Why Employee Recognition Matters


Do your employees feel recognized? Think carefully, because over 65 percent of employees report they don’t feel recognized at work. And lack of recognition just happens to be the number one reason why employees quit. Employee recognition drives employee engagement, and with higher employee engagement come lower turnover rates and stronger business results. Also, companies with the most engaged employees report revenue growth at a rate 2.5X

2021 Employee Recognition Calendar of Holidays


Downloadable 2021 Employee Recognition Calendar. A culture of recognition leads to people working together to achieve more. Live 2021 Recognition Calendar. Digital Recognition Calendar FAQ’s.


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Spreading Employee Recognition and Appreciation Across Achievers


And what better way to give thanks than to thank our very own employees here at Achievers. A business is nothing without its employees, which is why we encourage frequent employee recognition and appreciation. Today, we’d like to highlight some of the top employee recognitions sent across our ASPIRE platform, powered by Achievers’ HR technology. We’re proud of our employees and everything they accomplish day-to-day.

11 Tips for Selecting Employee Recognition Software

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Recognizing employees is an integral part of running your business. Often employees are spread out around the globe, in the field, or working remotely. Gerdeman writes, “More than 80 percent of American employees say they do not feel recognized or rewarded, despite the fact that U.S.

The Power of Inclusive and Frequent Employee Recognition

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To bring your company successfully into the emerging VUCA future, employees have to be highly motivated, agile, and adaptable. So, how exactly can you make employees more motivated, agile, and adaptable in the workplace? Employee recognition best practices.

Download Recognition Certificate

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Download Your Recognition Certificate. JobPts users can now download their recognition certificates. ??. We are excited to announce a new feature functionality within JobPts, our Employee Recognition and Rewards Software. . Category. All, Product Updates.

A Buyer’s Guide to Employee Recognition Software

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Gone are those days when Rewards and Recognition was considered a nice to have component of an organisations HR strategy. Choice of a Rewards and Recognition partner is paramount to the success of your programs. Download now.

Discover the irrefutable case for employee recognition


You’ve seen the YouTube videos of happy flight attendants creatively rapping the in-flight safety instructions, or read the stories of employees who have gone way beyond their job duties to help a customer. These make for great stories, but you can’t help but notice that most of these employees work for winning companies. Would the employees have gone above and beyond if they didn’t have a great work environment? More employees work outside the office.

Revamp Your Employee Recognition Strategy to Drive Results


Considering this, businesses should be concerned that only 49 percent of North American employees are happy at work. According to WorldatWork, 89 percent of organizations report that they have some type of recognition system in place, but with these staggeringly low employee engagement rates, it’s clear that these programs are far from effective. It’s important to take the same approach with creating a meaningful employee recognition strategy.

Revamp Your Employee Recognition Strategy to Drive Results


Considering this, businesses should be concerned that only 13 percent of the global workforce are engaged employees. Ninety-nine percent of organizations report that they have some type of recognition system in place, but with these staggeringly low employee engagement rates, these programs are clearly far from effective. . It’s important to take the same approach with creating a meaningful employee recognition strategy.

Building a robust employee recognition program


Are you doing enough to recognize your employees? You may realize you’re not doing enough to show employee appreciation, or perhaps your company lacks a formal employee recognition program. There’s more to appreciation and recognition than meets the eye.

The First Steps to Employee Recognition


Has there ever been the case where you’ve forgotten the name of one of your employees? While you’re sitting there stumped at who it is that’s filing the company’s expenses, your employee is sitting on the end of feeling unrecognised. A problem that most employees experience in the workplace is the feeling of being small and unimportant. Leaders need to grasp onto the importance of recognition in the workplace to drive the organisation.

The myriad use cases for a technology-enabled employee recognition platform

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While the concept of rewarding and incentivizing employees has been deep-rooted within organizations for decades, the market has been evolving in response to the following factors: Increasing complexity of the R&R processes involved. Increasing employee-centric focuses.

5 tips for creating your employee recognition road map


If you’re like most employees, not a lot has changed. You probably like recognition and rewards just as much now as you did then. Employee recognition fulfills our intrinsic need to be acknowledged for our achievements, and motivates us by making us feel accepted. Not only does recognition make employees feel good, but companies that inspire their employees with meaningful recognition perform better in the marketplace.

Celebrate Your Employees: Employee Recognition At Its Best

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Research shows that it can be better to express gratitude than to receive recognition. Not only do recognition and gratitude have positive impacts on the health and well-being of employees, they can also increase engagement. Companies who have employee recognition programs have engagement levels over 71% higher than companies without recognition programs. The programs motivate employees and boost satisfaction. Making employee recognition work.

5 Things You Need To Know About Employee Recognition

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As a leader in your company, you already realize the importance of acknowledging your employees for their efforts and contributions. Not only does recognition from management foster morale and job satisfaction, it also reduces absenteeism while increasing retention. And how do you implement an effective approach to employee recognition without over-praising mediocrity or under-valuing true accomplishments? 1- Positive Recognition Equals Happiness at Work.

Impactful Employee Recognition Ideas & Sample Recognition Letter


When employees know how appreciated they are for their work, they’re more likely to be productive and committed members of the company. Without regular recognition, they may start to feel expendable and look for opportunities elsewhere. How Employee Recognition Increases Engagement.

10 Tips for Modernizing Employee Recognition and Rewards


Learn how to modernize employee recognition and rewards in the new Gartner report. Are you interested in implementing a centralized recognition and reward program, but not sure where to begin? Do you have questions around which features to look for in a social recognition provider, and how recognition programs play into continuous performance management and crowdsourced feedback ? In the moment” recognition. 6 Surprising Data Points About Recognition.

Why You Need to Focus on Employee Recognition and How to Go About It

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When it comes to human resources results, one of the key things that needs to be focused on is employee retention. One of the best ways to increase your retention rate if you’re worried about losing top talent is to put more focus on employee recognition. Benefits of Employee Recognition. Employee recognition benefits both workers and businesses. Download theeBook and get practical ideas on designing employee engagement activities for your team!

NEW 2015 Employee Recognition Calendar


Make it your New Year’s resolution to increase employee appreciation in your organization. Create a culture of recognition. Show appreciation for your employees with 12 months of ideas. >> Download the NEW 2015 Employee Recognition Calendar. Learn about other free tools and recognition ideas from Terryberry to help you make the most of your employee recognition initiatives.

3 Budget-Friendly Employee Recognition Ideas


Employee recognition is an employee engagement power tool. It gives much-needed direction and motivation for employees to perform. But how do you do effective recognition when you’re tracking every penny? Here are three highly effective and budget-friendly employee recognition ideas. Rethink the Connection Between Employee Rewards and Recognition. Employee Recognition Ideas tied to Core Values. Download now.

Trend alert: Employee recognition is hot and lapel pins are not


We hate to be the one to tell you this, but a lot of employees think sporting a company lapel pin is about as “in” as wearing socks with sandals. There are much better ways to reward your employees and reinforce your brand besides just handing out tchotchkes. Does your employee engagement strategy reflect what employees truly want and even expect from their employers? Passé trends include: Ad hoc and disconnected recognition. Cross-team recognition.

10 HR Stats That Will Make You Think Twice About Employee Recognition

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You probably find it intuitively obvious that focusing on employee recognition will have a direct impact on how those workers perform and on your company’s bottom line. If you’re looking to invest more time and resources into your employee recognition program, you’ll want to have some persuasive statistics at your fingertips. Disengaged employees make up half the workforce . Employee recognition fuels work energy .

5 mistakes to avoid in your employee recognition program

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Thinking of implementing a new recognition program but not sure how to start? Looking to make changes to improve your current recognition initiatives? Make sure you avoid the five most common mistakes companies make when launching new recognition strategies. Download our latest Orange Paper and read about the pitfalls of trying to do it yourself, not keeping employees in mind, and other common mistakes to avoid.

Terryberry Named Overall Best in Employee Recognition Software Category


Terryberry has been named a Market Leader in the Employee Recognition Software category for the Spring 2020 Customer Success Report published by FeaturedCustomers. “Recognition really does make an impact, even on recognition providers.”

employee recognition for windows phone

Tap My Back

You can download it here for you desktop or Windows Phone and start giving and receiving recognition to boost your team’s workplace motivation. Tap My Back is a simple employee recognition tool that allows team members to share recognition and feedback. Tap My Back is now available for Windows 10! It’s like saying «thank you» but with badges and for all team to see. Want to create a new team? Click here and start a free 14 days trial. Want a premium version?

An Employee Recognition Program that Boosts a Sense of Meaning


Survey after survey shows: employees (particularly millenials and Gen Z) want meaning in their jobs. It’s a key pillar of an employee experience that encourages employee engagement. A high-quality employee recognition program can be a key tool to building day-to-day meaning. Building Meaning Into Your Employee Recognition Program. M ake real-time, peer-to-peer recognition a part of your employee recognition program.

3 Myths About Employee Recognition Programs


There are so many myths surrounding employee recognition programs that it’s impossible to keep what is true and what is false straight! Myth 1: Recognition Should Only Be For Truly Remarkable Deeds. Remarkable deeds are simply not the only time you should show any form of recognition to your employees. By all means, do give your employees attention and praise when they accomplish something noteworthy, but watch what goes on day-to-day as well.

The 2016 Employee Recognition Calendar is Here


Increase employee appreciation in your organization, starting today by downloading the 2016 recognition calendar. Many opportunities to recognize, reward, and inspire your employees, co-workers and team this year! A culture of recognition leads to people working together to achieve more. Here are twelve months of appreciation ideas. >> Download the NEW 2016 Employee Recognition Calendar. Looking for a New Year’s resolution?

Budgeting for an Employee Recognition Program

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“How much should we be spending on recognition and awards programs for our employees?”. It’s one of the most common questions we hear in the recognition industry and an essential one. Most organizations budget between.5% – 2% of what they spend on their payroll for their recognition program, with the average spend around 1%. If your recognition program is more extensive, your target may be closer to two percent or even higher. Above-and-Beyond Recognition.

Free Download: Designing Your Recognition Program with Team Input


Year over year, we hear about companies who struggle to build excitement around and raise participation in their recognition programs. Free Downloads Employee Recognition Recognition ProgramsWhat a shame, right? To spend so much time, effort, and money to plan activities and initiatives only to have them go bust? It’s always the intention for them to be successful, and it’s certainly not for lack of determination on the part of the planners if they flop.

Four Must-Have Manager Guidelines for Employee Recognition Ideas


When it comes to employee recognition ideas, managers turn to everything from generic, last-minute thank you cards to full-featured employee experience platforms. But what makes employee recognition ideas truly effective? To answer that, it’s important to remember why recognition is important and consider four must-have guidelines for your employee recognition ideas. Four manager guidelines for effective employee recognition.

Hospital Employee Recognition Programs That Make Nurses Happy


We’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about hospital employee recognition programs. Download Now. So, it pays to have hospital employee recognition programs that boost nurses’ engagement. Here’s what to expect from effective hospital employee recognition programs: Say thank you regularly and in real time. Include learning opportunities in your recognition program.

employee recognition: is it better to give than to receive?

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Tanner Institute’s latest study examines not only the powerful benefits of employee recognition, but more specifically, how giving recognition effects the giver. Download the Orange Paper for details. Download the Orange Paper today. Appreciation Recognition Strategies appreciation giving recognition orange paper receiving recognition recognition strategies recognition tips

Free Download: Determining the Scope of Your Recognition Program


So, you’re ready to launch a recognition program? Employee RecognitionDoes it feel daunting or overwhelming? Tedious or complicated? It doesn’t have to be! But, it does need to be well planned to be successful. That’s where Chapter Three of Designing and Implementing a Program comes in.

Why Employees Love Social Recognition


A business isn’t anything without its employees. So in order for your business to be successful in the long term, you have to ensure your employees are consistently performing at their best. By focusing on employee engagement. According to Gallup , “Companies with engaged employees outperform those without by 202 percent.” ” But how can you move the needle on employee engagement? More recognitions = higher employee engagement.

Why Grassroots Gratitude is the Employee Recognition of the Future


Here’s how: Gratitude, Appreciation, Recognition… Engagement. Empower employees to get in the driver’s seat. Whose job is employee engagement? Put up a display board to show off peer to peer recognition. That might make you feel like you're falling into a black hole of recognition BUT if you notice that someone is a total rockstar at thanking & appreciating their peers, encourage the heck out of that behavior!