Fri.Sep 13, 2019

Time to Ditch the Probationary Period

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I recently received a call from a client asking what his rights were to fire an employee who was still in her probationary period. It was a good question which I answered with my own question: Why do you have a probationary period in the first place?

How To Improve Employee Financial Wellness


Blog › What Employers Can Do How To Improve Employee Financial Wellness By Insights Team on September 13, 2019 According to a Federal Reserve report, the majority of workers without savings lack access to basic financial products and services.

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HSA vs 401k: The Benefits to Employers and Employees


Did you know that there is a rising trend within workforce benefits that includes supplementing traditional employee retirement options such as 401k, 403(b) SEP and more with a Health Savings Account (HSA)?

3 HR Trends On The Horizon That Will Transform The Industry


As an HR professional, you’re undoubtedly aware that your ability to consistently hit your target performance goals and be successful is tied to a number of key variables—and chief among them is your ability to stay on top of the. Recruitment Industry Trends AI recruiting hr trends

Workplace Mask Policy & Return to Work Templates

Paycor’s comprehensive checklist and customizable letters will help you re-start your business and welcome your team back to a new normal.

Most Important Developments in HR for 9/13


The bots aren’t coming for our jobs anytime soon, but another kind of revolution needs to take place as a result of automation, according to a new report by MIT.

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Putting rewards to work in your M&A deal

Bersin with Deloitte

Posted by Stacey Philpot and Joan Goodwin on September 1 3 , 2019. Many companies are using mergers & acquisitions (M&As) to help drive corporate change and meet business objectives, but total rewards do not typically keep pace with this overarching M&A purpose.

15 Strategies To Effectively Combine SEO And Social Media Campaigns

Forbes Leadership Strategy

SEO and social media are both ultimately about marketing your business. Here are some strategies for combining the two so you can can leverage the power of both systems

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Create a Better Safety Culture Throughout the Employee Life Cycle

Select International

Many companies have safety programs in place, but as organizations continue to set higher safety goals, safety professionals can expand on the systems they have in place to develop an even stronger safety culture and continuously safer workplace. The key to a good safety culture is the people.

The 4 Levels Of Self-Development

Forbes Leadership Strategy

If you want to aim high, you have to go deep. Self-awareness is key to personal development and this article helps you to understand the different levels of self-development


ABCs of Data Normalization for B2B Marketers

Data normalization. It’s not a far stretch to suggest that the topic isn’t exactly what gets marketers excited in their day-to-day workflow. However, if lead generation, reporting, and measuring ROI is important to your marketing team, then data normalization matters - a lot. In this eBook, we’ll break down the ins and outs of data normalization and review why it’s so critical for your marketing strategies and goals!

EEOC is Not Seeking Renewal of EEO-1 Component 2

Berkshire Associates

In an interesting twist in the ongoing saga about the collection of employee pay data by the federal government, the EEOC announced in a Federal Register Notice that it will not seek renewal of Component 2 of the EEO-1 Report under the Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA).

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9 Productivity Tips To Help Marketing Pros Work Smarter

Forbes Leadership Strategy

Ideas to help you tackle workflow challenges and keep up with the daily grind

The Benefits Of Cultural Diversity In The Workplace

Forbes Coaches Council

Business today is increasingly global, and that's not likely to change anytime soon

What Can Football Teach Us About HR?

HR Workplace Services

Professional athletes have never been shy about posting their thoughts on social media. Over the last couple of months we’ve seen a top NFL player and even an active coach, bring new light on its impact.

Scaling the Digitally-Ready Workforce

The digital future will require a new set of skills, behaviors, and ways of working, but most organizations have not defined the critical competencies needed to compete in an age of disruption and do not have a process in place to assess digital readiness in their own people, a new Aon study finds. For HR leaders, the continuous state of disruption requires a new, more flexible approach to workforce planning and development. Download the full report, which shares insights from 1,551 senior business executives, HR leaders, and employees from around the world, to learn the 5 key insights and the steps your organization can take to transform your approach to people, jobs, and rewards to thrive in an uncertain digital future.

How to Be Found by Recruiters on LinkedIn


LinkedIn has been changing the recruiting industry. Whether you are passively or actively looking for a job, this is a great social platform for recruiters to find you. Well, that is if they can find you. . To ensure that you are using LinkedIn to the fullest, be sure to follow these tips: .

Social Round-Up: 3-2-1.Action!


The moment you have planned for all year is almost here: Open Enrollment. It's time to put your hard work into action. Social Round-Up


Are The Abducted By Daesh Yazidi Women And Girls In Iran?

Forbes Leadership Strategy

Little, if any, progress has been made to locate and liberate them. This is especially surprising, both in Syria and Iraq, as Daesh has lost its ‘caliphate’. Nonetheless, the abducted women and girls were nowhere to be found. Many families have lost hope of seeing the women and girls alive


Safety First: Ensuring the Safety of Your Construction Team


Construction sites can be dangerous places. Whether you are working alongside a busy highway or constructing a residential or commercial building, there are lots of people and all sorts of heavy equipment around. In most places, job-related accidents and injuries are nuisances.

Protecting Organizational Culture and Wellbeing During a Global Pandemic

Download the Gallagher Better WorksSM Insights COVID-19 report for information, new survey results and resources to help you recognize opportunities, minimize risk and confidently navigate the challenging road ahead.

Three Ways To Handle Criticism Without Losing Your Cool

Forbes Leadership Strategy

Being criticized is no fun. But the best leaders are steady in the face of criticism


Take the Survey: Berkshire Partners With on State of Pay Equity Research

Berkshire Associates

Berkshire has partnered with to conduct. The State of Pay Equity Survey. We are inviting our clients and other HR professionals to participate and take the. survey. All participants receive a free copy of the industry report before it is released to the public.

10 Tips All Solopreneurs Should Follow When Tackling Human Resources

Forbes Leadership Strategy

HR manager is just one of the many hats a solopreneur has to wear when managing their company. Follow these tips from Forbes Human Resources Council experts and make sure you're doing what it takes to be successful

Mindfulness: Improving The Culture Of Service In The Hospitality Industry

Forbes Coaches Council

Rather than adopting a rigorous program, it’s often best to start small and demonstrate results

Why Smoking Costs Employers More Than They Realize

Your employees are smoking, and at a cost of $7,000 per year for each employee who smokes, that adds up - fast! This free report will show you how an effective cessation program pays for itself.

U.S. Businesses Embrace Inclusive Capitalism - But Do They Know What This Means?

Forbes Leadership Strategy

This summer, some of the world’s biggest companies quietly abandoned one of the key tenets of US capitalism for the last half century or so – the primacy of shareholders, or the idea that companies primarily exist to serve the needs of shareholders

Why Your Agency Needs a Quarterly All-Hands Meeting

Business2Community Leadership

See why you need a regular All-Hands meeting at your agency! Holding an agency All-Hands meeting in the near future… or wondering if you should start having them? All-Hands meetings can be a great way to build agency unity and get everyone on the same page.

Cirque du Soleil’s Davide Pisanu On Leading In The Age Of Constant Decision-Making

Forbes Leadership Strategy

This mountain of responsibility at a company that employs over 5,000 across its multiple divisions and subsidiaries is no small undertaking—but, Pisanu is up to the task. His excitement at balancing the multiple portfolios under his responsibility is at the heart of his success

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What Is An Organometric?

New to HR

What if there were a tool that could help you identify people who “just have that spark“? Perhaps even show you who they should be teamed up with and where to place them within your company? Or, maybe you are. The post What Is An Organometric? appeared first on New To HR.

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100% Remote Onboarding: Group Demonstration

Speaker: David Secunda, CEO, WorkBright

Join WorkBright on Thursday, June 24th to get a first hand look at how a 100% remote onboarding process works using their system. They'll cover a few of the new COVID-19 related legislation changes and how they can be easily facilitated with their platform.