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Take It From a Futurist: Your Digital Transformation is Only As Good as Your People Transformation

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Editor's Note: We would never dream of trying to predict the future—that's why we left it up to the futurists. In this series , we interview experts in HR, recruiting and the future of work to get their take on what's next.

10 Best customer experience software you should look up in 2019


Why should you care about the best customer experience software in the market? Because…read along, and you’ll see why! Well done is better than well said.”- Benjamin Franklin. Every company declares that their No.1 priority is customer satisfaction, but how many actually does?

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Top 5 Small Business Trends of 2019


Business trends always keep on changing. A small business owner must keep a note of the latest business trends in fields such as marketing, finance, technology, etc. 2019 has already started. Let’s check out what are the most recent trends buzzing in the industry.

The 20 most common mistakes managers make when it comes to online feedback


‘Not good enough’ – a phrase we all dread to our core. No matter who you are and where you are in life. We try to hide our flaws more often than confronting and resolving them.

Recognition and Rewards Buyers Guide

Recognition and rewards are an integral part of your company’s employee experience. So, it’s critical to get a platform that fits your company culture on the first try. Check out this guide to understand what questions to ask before finding a new Recognition & Rewards platform.

How to Help Employees Thrive and Create Connected Companies


When employees have an immediate and meaningful connection to their companies, a kind of magical transformation happens. Disconnections turn into connections. Siloes crumble. Maybes” become possibilities.

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Leaders Can Help More by Helping Less

Business2Community Leadership

Recently as I was delivering a keynote about leaders sharing their failures one person from the audience asked me mine. I shared some from my blog I wrote a couple years ago, Click here — “ When good intentions and leadership behavior don’t always line up ”.

Leading is tough…

101 Half Connected Things

On January 2nd a well fed version of me plopped down at my desk full of good intentions. And before I got to answering emails and walking about wishing people New Year I took some time out to think about accountability, collaboration and trust.

employee goes into emotional spirals, interviewers who ask if you’re applying to other companies, and more

Ask a Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. My anxious employee goes into emotional spirals after even mildly negative feedback. I’m a new manager and recently hired my first junior-level employee. I could tell she was sensitive during the interview, which was fine, but didn’t find out until she started working that she has awful, awful anxiety.

Staying Motivated When The Going Gets Tough

New to HR

You always thought that running a business would kind of take care of itself. You came up with a winning concept, put all of your ideas into action and then just let it happen. You have found a handful of. The post Staying Motivated When The Going Gets Tough appeared first on New To HR.


Digital Learning Tips and Tricks from Neuroscience

Speaker: Margie Meacham, Chief Freedom Officer, Learningtogo

Join "Brain Lady" Margie Meacham for a quick-paced review of the latest tips and tricks as revealed by neuroscience. Learn how the brain works - and, in doing so, discover how to make your training stand out amidst the daily clutter of the online experience.

Improving your New Hire Welcoming Procedures: The Pre-Hire Experience


As we discussed in our last installment, new hires are the lifeblood of any organization. Every time an employee begins, it is an opportunity.

ATS 52

How IHRIM is re-envisioning its role as the education provider to the HRIT community


Entrepreneurs and Stress: How to Increase Stress Resilience

Business2Community Leadership

How to Increase Stress Resilience. Stress is a common issue among people of all ages, including entrepreneurs. This is the dark side of entrepreneurship that very few people seem to talk about. According to a Gallup survey , about 45% of entrepreneurs are said to be stressed, which is 3% higher than other workers. Entrepreneurs have to face several challenges on a day to day basis. Some struggle to work, some have a difficult time handling family, and some are having health problems.

Rise of Gen Z: What HR Should Know


The Rise of Generation Z has come. This generation is earnest, hardworking and traditional but favors liberal views on race, gender, identity and more. Socially and technologically empowered, companies who ignore this run the risk of being ignored.

Recruitment Marketing: More Than Revamping Your Career Sites

Speaker: Matt Alder, Host & Producer, The Recruiting Future Podcast

Talent acquisition functions are fixated on developing an authentic employer brand. However, that's not the be-all end-all. When it comes to attracting candidates, you need to have targeted recruitment content at every stage of the candidate journey where they may interact with your company - your careers page, job descriptions, and social media.Join Matt Alder, Producer and Host of The Recruiting Future Podcast, to learn how to refresh your recruitment marketing efforts and set yourself apart from competitors.

Five things to look for when searching for a performance management system


So you’ve decided to change the way you run performance reviews , or switch from your existing system to a new one. That’s the first step towards making your performance management process effective and meaningful! Nowadays with so many solutions in the market, it can be difficult to know what to look for.

Rise of Gen Z: Redefining HR


By 2020, it’s estimated the workforce will be 50% Generation Z. That means HR has to change its ways in order to accommodate these workers. It has to happen sooner rather than later.

5 Ways To Develop A Strategic Mindset

HR C-Suite

Being a leader in an organization, it is your main goal that you establish a strong image and lead the organization in the best way that you can. That means having a strategic plan in mind by which you base all your decisions.

10 Marketing Lessons from Apple

Take It Personel-ly

Have you ever wondered what it is that makes Apple so incredibly successful at marketing? First of all, Apple has mastered the art of simplicity. Apple marketing campaigns let the products speak for themselves, without allowing any unnecessary information or flashy noise to take the focus away from the product. Apple’s marketing team also knows […].

2020 Report: The Future of HR

Paycor asked more than 500 leaders of medium and small businesses to talk about the present and future of HR. Download the guide and see what they said. Their responses will surprise you!

The Weekly Independent: February 4, 2019

MBO Partners

News and notes for independent professionals and their clients. This is the February 4, 2019 edition


Shaq Shares How To Take A Challenging Past And Create A Better Future For Others

Thrive Global

NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal shares his lessons learned.Credit: Turner Sports It’s not about where you start, it’s about where you finish. In the case of Shaquille O’Neal, four-time NBA champion and three-time NBA Finals MVP, his beginnings were humble, and so is his present-day attitude.

The Audacity of No Rebuttal

The Aristocracy of HR

000010000000 I am no stranger to a good debate. In fact, I quite enjoy a healthy conversation comprised of fact, experience and well-placed opinion every once and again.

Driving Growth with Data


It’s a complex and challenging time in HR. The need for high performing talent is the greatest it’s ever been in the history of business. It’s for that reason leveraging data in human resources is paramount to success.

Data 52

5 Culture Trends for 2019

As we approach 2019, major shifts in the work environment will continue to affect the ways companies do business. Companies that are looking to attract, engage, and retain top talent should leverage these trends to create workplaces where employees thrive.