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People Analytics: Unlocking the Potential of Your Workforce


A challenge often faced by HR is to forecast potential threats to the business, with some certainty of the outcomes the business is likely to face, so that strategies can be put in place to combat them.

Tips to Hire the Right Fit During COVID-19


The healthcare staffing market is likely to grow at a significant pace globally. We all know that when we were about to enter 2020, China had its first case of coronavirus on December 31, 2019. What should be our response to this epidemic, which is affecting the world?

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More Time With Daddy

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“More time with Daddy!” That was my 7-year old son’s immediate response when I told him the schools were not going to reopen. He didn’t quite understand the significance of the soon-to-be virtual learning but his quick and heart-warming response, revealed what is important to him.

A Good Cry

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I needed a break. A break from the constant barrage of news, regulations, statistics and a seemingly endless stream of bad news. It’s as if nothing else is happening in the world. Everyone is focused on COVID19 every. single. moment. It’s getting to be too much.

10 Best Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) Software of 2020


You probably hear the words ‘feedback management’ umpteen times per day. Everyone keeps buzzing these words and though it might have become more than familiar by now, you would have definitely understood one thing and that is; Feedback Management is not something to be snubbed by your enterprise.

How Social Distancing Brings Us Closer Together

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Some people learn a lesson faster than others. They’re more open minded and flexible. They are versatile, resilient and responsive to change, so they go through transitions in a far more pleasant manner. They pivot and make quick adjustments.

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my boss is having an affair, client pushes religion on me, and more

Ask a Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. My manager is having an affair, and it’s affecting my workload. I work in a small company without HR, in a department of only three people — our manager, my colleague, and me.

Mindfulness of Yourself and Others

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Photo: Greg Jeanneau on Unsplash. “ Start by doing what’s necessary, then do what’s possible and suddenly, you are doing the impossible.” ~ Francis of Assisi, patron saint of Italy. The world has changed since the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.

How to Help Midlevel Leaders Grow and Develop

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Midlevel leaders are absolutely crucial to managing the guts of an organization and accomplishing its business.

Experimenting With Church

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These are such unusual times. For the most part, all is well with me.

Tips to Hire the Right Fit During COVID-19


The healthcare staffing market is likely to grow at a significant pace globally. We all know that when we were about to enter 2020, China had its first case of coronavirus on December 31, 2019. What should be our response to this epidemic, which is affecting the world?

Staying Independently WELLthy

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“Your Health is your Real Wealth”. Mohandas K. Gandhi. Dear friends, There is no doubt that our current collective coronavirus pandemic is helping us realize the nature and truth of our interdependence, mortality, and resolve toward collective healing.

Running A Small Business

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If you run a small business, you’re no stranger to the various stresses, responsibilities and tasks that pile up every day, day in and day out. While you’ve probably got a fine-tuned system whereby you manage your everyday responsibilities, it.

Educational Survival Kit for COVID-19

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Four weeks. It only took four weeks for coronavirus to be seen as the harmless flu in the United States to being the cause of all 50 states put under the pressure of making the choice to close down schools and developing online curricula (from Education Week ).

Study 58



My name is Jason Rennie. I’m a proud employee of I want to share a story with you about how the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted someone very close to me. My brother was laid off last week.

Time is in our favor, pivot with power!

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We are all in this together, for a lot of us, time as we know it is taking different shapes and forms. We are using it to reflect, create, help; we all trying to do our part. Last night I cried so hard and so much that I had to sit outside in the open air and be still.

Birthday Celebration Ideas for Colleagues

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Birthday celebrations in offices generally mean a card by the HR department and a pooled birthday cake in the lunch hour where some gather happily and others reluctantly. Acknowledgment of one’s special day makes everyone happy.

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Keeping A Positive Attitude While Sheltering In Place

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In the era of COVID-19 when many of us are quarantined and things are uncertain and feel out of control, it’s natural for stress levels to rise. We’re hardwired for anxiety to keep us safe when faced with uncertainty.

The Importance of Career Development in Your Total Rewards Strategy


Career development is an important component of total rewards, and it’s the biggest driver of engagement among Millennial employees. It gives the employee a clear roadmap which details what they’ll need to do to progress from one level to the next.

Covid-19 And How To Use This Time Tor Reinvent Yourself

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At the time of this post, I am day 14 into my 14 days self isolation/quarantine after returning from the United States to Toronto. For many of you, you’ve probably heard that my father had passed away on March 11th. For those that have sent messages, I thank you for that.

5 Ways Compensation Management Solutions Are Changing the Game for Companies


Many organizations implement compensation management solutions as a way to simplify employee pay. Yet, there are far more benefits outside the simplification of processes alone.

The Man in the 200 Dollar Baseball Cap

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I was walking down the street a couple of days ago on a shopping expedition, respecting the suggested social distancing between fellow pedestrians when a young man approached wearing a baseball cap you can buy on amazon for a little over 200 dollars. It was a sunny day so I was also wearing a cap.

Developing EQ with Personality Assessment Tools – And How to Choose the Right One

HR Soul

For decades, we’ve understood that emotional intelligence (or EQ) has the ability to predict success, especially when it comes to leadership roles. We’ve also known that EQ is linked inextricably to an individual’s unique personality.

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Iselation! Things to Love About Isolation

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Just like JOMO (joy of missing out) is to FOMO (fear of missing out), iselation is to isolation. That’s what I’m calling all the things to love about COVID-19 isolife.

Women And The Frontlines Of COVID-19

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Women are on the frontlines of the Covid-19 pandemic


COVID-19: A perfect time to self-reflection.

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It’s a tedious task because we don’t always see the good in us, we always believe that the rest is better and that we are surrounded by flaws, like the weeds that must be pulled up in spring to allow the flowers to grow: we are the weeds.

Andrew Cuomo Adopts FDR’s ‘Common Sense Language’

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Every crisis is unique, but the model for communicating in a crisis follows a time-tested formula


Stop Calling it a to-do List (And Call it This Instead).

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As I was writing down my weekly to-do list, that often heavy thought of how is this all going to get done started to creep in. That dreaded feeling of not having enough time or energy started to wash over me. I felt my shoulders become more tense and my breath shorten.

Can Business Throw Environmental, Social And Governance Concerns (ESG) Overboard When Normality Returns?

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Pressures on CEOs to put ESG concerns to one side as they seek to meet expectations to speedily restore profitability in the near term cannot be overstated. However, they should not throw their new found fervour for ESG overboard - quite the opposite

Surrendering Is Power: What You Are Longing For Has Always Been Within.

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Yesterday 4th of April I joined million of lightworkers around the globe in meditation to elevate global consciousness. It was 3:45am in London and the energy overflowed my body. Who is making time to meditate these days? There are apps like Calm and Headspace that can help you start .

Why Organizational Agility Is Key To Defeating The Coronavirus

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The U.S. Coronavirus Response Is Hobbled By Bureaucracy & Internal Conflicts


Sharing your Story in the midst of Chaos

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People are in their homes. People are adapting to new methods of communication, learning and living. All from home. How can I share my story now? Maybe your story is traumatic. Maybe your story is painful. Maybe your story and what happened to you changed the course of your life.

How To Turn Negative, Depressing Conversations To Positive Communication

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It’s understandable that conversations often take on a somber, even negative tone. If that cycle continues, you as well as your family and coworkers can sink into a deep sadness or depression. To avoid that outcome, challenge yourself to remain positive and to encourage others to do the same

“To avoid burnout, collaborate with unlikely people” with Erika Tepler of Panion

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Erika is the Head of Marketing at Panion, a startup that works to connect people based on their interests and values. She is a career-changer who is passionate about life-long learning. Check out to learn more. Thank you so much for doing this with us!

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