Mon.Apr 06, 2020

How Experience Management can keep a pulse on your supply chain

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With the changing landscape around COVID-19, we’ve launched a free product to help organizations better understand the current and future risk to their supply chains.

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Paid Leave in the Era of COVID-19


The Coronavirus, or COVID-19, is challenging us all in ways we could never imagine. More employers are reevaluating their paid leave policies to address the spread of COVID-19 and as a part of their business plan.

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Welcome to the Future of Work


The future of work was supposed to be something that was always coming but never arrived. Thought leaders and experts would talk about the ‘future of work’ as a concept – nothing more than a device to help us better prepare to leap into the next chapter of our life and business.

5 Pro Tips for Quickly Pivoting to a Virtual Employee Onboarding Process

ExactHire HR Trends

The new normal of living amidst the COVID-19 global pandemic is causing many employers to adopt new business processes…and to adopt them quite quickly.

Get a Better Handle on Your Remote Workforce

During these uncertain times, more employees are working remotely than ever before. Form I-9 completion for remote employees can be particularly challenging for HR teams. Download this eBook from Equifax Workforce Solutions to help navigate offsite Form I-9 compliance.

Learning in a Socially Distanced World

Cornerstone On Demand

The world of work changed virtually overnight with the global spread of COVID-19.

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COVID-19: It's Probably Time You Doubled Down Professionally On You.

The HR Capitalist

Here we are - calendar dates vary widely, but by mid week, I'll be entering week 4 of my personal decision to shelter in place. I say personal decision because like a lot of states, mine was a bit late to the whole "mandate" thing. COVID-19 sucks. I hope you're healthy.

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WOH 79: How Employers Are Responding to Shutdowns, Quarantines, and Coronavirus


“As the head of HR, I’m now suddenly expected to be a doctor, virologist, and epidemiologist.” ” . That quote came from a discussion with an HR leader in the last few days, and it clearly outlines what many companies are going through right now.

Business survival planning in a crisis: Lessons from the front lines


But you can make better, smarter decisions when equipped with the knowledge and expertise of those who have been there in the past – be it the subprime mortgage crisis of 2007-2008 that led to the Great Recession or the savings and loan crisis of the 1980s and 1990s.

How To Decrease Stress Of Your Employees?

Get Hppy

According to the latest statistics, an average American changes his job 10-12 times during his career. This is one of the reasons that top companies are doing everything they can to provide fantastic work conditions to all their employees, especially their “A-players.”

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ABCs of Data Normalization for B2B Marketers

Data normalization. It’s not a far stretch to suggest that the topic isn’t exactly what gets marketers excited in their day-to-day workflow. However, if lead generation, reporting, and measuring ROI is important to your marketing team, then data normalization matters - a lot. In this eBook, we’ll break down the ins and outs of data normalization and review why it’s so critical for your marketing strategies and goals!

COVID-19: Using Technology to Maximize Virtual Learning

Bersin with Deloitte

Posted by Michael Griffiths , Jason Magill , Emily DeWeirdt , Elam Lantz , and Kriti Wij on April 6, 2020.

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what’s reasonable for managers to expect of parents working from home?

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: What are reasonable expectations for managers whose employees are now working from home? For myself, I can adhere to my normal schedule while homebound, but I have a great employee who, having gone above and beyond in normal times, pleads child care issues now that she is home.

10 Tips for Creating a Flexible Workplace

Sterling Check

How to give workers freedom without compromising productivity. From a work perspective, one of the biggest outcomes of the COVID-19 crisis we are facing today will be the desire for people to view flexible work schedules as the norm for business.

As Employees Remain Home, Work-Life Balance Suffers


In the past several weeks, new social distancing measures related to COVID-19 have temporarily moved employees around the world out of their normal workplaces and offices. As a result, remote work has exponentially increased, and it’s having a massive effect on employees’ work habits and lifestyle.


How to Keep Employees Engaged and Connected in the New Normal of Remote Working

Speaker: Elena Valentine, CEO, Skill Scout

The way we conduct work has completely changed. Before the pandemic, remote working or a few work from home days were allowed for certain employees. Now, remote working is our new normal. We have had to align our business to make sure that our employees are productive and have the necessary resources to succeed. But, did we make sure that they still feel connected with the rest of their team? Join Elena Valentine, CEO of Skill Scout, to learn how to make employee engagement a top priority even when everyone is working remotely.

Tips for Onboarding Remote New Hires

Sterling Check

There is no question that we are in an unprecedented time in our world’s history in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. The longer our world faces a situation in which we must all avoid grouping together, the more likely remote employment will become more standard for many organizations.

To Love and to Serve: Cultivating Beauty in Times of Grief


My dear friend—a woman who has faced more loss and heartache in her thirty-nine years than many of us will in a lifetime—masterfully dedicates her life to serving others. The post To Love and to Serve: Cultivating Beauty in Times of Grief appeared first on PayActiv. Blog covid19


How to Coach Your Team to Overcome Obstacles

Partners in Leadership

Help your team choose optimism, even when it can’t be justified. The post How to Coach Your Team to Overcome Obstacles appeared first on Culture Management Experts. Accountability Insights Coaching Leadership Development

Work-from-home mandates create cybersecurity concerns


With the number of coronavirus cases continuing to climb, more employees are working from home than ever before.

Why Smoking Costs Employers More Than They Realize

Your employees are smoking, and at a cost of $7,000 per year for each employee who smokes, that adds up - fast! This free report will show you how an effective cessation program pays for itself.

Why Small Acts of Kindness Matter Now More Than Ever

Thrive Global

Wherever you live, you may have noticed people in your community, city, or even your block being a bit more thoughtful, a little more kind. One of the upsides of this global crisis is that even though we are following physical distancing mandates, a sense of community and caring is taking hold.

The Secret of Setting Goals for Human Resources and Leadership Teams


Goal setting is critical no matter what role you are in, personally as well as professionally. This is especially true for human resources and leadership teams, as the spotlight has shifted over the past decade to focus more on HR as a change agent within organizations.

Ageism; a True Life Lesson in Trivia


“This phenomenon with Betty White is so wonderfully amazing. In a world where ageism runs rampant, out of left field, all of a sudden, the country decides to celebrate Betty White, and she becomes. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution.

5 Tips to Encourage a Healthy Workplace


The Coronavirus has temporarily altered workplaces around the world, and we all anxiously await when things will get back to normal. When they do, having a healthy workplace will be more important than ever.

Building the Business Case for TA Transformation

Speaker: Jerome Ternynck, CEO & Founder of SmartRecruiters

With the wheels of talent acquisition slowing down globally, this crisis presents new challenges along with new opportunities for TA leaders. The time is now for them to not only demonstrate the value of Talent Acquisition but also to build a solid business case for a modernized TA function. Learn how to build a business case for TA transformation to present to the C-level with the advice of CEO Jerome Ternynck.

is it weird to vape on a Zoom call, should you go to grad school to avoid a bad job market, and more

Ask a Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. Is it weird to vape on a Zoom call?

Working Agreements: Getting Started


Working agreements have quickly become an essential part of modern, successful teams. You may have heard the term thrown around, especially as new teams form, but is it worth discussing with your own team?

File for Unemployment NOW: Your Five Minute Pep Talk

A Slice of HR

Those of you who live in Cincinnati might remember the iconic Jim Beam plant north of downtown on I-75. Before it closed in 2012, I'd worked there for several years in the HR department. It was my “dream job:” Strong company, cool product, caring leadership.

Remote Work Pulse in action: Keeping teams connected

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In just 3 weeks we’ve seen more than 6,000 organizations launch more than 14,000 projects on our 10 XM Solutions to assist companies, governments, healthcare systems, and educational institutions move forward during this difficult time.

100% Remote Onboarding: Group Demonstration

Speaker: David Secunda, CEO, WorkBright

Join WorkBright on Thursday, June 24th to get a first hand look at how a 100% remote onboarding process works using their system. They'll cover a few of the new COVID-19 related legislation changes and how they can be easily facilitated with their platform.