How to retain millennial job hoppers


Upon retirement, there was a handsome corporate-sponsored pension to rely on. Millennials understand that they can’t sit at one company for decades and collect a pension upon retirement. Improving retention is a process that considers all factors and results in a sound hire-to-retire plan that emphasizes employee development and engagement.

New Technologies in Employee Training

Get Hppy

As the company expects that in the next decade, older employees would be retiring, thus the need to close the gap, for younger employees, in skills acquisition. Download our eBook on Learning and Development Trends and find out how technology enables continuous learning in organizations.

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Corporate Synergies’ 2019 Employer Education Series to Focus on Benefits ROI

Corporate Synergies

Corporate Synergies’ special-use publications slated for release in 2019 include: The seventh annual staff-produced Current Insurance Journal magazine , an award-winning collection of staff-written articles. Retirement Benefits Education: 3 Ways Employers Can Help Still-working Baby Boomers.

Cross-training staff: A guide to effective implementation


Imagine if a tenured employee decides to retire after 20 years on the job. In this instance, you should implement purposeful cross-training that will allow uninterrupted completion of those duties, while capturing the institutional knowledge of the retiring employee.

How to train your successor


Now you’re looking ahead to your own retirement or a promotion. In a perfect world, you would have six months to a year to train your next-in-line before you move on to a new role or retire. Download our free magazine: The Insperity guide to succession planning.

Josh Bersin: Here’s my reading list for 2020


I’m wired to learn by reading, so I find myself reading books, downloading reports and diving into articles wherever I am and whenever I can. Following is my personalized list of learning resources—books, magazines, podcasts and more. I am a big reader.

How to bridge the generation gap in the workplace


Outlook on work is impacted by the economic downturn of 2008 (the resulting career uncertainty and devastating impact on retirement savings). For example, a Baby Boomer on the precipice of retirement may be driven more by money: Salary increases, 401(k) contributions or bonuses.

Hiring for diversity vs. skill sets: How do you find a balance?


If your workforce is primarily made up of Baby Boomers, consider diversifying by adding younger people who can take over as your older workers retire. Now, college students or people who want to slow down their work-life before full retirement become part of your candidate pool. To learn more about creating the right employee balance in your company, download our free magazine, Building a Better Team: How to Attract, Recruit and Hire Top Talent.

An HR professional’s guide to data privacy compliance and security


Think about every data point you regularly touch regarding employees (Social Security numbers, salaries, health care and retirement plans , background checks, etc.) If you’re looking to modernize your HR department, download and read our complimentary e-magazine: Derailed by data? As an HR professional, you work daily with sensitive, highly confidential employee and business data. But how knowledgeable are you about HR data privacy compliance and security?

Managing unexpected change in the workplace


Think of all the sensitive information your business has: Social Security numbers Credit card numbers Salaries Medical and retirement account data Details about your company’s trademarked or patented products. Change is inevitable.

5 ways to make your company more appetizing to top talent


This includes things like health, life and disability insurance, retirement savings plans, and paid time-off. Download our free magazine, Building a Better Team: How to Attract, Recruit and Hire Top Talent , to keep learning more. In a recent survey , more than two-thirds of hiring organizations indicated that they’re having a difficult time recruiting for job openings, according to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

Beginner’s guide to succession planning: 6 essential steps


Does your company have particular vulnerabilities, such as a large percentage of retiring employees in a particular division? Get more great tips by downloading our free e-magazine: The Insperity guide to succession planning. Succession planning is a process that ensures your company is prepared for the future. That way, when a key employee leaves, you already have someone in mind to fill their position (who, hopefully, has been groomed for this eventuality).

Managing older employees: 3 worries you should put to rest


They may fear that their older colleagues are inexperienced with technology or are reluctant to put in extra time (as they care for growing families or near retirement). For more tips on how to nurture and support the next generation of leaders in your organization, download our free magazine, The Insperity guide to leadership and management. Managing older employees with more experience can be nerve-racking for young managers. Will they think I’m unprepared?

8 mistakes to avoid when buying HR technology


Bonus features might include performance management or retirement services. But if you want more guidance as you compare vendors and software, download our free magazine, Derailed by Data? As your business grows, so do your human resource needs.

How to support working parents at every stage of a child’s life


A lunch-and-learn is a great way to brief employees on the latest about scholarships, loans and college saving plans, and balancing saving for college with saving for retirement. Download our e-magazine: Building a Better Team: How to Attract, Recruit and Hire Top Talent. Working parents make up a sizable chunk of the U.S. workforce, which means it’s likely that many of your best employees have children or intend to.

The Future of the Job Market is Not What You Might Think

Future of Work

Just found out about a good article in The Futurist magazine about the future of the job market. This comment is from an article by Patrick Tucker in : The newest issue of THE FUTURIST magazine features writing from career and labor experts John Challenger and Edward Gordon. The full article in The Futuris t is available only to paid subscribers, but it can be downloaded as a pdf file for a one-time fee of $3.00.

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BenFanning1 : #INC Magazine Leadership Columnist and Speaker: Free report to get the most out of your workforce. ElliotDofCowden : working with employers who want to be certain that their compensation, benefits, and retirement plans are compliant, competitive and cost-effective.

Conference Twitter Primer #HRtechConf 2018


mercer : (Patricia Milligan): Advancing the #health, wealth & careers of over 110M people worldwide – Tweeting about #FutureOfWork #DigitalTransformation #Leadership #Retirement #Investments. Download the Headspace app and learn to meditate in just a few minutes a day.

Complete Guide to a Successful Company Newsletter [with Templates]


Retirements. Many companies provide an email, a website, and a downloadable/printable PDF. Many print magazines address reader queries in the front matter of each issue, and this is the same idea. Complete Guide to a Successful Company Newsletter [with Templates]. “We

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You need a data protection policy – Here’s the basics


A detailed inventory of sensitive company data should include an analysis of: Data on HR systems, like payroll, health and retirement benefits , employee records, etc. Cybersecurity threats and data breaches have become the rule rather than an exception for businesses.

Small Business War Stories Podcast – All Episodes


The Things You Should Have Asked Your Business Lawyer | Mat Sorensen Today we are joined by Mat Sorensen, a business attorney at KKOS Lawyers, a best-selling author, and a national speaker and expert on self-directed retirement accounts. He began his journey at a somewhat unlikely place for a retired truck driver in his late twenties: beauty school. A few years later, after the original founder retired, the company went through three CEOs and essentially collapsed.

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Small Business War Stories Podcast List


The Things You Should Have Asked Your Business Lawyer | Mat Sorensen Today we are joined by Mat Sorensen, a business attorney at KKOS Lawyers, a best-selling author, and a national speaker and expert on self-directed retirement accounts.

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