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5 Ways to Pamper Yourself and Feel Your Best

Take It Personel-ly

Life is full of challenges. Between holding down a full-time job and family, there is hardly ever a time to just relax. It is no wonder more and more people are battling depression, about 40 million adults in the U.S suffer anxiety disorders.

Teamflow Raises $3.9 Million for Team Collaboration Via Its “Virtual HQ”


Teamflow raised $3.9 million for what it bills as a “virtual HQ” to engage distributed teams in work. Based on the screenshots provided to TechCrunch, it presents as a sort […]. The post Teamflow Raises $3.9


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How You Can Use Your Smartphone To Optimize Your Happiness

New to HR

Here’s the deal: in your pocket or on your desk (or wherever it may be) right now, you have an amazing device that can literally. The post How You Can Use Your Smartphone To Optimize Your Happiness appeared first on New To HR. Technology


UK-based Perchpeek Raises USD $2.7 Million for Its Employee Relocation App


UK-based Perchpeek announced a USD $2.7 million VC A round for its relocation app. This brings its total raised to $3.8 million. Perchpeek is an AI-powered app that helps a […]. The post UK-based Perchpeek Raises USD $2.7


CFO’s Guide to Building an HR Team with Limited Time, Budget and Resources

Building the ideal HR team doesn’t happen overnight—especially when CFOs have limited time, budget and resources. But our new guide can give you advice on where to start and key focus areas you need to know. Download our guide today!

Cassandra Hill: “Loving yourself is the foundation to loving others”

Thrive Global

Let’s create a world where everyone is celebrated not just tolerated. We need to show more love to people oftentimes people feel alone in this love let’s use our voices to show we care.

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Riding the Storm and Walking Each Other Home:

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A Belated New Year’s Blog for a Chaotic Time. Fate whispers to the warrior, ‘You cannot withstand the storm.’. The warrior whispers back, ‘I am the storm.’”. Anonymous. I think we can all agree that 2020 was quite a year.

Human Resources Today Webinar Series: Inclusivity in 2020 and Beyond

Blend Me Inc

Human Resources Today Webinar Series: Inclusivity in 2020 and Beyond. Kaleem Clarkson. Sat, 01/23/2021 - 13:13. The year 2020 will certainly go down in the books as a controversy-filled year due to so much adversity around issues like the Black Lives Matters movement to end racism and social injustices, the raging wildfires on the U.S. west coast burning more than 4 million acres resulting in thousands of home evacuations, to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic that claimed millions of lives.

Mundi Fomukong of Enovsys: “Keep design and interfaces simple to use”

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As you grow your business, treat everyone respectfully even when there is a disagreement?—?most most likely, paths will cross again in key settings. Foster great partnerships, as needed, and always listen and pay attention to other opinions?—?don’t don’t assume you always have the best solution.

WhatsApp Alternatives: Should You Be Using WhatsApp In 2021?


On December 31st 2020, WhatsApp celebrated a milestone of 1.4 billion video and audio calls, but after its ‘my way or the highway’ clause, things seemed to have hit a roadblock for them. Recently, WhatsApp has gained notoriety recently after it changed its privacy policy.

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3 Guiding Principles to Support the Human Dimension in Learning

Speaker: Dr. Amy Titus, Managing Director in Human Capital at Deloitte Consulting

Join Dr. Amy Titus, Managing Director in Human Capital at Deloitte Consulting, for her exclusive session where she will be discussing the 3 guiding principles for the future of learning, and how these can affect the design of work in organizations.

Ebetuel “Beto” Pallares: “Take time for yourself and find the necessary time to relax”

Thrive Global

…Think in decades, not quarters or years. Taking a long-term orientation helps put every action and activity in perspective. I know that these five things would have made me a better CEO earlier, but it is never too late to put these into practice.

Women Are Losing The Most Jobs In The Pandemic

Forbes Leadership Strategy

Employers cut a staggering 140,000 jobs in December — and all job losses happened to women. Leadership Strategy /leadership-strategy Leadership /leadership Leadership Strategy /leadership-strategy leadership

Edyta Satchell of Satchelle Global Travel Wellness and Finelle – Failure is not an outcome of something that didn’t come out of the way we wanted it. It is a result of recalibration and re-alignment of our path to success.

Thrive Global

For my series on strong female founders I had the pleasure of interviewing Edyta Satchell. America’s Wellness and Beauty Expert, Edyta Satchell, is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and a renowned corporate travel executive, speaker, and wellness practitioner. She helps thousands of women who try to prioritize their health and wellness and want to look and feel their very best in the New Normal, but they feel like nothing works for them.

Leading Inclusion As A Growth Strategy Minimizes Risk In Times Of Crisis

Forbes Leadership Strategy

Our pandemic and social unrest challenges are rooted in one particular unfortunate truth: we’ve ignored and suppressed people’s individuality at every turn. This is why we must lead inclusion as a growth strategy to minimize risk in times of crisis.

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How to Select the Right Training Software for Your Company

Creating a training program for your organization can be a daunting task. Luckily, there are many platforms that offer lots of solutions. How do you decide which one is right for you? Learn about the features to look for and questions to ask before making an important investment in your company’s future.

Sara Russell: “Healing isn’t linear”

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In order to rewire the negativity bias of the brain, we need to practice repetitions of noticing what’s working in our lives. We can spend countless hours recounting our worst memories but quickly skip over the moments of peace, ease, contentment, and connection we experience.

How Brands Can Avoid The Public Shaming Of Cancel Culture

Forbes Leadership Strategy

Call it the collision of brands and politics. The days of aspirational fantasy or identity without accountability are over. Leadership Strategy /leadership-strategy Leadership /leadership Leadership Strategy /leadership-strategy leadership

Encouraging Ownership Drives Employee Motivation

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As a business leader , you already have a full-plate. It’s your responsibility to overcome challenges ranging from changing consumer tastes to remaining compliant. You also need to keep your talented team motivated on a daily basis.

How To Mitigate Brand Damage From Covid-19: A Task Force Leader’s Perspective

Forbes Leadership Strategy

I interviewed Marija Zivanovic-Smith, NCR’s SVP of Corporate Marketing, Communications, and Chief External Affairs Officer, on her role as task force leader for her firm.

Brand Health Report: Tech Talent Ranks the Most Innovative Companies They'd Love to Work for and Why

Hired surveyed more than 4,000 tech workers to find out which companies rank as their most desirable employers and how other organizations can compete for their attention. Download this report to learn what tech talent values most in a potential employer and how to improve your employer brand.

Bettina Mercado of Bettina Cosmetics: “Share your story”

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Share your story?—?customers customers support businesses that have a compelling story. You are the person behind the brand and customers want to know who they are supporting and why.

Adrian Chenault of Contact Mapping: “Talk to your customers and potential customers”

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“If you are going to start a company, you better love the space because you will devote a big portion of your life to it.” I can’t remember where I learned this along the way but it really resonated.

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Lenwood M. Ross of Accelery: “Humility and empathy go a very long way”

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Humility and empathy go a very long way. Pride and self-righteousness will destroy you. If you want to accomplish a vision bigger than yourself, you’ll need to inspire other people to join you on your journey. The lowest form of leadership is authority.

Alexander Lazutin of ICarta Technologies: “If the app doesn’t excite you, don’t do it”

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If the app doesn’t excite you, don’t do it: Apps that are good will not get you enthusiastic. You cannot fake enthusiasm, or you will sound like a salesman who’s trying to drill something down your throat.

Extending the Reach of HR: Supporting and Sourcing Remote Talent

Speaker: Karen Lim, Alliance Academy

The concept of Global HR is becoming more common as more companies become permanently remote. As companies expand their talent-bases beyond borders, HR reps will bear the responsibilities that come along with it. Adapting to different cultures, distances, and legal implications whilst preserving core company values is essential. Once you can do this, the world becomes your oyster. Join Karen Lim of Alliance Academy, and learn to thrive in a remote-first mindset.

Jan Kami?ski of Applover: “Do good and give back”

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To create a successful app you need to know what is your business model and goal and think it through so the app serves its purpose. To do so, we always recommend our custom software development clients to have workshops with us.

Adam Goldberg of Beacon Trust: “No single advisor is an expert in all areas of personal finance”

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No single advisor is an expert in all areas of personal finance. I for example am an expert in holistic financial planning but I am not an expert in portfolio management.

Gaurav Dhillon of SnapLogic: “Support education”

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Support education. Education of how society has failed to address inequality and education of how to make the needed improvements. But beyond specific education around equality, we as a society need to fully embrace education as the great equalizer.

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Marla Esposito of LaserAway: “Knowledge is power” A good sales person leads and guides but never “pushes” someone to buy what they are selling.

Five Reasons Leaders Invest in Language Training

Communication is the lifeforce of any company. Without it, productivity, employee happiness, and ultimately your business suffers. Investing in language learning better positions global business leaders to see gains in organizational effectiveness as a result.