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SHRM Certification: Why Should #HR Pros Pay Attention

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Competency is defined as an ability or skill. Every profession has competencies. And we want competencies; they are the things that make us successful. You could say that jobs are made up of tasks (the actual things we do) and competencies (the skills we need to do them).

How to Prep Your Candidates For Their First Video Interview

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More than ever, candidates want to use the technology they’re surrounded by to better their lives, and the hiring process is no exception. Around 51% of best-in-class companies use video -enabled applications.

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TED Talk Tuesday: Why Innovators Need to be "Now-ists"

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This is the second post in our monthly "TED Talk Tuesday" series, spotlighting can't-miss TED Talks and their key takeaways. You can learn more about our partnership with TED here.

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Workplace 2025: Five Forces, Six New Roles and a Challenge to HR


In September 2013, top HR leaders undertook a voluntary and collective effort to envision the HR profession in 2025.

Every #HR Pro Should Own a Marketing Textbook

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There. I said it. The parallels between marketing and human resources are endless. As HR pros, we could really gain some creative inspiration from the principles of marketing. In fact, we’ve talked about learning from marketing before. You can click here , here and here to check those posts out.

The Biggest Changes You Need to Make to Your Interviewing Process

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Employers are always looking for ways to create a better, more effective interviewing process. You can have a great sourcing platform and applicant tracking system , but the interview largely helps determine which candidate you hire, so you need to make sure you’re nailing it.

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Growth Through Innovation

Ultimate Software

For the second consecutive year, Ultimate Software is ranked in the top 10 on Forbes magazine’s list of the World’s Most Innovative Growth Companies , this year earning the #7 spot.

The Restaurant Industry Trains America’s Workforce – Friday Distraction

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(Editor’s Note: Today’s post is brought to you by our friends at the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation. As the philanthropic foundation of the National Restaurant Association, the NRAEF works to attract, develop and retain professionals for the restaurant industry.

How I Halved My Time-to-Hire by Leveraging Hidden Data

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Recently, I had the distinct pleasure of tripling the size of a team over the course of only 8 months. This was the first time in my career I had ever done something like this, and I can tell you it’s no walk in the park.

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Why Recruiters Need to Think Like Job Candidates

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Face it, recruiters: You have a terrible reputation. The recruiting process notoriously lacks communication —and even though candidates curry favor with you in hopes of a job interview, they resent you for dropping them like a hot potato when interest wanes.

Business Owners in Massachusetts: The State’s New Earned Sick Time Law will Impact your Business. Here is How to Avoid Penalties


As of July 1, 2015, a new earned sick time law in Massachusetts requires all Massachusetts businesses to provide sick time for their employees. If you are a Massachusetts business owner, this new law. Visit site for full story. Sick Leave Laws Massachusetts sick leave law

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Give Your Interns an Experience They’ll Never Forget

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(Editor’s Note: Today’s post is brought to you by our friends at Kronos , the global leader in delivering workforce management solutions in the cloud. This year, Kronos had its largest ever internship program with more than 80 interns in various departments.

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What GE, Accenture, Adobe and Microsoft Have in Common


by Lynette Silva. Recognize This! More and more companies are turning a critical eye on the traditional annual performance review process as the primary means for employee feedback. This month, Derek Irvine (our chief blogger here on Recognize This!

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Beware the "Gray Ceiling": How to Manage a Multi-Generational Workforce

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The apocalyptic silver tsunami that many economists predicted has rained on the workforce more like a sun shower. Thanks to a combination of delayed retirements, improving-but-still-slow job growth and increasing life expectancy, older workers are waiting longer to exit the workforce—meaning millennials and generation X employees who were poised to take the field have hit an unforeseen obstacle: “ the gray ceiling."

Six Strategies for Recruiting Top-Notch Employees


Guest post by ApplicantStack Your employees are the single most important investment you’ll make in your business. Smart, engaged employees can help your company grow by proactively tackling. Visit site for full story.

Tips for Running a High-Potential Leadership Development Program

The People Equation

Back in the day when I worked for a large corporation, there were employees who had been selected for some sort of quasi-secret leadership development program.

Can Employees Volunteer to Work for Free?


Recently someone asked me about allowing employees to volunteer for free instead of being paid. I wanted to answer that more fully here because it might be something you have run into or might be considering in your own business. For starters, here’s the DOL ruling on that. Let’s break it down and look at two broad categories: for-profit and non-profit organizations.

It's Time to Blow Up Job Descriptions

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Here's a brainteaser: You are given a candle, a box of tacks and a book of matches. How do you attach the candle to a wall so that it can be lit without dripping wax onto the floor below? The solution to Duncker's candle problem is to deconstruct the box of tacks into its parts (box, tacks), attach the box to the wall with the tacks and attach the candle to the bottom of the box.

Quote of the Week: “The possible solutions to a given problem emerge as the…

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…leaves of a tree, each node representing a point of deliberation and decision.” ” – Niklaus Wirth. <>

4 Big Ideas to Look Smart: The $15 Minimum Wage

The HR Capitalist

If you watch Fox News or MSNBC, I already know how you feel about the prospect of the $15 an hour minimum wage: - Fox News Viewers - It's Jobs or CPI armagedon! Small businesses are going to fail! The business world will have to pass along costs to consumers!

Can You Confidently Answer the 4 Basic Performance Management Questions?


by Derek Irvine. Recognize This! — Wanting to know we’re doing the right things at work is at the heart of performance management – and that’s a good thing.

Innovation: Turn Your Idea Inside Out


Last week I wrote a post about innovation and employee engagement over at the Brandon Hall Group blog. The basic idea is that listening to, and implementing, employee ideas is a great way to get them engaged within the business. In the post I talked about a recent Indiegogo campaign I contributed to. I’m really excited about the campaign, so I wanted to share more details here. I have three kids. One is still in a car carrier, but the other two are in booster seats.

The Increased Prevalence of DC Pension Plans is Going to Change the Way We Retire. How to Prepare?

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<> …Okay, so this evening I was reading a white paper from Aon Hewitt (you can find it here ) that states the following: One of the key findings from this research is that there appears to be a welcome sense of realism among employees about their retirement prospects.

Managing Paid Time Off: What to Offer & How to Distribute It

nettime solutions

Figuring out how to structure your paid time off policy has been a long-standing dilemma for employers. Determining how many sick days, vacation time, and what holidays to allocate off, can be overwhelming.

Thinking About High Performance: GPTW, Netflix and Amazon.

The HR Capitalist

There's a happy tale that we've all grown used used to in the HR game. It goes something like this: The best way to build a company is to build a Great Place to Work. . Most of us believe that, right? I'm not her to debate that.

Engagement & Productivity: What if you didn’t have to choose?

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This article is the summary of the 6 posts in the July blog series featuring a revolutionary employee engagement concept called Engaged Productivity ™. Read the other articles in the series here or at: . Engagement and Productivity are a difficult and delicate balance.

A Discussion on Results of the 2015-2016 Salary Budget Survey

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<> Alison Avalos, CCP, Senior Manager, Research and Certification, WorldatWork, and Kerry Chou, CCP, Senior Practice Leader, WorldatWork, discuss the relatively flat budgets and what they mean to employers and employees: Best, Rory. Compensation hr human resources

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8 Methods To Reduce Costs During Slow Season

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All businesses have a slow season. It ’s within this period that companies have a tendency to place urgency on reducing costs. In most cases, it’s a good way to tackle costs by trimming the fat.

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THE TOP 20 BRANDED HR PROS: Meet Pete Radloff, Technical Recruiter at comScore.

The HR Capitalist

Let's face it - Fearful of the spotlight and conservative to a fault, HR pros generally aren't the best examples to look towards when it comes to professional branding.

CEOs and Talent: Only a Risk

China Gorman

What? I’m looking at a survey analysis/report from KPMG , Setting the course for growth: CEO perspectives. Unlike every other CEO survey I’ve looked at, people, talent and culture are barely addressed in the survey results at all, but rather in sidebars by the good consultants at KPMG.

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WorkHuman Wednesday: Rethink Internal Company Networking to Make Friends and Propel your Career


by Traci Pesch. Recognize This! Rubbing elbows with management at company outings might not get you as far as making friends with your coworkers. Summer is the season for company outings. A company-wide trip to the amusement park or a community service event.

LETF Is At My Door. What Do I Do?

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The Labor Enforcement Task Force, under the direction of the Department of Industrial Relations, is a coalition of California State government enforcement agencies. Together, the agencies work to combat the underground economy. What is the Underground Economy?

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THE TOP 20 BRANDED HR PROS: Meet Mary Faulkner, Head of Talent at Denver Water.

The HR Capitalist

Let's face it - Fearful of the spotlight and conservative to a fault, HR pros generally aren't the best examples to look towards when it comes to professional branding.

10 Ways Ground Floor Leaders Give Back to Others

ATD Human Capital

Ground floor leaders know that when they give back, they become catalysts of change and multipliers of knowledge , improving the overall human performance of the organization. Dan Schwartz offers 10 ways to be givers—not takers. Click here to read full version