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4 Ways to Use Your Onboarding Technology For More Than Onboarding

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At this year’s SilkRoad Connections conference, attendees were talking about new ways to use their onboarding solution for more than onboarding. We all know what onboarding is. And we all know why onboarding is important. Can’t it just be used for onboarding?

Employee Engagement Made Simple

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Therefore, if you want the company to thrive, it’s imperative that HR and employee interaction are handled efficiently. In truth, all business owners can appreciate how influential employee engagement can be. Make Sure New Employees Are On Board. Employee engagement

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Top Employee Engagement Learning Trends

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Most employees are thinking about one of three career-related decisions. A complicated reality to accept for most retail business owners is retaining top talent to save the expense of hiring new employees. Employees are working from home feel valued by their employer.

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How Employee Engagement Raises Retention Rates

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Employees can and do transfer from job to job, employer to employer, with little remorse for what they leave behind. Regardless of age, most employees remain in a single position for just 4.6 Get your employees excited about working for your company again.

Get Employee Onboarding Right


Most of us are familiar with a typical new hire experience: We spend our first day or two filling out paperwork, getting acclimated to the company, meeting co-workers, undergoing training and taking care of organizational odds and ends that set us up to do our job. But onboarding matters.

Increase Employee Engagement with Automated Payroll and Onboarding


In some cases, this is because initial onboarding paperwork and processes are a burden, making employees frustrated when it takes too long to actually start doing the job they signed up for. Keep Employees Engaged Early on Through Automated Payroll and Onboarding.

Choosing an onboarding solution: 9 things to consider


Onboarding is a critical part of the employee lifecycle, but stats show we’re still failing to deliver great experiences for our new starters. When picking out an onboarding solution for your business, how do you ensure you tick all the boxes? Empower and engage every employee.

Why hiring impacts employee engagement and your bottom line


Employee engagement continues to be top of mind for business leaders, and for good reason. Actively disengaged employees are not as productive or happy as their engaged counterparts. Checked-out employees aren’t great for company morale or recruiting talent, either.

Boomerang employees: tips for hiring and onboarding


Have you considered hiring “boomerang employees?” ” These are former employees who left your company and are seeking to return – usually at a more senior position. Here’s why you should (and shouldn’t) rehire boomerangs and how to onboard them into your company.

Choosing an onboarding solution: 9 things to consider


Onboarding is a critical part of the employee lifecycle, but stats show we’re still failing to deliver great experiences for our new starters. When picking out an onboarding solution for your business, how do you ensure you tick all the boxes? Empower and engage every employee.

5 easy ways to get clients’ employees engaged today

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After all, they’ve just been hit by the reality that their employees aren’t as engaged as they thought—not to mention potentially blindsided by the revelation that the reason for disengagement boils down to issues within the organization itself. Here are five easy ways to boost your client’s employee engagement today: 1. There are other ways your client can become more transparent with employees. Download guide.

21 HR Tools for Employee Engagement & Workforce Planning


There are several tools available across multiple areas of HR that can make a huge difference in engagement, productivity, organization, and beyond. Here’s a list of 21 HR tools that demonstrate how technology can improve employee engagement and workforce planning efforts at your organization.

Three essential elements to implement retail training

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It’s true, in many ways, Starbucks is a leader in how they onboard and train new retail employees. After more than a decade of implementing retail training at Starbucks, I learned three essential elements to make training a success. Align retail training with your mission. Retail training programs are most effective when the content is directly connected to the company’s mission. Tie training to company mission and employee purpose.

3 Steps: How to Effectively Implement HR Technologies in the Workplace


If the HR technology touches multiple people internally, it is important that all stakeholders are onboard from the beginning. Your goals should be to make an HR technology rollout as pain-free as possible, and the benefits of the new HR technology easy to understand for employees.

Strategies from Freedom Debt Relief for Successful Employee Onboarding

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The Company understands the value of fostering a good environment for its employees right from the start. In fact, numerous companies across the globe in the financial services sector are recognizing the value of employee hiring and retention. Engagement.

Optimize the Onboarding Process with HR Technology

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While there are myriad possible reasons, less than stellar onboarding is clearly a factor. HR technology including easier onboarding processes can offer helpful solutions. The majority of US workers (51%) are not engaged and haven’t been for quite a while. Onboarding

HR TechStack – Employee Engagement Software


Employee Engagement Software Definition. Employee engagement software helps organizations solicit and track feedback from their employees, recognize employee achievements, and promote positive activity. The HR TechStack for Employee Engagement Software.

The Home Health Employee Onboarding Guide


A key way to keep home health employees engaged once they’re hired is following a strong new employee onboarding program. The Difference between Orientation and Onboarding. How Can You Streamline Your Onboarding Process?

Onboarding checklist for remote employees


As any of us who’ve joined a new business will know first-hand, the process of onboarding can make – or break – those crucial first few days, weeks and months. This is a demographic of employee with unique challenges, needs and requirements. Onboarding checklist for remote employees.

New Oracle HCM Research Reveals the 7 Themes That Drive Employee Engagement

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The traditional model of employee engagement worked in the past. But as the workforce becomes more empowered and technologically savvy, organizations need to change the way they measure and analyze employee sentiment, productivity, and loyalty. Employee Engagement

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Sapling - Buddying Up for Great Employee Onboarding


And with the help of a Buddy Program in employee onboarding, they don’t have to.Strategic Employee Onboarding is about making great hires great employees. Here’s the run-down on why and how you should include a Buddy Program into your Employee Onboarding process.

How Can Training Tools Supercharge your Employee Productivity

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And ever since organizations have uncovered that the secret behind employee productivity is growth and learning opportunities, they have been devising strategies to provide continuous training for increased efficiency with training tools. Engagement with their work.

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Setting the Stage for Success: Who is Getting Onboarding Right?

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New employees are a business’s biggest investment and they must be treated as such. First-day gifts and get-to-know-you games will drive measurable business outcomes and make a new employee feel more welcome to their new teams. It takes a village to onboard a new employee.

Cross-training staff: A guide to effective implementation


Cross-training staff has long been viewed as a way to groom future managers. The intention is to strengthen teams, give employees more opportunities to advance and create redundancies in case key employees leave. Cross-trained staff can provide safeguards for these contingencies.

How to Protect Your Company from High Employee Turnover


Every manager and HR professional views employee turnover as a headache, but do you actually know how expensive and damaging it can be to your organization? Furthermore, this cost estimate is only an average; replacing more specialized employees can often run into six figures!

Modern, Consumer-Grade Training

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This has been the year of the Employee Experience (EX), the consumer-grade UX and the ongoing war for talent. Better employee experiences help you retain top talent – and can also help your bottom line. Carefully craft the first experience of your employees.

59 Awesome Employee Engagement Ideas & Activities for 2018 (Plus 10 New Bonus Ideas)


59 Awesome Employee Engagement Ideas & Activities for 2018 (Plus 10 New Bonus Ideas). The Top Employee Engagement Ideas: Align your company with a purpose. Provide consistent coaching and training. Free bonus: Download this entire list as a PDF.

Ten Onboarding Ideas to Make Your New Employees Feel Welcome

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While there are many reasons, lack of engagement is the most common predictor. Since you only have a short amount of time to make sure your employees are engaged, onboarding and early recognition are vital. Host a new employee luncheon on a monthly or quarterly basis.

HR TechStack – Onboarding Software


HR Onboarding Software Definition. New employee onboarding is the process of getting new hires adjusted to the social and performance aspects of their new jobs quickly and smoothly. Why Your Organization Needs a Solid Onboarding Software. Your Employees.

Employee onboarding vs. orientation: Why you need both


“We have an onboarding process, so we don’t need to put new employees through an orientation.”. Many businesses think that having an onboarding process means they don’t need a formal orientation. But once you understand how onboarding and orientation are different, you begin to see the value in both. Onboarding and orientation defined. What’s new employee orientation? Mandatory new employee paperwork. What’s new employee onboarding?

Gamify Onboarding – Make New Employee’s Learning Process Fun


You can help your new hires get acclimated to their team and the organization as a whole by “gamifying” your onboarding process to make training fun, rewarding, and interactive. What is employee gamification, and how can you use it to make onboarding more engaging?

Employee onboarding reinvented: Thinking beyond the paperwork


Is your employee onboarding process setting your employees and your business up for success? In fact, you may be missing a critical opportunity to help your new employees ramp up faster and lay a solid foundation for them to be a long-lasting, engaged team member. Without thorough onboarding, people are less likely to stick with your company for very long. Onboarding should be ongoing. Onboarding starts before they start.

How Automated Onboarding Can Save Your HR Team Time and Money


To ensure any new employee’s success, effective onboarding is critical. But many businesses and HR leaders don’t have a set onboarding process and find it stressful and time consuming. Onboarding doesn’t have to be tedious. Centralize All Onboarding Documents.

How to ensure new hires aren’t drowning in your onboarding

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Many companies are so anxious to get their new team members up to speed quickly that onboarding is squeezed into the first week or so, resulting in a feeling equivalent to drinking from a firehose. To ensure your new hire doesn’t jump ship, you’ll need to space out your onboarding and provide support for much longer. Take time to pre-board new employees. That’s how your newest employees may feel. Download template.

Hire or Train? Things to Consider When Building an All-Star Team


If you’re trying to build an all-star team, is it better to hire new talent or train your existing employees? From a cost perspective, it’s clear that hiring new employees may not be as effective as training your current population. learning hours being used per employee.