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As human resources professionals, we’re often so focused on everyone else’s development that we forget to schedule time for ourselves. But before I share some highlights from the agenda, I want to talk about some other reasons you should attend. Get the learning and the free ebook.

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7 Steps to Reaching Your Workforce Diversity Goals

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That’s what we’ll take a look at in this article that’s based on a recently launched eBook on Diversity Hiring. For a detailed overview of roles and responsibilities, check out the eBook on Diversity Hiring.

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Is Brainstorming Dead?

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I can’t tell you how many meetings I’ve attended where teammates have been asked to brainstorm ideas. Essentially, the idea is quite simple: everyone formulates their ideas ahead of time and then comes together collaboratively.

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The approach that will make your job easier – April 2019

Stories Incorporated HR

Reading Time: 3 minutes. Our friends at Rally Recruitment Marketing created an eBook about TVP and team content , featuring Stories Inc. Meet us at upcoming events. Are you attending EBrandCon May 7-9 in San Diego?

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How to Build a Successful Leadership Pipeline

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Attend career fairs at local colleges, launch internship programs, and create a strong social media and online presence to attract young talent. A graduate recruitment program is the future of the company, so take the time to think about which skills and characteristics are the most important.

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10 remote team-building activities for low and high trust teams

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” The paradox states that in times of crisis, those who emerge stronger are the ones who embrace the negative reality while remaining positive for the future. Whether you’re looking to kick off a team meeting or celebrate a productive work week, we have you covered.

Zoom and Zillow HR chiefs: What we’ve learned from COVID-19

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In this installment of our Employee Experience Visionaries series, HR leaders at Zoom and Zillow share their insights on the future of the workplace and adapting their employee experience in real-time during COVID-19.

Using Technology to Improve Engagement and Boost Productivity

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As NY Times bestselling author Kevin Kruse explains , “It is an emotional commitment the employee has to the organization and its goals”. What is more, if you want to simplify the process of tracking attendance and time you no longer need any expensive, stand-alone hardware.

5 Ways Employers Can Boost Candidate Retention

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Standard offerings like healthcare and leave time are a must for many candidates, but there are other benefits that can make you stand out, including free snacks, on-site exercise classes or daycare.

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Staying Productive After 3 P.M., Quiet In The Office, Company Culture Through Physical Exercise And Creating A Leadership Circle #FridayFinds

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This is a particular great Friday read; although most productivity-related articles focus on how to organize your morning and define your tasks for the day, there is that dangerous timeframe after lunch, when time stands still and digestion takes over. Hosting check-ins and meetings at 3 p.m.

How to measure the ROI of your HR software


You’ve invested time, money, and probably a great deal of effort so you expect to see some benefits from that expense. Measuring or calculating potential ROI takes time and effort but it is an important part of justifying the expense to your executive team.

How Company Culture Affects Employee Productivity

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Running a successful company means attending to a multitude of different responsibilities. Products need to be delivered on time. Customer service must be attended to. From time to time, some praising employees may be required.

10 Ways An Outdoor Corporate Event Can Enhance Your Team’s Morale

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Rather than have meetings and corporate events organized in a ballroom, you might want to consider a park or any other sort of outdoor venue. Spend quality time together and make them feel part of a family. However, organizing a meeting outside will change their perceptions.

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How to Connect and Build Culture with Frontline Workers


According to Kyla (who was recently featured in our eBook, Communicators of Change 2019 ), Love’s used to rely mainly on mass communications and cascading messages to engage frontline employees. What’s the best way to engage with frontline team members who work at travel stops across the U.S.?

What Aspects of Company Culture Lead To Increased Employee Engagement?

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Examples of professional development include access to online MBA programs , on-the-job training, and attending seminars. Tailoring your office space to meet the specific needs of your employees is essential in today’s environment. A recent study by Gallup uncovered that 51% of the U.S.

Don’t Let Annual Leave Slip Through Your Fingers (It’s Hurting Your Business!)

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In our experience, stressed out, burnt-out , employees who don’t feel they can take time-off, will quickly be looking to jump-ship for a company which offers them a better work-life balance. Indeed, Brazilian company Semco, has been lightyears ahead of the trust game for a long time.

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Employee Rewards and Recognition: 10 Examples of Incentives That Don’t Work

The Incentive Solutions News blog

Our incentive travel programs and corporate meetings and events will wow your target audience. Our eBooks, FAQ’s and case studies are packed with information about deploying an incentive program that best suits your needs. Rewarding Attendance.

Job fair recruitment: A planning guide for employers


At a set time and place, companies and job seekers meet and try to find out if they’ll match. To make sure you promote yourself at a job fair and attract the most qualified candidates, take some time to plan your job fair recruitment strategy. What was the overall time-to-hire ?

Why Communication Boosts Employee Retention (And How to Get Better At It)

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Ensure that you devote just as much time and effort to listening as you would to speaking. Invite all staff members in your department to attend meetings designed for them to share their ideas in a constructive environment.

New Technologies in Employee Training

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Office of Personnel Management states that it is possible that Virtual Reality metamorphoses into a new environment, where employees can undergo training, view real-time occurrences on the field, while facilitators are involved, on the spot, for insights and guidance.

Leading the Leaders: Training Future Management

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Once you’ve singled out employees who have the raw potential to make great managers, the most important thing you can do is gradually develop their skills set over time. Encourage leaders-in-training to attend company events and talk to coworkers outside their familiar ring.

8 Great Places That Are Not Job Boards To Recruit Employees


Unless of course you have pre-screening questions built in to your application process – but that’s a post for another time. The next time you have a job opening, here are 8 great places to recruit good employees: Employee Referral Programs – Look around the office.

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Commanding the Current Market: Traditional Students

Burning Glass Technologies

A massive survey of 137,000 first-time, full-time postsecondary students revealed that most were working while enrolled, with one in ten working more than 20 hours per week.

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Improving Cross-Functional Teamwork

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Imagine a manager in your office commiserating with you over the last disastrous team meeting. People meander and waffle around and after a few overly-long meetings, members stop showing up.

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7 Strategies to Hire Diversity of Thought In Your Organization


You have to go where the candidates are and have a long enough lead-time to get a good selection of candidates. Attend hiring events and come prepared to discuss the benefits of working for your organization and your industry.

Mindfulness and Happiness at Work: How a Few Breaths Can Improve Your Business

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That word can bring up many stereotypical images of sitting in the lotus position and saying “ohmmmmm” for hours at a time. It trains you to focus only on the present moment and to let thoughts pass by with time. Reminding yourself to take time for mindfulness.

The Fundamentals of Employee Engagement


I appreciate how my manager one time went out of the way to teach me about ( ATS ) Applicant Tracking Systems used by human resources to track words in a resume to select candidates for an interview. It includes executives attending team meetings to introduce themselves to frontline staff.

How to Measure Internal Communications: An Introduction (Defining Your Goals)


Our goal is to empower communicators to embrace analytics, so they can take the necessary steps forward to be a leading content creator, communicator, and internal marketer to reach every employee with the right message at the right time. . Then add the values over a time period.

3 Ways to Manage the Gap in Home Health Talent


Despite this growth, home care agencies have been struggling to meet the increasing demand of an aging population due to a scarce supply of nurses and other home health workers. For more tips on building your best team, download our eBook, “The 9 Elements of a Well-Oiled Hiring Process.”.

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8 Reasons To Make Every Day ‘Bring Your Pet to Work Day’

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They can boost attendance. We know how much walking can improve creativity from research on walking meetings. Employees who need to spend a little extra time at work would be able to do that if they were able to take their pets to work.

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How a PEO Can Help You Achieve Business Growth


Alternatively, when time and energy is taken up by various outside tasks and concerns, growth and success is inhibited. Managing employees, staying up to date on compliance, and attending to other regular HR responsibilities often draw a business leader away from main priorities and goals.

5 Ways to Keep Remote Employees Motivated and Engaged


At the same time, individual workers save between $2,000 and $7,000 annually. Many companies already realize the cost effectiveness of remote work options, since 37 percent of American workers report telecommuting at least some of the time. Facilitate Whole-Company Meetings.

How to source candidates: An FAQ guide


How much time should I spend on sourcing? Recruiters who source candidates: Reduce time-to-fill , as they have already conducted an initial screening of candidates’ skills. Position themselves to meet long-term recruiting goals (e.g. How much time should I spend on sourcing?

Four headhunting tips to find top talent


Read on for more tips or download the complete startup hiring guide eBook for free. Think about what kind of events they attend and make sure you’re there. These settings give you the chance to meet people who you may want to approach in the future. When the time comes you will have less cold calling to do. If you can’t get an intro, then see if you can engage them on social media (Twitter) or engineer a chance meeting.

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How to Navigate a Successful Culture Transformation Process (Part 2)


Transformations Take Time. The transformation of habits and attitudes does not occur overnight, especially when employees have been allowed to operate in a certain way or in status quo for a long period of time. The good news is that you usually have more time than you think.