Tue.Jan 25, 2022

How to Support Employees Dealing With Psychological Trauma in the Workplace


Amidst the pandemic, the definition of workplace trauma and the psychological implications are expanding. Workplace trauma is the psychological stress that results from experiencing a traumatic event at work. It can happen after a one-time event like witnessing death at work or a natural disaster.

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Everything you need to know about creating a business recruitment strategy


A business recruitment strategy is a plan created for the purpose of recruiting the best-suited employees for the company. It should be detailing the positions, timescales, and explain why and how it will be conducted. The recruitment process is an integral part of any business.


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How to Attract and Retain Talent in Warehouse and Distribution Roles


A recent study by Deloitte revealed that there will be an anticipated 2.1 million unfulfilled roles in manufacturing, warehousing and distribution in the USA.

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5 Strategies for Efficient In-Home Healthcare Scheduling


Array Mobility matters. That’s true not only for individuals but for organizations within the healthcare industry. As the mobile workforce grows, the greatest challenge facing healthcare administrators is how to keep track of and deploy all these mobile workers.

Championing Different Abilities as Opportunities: Understanding Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Speaker: Janine Nicole Dennis, Chief Innovations Officer, Talent Think Innovations

In this session attendees will learn how how to hire and accommodate neurodiverse talent while also redesigning the system to work better for both current and new employees.

Emerging Trends in Employment Laws for 2022


As the coronavirus pandemic continues to unfold in 2022 it’s expected that employment laws will evolve according to the situation. Many employers will be facing legal questions as they adapt their policies to meet the requirements of the “new normal”.

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Why Should HR Managers Study Human Behavior and Psychology?


If you are studying HR management at school, you realize several aspects of your job will involve a deep connection with people. Human beings are complex, so the people at the workplace will not respond to the same manual.

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Five content mistakes you are making on your intranet


Why is no one reading my intranet content? It’s one of the biggest frustrations among intranet content creators. . Whether it's your primary responsibility, something you were tasked with, or you just want to announce some exciting news, writing good content isn’t easy.

A Reinvention of Leadership at Johnson & Johnson

TLNT: The Business of HR

When he took over as the CEO of venerable Johnson & Johnson in April 2012, Alex Gorsky brought much more than years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and an impressive track record.

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The best intranet metrics to measure business outcomes


Intranets can be beautiful. In fact, some of our customer’s intranets we consider to be works of art. They are uncluttered, easy on the eyes, and extraordinarily simple to navigate. . However, you can't judge an intranet by its cover.

Global Growth Playbook: Scaling a Remote-First Company

Today, nearly half of companies plan to continue offering some form of remote work flexibility to their employees. In this guide, we will explain what a remote-first company is and how you can quickly and efficiently pivot to this workforce model.

Employee Retention: How to Retain Top Talent in 2022 | ClearCompany

ClearCompany Recruiting

There’s no better year than 2022 to prioritize employee retention — after all, we’ve all heard of the Great Resignation. An estimated 38 million U.S workers quit their jobs in 2021, either to start a new one or to leave the workforce altogether.

Ethics of Facial Recognition: Key Issues and Solutions

Learn Hub | G2

Facial recognition is considered one of the fascinating technological marvels. Guest Post Tech

What your hiring process should look like in 2022

Business Management Daily

Long gone are the days when adding staff meant posting a “help wanted” sign today and bringing aboard a new employee tomorrow. The modern hiring process, especially in times of low unemployment, involves numerous steps.

Main Street Metrics: How have hourly wages changed since COVID?


On top of continuous COVID-19 impacts, small business owners are now dealing with the effects of a nationwide labor shortage. Many are responding by paying higher wages, changing their compensation packages. .

Hire Global to Grow Global: A Conversation with A Global Recruiting & HR Expert

Speaker: Janice Stack, CEBS, Global Human Resources Executive

The digital age has given us access to a workforce beyond geopolitical boundaries. While this new access can increase productivity, it often comes with its own set of obstacles. Join Janice Stack, Global Human Resources Executive, for this insightful webinar on the ins-and-outs of expanding your team globally.

Degreed vs Crossknowledge: Which LMS is better?


When selecting a learning and training platform, it’s crucial to identify features and functionality you need to train your workforce with a zillion LMS vendors in the market.

ERISA Enforcement in 2021 (and How to Avoid It in 2022) | BerniePortal


The US Department of Labor (DOL) recently released a fact sheet covering 2021 enforcement actions and monetary recoveries by the Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA) , the agency responsible for enforcing ERISA regulations for qualified plans.

Onboarding Checklist For Your WordPress Business | HR Cloud

HR Cloud

Whenever you need to onboard someone in my company, it's effective to use an onboarding checklist. This way, you can make sure you don't leave out any steps when training one of your new team members.

Leveraging Efficient Scheduling to Boost Employee Engagement and Bottom-line Revenue


For companies that depend on managing a mobile workforce, creating dynamic schedules on the fly can be a huge pain point.

Financial Wellness Solutions: How to Provide Financial Security and Well-Being to Your Employees

Speaker: Matt Bahl –– VP, Market Lead Workplace Financial Health at Financial Health Network

In this webinar, Matt Bahl will discuss the data and resources you need to improve the financial lives of your employees.

How Small HR Teams Can Punch Above Their Weight

TalentCulture - Recruiting

Small but mighty HR teams are under increasing pressure to perform with fewer and fewer resources. Typically, small budgets mean that functions like payroll, time and attendance, benefits administration, HR […].

How to Improve Sales Performance

The Incentive Solutions News blog

Breaking through a sales plateau may be challenging, but not entirely impossible if you use the right approach. Even if demand for your products or services sustains, you can still experience problems. You can encounter a sudden slowdown if you have limited enablement efforts for your sales team.

40 HR books for the HR addict


Are you looking for some inspiration about what HR books should be on your reading list? If so, then check out our.

Diversity, inclusion and employer brand

Stories Incorporated

Reading Time: 4 minutes. Prove that your that your company’s diversity, inclusion and employer brand are fully integrated through real employee stories. Candidates want to know a potential employer is wholly committed to diversity and inclusion.

The Empowered Workforce: A Human-Centric Approach to the Employee Experience & Retention

Speaker: Ben Eubanks, Chief Research Officer at Lighthouse Research & Advisory, and Felix Eichler, co-founder and CTO of Userlane

As Yoda is known to say, "Do or do not, there is no try." Join Ben Eubanks, Chief Research Officer at Lighthouse Research & Advisory, and Felix Eichler, co-founder and CTO of Userlane, for this insightful discussion on meeting talent where they are and creating empowering experiences.

Compensation Planning in 7 Actionable Steps

Analytics in HR

Thorough compensation planning allows your organization to create compensation systems that reward employees fairly and support business goals. What exactly is compensation planning, what are its objectives, and how do you go about compensation planning in practice? Let’s find out.

What is Substantiation and Why is it Required?

Benefit Resource Inc.

You went to the local pharmacy, picked up your medicine, and then received a request for substantiation a few days later. If you’ve ever wondered, “what is substantiation and why is it required?” ” you’re not alone. Let’s start with the basics.

7 Important Safety Topics To Include In Your Employee Training Program


Staff training programs are a vital element of any business. It is not sufficient to perform a one-time training or master class to attain a certain aim. Ongoing employee training should be a part of the workflow.

7 Creative Strategies to Publicize Your Logo

Take It Personel-ly

When you decide to create a logo for your business, you want the logo to represent what your company has to offer. Many people will judge the quality of a product or service based on the first impression they get from a logo. This means that it is supposed to leave a lasting impression, as […].

Flip the Script: Winning Tactics for Recruiting High-Quality Candidates

Speaker: Apple Musni, Vice President, People Partner at Chipotle Mexican Grille

In this discussion, Apple Musni, VP, People Partner at Chipotle, will teach you about the importance of data-driven recruiting and how it can help your organization benchmark your hiring needs.

Up your HR game in 2022 with these top HR podcasts


Everyone loves a great podcast. And even though many of us no longer have hours of commute time dedicated to our favorites, we still make it a point to carve time out of our busy days to listen.

You Can’t Spell Employee Experience Without Change Resiliency


OK, maybe not spell it. But you certainly can’t embrace heightened employee experience without change resiliency, especially knowing 83% of business leaders believe employee experience is important to their organization.

What's New in 2022- Employment Laws & Rules- State by State


Now that 2022 is officially in full swing, we want to help ensure you are set up for success and aware of the most important compliance updates. Below we outline the major employment law changes* that took effect January 1, 2022 (unless otherwise noted).