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Job consolidation: How to effectively merge positions


Job consolidation can be the best option for a company when budgets are tight, or a major change is on the horizon. But it can be a challenge for managers and teams to pick up the slack. Here’s what you need to know about redistributing a departing employee’s work, including: How to talk about it.

How AI Will Reconfigure Human Roles Over the Next Decade


Innovations like self-driving vehicles, intelligent virtual assistants, and healthcare robots have fueled both anxiety and optimism about jobs and automation.

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Reignite Your Leadership Skills

ExactHire HR Trends

The world is full of leaders. Some are easy to identify; they may hold political office, run successful businesses, minister at churches, command troops, or quarterback their teams to victory. Surprisingly, however, these highly visible leaders are but a tiny fraction of the women and men who lead.

Offering Parental Leave Isn’t Enough — Companies Need Reentry Programs, Too

Cornerstone On Demand

This article was originally published on Forbes.com, under Jeff Miller’s Forbes Human Resources Council column. When I talk to colleagues who are returning from an extended leave, they all say something similar: “It was great to have the time away, but coming back was a bit of a slap to the face.”

Why Smoking Costs Employers More Than They Realize

Your employees are smoking, and at a cost of $7,000 per year for each employee who smokes, that adds up - fast! This free report will show you how an effective cessation program pays for itself.

Introducing 15Five’s Best-Self Academy For Employee And Manager Development


More and more company leaders, like CHROs and chief executives, are realizing that people managers are the key to success. This explains the massive adoption of technology tools in the last few years to enable manager-employee communication and performance tracking.

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1099-MISC Tax Rules: Breaking Down the Form


What is a 1099 Tax Form? The 1099 tax form reports any miscellaneous payments made by businesses to non-employee individuals during the past business year. While there are over a dozen different types of 1099s, we’ll focus on the common MISC version.

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Stay Focused and Boost Your Productivity with These Easy Strategies

Get Hppy

Maintaining your focus throughout the day is imperative, regardless of the tasks you need to handle. Unfortunately, we live in a world filled with tons of distractions that stand in the way of optimal productivity.

Engaging in Bullying Behavior and Being a Bully are Different Things


Many of you who have read my blogs over the years know that I often refer to, learn from, or are inspired by my kids. Today’s post is no different but in this case, it is written with one of them.

Will 2020 Be the Year of the Gig Economy?

Take It Personel-ly

In the last decade, technology has evolved at an incredible pace – and it had a major influence on the way we work and live. Smartphone owners demanded faster mobile broadband, and with it came an abundance of mobile-first (and mobile-only) services.

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2020 Report: The Future of HR

Paycor asked more than 500 leaders of medium and small businesses to talk about the present and future of HR. Download the guide and see what they said. Their responses will surprise you!

How to Answer HR Exam and Practice Questions


Download our 25 free HR Practice Test Questions perfect for the SHRM-SCP, SHRM-CP, PHR, and SPHR exams. You’ve spent hours (and days) (and months) studying test prep and the time has come to take. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution.

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4 Surprisingly Simple Steps for Staying Healthy at a Sedentary Job


You work a typical 8-5 job and spend most of your days typing away on a computer while sitting at your desk. You know you sit for long periods, but you also try to visit the gym several times a week to stay active. You figure working out helps make up for the sedentary work you do.

5 Ways to Address the Healthcare Industry’s Turnover Crisis


The healthcare job market is booming. In fact, the US unemployment rate decreased 0.2 percentage points to 3.5% in September 2019 , the lowest it’s been since December 1969. In 2018, the healthcare industry alone added 346,000 new jobs , outpacing every other sector for job growth. .

Why Idealized Storytelling creates Decision Making Skepticism

Babette Ten Haken - Professional Development

Idealized storytelling creates perfect story scenarios in which products, services, programs are placed. Not surprisingly, these stories always seem to have fairy-tale outcomes, where everyone lives happily ever after. Mostly, due to the outcomes created by our products, services and programs.

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Protecting Organizational Culture and Wellbeing During a Global Pandemic

Download Gallagher’s report to discover best practices for sustaining corporate culture, identify opportunities for building engagement, and understand the value of investing in your organization’s greatest asset — its people.

How to Measure Employee Engagement the Right Way

Quantum Workplace

To improve employee engagement you need to know what your organization is doing well and where you can improve. Knowing how to measure employee engagement is the jumping off point for evolving your engagement strategy. Category: Employee Engagement Category: Employee Surveys

our boss told us to camp in tents when we travel for business

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: I started on staff at a small environmental/conservation nonprofit. My coworkers and I are PR, fundraising, and outreach staff. All of us are brand new due to turnover. Today we received an email from our boss that says: “When we are traveling for work, we try, when possible, to stay at a state park — cabins in the winter, camping ‘normally’ in the summer since most cabins are booked for a week.

3 Metrics that Should Matter Most to a Bullhorn Staffing Agency User


Safe to say, if you’re reading this article, you’re probably someone from a staffing agency.

2020 Vision: One Thing Leaders Must See Clearly in the Coming Year

Julie Winkle Giulioni

As a young consultant several years ago, I worked with countless organizations that had dubbed their long-term planning efforts ‘2020 Vision’ – cleverly combining the idea of clarity with the nearly mythical future date.

Preparing for the Workplace of the Future: HR’s Role

Speaker: Robin Schooling, Managing Partner, HR + People Strategy, Peridus Group

Join Robin Schooling, Managing Partner, HR + People Strategy with Peridus Group, to learn what you can do now to prepare yourself and your organization for the future workplace while simultaneously solidifying HR’s impact as a strategic and influential leader for business success

The “harassing, stalking, disturbing, and menacing” plaintiff lost her discrimination case. Go figure.

The Employer Handbook

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay. It’s bad enough when a federal judge refers to a plaintiff-employee’s behavior towards her manager as “harassing, stalking, disturbing, and menacing.”

How to Put Long Hair Up – Easy Tips and Tricks

Take It Personel-ly

Don’t have an hour to style your hair in the morning or even 30 minutes? Don’t worry! Putting up your long hair in something other than a ponytail or messy bun isn’t as complicated as you think. And it will help you a lot to achieve “business look”. There are many tips and tricks you […].

11 Tips for Being an Effective Leader in 2020

Career Metis

Being a great leader or manager has become more challenging than ever before. Thanks to modern technology, things are moving at an incredibly fast pace, which makes competent leaders an essential part of every organization.

5 steps to get started with people analytics

Zoho People

HR professionals all over the world are beginning to understand the importance of people analytics for managing HR operations.

Does Your Workforce Have the Talent DNA for the Digital Future?

With the increasing adoption of automation and data-driven technologies, the workforce is changing rapidly — regardless of whether we’re prepared to face it. Keeping up with the velocity of change is vital to success, and that means building digital readiness into the DNA of your organization so your workforce is ready to face an uncertain and constantly changing future.

6 Tips for Setting Up an Ergonomic Workplace

Career Metis

Have you ever thought of how easily a physically challenged individual can access their work without any assistance? Ever wondered why some workplaces have poor productivity, increased musculoskeletal (MSK) pain, and increased ergonomic risk factors?

What is this new W-4?

HR Topics

Have you taken a look at the new W-4 form ? It is a major departure from past forms. The entire concept is to have employees give meaningful thought to their deductions and minimize the refunds and penalties every April 15.

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Census Bureau Reveals Results of Experiment on the Inclusion of a 2020 Citizenship Question: Asian and Latinx Communities Sensitive Enough to Affect Self-Response Rates

Berkshire Associates

In an article published by NPR, the Census Bureau revealed the results of a national experiment on public reaction to a citizenship question being included in the 2020 Survey.

New Joint Employer Rule under Fair Labor Standards Act


See how this new joint-employer rule affects California employers. On January 13, 2020, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) issued its final rule updating its regulations regarding joint-employer status under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

Year in Review: Talent Acquisition in 2019 & the 2020 Impact

The year 2019 in talent acquisition was full of key learnings and insights that you can leverage in order to start 2020 ahead of the recruiting pack. This report walks you through core trends to continuously examine as you plan your recruiting strategy for 2020 and beyond.