How to Retain Employees Without Spending More -12 Easy Tips


It is critical to your business’s long-term health and success, and turnover costs are high. Employee Retention Definition. What is employee retention? Keeping employees at your company is an important priority because the costs of employee turnover are so high.

Do You Have Staying Power? What it Takes to Keep Staff Longer


To improve employee retention , work to shift the mindset of your managers to understand today’s new workforce, and ensure they have the right training to effectively communicate with their employees. Want to have Cara speak for your organization or upcoming event?

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What’s Recruitment Marketing? 16 Tips to Get Top Talent to Notice You


Oh, and would you lower turnover and “actualize” an apprenticeship program while you’re at it? A strong employer brand lowers employee turnover too. DeloitteLife, #TargetVolunteers, #IWorkForDell) and promote it at internal company events 6. Employer Recruiting/Retention?

5 Ways to Keep Remote Employees Motivated and Engaged


She notes that regular quarterly meetings of the entire organization are beneficial to employee retention and overall productivity. Avoid high turnover from remote and non-remote employees by offering valuable professional development and training programs.

Motivating Employees to Give Back and Volunteer

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It can also help the companies improve their image in the communities where they reside and the increased employee engagement will help reduce employee turnover. You can also pass around sign-up sheets or get employees to carpool to events together.

6 Reasons You Should Care About Performance Reviews

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Reduce employee turnover. Learn how performance reviews can accelerate your business growth with the free Ultimate Guide to Performance Reviews eBook. It’s performance review time again? This is such a pain…”. What a waste of my time. I don’t even know why we’re still doing this.”.

How to source candidates: An FAQ guide


Use Boolean search to x-ray profiles on social sites, like Meetup , without ever attending an event. Employee referrals are known to reduce time-to-hire and increase retention rates. Join and host events. Recruitment events help you meet potential candidates in person.

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Plus given all the time and resources you’ve invested, a turndown is one of the most costly events in recruiting. Retention Secrets: How to Keep Your Best Workers. Cost of turnover. Proven best practices for increasing retention.

Employee morale is a year-round priority


Q1 is over, taking ‘ high turnover January ’ with it, and business is doing well. According to research from Willis Towers Watson, more than one-quarter of employees permanently sit in the high-retention-risk category. The clocks have gone forward. The nights are lighter.

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Employee Recognition and 6 Powerful Ways To Implement It

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Employee motivation is directly related to the performance level of employees, employee retention, and Employee Efficiency. 75% of the causes of employee turnover are preventable ( HR Dive ).

6 ways an intranet can benefit your HR department


It positively impacts on key HR objectives such as workplace satisfaction, retention, and productivity. However, mission-driven companies have 30% higher levels of innovation, 40% higher levels of retention and tend to be first or second in their market segment.

7 Reasons You Should Automate Performance Management

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An automated performance management process can provide huge returns and savings for your business by increasing employee productivity, improving retention, and reducing turnover. In today’s world businesses move quickly, and so do their strategies and goals.

6 tips to create agile performance management in your business


Download our free eBook to find out more >> 2. Adopt a policy of transparency to communicate what you do : the challenges, the events, the achievements. “Annual performance reviews,” report performance management consultancy experts Gallup , “no longer work.”.

6 Reasons Employees Lack Morale and How Fix It

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When employee morale is low, it affects productivity, performance, and employee retention. Do giveaways for tickets to an event or time off. If they feel stuck in a career rut, you risk having low employee morale and high turnover. This helps morale and retention rates.