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Fundamental Change to Oranization Structure and Governance

Conversation Matters

For the first time since the industrial revolution, organizations are changing at a fundamental level. The change is very much a work in progress in most organizations.

Is Integrated Talent Management Over? Let Talent Experience Reign.

Josh Bersin on Enterprise Learning

Have you noticed how many interesting new HR software companies we have? There’s a reason. The craze for “integrated talent management” has gone away, now replaced by a market for “talent experience” solutions. In this article, I’m going to discuss the history of “integrated talent management” and explain why it feels so dated. Then I. Read more» The post Is Integrated Talent Management Over? Let Talent Experience Reign. appeared first on JOSH BERSIN.

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Five steps to improve your payroll process


For most HR/Finance professionals in the UAE, payroll processing can mean only one thing…endless hours tied up in excel sheets, working overtime and triple-checking your work to make sure there are no unwanted errors. If your employees don’t get paid the right amount or even on time, you may struggle to keep them around and keep your business on track. In short – payroll processing is something that you have to get right!

Keeping Your Employees Sweet With Smart And Slick Strategies

New to HR

Running a business is not all about making money; keeping your employees happy is just as important. Without a solid band of workers supporting your business you won’t get as much out of your working day as you might like.

8 Factors of Happiness


There is a lot written about happiness and its elusive nature. However, what we can do is create conditions within and outside of us where happiness is more likely to happen.

Study 79

my boss wants us to go on an all-day rafting trip, coworker’s parents are threatening to call HR about our friendship, and more

Ask a Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. My boss wants us to go on all-day rafting trip. My company hired a new director (Michelle) a few years ago. Since then, there have been several new managers hired by her who really share her same outgoing personality. That’s not a negative in any way. But since then, I’ve noticed a lot more emphasis on team-building events.

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7 Ways an Employee Pulse Survey Will Step Up Your HR Game

HR C-Suite

Engaged employees are self-driven, highly productive, take less time off and proactively keep customers happy! Given this undeniable connection between employee engagement and organizational success, more and more companies are now realizing the value of employee satisfaction and motivation.

The Tie-Dye That Binds !!

Everyday People

If you don’t already know, I’m kind of a hippie. I have been for most of my life since college. I’ve tried to be an open minded person who looks at life from many, many angles. Don’t get me wrong.

Why Immigrants, Students And U.S. Companies Are Going To Canada

Forbes Leadership Strategy

Absent changes in U.S. immigration policies, U.S. companies and foreign professionals will view Canada as an attractive alternative

How To Turn Satisfied Customers Into Loyal Customers

Forbes Leadership Strategy

Customers who give you high marks on a survey are telling you they’re happy, but that doesn’t mean they are loyal. I’ve always said that satisfaction is a rating, but loyalty is an emotion. You can’t always explain loyalty with facts and figures

Why Reinventing Systems Beats Just Solving Problems

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You can't tackle society's biggest problems without transforming complex systems. But do you know how to do that? Or that re-imagining your marketing skills might help

This Study Shows The Huge Benefits When Leaders Are Vulnerable

Forbes Leadership Strategy

Being vulnerable can be terrifying for a leader. But as this study shows, when leaders are perceived as vulnerable, employees could be 10 times more likely to recommend them as a great employer

Study 20

Sarah Sanders, Flying Monkeys and Loyalty to Gaslighters

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Lying with impunity is just one of the characteristics of blindingly loyal supporters of gaslighters/narcissists


Struggling To Attract Top Tech Talent? Here Are The 7 Recruiting Mistakes You're Making

Forbes Leadership Strategy

Struggling to attract top tech talent? Here are the 7 common mistakes recruiters are making when it comes to capturing and keeping the attention of tech candidates

The Main Obstacle To Success: What If Someone Find Out Who Really I am?

Forbes Leadership Strategy

Have you ever been afraid of showing how you really are? What are your priorities in life? What do you care the most about? What are your values and your dreams? Fear to be who we really are is one of the most powerful obstacles to people's results and success. And these are the reasons behind it


If You Haven't Heard Of Extinction Rebellion Yet, You SoonWill.

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Extinction Rebellion (XR) is a peaceful activism movement with an iconic logo seeking to influence global environmental policies to minimize climate change. Forget the misinformation: environmental activism has now moved to its next phase, and will soon be on the political agenda

Can "Not-So-Rich" Kids Become Unicorn Entrepreneurs?

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The assumption that entrepreneurs need VC to grow has affected entrepreneurial education, especially in rich universities. Few business schools are teaching the skills to help entrepreneurs take off without VC. Entrepreneurial education, not entrepreneurship, is becoming a rich kids’ game


Understanding Mueller

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Congress Should Focus Less On Impeaching Trump And More On Executing Remedies To The Reprehensible Behavior Mueller Has Uncovered