Wed.Jan 29, 2020

Your Employees Don't See Career Growth Opportunities at Your Company? Let's Change That

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“I don’t feel there’s room to grow in my career at this company.” “I I feel like it’s time to take on a new challenge.” At some point, you may have heard some variation of this from an employee through an exit interview or a one-on-one.

Soft Skills Are 2020's Hard Skills -- Here's How to Master Them

Forbes Coaches Council

Companies are finding that those said soft skills are essential to specific jobs, and that they are measurable and correlate with success and innovation

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Employee Offboarding: How to Communicate with Departing Employees

Flimp Communications

Employee offboarding rarely gets the attention employee onboarding does, and that’s a huge mistake. A documented, formal offboarding process , even for remote employees, prevents legal and security issues.

What Can HR Do to Help Prevent Burnout?

Cornerstone On Demand

Have you ever felt just. Overwhelmed, utterly exhausted and detached or unmotivated at work? If that feeling persists for longer than a day or two, you may well be suffering from burnout as a result of chronic stress (often tied to your job).

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Why Smoking Costs Employers More Than They Realize

Your employees are smoking, and at a cost of $7,000 per year for each employee who smokes, that adds up - fast! This free report will show you how an effective cessation program pays for itself.

How to Create a Data-Driven Employee Retention Plan in 10 minutes


Solving employee turnover and retention is hard. Voluntary resignations are high, unemployment rates are at an all-time low, and most organizations are still trying to operate HR without using data as evidence to back up their strategies. The data is there, of course.

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An Australian Guide to Small-Team Payroll

Get Hppy

If you are currently setting up or are looking to set up a business in Australia with only a few employees, then it is best to start with good information about payroll processes.

An Exciting Announcement on Changes to Workology


When I lost my job in 2009 because of my blog (this blog), I become obsessed on educating and helping HR and workplace leaders. I was driven by the desire to help HR leaders like my boss learn to. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution.

What to Do With Employee Engagement Survey Results

Great Place to Work

The key to deciding what to do with employee engagement survey results is that how you act on the feedback is as important as what you learn.

US Department of Labor Issues Final Rule to Update FLSA’s Joint Employer Regulations


On January 12, 2020, the US Department of Labor issued a revision to the ruling on joint employer under the Fair Labor Standards Act. The ruling will go into effect on March 16, 2020.

2020 Report: The Future of HR

Paycor asked more than 500 leaders of medium and small businesses to talk about the present and future of HR. Download the guide and see what they said. Their responses will surprise you!

5 Tips for Keeping Your Office Space Clean and Safe

Take It Personel-ly

Come up with a strategy to maintain cleanliness for your office. You’ll need a routine schedule so that you don’t forget this important duty. Use the right cleaning products and ingredients to maintain proper sanitation. Here are at least 5 tips to help keep your office clean, safe and efficient.

Top 5 Reasons Why Employees Leave Their Jobs in 2020

Best Money Moves

Top 5 reasons why employees leave their jobs in 2020. It has a lot more to do with professional development than it does compensation. Opportunities for professional development are vital to job satisfaction and employee retention.

How Healthy Is Your Job Search?


If you’re out there looking for a job right now, how are you doing? What is the health of your job search process? It might seem like an odd question — the search is just the search, right? Wrong.

The Complete Guide on Presenteeism (w. Example Intervention)

Digital HR Tech

Presenteeism is a topic that has gotten an increasing amount of attention. Showing up at work but not being fully productive is alarmingly common and costs U.S. companies over $150 billion a year.

Protecting Organizational Culture and Wellbeing During a Global Pandemic

Download Gallagher’s report to discover best practices for sustaining corporate culture, identify opportunities for building engagement, and understand the value of investing in your organization’s greatest asset — its people.

How to Hire: 5 tips to succeed in healthcare recruiting


If you’re a medical recruiter or hiring manager, you can easily point out the challenges of healthcare recruiting. Lack of readily available or suitable talent , high turnover rates, and long time-to-fill are probably at the top of your list.

Spotlight on HR: Elizabeth Fewell

Recruiters Lineup

Spotlight on HR series: A Conversation With Elizabeth Fewell. We’re putting together a series of articles with innovative and interesting human resource professionals. This is an opportunity to learn from other HR managers and exchange best practices, advice, and general experience.

How AI in HR is Changing Today's Work Culture

Vantage Circle

Artificial Intelligence(AI) is impacting every part of our lives from our grocery list to our Spotify playlist. Do a quick search on the impact of AI and you will be bombarded with results that predict the downfall of humanity.

How to Find and Hire Developers at Affordable Rates?


Learn how to find and hire great developers without spending a fortune! Discover the best tips and tricks as well as tools and processes you should know if you want to find and hire developers at affordable rates. Read More. Recruiting

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Preparing for the Workplace of the Future: HR’s Role

Speaker: Robin Schooling, Managing Partner, HR + People Strategy, Peridus Group

Join Robin Schooling, Managing Partner, HR + People Strategy with Peridus Group, to learn what you can do now to prepare yourself and your organization for the future workplace while simultaneously solidifying HR’s impact as a strategic and influential leader for business success

The hits keep coming in NJ. This time we have new laws targeting independent contractor misclassification.

The Employer Handbook

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay. In what I hope does not become a weekly feature here at The Employer Handbook, it’s time to update the readers on some new laws that NJ Governor Phil Murphy signed last week. Stop Work Orders.

Becoming a Robot-Proof Recruiter

SHRM Resources

Automated Time and Attendance System – Why Businesses Need It


Traditional time management methods such as spreadsheets and the manual entry of timesheets will lead to payroll errors and a reduction in employee morale. The use of an automated time management system can increase the overall productivity of your employees. It eliminates payroll errors and streamlines your employee scheduling needs. Find out why time tracking software is crucial and beneficial for an organization.

How To Create A Positive And Safe Work Environment

New to HR

Your employees will perform better and be more productive when they feel happy and safe at work. It’s management’s job to ensure that a work environment is a place where your staff feels secure and out of harm’s way. There.

Does Your Workforce Have the Talent DNA for the Digital Future?

With the increasing adoption of automation and data-driven technologies, the workforce is changing rapidly — regardless of whether we’re prepared to face it. Keeping up with the velocity of change is vital to success, and that means building digital readiness into the DNA of your organization so your workforce is ready to face an uncertain and constantly changing future.

Always saying ‘yes’? 5 things to ask before committing

HR Morning

A lot of the time, it can seem like being insanely busy at work is just the norm. Good employees are always tackling big projects and saying yes to more work, right? But being too overwhelmed can lead to burnout and slip-ups.

20 business, tech, and science podcast picks for 2020


If you’re hoping to expand your knowledge in 2020, there’s a podcast out there for you. Podcasters do all the research for you and deliver the must-know details in digestible episodes.

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5 Factors Of A Meaningful Candidate Experience


The recruitment world has spilled a good deal of ink on candidate experience; a quick Google search reveals about 550 million results at present.

4 reasons why change initiatives fail

PI Worldwide

As your organization grows, change is inevitable. Whether it’s changing your business model or your go-to-market strategy, there will come a time when you’re rolling out something new to your employees. While this change is necessary and critical, change itself can be hard.

Year in Review: Talent Acquisition in 2019 & the 2020 Impact

The year 2019 in talent acquisition was full of key learnings and insights that you can leverage in order to start 2020 ahead of the recruiting pack. This report walks you through core trends to continuously examine as you plan your recruiting strategy for 2020 and beyond.