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What Makes a Great Employee Disengage? 5 Enemies of Engagement to Avoid


On day one , your new hire’s eagerness is palpable, and their energy downright contagious. A couple months in, they’ve smoothed out the kinks that come with settling into a new position and seem to be hitting their stride. They have all the makings of what makes a great employee, and you’re delighted with your decision to bring them on board. Leaders everywhere are asking, what makes a great employee disengage? Somewhere along the way, things quietly start to change.

9 Great Examples of Company Values to Inspire You [+ Free Ebook]


Company values are the foundation of great company culture. Without them, it’s virtually impossible to maintain a consistent, healthy culture, especially as your organization grows. Performance & Culture

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How to Write Employee Self-Evaluations + Self-Evaluation Templates


The key to annual performance reviews that produce real results are employee self-evaluation forms. Self-evaluations increase the likelihood that employees will internalize and act on suggestions for growth from their supervisors. This article briefly covers the method for choosing self-evaluation questions and how to interpret the responses so that employees are more likely to grow from their performance review. We’ll also supply you with some sample questions and templates to get you started.

Diversity, Equality, and Belonging

Ultimate Software

Throughout 2019, we saw a renewed focus on diversity, equality, and belonging in the workplace. While companies are continuing to embrace the value of diversity to improve their business, there are still critical steps that need to be taken to ensure full equality for all people at work.

How HR Can Promote Mental Health at Work (Actionable Advice to Help Your People Thrive)

HR leaders are on the frontlines of a mental health crisis, but the topic can still be taboo—or at least something that’s only talked about reluctantly. What can HR do to help? Download our latest guide to learn the 4 ways you can support the mental health of your employees and identify warning signs of burnout.

Here’s How to Set Yourself Up for Success Next Year

The People Equation

It’s less than a month to the new year and now is the time to set yourself up for success next year. That probably seems crazy to you, given that most of us are probably caught in the mad dash of holiday preparations and year-end tasks for work. (16 16 annual performance reviews, anyone?) But truly, if you want to get a jump on being ready for the new year, set aside a bit of time to reflect and clear the decks.

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Recruitment marketing strategy: why it pays to be authentic


Meet Susan. Susan is a copywriter and has just found an interesting job ad from the company “White Lies”. The role is what she’s looking for and the company looks like a great place to work at, with employees enjoying their beautiful offices and organizing fun events and trips. Or, at least that’s what it says on White Lies’ careers page. Fast forward to Susan’s first month at work. Things are slightly different than what she expected.

Here’s How to Set Yourself Up for Success Next Year

The People Equation

It’s less than a month to the new year and now is the time to set yourself up for success next year. That probably seems crazy to you, given that most of us are probably caught in the mad dash of holiday preparations and year-end tasks for work. (16 16 annual performance reviews, anyone?) But truly, if you want to get a jump on being ready for the new year, set aside a bit of time to reflect and clear the decks.

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How To Not Get Killed In A "What's Wrong" Focus Group At Your Company.

The HR Capitalist

Simple post today. From time to time, HR pros have to do focus groups to determine the climate of the employee relations environment at their company. Ideally, this is done before there's smoke in the air. But at times, especially in a multi-location environment, that's impossible. So how do you approach a group of 10-12 employees (focus group) to get them to talk about the challenges, but not get beheaded in the process?

6 Recruiting Lessons from Santa Claus


Santa Claus is coming to town – and he’s bringing top recruitment tips with him. Discover 6 valuable recruiting lessons from Santa Claus and set yourself up for an incredibly successful new year! Read More. Recruiting

The Role of Human Resources in Workplace Safety

While it may seem obvious to say that safety is important for any company to embrace, making it a priority as an HR representative will not only be beneficial to your employees but to your bottom line too. Download this whitepaper to learn more!

Why automating onboarding can help retain top talent

HR Morning

Employees are an indispensable resource – and in this competitive hiring market, companies can’t afford turnover. So now more than ever, businesses must work on retaining their best employees to ensure they’re running as effectively and efficiently as possible. There are many ways companies can do this, but getting started out of the gate with a thorough and welcoming onboarding process is one of the best ways to show your employees what they mean to your business.

Recruitment's Revolving Door


Two fifths of businesses are in a constant battle with staff leaving, whilst 47 percent expect to lose over a tenth of their work force in any given year, according to new research by Oleeo. Further contributing to the UK’s ‘recruitment revolving door’, 14 percent of HR heads expect new hires to leave within just 30 days, and 39 percent are accustomed to new employees leaving within six months of accepting a role. stats

6 Ways Leadership Can Build a Positive Culture

Achievers - Recruiting

Workplace culture is not a mere buzzword that is here today and gone tomorrow, nor is it the latest industry trend that will fade with time. Rather, culture is the very fabric that holds our leadership and our workforce together. Ultimately, our company culture defines who we are, our values, what we believe in, and our core mission.

Degreed Acquires Adepto


For the past seven years, Degreed has been building a platform to develop and measure the in-demand skills people need for the future. We believe that data about the skills people have (or don’t have) can help organizations make better, smarter, faster decisions about how they hire, manage, and develop talent. We’ve come a long way. The business has quadrupled over the last two years and the number of people using our platform has tripled in the last year alone.

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Five Reasons Leaders Invest in Language Training

Communication is the lifeforce of any company. Without it, productivity, employee happiness, and ultimately your business suffers. Investing in language learning better positions global business leaders to see gains in organizational effectiveness as a result.

How To Train Remote Team Members Consistently Every Time


Are you considering hiring remote employees? A remote workforce doesn’t just cut overhead costs. Half of the workforce is already working in some sort of telecommuting role, and 80%-90% of all employees say they would like to work remotely at least part of the time. . When you hire remote workers, you can significantly improve retention.

Easy Ways to Optimize Content for An Employee App


Whereas paper was once the most trusted and commonly used form of communication both inside and outside the workplace, it has now given way to the cell phone, which 85 percent of American adults now get their news from. It is because of this reason that there has never been a better time to implement an employee app. Internal Communications


Investigating the Truth Behind Company Culture Myths

HR Cloud

Company culture has been a hot topic for years now. With the rising popularity of tech companies and the war on talent, companies are valuing their company reputation. This comes into fruition with how the culture of the company is perceived. Now, companies worry about how they look. The days of people giving their all to companies in the recruiting stages are over. It’s a two-way street now. A lot of articles on google give many tips and examples on how to improve your company culture.

What We Can Learn From EYs Bold Vacation Policy

Great Place to Work


2021 Recruitment Strategies: Work Smarter Not Harder

Hours spent sourcing. Constantly checking different recruiting channels. Sifting through a sea of resumes. There’s no denying that the current hiring landscape is fragmented, complex, and full of frustrations. As you plan for 2021, take a moment to reflect on your current strategies and evaluate how you can work smarter, not harder in the new year. Download our guide where we break down different stages of the recruitment journey—and share several potential paths to hiring success.

6 Common L&D Mistakes (& How To Overcome Them) With Simon Gibson


Simon Gibson is Head of L&D at RS Components and it’s no secret that he’s passionate about transforming workplace learning. […]. The post 6 Common L&D Mistakes (& How To Overcome Them) With Simon Gibson appeared first on Looop. Insights into Learning Digital L&D digital learning digital transformation learning challenges

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Five Ways to Improve the Flow of Feedback Within Your Organization

Emergenetics International

By Joanne Trotta, Certified Emergenetics® Associate, CEO of LeadersEdge, Inc. If you are a leader, one of your fundamental objectives should be to make sure everyone on your team knows whether they are doing a good job or not. Crucially, you also need to make it easy for people to let you know if you are […]. The post Five Ways to Improve the Flow of Feedback Within Your Organization appeared first on Emergenetics International Blog.

Can CBD Oil Help Improve Your Sleep and Boost Productivity?

Career Metis

There’s a lot of talk about CBD these days, and it’s important to know that you can purchase CBD oil with no THC. In states where marijuana is legal for medical or recreational use, it may also be possible to get it with THC, however, employers may fire you if you cannot pass a drug test. The good thing about hemp-based CBD oil products , which are legal in most areas, is that they contain.3%

The Importance of Strong Leadership in Times of VUCA

Eagle's Flight

A term first used in military environments, VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity), describes the kind of environment in which today’s organizations are increasingly operating. New technology and competitors, evolving customer demands, and changes in the regulatory landscape, among other factors, all result in four distinct types of challenges that company leaders must face: Volatility - Challenges are unexpected, unstable, and may last for an unknown duration.

The Pro’s Guide To Getting The Best ROI From Your New LMS

You need a Learning Management System when your courses and training programs need to be accessible online. Quickly build the perfect business case and easily determine which LMS will provide the best return on investment you need with this how-to eBook!

update: my boss’s angry husband calls multiple times a day for her

Ask a Manager

It’s “where are you now?” month at Ask a Manager, and all December I’m running updates from people who had their letters here answered in the past. Remember the letter-writer who was being barraged by angry phone calls from her boss’s husband ? Here’s the update. I spoke to Jane and outlined my concerns in full based on what Alison recommended, and Jane was very quiet and heard me out.

Don’t lose the humanity in human resources and technology


Human resources and technology are now forever linked. Over the last few decades, new technology has increasingly become a major enabler of day-to-day human resources activity. Going forward, that trend will continue. It’s easy to see why. Technology has simplified the HR function and made it more robust while helping companies to overcome common challenges.

SocialChorus Announces Dates for the Fifth Annual FutureComms


Conference to feature insights and tools for business and communications leaders to tackle transformation. San Francisco – December 10, 2019 – SocialChorus , the workforce communications platform, today announced its fifth annual FutureComms conference will take place on April 29-30, 2020 at Convene at 225 Liberty in New York City.

7 Ways to Keep Employees Engaged During the Holidays

Commuter Benefit Solutions

It’s the holiday season, and it’s time to reward your excellent staff of engaged employees. HR Trends and Insights

Use Chaos to Build a Stronger Organization

Speaker: Stacey Harris, Chief Research Officer & Managing Partner at Sapient Insights Group

As we look to tomorrow, it is time to ask ourselves what lessons have we learned and how do we create flexible organizations that can survive what the future holds. Stacey Harris, Chief Research Officer for Sapient Insights Group, will share insights, data, and tools that are helping organizations adapt and even thrive in this difficult environment. She’ll discuss the emerging trends in the Learning technology market, and how these exciting new approaches to creating micro, adaptive, and personalized content is changing the face of workforce development while creating strong connections to business outcomes.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Hiring Family Members

Patriot Software

It’s not unheard of for business owners to hire their family members. In fact, approximately 90% of U.S. businesses are family-owned or controlled. With so many other businesses hiring relatives, you might be itching to do the same. Before hiring family members, find out your employer obligations, steps to onboard a relative, and the pros […]. The post The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Hiring Family Members appeared first on Patriot Software. Payroll

Financial wellbeing: Why 2020 should be the year that employers offer financial education

HR Zone

Change Taking financial wellbeing seriously in 2020


What Giving Back Does For Your Mental Health

Thrive Global

In a culture that’s often defined as “me, me, me ,” we’re also intent to “give, give, give.” Crowdfunding campaigns like GoFundMe and Kickstarter generate about $17 billion annually in North America alone — 33.7 percent more than last year. The top 100 largest U.S. charities received $49 billion in gifts in 2018. And we’re not just giving financially. Americans, 63 million of them, volunteer approximately 8 billion hours of time to non-profit organizations annually.

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