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Employee engagement activities for HR to try


Employee engagement has become increasingly important as employers face more competition in the global, highly connected war for talent. Trying to increase employee engagement or keep employees engaged has fallen on the shoulders of HR (right or wrong).

Culture Scout: 4 reports of rough terrain on the road to better culture


This week’s Culture Scout journeys along the rocky road to meaningful culture change. Why do firms spend significant money and time on efforts to improve their business culture, but often stumble? How can they dust themselves off and do it right this time? .

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Exactly When, Where, and How to List Certifications on Your Resume (Because You’ve Earned Them)

The Muse

Everything you need to know about listing certifications on your resume, including what they are, when and how to include them, and where they go. Resumes



Strategy without execution is meaningless. Execution without engagement is impossible. Jim Haudan. Sounds pretty profound, doesn’t it? When you read the words, and look closely at their meaning, they’re so true.

2021 Recruitment Strategies: Work Smarter Not Harder

Hours spent sourcing. Constantly checking different recruiting channels. Sifting through a sea of resumes. There’s no denying that the current hiring landscape is fragmented, complex, and full of frustrations. As you plan for 2021, take a moment to reflect on your current strategies and evaluate how you can work smarter, not harder in the new year. Download our guide where we break down different stages of the recruitment journey—and share several potential paths to hiring success.

9 Alarming Facts About What the Pandemic Is Doing to Women in the Workplace

The Muse

The coronavirus pandemic may be undoing years of already-slow progress for women at work. Getting Ahead

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Let the benefits renewal process begin


With the unanticipated challenges facing HR professionals today, starting the employee benefits renewal process is probably not at the top of the to do list. But the reality is, deciding what benefits you will offer employees for the 2021 plan year is perhaps more critical than ever.

Calibration at Reflektive: New Offering & Best Practices for HR Teams


Calibration. A big word for a complex process. Whether you’re aligning on performance reviews or selecting future company leaders, calibration is often an emotionally-charged term. Calibration has historically been a manual, frustrating process for all involved.

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Recognizing key telemedicine benefits


It's critical for HR to recognize - and take advantage of - essential telemedicine benefits. The post Recognizing key telemedicine benefits appeared first on PeopleStrategy


What Exactly is “Financial Wellness”?


You can’t offer what you can’t define. The post What Exactly is “Financial Wellness”? appeared first on PayActiv. Blog Earned Wage Access EWA Financial Stress financial wellness Financial Wellness Programs

Paycor CFO Survey: The State of American Business in 2021

In Paycor’s latest survey, more than 2,000 Finance and HR leaders told us about their plans for 2021. Download the survey for actionable insights and tips.

It's time to embrace online benefits enrollment


As an HR leader, you’ve undoubtedly had to deal with a lot of process changes in the space of just a few months – in many cases, making more adjustments than other parts of your organization.

Live The Life You’ve Earned


By getting you access to the money you’ve already earned when you need it, you have flexibility. With flexibility comes freedom. The post Live The Life You’ve Earned appeared first on PayActiv. Blog Earned Wage Access employee benefits Employee Financial Wellness EWA

PeopleStrategy Partners with FinFit to Bring Financial Wellness to Small and Mid-Sized Employers


EDISON, N.J., July 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — FinFit, a FinTech company that provides over 150,000 employers with a unique financial wellness benefit platform, today announced a partnership with PeopleStrategy, Inc.®,

Introducing Degreed Career Mobility


At Degreed, we have one overarching vision: enable people to continuously grow and advance their careers based on their skills. And we do that by building products that focus on the personalized needs of your employees.

9 Warning Signs Your Employees Need Language Training

Most global companies are diverse in perspectives, backgrounds, and yes, language. Language barriers can compound existing communication problems, often resulting in business losses. Learn the 9 warning signs your employees need language training today!

How to prevent HR burnout during a crisis (and in general)


The dangers of burnout loom over every team within every organization, including HR - but HR professionals may be better suited to combat this hazard than anyone else. The post How to prevent HR burnout during a crisis (and in general) appeared first on PeopleStrategy

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my company is issuing new work-from-home standards because we should have the hang of it by now

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: I’m in a senior position at a mid-sized company that has been working from home since March, and would love your thoughts on something that was communicated to us in a leadership meeting this week.

PeopleStrategy, Lighthouse Research & NAAAHR-Atlanta to Hold Anti-Racism Forum


Healthy Effective Ways Healthcare Workers Can Decompress

Take It Personel-ly

Burnout is a common issue. It’s also one that has become particularly problematic amongst healthcare workers. It’s important to understand why an extra measure of grace and understanding should be extended to healthcare workers, in particular.

The Pro’s Guide To Getting The Best ROI From Your New LMS

You need a Learning Management System when your courses and training programs need to be accessible online. Quickly build the perfect business case and easily determine which LMS will provide the best return on investment you need with this how-to eBook!

Take advantage of key remote work tools


If a significant portion of your staff is working at home, key remote work tools are essential to success. The post Take advantage of key remote work tools appeared first on PeopleStrategy

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my boss tells weird lies about all of us

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: My boss, Valerie, makes up little lies about people who report to her. She never lies about anything work-related and while those of us who report to her all know she is a fibber about things, our clients and other people have no idea.

Evaluating open enrollment while it’s happening: A checklist


Evaluating open enrollment while the process is ongoing helps you determine what is (and isn't) working. The post Evaluating open enrollment while it’s happening: A checklist appeared first on PeopleStrategy


How Compliance Technology Helps Uphold Core SOX Compliance Principles

360 factors

The inspiration behind the rules we follow are often forgotten while the rules keep getting followed. Most people are aware of the laws that their business must follow, but few will know why the laws were created. Many of these laws are decades or even more than a century old.

Use Chaos to Build a Stronger Organization

Speaker: Stacey Harris, Chief Research Officer & Managing Partner at Sapient Insights Group

As we look to tomorrow, it is time to ask ourselves what lessons have we learned and how do we create flexible organizations that can survive what the future holds. Stacey Harris, Chief Research Officer for Sapient Insights Group, will share insights, data, and tools that are helping organizations adapt and even thrive in this difficult environment. She’ll discuss the emerging trends in the Learning technology market, and how these exciting new approaches to creating micro, adaptive, and personalized content is changing the face of workforce development while creating strong connections to business outcomes.

How CPAs can benefit from a PeopleStrategy partnership


Deepen client relationships, protect your client base and generate new revenue streams by partnering with PeopleStrategy for outsourced HR, payroll and benefits. The post How CPAs can benefit from a PeopleStrategy partnership appeared first on PeopleStrategy

Mental Toll of Pandemic May Outpace Physical and Economic Pains for K12 Students

EverFi - HR

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we acted to secure our physical safety – physical distancing, staying at home, shuttering businesses and schools.

7 Ways Virtual Experiential Programs Build Stronger Teams

Eagle's Flight

Teams are an essential ingredient in the recipe of a high-performing organization. But not all teams are truly successful. For many employees, team-based projects utilize valuable resources and precious time.

4 Things That Surprised Us About Virtual Leadership Training


Takeaways From Our Virtual Training Programs. By now, we’ve all learned a lot about virtual-first work, like for example, virtual meetings or events are best in chunks or small bits that are easy to digest before the screen fatigue sets in.

The Best Sales Forecasting Models for Weathering Your Goals

Every sales forecasting model has a different strength and predictability method. It’s recommended to test out which one is best for your team. This way, you’ll be able to further enhance – and optimize – your newly-developed pipeline. Your future sales forecast? Sunny skies (and success) are just ahead!

Building Your Automated Recruitment Process from Job Ad to New Hire


The primary component of George Jetson’s job was to sit in front of a giant machine and push a button over and over again. And looking around today's office, as we answer emails or download information from one type of.

Introducing the Thrive Reset Zapp

Thrive Global

If 2020 has shown us anything, it’s that we’re never going back to the way things were. Everything about the way we live and work has changed.

Resume Parser & JD Parser: Perfect Solutions for Easy Recruitment


Don't you feel that the world has undergone a seismic shift in the past few months? Almost overnight, the needs of organizations have changed drastically. Have you ever imagined in late 2019 that a large part of the world would be under voluntary lockdown?