Sat.Sep 18, 2021

Alice Laura of Alice Laura Models: “Help others”

Thrive Global

Help others: do not only think of yourself but collaborate with others. Help each other grow and create a support network. I believe that this is the best way to grow and learn constantly and it makes it much easier to be successful.

How to Manage your Anger in the Workplace?

Pollack Peacebuilding

With growing stressors and ever evolving employee needs, it’s a challenging time to be a leader. And while it may be getting more and more challenging to manage, the expectations of leadership remain high.


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6 Troublesome Small Business Tax Mistakes That Could Cost You a Fortune

Take It Personel-ly

Taxes typically take the backseat to customer acquisition and sales when it comes to your time and attention. However, don’t get so distracted during tax season that you make mistakes that result in you overpaying your taxes, incurring tax penalties, or inviting an audit.


Jess Hoeper: “You will never feel bad about choosing love!”

Thrive Global

You will never feel bad about choosing love! As a part of my series about “Big Ideas That Might Change The World In The Next Few Years” I had the pleasure of interviewing Jess Hoeper. Jess is an author, social worker and reflective coach.

The 2021 Global Employee Survey

In our third annual survey of employee sentiment regarding working on a global team, we analyzed results from 1,250 employees from 15 countries. We look at perception of their company, intention to stay in their role, and overall job satisfaction.

Job boards for people with disabilities

HR Digest

Searching for a job is a process. You need to tap your network, look at job advertisements, utilize social media platforms , get on job boards, and even professional job hunters can help you in the quest. The process is a little difficult for people with disabilities as the search does narrow down.

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How to Bridge Career Gaps in Your Resume

HR Digest

A gap year was an established, acceptable norm in earlier days, and people took a year or more off after finishing studies to explore the world and gain worldly experience.

7 Ways To Celebrate Black History Month At Work

Vantage Circle

If your company focuses on diverse and inclusive culture, you must celebrate black excellence too. Black History Month is when you can dedicate a whole month to the people of color in your company. It is time to celebrate the power and resilience of the black community at work.

Abhi Arora: “It’s ok to take a break and take care of yourself, your family, friends and team”

Thrive Global

It’s ok to take a break and take care of yourself, your family, friends and team. Because the work at a startup can sometimes be relentless you may forget to take care of yourself. Remind yourself to make your physical and mental health a top priority.

Back To School At 60: Leaning In To Longevity

Forbes Leadership Strategy

My 60th birthday gift to myself is going back to school. Where some may opt for a cruise or a new car, I’ve opted for a year-long dose of new friends, new ideas and a new country. I’m off to Harvard.

ATS 17

Innovative HR Tech to Tackle New Compliance Challenges

Speaker: David Secunda, CEO, WorkBright

Prepare for New COVID Regulations & I-9 Reconciliation with our November 17th Webinar HR teams already juggle compliance standards for many governing bodies, but two important policy changes are creating new headaches for businesses around the country. Between the DHA requiring reconciliation of virtually-inspected I-9s and OSHA recommending organizations of 100+ collect and maintain vaccination and/or testing records, many employers are scrambling to build systems to comply with these new standards.

Charles Eide of EideCom: “Commitment to your mission”

Thrive Global

Commitment to your mission. Positivity. Innovative mindset. Love for your team. Willingness to be wrong. As part of our series about the “ Five Things You Need To Be A Highly Effective Leader During Turbulent Times ”, we had the pleasure of interviewing Charles Eide.

When Was The Last Time Your Work Felt Thrilling?

Forbes Leadership Strategy

If you’re lucky, your work might have been thrilling in the early days, when you were still new and figuring things out and the future seemed open. Leadership Strategy /leadership-strategy Leadership /leadership Leadership Strategy /leadership-strategy Careers /careers leadership glennllopisblog

What Most People Get Wrong When Cleaning the House

Thrive Global

Cleaning the house should be a simple, straightforward task – but there’s still a lot of room for error. House cleaning incorrectly could lead to wasted time, an unnecessary amount of effort, or worse, a clean that isn’t thorough enough to give you the results you want.

Tools 39

Instagram: Facebook’s Online Oxycontin?

Forbes Leadership Strategy

Leaked Facebook research suggests that its Instagram platform is “toxic” to teenagers, especially girls. Leadership Strategy /leadership-strategy Leadership /leadership Leadership Strategy /leadership-strategy

Leverage Powerful Data, More Actionable Plan for Better Workforce Engagement

Engagement surveys deliver volumes of data, but leaders often need a path to actionable insights. How do leading survey platforms help to build better employee engagement? Explore Gallagher's latest whitepaper to leverage data with insights that work.

Dr. Ahron Friedberg Of Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai: “Determination and flexibility”

Thrive Global

Determination and flexibility: obviously determination is an important factor in resilience. It’s important to keep trying to do better. But people forget how being flexible and adaptable can make you stronger and enable you to make contributions.

The Crisis Management Lesson From ‘Justice For J6 Rally’ At U.S. Capitol

Forbes Leadership Strategy

The Capitol Police were ready this time. Unlike the January 6 resurrection at the U.S. Capitol, law enforcement agencies were well-prepared for any eventuality at the "J6 Rally For Justice" that drew more police than participants.

Garret Flower of ParkOffice: “Material things have no value until they do”

Thrive Global

Material things have no value until they do.

Michael Kieran of “Diversity can drive long-term continuity across your team”

Thrive Global

Diversity can drive long-term continuity across your team. As time continues to march forward and today’s workforce continues to age, we are seeing new faces among Generation Z beginning to join the workforce. Within the next two years, 50% of the workforce is expected to consist of millennials.

How to Make the Hybrid Model Work for Your Team

Can you give your employees the best of both worlds? Research has shown that when executed correctly, hybrid working models can allow companies to recruit better talent, achieve innovation, and build a flexible, productive future.

Bonnie Kuhl of Archer and Olive: “Stop and breathe”

Thrive Global

Stop and breathe. When I’m feeling overwhelmed (which is just about every other day, to be honest) I need to create space for myself. I block my mornings every weekday in case I need time to recover from a stressful event or to prepare a plan for one that’s going to happen.

LeeAnn Renninger of LifeLabs Learning: “Set it up well”

Thrive Global

Set it up well?—?Make Make feedback part of your expectations for any project. Before you begin any collaboration say when should we give each other feedback? Or, as a manager, make it known that 1–1s are the time for giving feedback.

Glenn Conte of Chimney NY: “Be emotional and authentic, embrace technology, promote company-wide diversity, and tell great stories that connect people on a basic, human level”

Thrive Global

Be emotional and authentic, embrace technology, promote company-wide diversity, and tell great stories that connect people on a basic, human level. By doing these things, you will create a reliable and distinguished brand that attracts many potential clients.

Kevin Turpin II of National Journal Group: “Better Sales and Marketing”

Thrive Global

Sales and marketing are driven by hard work, relationship building, and effective product framing. Organizations that invest in diversity in their sales and marketing functions will produce inclusive product framing that creates a larger market size for a product or service.

What Is the Top HR Priority in 2021? Attracting and Retaining Talent

The war for talent is heating up. The 2021 Gallagher Workforce Trends Report: People & Organizational Wellbeing Strategy provides a data-driven approach to total rewards, helping you attract and retain a competitive workforce and drive organizational success.

Paul O’Reilly-Hyland of Zeamo: “Don’t accept conventional wisdom”

Thrive Global

Don’t accept conventional wisdom. Being confined by preconditional views, even if they are from experience, can be a barrier to pivoting. Many believed fitness had to be done at a gym because that’s the way it always has been and at-home works would only be a fad. That’s proven to be wrong.

Tess Cox of TC&A: “Lead their work with their strengths, knowledge and expertise”

Thrive Global

Lead their work with their strengths, knowledge and expertise. As part of our series about the “ Five Things You Need To Be A Highly Effective Leader During Turbulent Times ”, we had the pleasure of interviewing TESS COX, Principal of Tess Cox & Associates LLC.

Amit Haller of Reali: “The best investors”

Thrive Global

…The best investors. These will be your trustworthy partners in the lows. In the highs, everyone is going to be your partner. The ones who will not be there to support you through the lows are not the partners you want.

Darcie Brown: “Allow yourself, and even consider seeking opportunities, to be imperfect and/or fail”

Thrive Global

Allow yourself, and even consider seeking opportunities, to be imperfect and/or fail. The more often we do something and it doesn’t work out as planned, the more we learn that we can handle it.

How To Create A 100% Virtual Onboarding Experience

Speaker: Workbright

Are you struggling with virtual onboarding? Whether you are making the switch to remote work or biding your time until you can get back to the office–you need a solution that works. Check out our webinar on Thursday, May 20th at 2 PM E.T. to learn more!