February, 2008

McAfee on Widening the Flow

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Not HR Related, But I've Had This Conversation Before

Evil HR Lady

I suspect some of you have had this conversation as well. Via Volokh Conspiracy

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Eco-Friendly KM

Knowledge Musings

Knowledge is weightless - so it ought to exhibit a low carbon footprint, right? Well perhaps not, if you have to travel widely to gain or impart knowledge. Tacit knowledge, in particular, is not something that you can just download from the Web. In my younger days as a computer analyst and sales person in the 1970s, I would think nothing of hopping on a plane, often more than once a week, for meetings in Geneva, Munich, Paris or even shorter hauls like London to Manchester.

Building bench strength is a myth


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Why Smoking Costs Employers More Than They Realize

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Transparent Office: A Moment of Clarity

Transparent Office

I do my best thinking when I'm talking. That may sound funny, but it's true. When I write, I tend to overthink the issues and get ahead of myself. But when I'm talking to another person, or better yet a group of people, I slow down and

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Evil HR Lady

Monday is the beginning of my last week at my company. They have reimbursed me for one quarter of my MBA degree, however, now I have decided to leave. I signed a repayment agreement when they reimbursed me. They are going to deduct my last paycheck, my bonus, and my vacation pay from what I owe them. Leaving about $4000 left for me to pay that they would like me to pay off each month over the next six months. If I don’t they say they will send it to a collection agency.

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The View From the Other Side of the Table

Evil HR Lady

Susan Heathfield , shares a story of a clueless candidate she interviewed. (He He listed his wife as a reference--depending on who did the dishes the previous night, that reference may or may not have been positive.) She asks for additional stories about bad interviews. I think there are equally frightening stories from the worker's side of the table. Once, an interviewer asked me, "Do you need health insurance?" I was young and naive and didn't realize what he was really asking.

Surfing the Web

Evil HR Lady

Why do most companies say you can’t use their computers, internet connections, etc. for anything other than business purposes when they know people probably check out Ebay from time to time or use their company email account to visit a blog site on occasion? Is this just zero tolerance to avoid a slippery slope or is there some other “evil” HR reason behind this?

Where's the Oil?

Knowledge Musings

I've just been reading an interesting article in Time Magazine by former UK Chancellor of the Exchequer (and before that Energy Minister), Nigel Lawson, entitled Darkness Looms. In it, he argues that all our concerns about getting environmentally-friendly energy sources come up against the practicalities of an energy short-fall in the coming decades. Most of Europe has not replaced its ageing (and dirty) coal-fired power stations, nor its (clean but problematic) nuclear power stations.

2020 Report: The Future of HR

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A Misunderstood Disability

Evil HR Lady

This is the hardest e-mail, esp. to a stranger, and I'll bet the oddest one you've received. I am a veteran with 13 yrs. served in the Air Force. I was injured in Desert Storm and medically discharged. Here lies the problem, my doctors told me I talk as if I'm drunk or high on something. My question is this; should I tell potential employers before an interview about this affliction? I have had what I thought were excellent interviews for good to menial jobs with no success.


Evil HR Lady

Getting Ahead

Evil HR Lady

I recently realized how much I love working in HR since I was recently working in manufacturing as an HR assistant but was very hands on in the way that I did the same as the HR manager did before she moved to safety. After that I did some temp work and missed all my HR duties. I completed my first week as an HR assistant at a great financial services company with 4 people in HR.

Happy Birthday Carnival!

Evil HR Lady

It's the first birthday of the Carnival of HR. And boy has it grown. All of its loving caregivers have contributed greatly. Check out the birthday wishes at HR Thoughts

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Protecting Organizational Culture and Wellbeing During a Global Pandemic

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Evil HR Lady

My co-worker, a peer has accused me of not doing my job, leaving early and skipping assignments. NOT TRUE) He pulled me aside at work to accuse me of these things and did not tell management. He did say all of my other co-workers agreed with him that I was not "pulling my weight". Is this a form of harassment? He did not threaten to tell management, was just letting me know. but I feel like this is a scare tactic to get me to quit, or some sort of other targeting ploy to harass me.

Tick Box KM

Knowledge Musings

Two recent things prompted me to address this topic. One is for a voluntary organisation I work for where one of our supporters would like our volunteers (people like me) to become accredited advisors. After all we would "tick all the boxes". However, since there is no demand from our beneficiaries (out of work managers and professionals who we help) and to become accrediated would cost us the equivalent of year's rent of the premises we use, I question its value.

Does Anybody Have Any Candy?

Evil HR Lady

I was in a locker room, getting changed when a woman asked the above question. Someone offered a cough drop. "No," No," she said, "I'm diabetic and I'm starting to feel shaky." Well, everyone went into overdrive. One of the staff managed to pull out a bottle of juice they keep on hand for just such an emergency. I offered her a nutri-grain bar that I had in my purse. Always prepared!) She took the juice and turned down the nutri-grain bar. ("I'm I'm allergic to wheat," she said.)

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What Price Books?

Knowledge Musings

I happened to be doing a search on Google yesterday, found a link I was interested in, and lo and behold - up pops a page of my book ( Knowledge Networking ) from Google Books. Two opposite immediate thoughts came to mind: 1. Why should people be able to read my book for free and deprive me of roylaties? That's nice - I know it's difficult to get hold of now - so at least others can read it.

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My Last Thoughts on Alcohol

Evil HR Lady

I get more questions about DUIs, public drunkenness and other similar problems than anything else. I'm not an expert in this area and I think I've pretty much said all that there is to say about it. As such, I'm not going to answer any more questions regarding "oh no, I have a DUI! Do I have to tell a prospective employer?" unless it's a really interesting question that will cause tons of people to link to me, thus increasing my hit count. It's all about my needs. But, here are my last thoughts.

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Ideopolises - An Idea Fit For Purpose?

Knowledge Musings

While updating my research for an update supplement to the report Public Sector - Public Knowledge I came across the Ideopolis research programme of the Work Foundation (see this report ). It draws on the term coined by two US commentators - John Judis and Ruy Teixeira (see WordSpy for citations) in 2002 - to describe a knowledge-city region. The idea is that a city which is knowledge-intensive (e.g.

Is More Education Better?

Evil HR Lady

I finished my BA back in October 2006 and received it in Human Resources Management. I haven’t worked since but am contemplating it now. I know that while I have the degree I lack real world experience and as such have been looking for an entry level HR job with moderate success. My question though goes to education. My friends and family have encouraged me to begin looking at getting my Masters degree. I am not opposed to the idea but I’m unsure as what to get it in.

Back to Basics

Knowledge Musings

What use is a blog that has only two postings - both dated 2004? Not a lot, you say - and I agree. One of my 2008 New Year resolutions was to blog more regularly, and here mid-February I am just starting to act on it. 2008 is also the year when I bring my website up to date, probably for the last time before full retirement. It's still a major resource for many KM practitioners and students around the world and has had several new items of content added over the last year - see What's New.

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Old Blog

Knowledge Musings

In fact, I published more than I thought - too much easily to move across. So follow this link for a number of postings, including: Knowledge is neutral Quick Thinking = Bad Knowledge The Power of Visualization Knowledge Fatigue Enjoy


Anti-Fraternization Policy

Evil HR Lady

I took an entry level position in customer service at an inbound call center (inbound! not evil! well, mostly) a couple years ago, and have gradually been broadening my experience. I've taken classes at the local college and accepted every opportunity for job-related training. I transferred departments at the beginning of last year with a pay raise, but was still considered to be at basically the same rank. Hey, I mostly answer the phone for a living.

What Would You Do for $140,000?

Evil HR Lady

Hmmm, after watching a few reality shows, I know I wouldn't eat live bugs, or live on some island without indoor plumbing, while competing with other people who don't even own toothbrushes. No, $140,000 isn't worth that to me. You, of course, may be willing to eat buckets of cockroaches for the same amount of money. To each his own.) Would you be willing, however to give up you job?


Evil HR Lady

Most recently I switched jobs due to an enticing “creative & leadership” role and have been there for 3 months. Upon starting, I was asked to complete a presentation for my manager and “higher-ups”. I did a rough draft, presented it to manager and explained that I was planning to transition this into a more formal document. She told me to leave the document as is. I explained my concerns and she told me to leave it as is. Long story short, it was not fine.

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