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Expectations of a 21st Century Employee: Part I


As a result of new technologies and an increasingly connected world, today's talent has a fundamentally different set of expectations than previous generations of workers


How to Set and Achieve People Goals | Reward Gateway

Reward Gateway

5 min read It's the beginning of a brand new year and if you’re anything like Reward Gateway’s People Team, you’ve taken out your lucky pen, trusty notebooks and 2019 calendar to start preparing for the year ahead. RGB-US | Employee and Workplace Culture RGB-US | Leadership and Management

8 Considerations When Choosing an HCM


Is it time to buy an HCM solution or replace your aging HCM? For most organizations it starts with recognizing issues with the existing way of work. HCM Solutions HR Software Buying

What is HR Service Delivery Technology?

Ultimate Software

Before we can talk about HR Service Delivery technology, let’s first get familiar with HR Service Delivery. If the term is new to you, fear not: the function it serves is anything but. HR provides a wide range of services to various stakeholders throughout the company.

Live Webinar: Fall in Love with Your Hiring Process

In order to make sure candidates fall in love with your company, you need a simple, structured process. Learn the steps you can take to hire the perfect candidates for your open roles and avoid making a toxic hire.

Don't Just Write a Business Case, Tell A Story: Part 3 of 3 -Delivering the Business Case

Cornerstone On Demand

In the first part of this series we focused on being reflective, or more specifically, reflecting on the priorities of your company’s business and how your people-centric priorities support the needs of the business. In the second installment , we focused on getting to the “So What”.

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Onboarding in 2019: What a Knock-Out First Day Should Look Like

HR Morning

The first days and weeks when new employees come to work are a make-or-break time for their success with you. . A positive welcoming experience puts them at ease and reinforces that joining your company was a good choice.

What does Psychology have to do with Data Visualisation?

Analytics in HR

In the age of ubiquitous technology, there is data all around us. Satellites up in space collect images of the planet we live on. Down on earth, we look at stats to optimise public transport or the healthcare system.

Data 96

29 Data-Driven Ways to Improve Employee Morale Right Now [INFOGRAPHIC]

Digital HR Tech

A couple of times a year, employee morale just naturally dips. During those dark, cold, and often short, winter days for example. Or after the summer holidays or a long weekend even. And sometimes, employees simply go through a period where they feel less motivated for no apparent reason.

Data 90

Watchdog: GSA Ignored Ethics Advice on Constitutionality of Trump Hotel Lease

Government Executive

Inspector general blasts “unwillingness” to consider Emoluments Clause violations. Management


2019 Compensation Best Practices Report

Following a record-year of job growth in 2018, employees now have the tools to research and evaluate employers, and feel empowered to make moves if they don't like what they find. Get the latest trends in compensation, and find out how your organization stacks up.

20 icebreaker games for work that are flexible and scalable


The word “icebreaker” will usually elicit a round of groans and eyerolls from employees.

What the Government Shutdown Teaches Us About America’s Financially Stressed Workers


Blog › Financial Stress Epidemic What the Government Shutdown Teaches Us About America’s Financially Stressed Workers. By Safwan Shah on January 16, 2019 People living paycheck to paycheck pay a cost, a Fin-Tax, to access their own money when needed between paychecks. And an emotional cost from the financial stresses they experience. This can be fixed. When nearly… The post What the Government Shutdown Teaches Us About America’s Financially Stressed Workers appeared first on PayActiv.

Financial Wellness Month: How to Make the Most of It

Best Money Moves

Financial Wellness Month: How to Make the Most of It. Employers can help reduce financial stress that hinders productivity by providing tools that help employees pay down debt and save for retirement. January is National Financial Wellness Month!

10 Books HR Teams Should Read in 2019


Is your New Year’s resolution to read more? In the ever-evolving world of HR, there’s an overwhelming amount of thought leadership, resources, and best practices to take in. Fortunately, we’ve narrowed down the best of the bunch to help you prioritize your reading list in 2019.

2018 in Talent Acquisition & The 2019 Impact

2019 will certainly have its own set of talent acquisition challenges. This valuable report reflects on key events in 2018 and extracts critical insights to help lay the path forward this year. Get on board or get left behind with these key takeaways.

Recruitment Metrics: Time-to-hire


Time-to-hire is one of the most important and frequently used hiring and recruiting metrics. Time-to-hire metric measures how quickly a company can select and hire the best candidate. In this blog post, you will learn how to calculate time-to-hire ( formula included!)

Human Interaction in the InsurTech Revolution


You can’t attend an insurance industry event anymore without mention of InsurTech, chatbots, robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), or any combination of the above.

Are You chasing Realistic Goals or Workplace Squirrels?

Babette Ten Haken - Human Capital & Industrial IoT

Setting realistic goals often are your last priority at the beginning of each fiscal year. You do it to yourself. I do it, too. And the organizations we work with are right there, alongside us. In very short order, it is far too easy to become exhausted.

HR Around the World: United Kingdom


The United Kingdom’s HR market is smaller than the United States’, and for good reason. There are nearly 130 million workers in the U.S. versus 33.4 million people in the U.K.


Humans and Bots: How to blend human skills and AI to build customer intimacy and drive growth

Join Genesys for this webinar to learn how leading companies are using blended AI to drive customer intimacy and revenue growth.

Attorney-General Nominee Breaks With Trump on the Mueller Probe

Government Executive

Bill Barr attempted to assuage Democrats’ fears that he would be beholden to the president, but parts of his testimony still left them unnerved. Management


Author/Speaker Bob Kelleher Shares 10 Tips for Hiring the B.E2.S.T Workers

Employee Engagement Group

Author / Speaker Bob Kelleher Shares 10 Tips for Hiring the B.E2.S.T Workers By Bob Kelleher, Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, and Founder of The Employee Engagement Group Is your company experiencing high turnover rates? Are you struggling to keep top talent engaged?

Do Managers Really Influence Employee Turnover?

IO At Work

Researchers consider whether managerial pressure and managerial inspiration lead employees to stay or leave. Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies job satisfaction leadership management turnover

Study 72

New $15 minimum wage bill will be introduced in the Senate today.

The Employer Handbook

Copyright Free – Stock Free images. Public Domain image dedication. CC0 1.0 Universal Licence – [link]. For nearly ten years, from September 1, 1997 through July 23, 2007, the federal minimum wage was $5.15 per hour.

5 Culture Trends for 2019

As we approach 2019, major shifts in the work environment will continue to affect the ways companies do business. Companies that are looking to attract, engage, and retain top talent should leverage these trends to create workplaces where employees thrive.

Acendre Unveils Federal Government Human Capital Trends to Watch in 2019


Arlington, VA, January 17, 2019 – Acendre , a worldwide leader in cloud-based talent management software, today announced the immediate availability of its “2019 Federal Government Market Trends to Watch” report.

Instant Gratification: How Millennials Are Changing the Workplace


Millennials could be called the Instant Gratification generation, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. They’ve led the charge for social media, revolutionizing the way in which people connect and communicate. Why send a message through courier, fax, or even email when you could send it through instant message? Why tune into your favorite show at 8 PM on Wednesday night when you could watch it anywhere, at any time, on any device, through your favorite streaming service?

3 Ways to Hold on to Your Workers


Talent management starts long before that new employee signs on the dotted line. A sure sign of growth, hiring new employees is always an exciting time for a business. But with growth comes great responsibility, since employees are a vital part of what the business represents.

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On the Road: Employment Law Updates Seminars


Join us in San Francisco! The New Year brings many things — resolutions, cold weather and CalChamber’s annual Employment Law Updates seminars. Our seminars are sell-out shows and currently seats are only available for the San Francisco seminar on January 28.

Dice 2018 Recruitment Automation Report

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies are rapidly changing the way many recruit and hire talent. Read Dice's first-ever Recruitment Automation Report to discover how you can employ new, cutting-edge technologies to source and hire tech talent faster.