Wed.Jul 21, 2021

How to Lead with Data: A Conversation With Andrea Derler

Visier - Talent Acquisition

With a background in management research, science, and human capital consulting, Andrea Derler brings her fascination with human dynamics in organizations to lead our research efforts. Learn more about our new Principal of Research and Value in this profile! Andrea Derler, Ph.D.

What Are the Seven Steps to Succession Planning?

Intoo USA

Succession planning—a process for creating and maintaining a talent pipeline —is a necessary part of talent management, and is something you’ll appreciate having done especially when faced with a sudden, unexpected event.


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Job Applicants and Gender Pay Disparity


When it comes to negotiating a job offer, women invariably become tense expressing fear that if they ask for too much, they can lose the job opportunity


The S in ESG: The Social Impact of Mental Health Investments


Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investing has historically focused on the ‘E’ in ESG, environmental sustainability. 2020 brought a significant shift in ESG investment trends, partially due to the ongoing impact of COVID-19.

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7 Ways to Manage a Talent Shortage

In this whitepaper, Paycor examines the top 7 things you can do to out-maneuver your competition and win the war for talent in the coming months.

5 Strategies for Effectively Advancing DEI Initiatives


A study recently conducted by the Josh Bersin Academy identifies five critical strategies for helping employers achieve diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) excellence in the workplace. .

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FMLA and Holiday Pay: How Does a Holiday Impact Employee Leave?

Patriot Software

Do you know your Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) responsibilities? Now, throw in a holiday. Do you still know how FMLA and holidays work? Here are some popular questions when it comes to FMLA and holidays: Do holidays count toward an employee’s FMLA eligibility?

Common Career Advice You Should Ignore


Career advice can be as vast and varied as the stars in the sky. Some comes and goes throughout the decades while others appear to be timeless tidbits of wisdom. Your friends say it, your mother says it, heck, career counselors may even say it.

Three Ways Business Agility Platforms Address CIOs’ Top Priorities in 2021


It’s unsurprising that the disruption created by a worldwide pandemic created a refocus of priorities for business leaders.

10 Things to Know About Creating Hybrid Work Strategies


The 2021 pandemic forced companies to adopt remote work to protect employee health. Company leaders soon learned, often to their surprise, that remote work also provided significant benefits. Many organizations saw increased employee engagement, productivity, and a stronger sense of belonging.

Going to Market Smarter in the New Economy

The fight to find new customers and retain existing ones is the biggest business challenge for many companies. Technology will continue to play a part in fostering buyer allegiance and building brands in the “new normal.” In 2021, as companies continue to move more functions online, employees will take a more virtual -- and flexible -- mindset and lifestyle in parallel to the digitization of businesses. To succeed, you must change the way you conceive and build new products as a digital business. Download the report today to discover more!

California Beware: Identifier Availability Causes Screening Issues


Employment Background Checks Criminal Background Checks california background screening Michigan Date of Birth Redaction PBSA Court of Appeals

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: SmartRecruiters CEO Jerome Ternynck Discusses Their $110 Million Series E Round and the Impact of a $1.5 Billion Valuation


SmartRecruiters announced a $110 millioin Series E round of VC that came with a new $1.5 billion valuation. This brings its total raised to $225 million and launches the company […].

How to Leverage Workforce Analytics for Your Business


In today’s technologically-driven world, business leaders are leveraging in-house organizational data to make informed workplace decisions and predictions. But with so much information, simply selecting the most important data is a full-time job.

What Our Doctors Can Prescribe

First Stop Health

Did you know that First Stop Health doctors can write prescriptions* when appropriate, and send the medication to your pharmacy of choice? Here's a quick overview of what we can prescribe. Healthy Living


A Training Company’s Guide to Selecting an eLearning Platform

Training companies have an opportunity to embrace the change and create meaningful change in their organizations by moving online. Discover the advantages of a digital-first approach, using an eLearning platform.

5 Tips for Reopening the Workplace + 2 Fantastic Resources

Civility Partners

As we transition back to “normal,” employees are going to need extra support to help them through the extremely disruptive experience of the last 18 months. So far, however, it appears there’s a gap in perceptions of how supportive employers have actually been.

How to Create a Return to Work Plan | Reward Gateway

Reward Gateway

Return to work, return to the office, return to "the new normal" - whatever it is that you may be calling it, many industries are undergoing changes as the world makes its way into post-pandemic day-to-day.

Off Again, On Again: LA County Renews Face Covering Mandate


On July 16, 2021 — one month after California moved to reopen in full — the Los Angeles County Public Health Department revised its public health order to require face coverings in most indoor settings regardless of vaccination status.

How Do You Define & Measure Employee Experience? | Perceptyx


Every few years a new buzzword gains traction in HR circles. For years “employee satisfaction” was the goal, and later, “employee engagement” gained currency. Employee experience is one of the newest buzzwords. But what is it? And how do you measure employee experience? Engagement

Explore a Roadmap to Pay Equity for Organizations Like Yours

The national conversation around pay equity has never been so hot. As employees push for better transparency, organizations are assessing and addressing pay gaps. Explore Gallagher's whitepaper, Pay Equity: The Time Is Now, to discover key insights.

Artificial Intelligence: Is Your Job Under Threat?


The rise of AI (Artificial Intelligence) will make most people better off over the next decade. In a time of significant disruption, the HR industry or recruitment industry has accelerated vastly in the last few months with the help of AI.

How Taking on New Challenges Helped This HR Manager Find Career Success

The Muse

Aleksandra Kazimierczyk-Robak has worked her way up to HR manager in her seven years at Trustwave. Here’s how she did it. Getting Ahead

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4 Reasons Why You Should Change Careers Now

Take It Personel-ly

Are you contemplating changing careers? Statistics indicate that an average working professional changes career at least once in their lifetime. Perhaps you are a banker who wants to start an accounting firm, or a teacher who would like to give entrepreneurship a try.

What Is Cross-Validation? Comparing Machine Learning Models


Cross-validation is an invaluable tool for data scientists.

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How To Create A 100% Virtual Onboarding Experience

Speaker: Workbright

Are you struggling with virtual onboarding? Whether you are making the switch to remote work or biding your time until you can get back to the office–you need a solution that works. Check out our webinar on Thursday, May 20th at 2 PM E.T. to learn more!

How to Boost Retention in Your Organization in 2021 | BerniePortal


How an employer approaches employee retention says a lot about how they view their workforce. Thanks to the pandemic, hybrid offices, and other vital factors, as many as half of all American workers intend to look for a new job in 2021.

Help New Hires Feel Like Part Of The Squad – Here’s How


Help New Hires Feel Like Part Of The Squad – Here’s How. Almost 30% of people quit a job in the first 90 days. But 17% of these new hires said they would’ve stayed if they saw one friendly face. Because maybe then, they’d have felt like they were actually part of the squad.

Minnesota Amends Rules on Lactation Breaks and Pregnancy Accommodations

SHRM Resources

Tim Walz has approved an amendment relating to pregnancy accommodations and barring reducing compensation for lactation breaks, among other changes. The amendment takes effect on Jan. 1, 2022. Employee Relations Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Minnesota

Introducing the Thrive Reset App for Zoom

Thrive Global

Virtual meeting fatigue is a phenomenon almost nobody had heard of before the pandemic, but one most of us are all too familiar with now. For many of us, sitting through back-to-back-to-back Zoom meetings has been one of the defining experiences of the last 16 months.

The Forrester Wave™: B2B Marketing Data Providers, Q2 2021

In our 24-criterion evaluation of B2B marketing data providers, we identified the 11 most significant vendors — Data Axle, Dun & Bradstreet, Enlyft, Global Database, InsideView, Leadspace, Oracle, SMARTe, Spiceworks Ziff Davis, TechTarget, and ZoomInfo Technologies — and researched, analyzed, and scored them. This report shows how each provider measures up and helps B2B marketing professionals select the right one for their needs.