented everything, and maybe if he does this again I could escalate it to my boss’ boss and it’s theoretically possible he could get fired. Document this, escalate it, and start putting together whatever paperwork it will take to eventually make the case to fire him.

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AI Digital Document Transformation Increases Business-Critical Efficiencies

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Luckily, digital document transformation via AI and machine learning can help streamline business-critical processes via automation and the marvel of modern computing. Companies that don’t ride this wave may well get left behind. Automatic and consistent drafting of documents.

The Onboarding Documents You Need to Collect and Keep


In fact, you may collect employee documents during onboarding and throughout the employment period. Failing to keep complete records for the appropriate period of time is a problem as well. Employee Onboarding Documents You Must Keep: Form W-4 for federal income tax withholding.

Defensible Documentation: Documenting for the Employee Personnel File

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I had the pleasure of presenting my newest program, Defensible Documentation: Documenting for the Employee Personnel File, at the Androscoggin Chamber of Commerce this morning to a full house. Morning: well spent Maine is made up of a lot of small and medium sized businesses.

the document bonfire, the dragon video call, and other amazing work moments

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Well, it was comfortable and warm, and one day I was freezing, and I decided to wear it while completing a project. After a bunch of reading and studying, I mailed off the documents only to have them rejected for legal reasons I didn’t understand. Instead, I drove down a dirt road, pulled over, threw all the documents in a big pile and set them on fire. One of my favorite things about running this site is getting to hear people’s mortifying stories from their pasts.

9 Office Ergonomics Tips To Improve Workplace Wellness

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It goes without saying that ergonomics and workplace design are vital to preventing work-related illnesses/injuries , increasing productivity, as well as lowering healthcare costs and costs related to workers’ compensation claims. Document Positioning.

This One Change Completely Transformed My Well-being

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All the qualities that had served me so well up to that point — my willpower, charm, optimism, determination — couldn’t carry me through this, not all the way. I didn’t mean, Where are the memoirs documenting train-wreck stories of addiction and eventual recovery?

Women in Wellness With Sarah Morgan

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As a part of my series about the women in wellness, I had the pleasure of interviewing Sarah Morgan. It turns out that she was not alone and there were other complaints as well: mood swings, weight gain, headaches, nausea, fatigue, breakouts and more. Community Wisdom women in wellnes

How Well Do All-Remote Teams Work?

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Some companies don’t have an office at all, and while it might seem amazing that any work gets done from afar, these companies have made it work—and made it work well. If you’re thinking about going all remote, here’s how it can work —as well as some pitfalls to avoid.

As DOL Steps Up Health Plan Audits, Preparation and Documentation Are Critical

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Department of Labor’s (DOL) benefits portfolio has swollen with the implementation of healthcare reform, wellness rules, and other mandates, the agency’s health plan audits have become more frequent, comprehensive, and fraught with pitfalls for plan sponsors and fiduciaries. As the U.S.

5 Surprising EAP Benefits for Personal and Family Well-Being

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Emotional Wellness. Boost well-being, mind, body and spirit with by speaking with a mental health professional to address emotional wellness, stress management, personal challenges, parenting issues, family and relationship support. Total Well-Being

ask the readers: how can we help gender transitions at work go well?

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A reader writes: I’m a leader in my company’s LGBT employee group, and we are working on a set of Gender Transition Guidelines to be used by transgender employees who transition while at our company, as well as their managers, coworkers, and HR to ensure a positive experience.

How Employers Became Legally Liable for Documentation of Employees’ Work Eligibility

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As a result of its I-9 audit effort, ICE filed actions against some well-known companies and brought them to their knees. with guns brandished to confiscate documents and hard drives; the agency just sends letters and asks for employers’ cooperation.

First Look at the Future of Financial Wellness

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Financial wellness has generated a lot of buzz recently and with millions of dollars pouring into FinTech development it’s time to take the first look at the future of financial wellness through the lens of a recent Senate hearing.

These EEOC wellness rules kick in Jan. 1: Are your plans ready?

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1, 2017 may still seem pretty far off, but now’s the time to make sure you’ll be in compliance with the EEOC’s new wellness rules that kick in on New Year’s Day. Health and wellness plans tend to go hand in hand. wellness programs).

Your Guide to the Most Common HR Legal Documents


When it comes to drafting legal documents, it may feel like you should enroll in night law school or watch some Law & Order SVU to successfully handle the ever-changing tasks assigned to you. While both your company and its employees may take these documents for granted, you know there’s a lot of strategic thinking and work that goes into drafting them. A well-written handbook sets forth your expectations for your employees, and describes what they can expect from your company.

Why You Should Invest in Your Employees’ Well-Being

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Henri Fayol stressed this idea in his Principles of Managementand well documented by today’s leading organizational psychologists. In short, they want to have a sense of well-being in their position, a sense of familiarity and comfort. Broadly, well-being comes in five forms: 1.

10 Sins of Well-Meaning Supervisors

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Offer documentation and give specific examples of the unacceptable behavior. The post 10 Sins of Well-Meaning Supervisors appeared first on HR Daily Advisor. HR Policies & Procedures Training documentation HR managers supervisors

Build a Better Academic Experience with eSignature Software


The right electronic signature app can improve overall productivity and save administrators as well as teacher’s time. eSignature Platform electronic signature software electronic signature solution eSign Documents

“What Federal Contractors Can Expect” Document Released by the OFCCP

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Coinciding with the National Industry Liaison Group’s national conference in Anaheim, the OFCCP released a “What Federal Contractors Can Expect” document last week. The document is a result of the areas of focus identified in OFCCP’s Town Hall Action Plan released in April 2018: training, communication, and trust. The two-page document provides a concise version of the assistance federal contractors can expect from the agency.

Supporting Employee Financial Wellness in the Workplace


” To prevent financial woes from impacting work by reducing employee performance and productivity, organizations need to invest in employee financial wellness by empowering their people to embark on a path of personal finance management. The need for employee financial wellness support.

If a document falls in Sharepoint.

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If a document falls in Sharepoint, and nobody hears it.does it make a sound? If you email them a link to a document, they'll click on it, but they won't go in by themselves. Us: Suppose someone adds a document to Sharepoint of potential interest to me. If you can't see what other people are doing, you can't very well collaborate with them. That document falling in Sharepoint will finally make a sound

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Maximizing Your Training Value


Here are a few items that will assist with user adoption during the training phase of your implementation: Gathering Training Documentation. There are a few things you can do to your training documentation to make it more useful to your employees: Use customized screenshots.

The 5 Easiest Tools to Sign Documents Electronically

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E-signature tools give users the ability to gather signatures on documents shared electronically, typically through email. It helps you accelerate sales, reduce costs and automate the entire process of signing documents. A signature is a powerful thing.

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