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How to Come Out at Work (Hint: It’s Not One-Size-Fits-All)

The Muse

Coming out at work is still not always easy. Here’s what to consider—and tips for how to come out in a way that feels right for you. Work Relationships

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How to Transform Military Experience for Your Resume


Working in the military provides many unique experiences that enhance your skill set, but it’s often specific to the branch of military where you work.

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Five Great Productivity Tools for Remote Work Teams | BerniePortal


While remote work is rapidly becoming an industry-standard in the workplace, employers may find themselves struggling to help their employees be as productive as possible outside of the office. However, with these five tools, your team can be more effective than ever—even while working from home.

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ICYMI: June Brings the Heat to Work Life

Cornerstone On Demand

Editor's Note: In today's fast-paced news cycle, we know it's difficult to keep up with the latest and most impactful trends and stories. Our ICYMI series aims to help you stay informed and in the loop from your workplace or remote work station.

The Best Sales Forecasting Models for Weathering Your Goals

Every sales forecasting model has a different strength and predictability method. It’s recommended to test out which one is best for your team. This way, you’ll be able to further enhance – and optimize – your newly-developed pipeline. Your future sales forecast? Sunny skies (and success) are just ahead!

BOSS Tip: Send an Agenda/Info For Your Meeting, Control the Narrative.

The HR Capitalist

Capitalist Note : Quick hit today from the BOSS Leadership Series , the 7-module series of manager training designed to make your managers better leaders of people! I see you and I sense it.

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People Analytics: A Definition & Breakdown Of Trends | Perceptyx


Although managing fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic is currently at the forefront of business leaders’ attention, we continue to look forward to the day when normalcy returns.

How to Improve Your Outdoor Seating: 6 Tips for Restaurateurs

Take It Personel-ly

When the weather starts to warm up, it’s a good idea to invest in your outdoor space and move your business outside for some fresh air. That said, alfresco dining involves more than tossing some tables and chairs on your deck and calling it a day.

10 Employment Resources for U.S. Military Veterans Seeking Work


In May, as parts of the country began to re-open after the first wave of COVID-19 infections, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics noted that unemployment numbers for U.S. veterans had gone down. That drop was significant, from about 11.7 percent unemployment in April to 9 percent unemployment in May.

I went to a job interview where they’re not taking COVID seriously … or how to make a scene when you need to make a scene

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: I recently interviewed at an organization that I would consider working for, but I had some big concerns about their Covid precautions. When I arrived for my interview, no one in the office was wearing a mask except me.

Designing Equitable Performance: How to Create Fair, Inclusive Assessments

Speaker: Aubrey Blanche & Sahra Kaboli-Nejad

We are all susceptible to bias and strive to mitigate it through reading, taking classes, and participating in trainings - yet, it seems like these aren’t driving the change we need. Women tend to receive vague, personality-based feedback, where men tend to receive performance related feedback. Work completed by Black men is more likely to be rated as lower quality than White men. And Black women face these overlapping biases in even more extreme ways. So what can we do to address the inequities in the system? Look at the system itself - are we designing an equitable performance system that benefits everyone? Join Culture Amp’s Global Head of Equitable Design and Impact, Aubrey Blanche, along with Diversity, Equity, and Belonging Lead Sahra Kaboli-Nejad, to discuss how we can re-evaluate our performance management systems. We will discuss the benefits of designing a system at every level (individual, manager, and organization) to help mitigate bias and ultimately create a system that finally succeeds at what it is supposed to do - improve performance.

Top Ways to Reward Employees for Exemplary Work During the COVID Crisis

Take It Personel-ly

It is difficult to work during a global pandemic. That is why your employees who faithfully worked during the Covid-19 crisis should be awarded. There are several things that you can do in order to award your employees for their extra efforts.

Paradiso lms vs Sunbird LMS


Paradiso LMS vs Sunbird LMS: Which LMS Better Suits your Learning Needs? When it comes to achieving excellent learning experiences, it is essential to select an LMS which fulfills all your learning needs. So, the question arises, Paradiso LMS vs Sunbird LMS, which is better out of the two?

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Everything You Need to Know Guide: Are You Eligible for Workers Compensation Benefits?

Take It Personel-ly

Did you know that a worker is injured at the workplace every 7 seconds? Injuries in the workplace are a normal occurrence. If you’re a victim of occupational injuries or illness, you could benefit from workers’ compensation.

Building a Talent Pipeline to Achieve Strategic Hiring Goals


Every industry has been experiencing widespread digital transformation. Despite the recent recession flooding the market with new candidates, the competition for specialized talent is hotter than ever.

Workplace Mask Policy & Return to Work Templates

Paycor’s comprehensive checklist and customizable letters will help you re-start your business and welcome your team back to a new normal.

Little “e” education: Think small to meet today’s enormous challenges

Chief Learning Officer - Talent Management

In times of economic decline and recession, Americans typically turn to higher education to provide both a refuge and a path forward. The Great Recession in 2008, for example, saw a surge in enrollment, especially among “nontraditional” age adult students.

How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Authors Write a Better Novel

Thrive Global

Of all the sectors that artificial intelligence is disrupting—finance, health care, transportation—the creative art of fiction writing seems like the least likely candidate to be impacted by A.I. But A.I. has arrived like a gift-wrapped box on the doorstep of the author community.

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Transformative Effects of Technological Advancements in the Real Estate Industry

Take It Personel-ly

There is no doubt that real estate investing is one of the largest asset classes in the world, making it faster to build wealth and ultimately become rich for many investors. In fact, more people have become millionaires today through real estate investing than any other business.

how much privacy should you expect in meetings when everyone’s working from home?

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: My company is working from home right now, like so many. We have regularly scheduled meetings with our manager to check in. We are continuing these with online meetings (sometimes just audio, sometimes we add video).

Even During COVID-19, I-9s Have to Be Done Right, on Time, and in Person

Help make sure you can get your remote hires onboarded quickly, even when you don’t have a physical office location or trained HR in the area. Download this free e-book, and you’ll be on your way to simpler Form I-9 and Section 2 completion.

Employee Engagement Software Can Enhance Work Culture


We understand if you are skimming through this article with certain amount of scepticism in mind. It’s common to see software marketed as if it will be able to revolutionize a business and bring about extraordinary results, with a simple download or connection to a cloud-based app.

A Statement Of Care In Crisis: College Admission Leaders Speak Out

Thrive Global

What does the future hold? For over two decades I have worked with students trying to answer this question. As a high school counselor, I encourage young people to ask big questions about who they are, what they want, and how they get there.

How to conduct an HR investigation while working remotely

Business Management Daily

Think employee misconduct is something that only occurs in a physical office? Unfortunately, companies are discovering that inappropriate behavior such as bullying and violating anti-harassment policies can still go on when workers perform remotely.

Why You Need to Try Laughter Yoga

Thrive Global

Laughter is a form of internal jogging. It moves your internal organs around. It enhances respiration. It is an igniter of great expectations. Norman Cousins. When was the last time you had a good belly laugh?

Why Smoking Costs Employers More Than They Realize

Your employees are smoking, and at a cost of $7,000 per year for each employee who smokes, that adds up - fast! This free report will show you how an effective cessation program pays for itself.

Resume Parser: Fad or Fact?


An Insight into the working of ML-based Resume Parsing Technology Recruiters have been screening resumes manually for a long time now. They read through every candidate resume and evaluate them on the basis of skills, knowledge, abilities and other desired factors.

Upskilling: A Full Guide (incl. 7 ways to upskill your workforce)

Digital HR Tech

When it comes to future-proofing your people, upskilling is the way to go. In this article, we take a thorough look at upskilling; what it is, how you can upskill your people, what courses there are available, and we share three real-life upskill projects. Contents What is upskilling?

What is Employee Voice and Why Is It Important? 


Do your employees believe they have a voice in the workplace? The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) publishes an annual list of?top top 10 workplace trends and “capturing the voice of the employee” was on the list.

Famous logo designs that have redefined global brands


Rebranding is undertaken for many different reasons; when a company is going through a big period of change, is coming out the other side of a scandal, or taking the advice of their marketing agency. Whatever the reasons, it’s a bold move for any team to take on. Brand Activation Management

COVID-19: Returning to the Workplace in a New Reality

COVID-19 has created a new set of risks that require a new way of working. Download Gallagher’s latest COVID-19 report for insights into encouraging resiliency in your people, building confidence in your organization, and preparing for the future of work.