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Perks have lost their luster? No kidding!

Bersin with Deloitte

There’s a better way to shine as an employer. Posted by Melanie Langsett , Garry Spinks , and Naomi Bradley on January 9, 2019. We’ve seen a flurry of articles recently describing why perks are becoming passé.

Everything you need to know about workplace friendships


Your workplace is where you spend the majority of your day, so it’s not surprising that you might form strong bonds, even long-term friendships with your colleagues.

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More Employers Encouraging Employees To Work When They Feel Awake


Flexible work schedules are increasingly more common in modern workplaces. According to the 2019 Employee Wellness Industry Trends Report , 30% of employers view flexible work schedules as a top three solution to address mental health issues for employees.

Don't Just Write a Business Case, Tell A Story: Part 2 of 3 - Defining Business Impact

Cornerstone On Demand

In the first piece of this series , we focused on being reflective, or more specifically, reflecting on the priorities of your company’s business and how your people-focused priorities support the needs of the business.

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Reality Check: Is Your Employee Experience Initiative Working?

Having a robust framework for defining and measuring the success of Employee Experience (EX) initiatives will not only help you communicate the value of EX projects to leadership teams, it will also enable you to identify if and when a new initiative is headed towards failure early on. Discover best practices for measuring the success of employee experience programs - and what you can do if things go wrong.

The 80% Blind Spot: Are You Ignoring Most of Your Organization’s Data?

Ultimate Software

Decision-makers love data. In fact, in the sixth annual “ Big Data Executive Survey ” representing senior executives from 57 large corporations, 99% of responders reported transitioning to a more data-driven culture and a full 97.2% had invested in Big Data and AI initiatives.

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Recruiting Trends to Watch for in 2019

HR Morning

If you thought recruiting top talent was tough going in 2018, experts predict 2019 will be even tougher. . Because today’s increasingly competitive recruiting challenges are set against a backdrop of ever-changing, more sophisticated and even more costly recruiting trends.

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Inspiring Success in Others

DISC Assessments

We have all heard the saying: birds of a feather flock together. When it comes to success, nothing could be more true – successful people surround themselves with other successful people.

Five Hands-On Digital Citizenship Activities

EverFi - HR

As educators our common goal is to build a generation of young people with the skills, knowledge, and understanding to succeed in college, careers, and community as upstanding citizens and learners— not just in their hometown, but in any city in the world.

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Building Your Brand Is How You Will Stand Out When Applying for a Job


That interview is far more likely to go well if the employer is eager to talk. Job Seekers

How to Create a Business Case for Recruitment CRM

Speaker: Jack Wei, Madeline Laurano, and Celinda Appleby

Learn how to build a robust business case for recruitment CRM with analyst Madeline Laurano. Celinda Appleby, Global Talent Attraction Director at VISA, joins her and shares her strategy for deploying a CRM in line with VISA’s talent acquisition strategy.

4 Ways HR Can Support Mental Health in the Workplace


The statistics on mental illness are quite astonishing. According to a report by the National Institute of Mental Health, 1 in 5 adults in the United States experiences mental health problems every year.

HR Strategic Planning

HR C-Suite

As we near the end of the year, it is time to reflect on what was accomplished. It is also time to start planning for a new year. It’s a new year with old and new challenges. But perhaps the New Year will bring us new opportunities. The best route to positioning a company to […].

House Approves Spending Bill With 1.9 Percent Civilian Pay Raise in Latest Attempt to Reopen Government

Government Executive

Measure is the first of four the House plans to take up; President Trump walked out of a meeting with congressional leadership Wednesday after Democrats declined to support his $5.7 billion border wall funding demand. Management

Artificial Intelligence and Me


"The upheavals [of artificial intelligence] can escalate quickly and become scarier and even cataclysmic.

3 Best Practices to Engage Employees During Onboarding

Speaker: Lilith Christiansen, VP of Onboarding Solutions, SilkRoad

Join SilkRoad's Vice President of Onboarding Solutions Lilith Christiansen where she will explore how to create a strategic onboarding process that will engage and retain your employees.

How To Kickstart 2019 Using OKRs


If you are you looking to align your employee goals with your organizational goals this year, you’re at the right place! OKRs have become an important part of performance management in most organizations; many HR managers are adopting […]. Goal Setting Software Goals and Objectives

am I doing dog-friendly wrong, do I still need printed copies of my resume, and more

Ask a Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. Am I doing dog-friendly wrong? I recently started a job at a dog-friendly office and I love the option to bring my dog to work with me sometimes. While I don’t bring him every day, I do it more than I anticipated because it’s just such a nice perk. Most of the dogs at work are old and very relaxed — they don’t stray too far from their owners and they don’t really have much energy.

Video Interviewing Makes Hiring Human and Personal Again


In a tight labor market where job opportunities abound, competition for talent is at an all-time high. Attracting top candidates – and keeping them engaged through the hiring process – is a must for employers looking to stay competitive.

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Artificial Customer Conversations beget Artificial Customer Experiences

Babette Ten Haken - Human Capital & Industrial IoT

Is your business fostering artificial customer experiences due to reliance on technology as the primary interface for customer conversations? Listening strategies and tools for the voice of the customer can produce skewed insights. Simply because of where, and to whom, your organization is listening.

Sustaining (or Boosting!) Engagement During Times of Change

Speaker: Maria Jimena Cespedes, Director of People and Org Effectiveness, Pure Storage

Join Pure Storage's Director of People and Org Effectiveness Maria Cespedes as she discusses leading practices to retain and keep your employees engaged during times of internal and industry change.

HR trends 2019: the future of hiring and recruitment

HR Zone

Acquisition. The future of hiring and recruitment in 2019

Cafe Classic: What Motivates Creative People?

Compensation Cafe

Editor's Note: Motivating and rewarding creative work - now THAT'S a Classic challenge. Jacque Vilet presents and discusses research featuring the perspectives of CEO's. Does it match up with your experience and the lessons learned at your organization?

Why are you doing that?


Man, some days just stink. You can have a great job and have a crappy day. Maybe you had it out with a co-worker, a boss made you mad, fire after fire popped up for you to put out, and you just head home defeated and with your head down. A bad day doesn’t have to derail you.

How might employee well-being evolve in 2019?


Happy New Year! It’s now the second week of January, and although many of us are still brimming with optimism for 2019, we’re also starting to feel the aftermath of savoring the holidays. The physical ramifications go without saying; we all know we could be eating better and exercising more.

How to Build a Competitive Benefits Package

An attractive benefits program can be a highly effective recruiting and retention tool. But to make benefits a competitive advantage, employers must get creative with their benefits strategy or risk losing out on the best talent. Learn how to build a benefits package that your employees will love.

Strategies to Support Stress Management For Teachers

EverFi - HR

In shocking news to no educator, a recent survey from American Federation of Teachers shows a majority of teachers feel stressed at work. Compared to 30% of the general population, more than 60% of teacher respondents expressed that their work is always or often stressful.

I don’t want to become the office secretary

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: I work at a large educational institution, and have a job that directly serves and faces students. I love my job! When I started, we had a part-time front office person who basically managed the office: ordered all the supplies, handled walk-in traffic, etc. We had an additional agreement with most of our office staff about divvying up the more menial tasks so that one person was never saddled with all of the dishes, cleaning the conference room, vacuuming, etc.

Using Real World STEM Problems to Foster Classroom Engagement

EverFi - HR

Two weeks ago I took my little sister, through Big Brothers Big Sisters, to the MiSci Museum of Innovation and Science. After we left, she told me she had never done anything like that, and my response was, “Go to a museum?”

HR Boot Camp Seminars for 2019 Start Next Month


HR Boot Camp seminars start in February. Are there any exceptions to California’s meal and rest break rules? How does the New Parent Leave Act interact with the federal Family and Medical Leave Act/California Family Rights Act?

2019 Third-Party Recruiting Benchmark Report

The unemployment rate has just hit 3.6%, the lowest jobless rate since 1969. Yet 50% of the time, the winning candidate hits the hiring manager’s inbox within 1 week when utilizing the BountyJobs platform. Download this report for a definitive collection of industry trends in critical hiring, brought to you by the world's leading recruiter engagement platform.