Mon.Jan 24, 2022

HR Summer School: Winter Break Edition


In the last two years, I’ve had more people tell me “I never thought I would love summer school so much!” ” . Truthfully, I didn’t know that I would, either!

Violence in the Workplace – A Growing Concern


Many times violence in the workplace stems from a stressful or traumatic event that a person has experienced beforehand either in the workplace or outside of work.


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Workforce Investment Disclosure Act to Require Annual DEI Reporting


Prompted by the workplace inequities exacerbated by COVID-19, congress unveiled the Workforce Investment Disclosure Act of 2021, with the intention of renewing organizations’ focus on employee equity.

Report 130

How To Create an Inclusive Workplace Culture


Many businesses take steps to create more diverse workplaces by hiring people of different nationalities, races, genders, and sexual orientations.

Championing Different Abilities as Opportunities: Understanding Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Speaker: Janine Nicole Dennis, Chief Innovations Officer, Talent Think Innovations

In this session attendees will learn how how to hire and accommodate neurodiverse talent while also redesigning the system to work better for both current and new employees.

Top 6 Tips for Creating a People-First Company Culture


Is your news feed filled with articles about the benefits of employee-focused companies or building a positive company culture? Although the goal of most businesses is selling consumer packaged goods, physical products, digital downloads, or services, they are first made up of people.

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The Baby Bust and Its Impact on Work

TLNT: The Business of HR

The pandemic lockdowns were supposed to produce a new baby boom. It was assumed that nature would take its course when people were closeted together for long periods. But the opposite has happened: The population grew at the lowest rate on record. .

How To Find Your Leadership DNA

TalentCulture - Recruiting

What is your leadership DNA? It is your authentic self. The concept of authentic leadership is often bantered about. In my experience of working with leaders from the best of the […]. The post How To Find Your Leadership DNA appeared first on TalentCulture.

Understanding Employee Onboarding Process


Employee onboarding focuses on the process of inducting new employees into your business.

13 ATS benefits and what they mean for your business


An applicant tracking system (ATS) streamlines the hiring process by automating and organizing each step along the way, making it easier to connect with qualified candidates more efficiently. Using an ATS benefits your talent acquisition strategy in the following ways: 1.

Global Growth Playbook: Scaling a Remote-First Company

Today, nearly half of companies plan to continue offering some form of remote work flexibility to their employees. In this guide, we will explain what a remote-first company is and how you can quickly and efficiently pivot to this workforce model.

It’s the Best Time of the Year to Get Hired—and These Companies Want Your Applications Now

The Muse

Many employers are making it a top priority to find new talent right now, which means it’s the perfect time to apply. Finding a Job

More Fuel To Aid Our Mission! Funding Round Led By TCV


It gives us great pleasure to announce that Darwinbox has raised a new round of funding of $72 million led by Technology Crossover Ventures (TCV) along with participation from existing investors — Salesforce Ventures, Sequoia, Lightspeed, SCB 10X, JGDEV, Endiya Partners, and 3One4Capital.

How Boomerang Employees Can Benefit Your Business | BerniePortal


The combination of COVID and the Great Resignation has created many unique challenges for both employees and employers. In the wake of these societal and labor disruptions, many job seekers and recruiters are preparing for their futures by turning to past professional relationships.

Forget the Great Resignation. It’s Time to Reset & Rebuild.


“The Great Resignation” has been in the headlines for months now, and almost every business owner I speak to these days is feeling the pressure. However, I believe the focus on the word “resignation” is causing some to overlook a hidden opportunity: the opportunity to reset.

Hire Global to Grow Global: A Conversation with A Global Recruiting & HR Expert

Speaker: Janice Stack, CEBS, Global Human Resources Executive

The digital age has given us access to a workforce beyond geopolitical boundaries. While this new access can increase productivity, it often comes with its own set of obstacles. Join Janice Stack, Global Human Resources Executive, for this insightful webinar on the ins-and-outs of expanding your team globally.

Amazon Continues Expansion into Healthcare: Whats Next? | BerniePortal


Amazon has quickly become one of the most prominent organizations in the world. Now it appears they may be taking things to a whole new level. After testing the waters with several smaller features and programs, Amazon has officially made its way into the healthcare industry in a big way.

3 Key DEI Initiatives for 2022


A lot of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) work in the past has been performative rather than igniting real change. In fact, out of $49.5 billion pledged by corporations to combat racial injustice following the murder of George Floyd, a stunning $45.2

What is a Catastrophic Health Plan and What Does it Cover? | BerniePortal


HR professionals are responsible for curating and implementing employer-sponsored insurance plans. Due to the complex nature of health insurance, it is only natural that they may face additional questions from employees related to plan options during open enrollment.

Financial wellbeing in 2022: Employers must step up to support the huge cost of living

HR Zone

Employees How HR can support staff with rising living costs

Financial Wellness Solutions: How to Provide Financial Security and Well-Being to Your Employees

Speaker: Matt Bahl –– VP, Market Lead Workplace Financial Health at Financial Health Network

In this webinar, Matt Bahl will discuss the data and resources you need to improve the financial lives of your employees.

13 ATS benefits and what they mean for your business


An applicant tracking system (ATS) streamlines the hiring process by automating and organizing each step along the way, making it easier to connect with qualified candidates more efficiently. Using an ATS benefits your talent acquisition strategy in the following ways: 1.

Pay Transparent or Not? Either Way, Remember California’s Legal Requirements!


Pay transparency continues to be a hot-button issue in California as employers navigate a tough hiring and retention landscape — and while there are differing views on how employees feel about it, there’s also a lot of confusion around what employers can and can’t do as far as pay transparency.

The Building Blocks of Brave Spaces Part I: Group Norms

Emergenetics International

How would you rate your comfort level with having difficult conversations? For school leaders, navigating challenging dialogues and discussions are part of your everyday work.

The GRPI Model of Team Effectiveness: Explained

Analytics in HR

Effective teams allow businesses to perform well. Everyone instinctively knows this but can’t generally articulate what makes a good team and what makes a bad team.

The Empowered Workforce: A Human-Centric Approach to the Employee Experience & Retention

Speaker: Ben Eubanks, Chief Research Officer at Lighthouse Research & Advisory, and Felix Eichler, co-founder and CTO of Userlane

As Yoda is known to say, "Do or do not, there is no try." Join Ben Eubanks, Chief Research Officer at Lighthouse Research & Advisory, and Felix Eichler, co-founder and CTO of Userlane, for this insightful discussion on meeting talent where they are and creating empowering experiences.

How To Run a Successful Wholesale B2B Distribution Business

Take It Personel-ly

Anyone who’s running a wholesale B2B distribution business knows that there’s a lot of work going on behind the scenes.

Now Is the Time for “Life-Work Integration”

Thrive Global

The Great Resignation has led to a Great Re-evaluation about the place of work in our lives. People aren’t just quitting their jobs, they’re rethinking what they want out of life.

Why Hiring for Soft Skills Is More Important Than Ever


Soft skills are the abilities that help us do our best work — the backbone behind a good workplace ethic. They tend to display a general competency, like communication or critical thinking, and find themselves on resumes around the world.

Employment-at-Will Does Not Mean What You Think It Means

Evil HR Lady

“I live in an at-will state, so there’s nothing I can do, but…” I see this phrase, or one similar, all the time. But at-will doesn’t mean it’s a free-for-all when companies want to fire someone. Here’s what you need to know (as an employee or an employer).

Flip the Script: Winning Tactics for Recruiting High-Quality Candidates

Speaker: Apple Musni, Vice President, People Partner at Chipotle Mexican Grille

In this discussion, Apple Musni, VP, People Partner at Chipotle, will teach you about the importance of data-driven recruiting and how it can help your organization benchmark your hiring needs.

Insurance Companies Required To Cover Costs Of At-Home COVID-19 Tests


To reduce the spread of COVID-19, mitigate future variants, and quickly and effectively treat those infected by the virus, the White House is shifting gears to boost testing in the United States.

our motivational speaker got drunk and went off the rails

Ask a Manager

This post, our motivational speaker got drunk and went off the rails , was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager. A reader writes: My partner’s small company recently held their annual team retreat.

25 HR Manager Interview Questions to Prepare You for Success

Analytics in HR

If you’re seeking an HR management position, interviews are an essential part of the recruiting process. They are your best opportunity to demonstrate that you have what it takes to do the job.