December, 2004

Welcome Ray


Good news on the blog front. To increase the diversity of thought I have asked Ray Halagera, President and COO of Career Systems International, to join Nobscot''s WebLog as executive contributing editor. Ray is a new collaborator and friend and has a wealth of knowledge that he picks up from his insatiable thirst for news and information. He also is highly educated and experienced. Ray holds an

Attack of the Prank Email


As if we didn''t have enough to worry about with employees sending in company internal memos for publication on the Internet and completing employee satisfaction surveys that are publicly available online now we have a new threat to watch out for - the prank email. With prank emails, the prankster pretends to be someone he or she is not and carries on a generally humorous email conversation

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Little Book of Bollocks


Looks like there is someone else out there who doesn''t like buzzwords. Britain''s culture secretary Tessa Jowell admits to keeping a "little book of bollocks" where she lists gobbledegook spouted by her and her colleagues. Reported in the Financial Times: "I have what I call a bollocks list where I just sit in meetings and I write down some of the absurd language we use - and we are all guilty

Can Employees be Too Engaged?


You can never have employees that are too loyal or a company culture that is too motivational. At least that is what I always thought until I read professor Herve Laroche''s article in the MIT Review titled The Power of Moderation. I''m a believer in moderation in most things so I was intrigued by this article. Professor Laroche describes a number of negative traits that he believes highly

COVID-19 Return to Workplace Guide: Reopening Facilities Following a Pandemic

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Stay Interviews and Exit Interviews


In preparation for a meeting today I was thinking about exit interviews in comparison with stay interviews. As I understand it, stay interviews are about reaching out and touching (oops, bad word - let''s make that listening to) each employee and showing that you care about their individual success. This is a very worthwhile endeavor and an important part of your employee retention strategy.