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45 Empowering Quotes from Female Leaders

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Although women face many challenges in business and entrepreneurship, more women than ever are starting businesses, earning C-level positions, and leaving legacies far beyond their job title.


The problem with modern leadership: diversity, inclusion and the ‘hero’ complex

HR Zone

Change. Why we should adopt a servant model of leadership

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An Employer’s Primer on Dealing with Rumors in the Workplace


Rumors in the workplace come in all shapes and sizes and, in some cases, can damage employee morale. Often, the rumor mill can be put to rest with a little tact and forethought from leadership.

Strategic HR vs Compliance HR: What’s the Difference?


Compliance has traditionally been HR’s main focus and area of responsibility. HR is expected to ensure the company meets all legalities concerning employee treatment while making sure employees understand workplace handbooks, codes of contact, and similar issues. Compliance HR continues to have its place in modern human resources, but growing access to employee data has seen the rise of strategic HR and the alignment between human resources and company goals. Defining Compliance HR.

Does Your Workforce Have the Talent DNA for the Digital Future?

With the increasing adoption of automation and data-driven technologies, the workforce is changing rapidly — regardless of whether we’re prepared to face it. Keeping up with the velocity of change is vital to success, and that means building digital readiness into the DNA of your organization so your workforce is ready to face an uncertain and constantly changing future.

Employer Branding Case Study – Barton Malow - A Question & Answer Session with HR Vice President, Jennifer Sulak-Brown


There are many companies who stand out when it comes to employer branding. Those who deliver a dynamic, consistent experience to employees are more likely to develop and benefit from a strong employer brand.

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Win-Win Negotiating

DISC Assessments

Oftentimes, people view negotiating as one person trying to get something from another person. However, it does not have to be a process that leaves one party with a bad taste in their mouth, while the other is doing a victory dance.

Smart Shopping Lesson | Financial Literacy for Middle School

EverFi - HR

Teaching financial literacy for middle school can be tough. Most financial concepts seem simply too far off for students to grasp in the present.

12 employee benefits and perks that your company should consider

Qualtrics HR

There’s no denying it, a happy workforce is a productive workforce. Countless research reports back this up, and as the employee experience continues to evolve, employees expect their employers to deliver individualized services and experiences.

10 elements of a strong culture


A strong company culture is more than just hiring the right people, or coming up with catchy core values. It’s a concerted effort by everyone, not just the CEO or upper management, to show up, engage, and work with each other to make those values real.

2020 Report: The Future of HR

Paycor asked more than 500 leaders of medium and small businesses to talk about the present and future of HR. Download the guide and see what they said. Their responses will surprise you!

Are you outsourcing or insourcing company storytelling?

Babette Ten Haken - Human Capital & Industrial IoT

When you outsource, instead of insourcing company storytelling, you put yourself in the hands of others. To tell your stories. Often, the people telling your stories are employees of outside agencies. And these agencies produce lots of marketing and sales oriented materials.

DOL Rules That ‘Gig’ Workers Are Not Employees


The “gig” is up—according to the Department of Labor (DOL), anyway. An opinion letter recently published by the agency rules that gig-economy workers are independent contractors, not regular employees.

9 IRS Payroll Forms for Small Business

Patriot Software

As an employer, one of the biggest responsibilities you have is knowing which payroll forms to fill out. With so many forms out there, it can be difficult to know which apply to your business. Learn which IRS payroll forms your small business must file, due dates, and where to send each form.

8 Lessons for Teaching Outside the Classroom

EverFi - HR

I think it’s safe to say we all suffer from Nature-Deficit Disorder (NDD). You won’t find this disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (yet) but its effects can surely be observed if you look closely enough.

How to Activate Employee Voice to Create and Sustain a Speak Up Culture

This whitepaper details how leaders can shift into an ‘action mindset’ that allows for growth and change at every level of your organization. Speak Up cultures promote productivity, improve retention efforts, and create positive employee engagement.

Ken's Krew: One Of Home Depot's Secrets For Success

Forbes Leadership Strategy

Ken's Krew finds jobs at Home Depot for young adults with disabilities. It works in so many invisible ways to lift the morale and ethos of an entire store, it stands as proof, minute by minute—as a Ken’s Krew worker goes about his or her day—that Home Depot puts human beings as its first priority

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Encouraging Risk Taking in the Classroom

EverFi - HR

Teaching is a risk-taking activity. Spending your career shaping the next generation is not a safe proposition. Some students will fail, some will break your heart, and some will be so good you wish they could stay in your class forever.

What Exactly Is Ving Microburst Safety Training?


Microlearning is becoming a well-known term. Even just a few months ago microlearning was a term that our team only heard in our office. So much so that we sort of feel like we helped establish it's growth.

HRExaminer Radio – Executive Conversations: Episode #324: Jeanne Achille, Founder and CEO, The Devon Group

HR Examiner

HRx Radio – Executive Conversations: On Friday mornings, John Sumser interviews key executives from around the industry. The conversation covers what makes the executive tick and what makes their company great. HRx Radio – Executive Conversations.

The Art of Selecting Candidate Pre-Hire Assessments

Speaker: Melissa Dobbins, Founder & CEO, Career.Place

At the core of successful hiring practices is the fair and accurate evaluation of skills, abilities, knowledge and other criteria for a job. One powerful method to do this is through psychometric assessments. The right assessments used in the right way provide objective evaluation of criteria that are far more accurate than interviews alone. Unfortunately, choosing the wrong assessments or using assessments in the wrong way can lead to bad choices, biases, and even discriminatory practices that violate compliance standards.

Connecting Communications to Business Outcomes: Key Takeaways from FutureComms 2019


“How does your company work as one?”. Asked SocialChorus founder Greg Shove of 400 of communications leaders at FutureComms 2019. “We’re

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HSA Growth Highlights Employees’ Desire For Financial Wellness


The number of Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) is growing rapidly, with no signs of slowing down. According to research firm Devenir’s year-end HSA report , by the end of 2018, the number of HSAs grew to 25 million, a 13% increase from the previous year.

Learning to unplug: a valuable leadership skill

PI Worldwide

Victor Lipman is a management trainer and author. His online course on Udemy is The Manager’s Mindset and his book is “ The Type B Manager.” ” He has more than 20 years of Fortune 500 management experience. He contributes regularly to Forbes and Psychology Today, and his work has appeared in Harvard Business Review. We sometimes tend to think we’re not effective leaders if we’re not working constantly.

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Protecting Your Online Privacy As A Telecommuter

Take It Personel-ly

Between 20% and 25% of U.S. employees work from home some of the time. Meanwhile, 5% of employees telecommute from home on a full-time basis, according to the latest figures from the U.S. Census.

Recognition and Rewards Buyers Guide

Recognition and rewards are an integral part of your company’s employee experience. So, it’s critical to get a platform that fits your company culture on the first try. Check out this guide to understand what questions to ask before finding a new Recognition & Rewards platform.

Why Quick Base Customers Think You Should Get Certified


You are already a workplace problem solver, impacting your organization using Quick Base. Why not make it official? Quick Base certification is the check box you need to show the value you bring with your Quick Base skills.

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Arizona Will Recognize Out-of-State Occupational Licenses

SHRM Resources

Arizona is the first state in the nation to recognize occupational licenses from other states, eliminating a recertification process that critics say is an unnecessary obstacle to workers and a drag on local economies. Arizona Workforce Readiness


why can’t I wear shorts to work?

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: I recently hired an entry-level employee. This is her first office/full-time job ever, so part of my job is also making sure she understands office norms. Today during our weekly check-in, we were talking about the weather getting warmer and she made a comment about needing to buy more shorts for during the week. I explained that shorts aren’t appropriate work attire, even at our semi-casual office.

What Small Businesses Can Offer New Hires That Others Can’t

Acacia HR Solutions

It is no secret, and certainly not up for debate, that small businesses struggle to hire the talent they need. The struggle exists for many reasons. The budget does not exist to draw the talent they need away from larger competitors. They are in such a young startup phase that talent is leery of leaving. The post What Small Businesses Can Offer New Hires That Others Can’t appeared first on Acacia HR Solutions. Recruitment Startups

Year in Review: Talent Acquisition in 2019 & the 2020 Impact

The year 2019 in talent acquisition was full of key learnings and insights that you can leverage in order to start 2020 ahead of the recruiting pack. This report walks you through core trends to continuously examine as you plan your recruiting strategy for 2020 and beyond.