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Let's Start Here: Change is Inevitable, Natural and Normal

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When we are dumped into change, our favorite strategy is to try to recover our lives as quickly as possible. Because there''s a part of us that feels we''ve failed when life takes an unexpected (or even expected) turn, we really don''t want others to know what we''re going through.

Employee Engagement: You are Needed

David Zinger

I was at a social event with my next door neighbor, Tico Cornejo. Tico owns The Winehouse in Winnipeg. He shared a story about when he was younger one of his bosses wanted him to work overtime. Tico had to go to the doctor late in the day and his boss wanted Tico to return to work for some overtime.

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Don’t Be One of Those Managers!


A common mistake is to deliver a performance review and then kick back and wait until the next review period before providing substantive feedback. It’s important that you avoid being one of those managers. A more effective approach is to follow up after the review and then on an ongoing basis.

5 Employee Appreciation Best Practices by Experts


If you asked all your employees, “On a scale of 1 to 10, how happy do you feel at work?” ” where would the majority fall? We already know that happiness in the workplace increases engagement, employee retention, and growth in business. And by the way, it’s just good practice, right? But where does happiness start? Appreciation of an employee’s value. Many people think that a paycheck should be appreciation enough.

Workplace Mask Policy & Return to Work Templates

Paycor’s comprehensive checklist and customizable letters will help you re-start your business and welcome your team back to a new normal.

How Leadership Style Impacts Employee Engagement


Employee Engagement & Leadership style go hand in hand. Everyone knows that an inefficient leader produces a dissatisfied, unproductive employee. On the other hand, good leaders produce committed, engaged and productive employees. Is Employee Enagement Important? A study of 160,576 employees working under 30,661 leaders in different organisations around the world showed that the […].

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Do Employees Know What Your Company Stands for? At Most Organizations, the Answer Is No.


Tuesday, November 5, 2013 :00am. Do Employees Know What Your Company Stands for? At Most Organizations, the Answer Is No. By Salvatore Giliberto.

Little Things You Can Do to Make Life Better

45 Things

Tom Rath is a bestselling author of books such as “StrengthsFinder 2.0” with more than 5 million books sold.

Study 80

People Matter!

Future of Work

Thanks to Sue Bingham of HPWP Consulting for this short video - a wonderful example of a company, Southeastern Mills, where culture and the engagement of the workforce have created an amazingly successful food products business.

Employee Engagement and Video

David Zinger

Here is a recording of a recent webinar I did on employee engagement and video with MediaPlatform Inc. It was a nice fusion of video and the 10 block of the pyramid of employee engagement.

Video 77

ABCs of Data Normalization for B2B Marketers

Data normalization. It’s not a far stretch to suggest that the topic isn’t exactly what gets marketers excited in their day-to-day workflow. However, if lead generation, reporting, and measuring ROI is important to your marketing team, then data normalization matters - a lot. In this eBook, we’ll break down the ins and outs of data normalization and review why it’s so critical for your marketing strategies and goals!

What’s Behind the Ongoing Reorganization of HR—and Where Are We Headed?


Thursday, November 7, 2013 :00am. What’s Behind the Ongoing Reorganization of HR—and Where Are We Headed? By Salvatore Giliberto. There are many reasons HR departments reorganize and restructure.

Tips for Vets Re-Entering the Civilian Workforce

45 Things

Joe Kearney retired from the Army in May after 23 years and has two words of advice for fellow veterans who will be looking for a job in the private sector: "Start early."

CIPD 2013 Review

Strategic HCM

The CIPD’s 2013 annual conference has been a great event - well organised and thought provoking. See my live posts from the conference (links at bottom of post) and I’ll be following up with more on the CIPD’s new framework, HR as data science and external reporting over the next few weeks.

Happy Anniversary #HRevolution

True Faith HR

Four years ago today, some 50-odd people (or is it 50 ODD people) descended upon the Hilton Seelbach in Louisville, KY to attend the first HRevolution unconference. Put together by Trish McFarlane , Ben Eubanks , Steve Boese , and Crystal Peterson as an alternative to the mega SHRM Annual Conference, HRevolution attempted (and continues to emphasize) to bring a new voice to the future of HR.

Scaling the Digitally-Ready Workforce

The digital future will require a new set of skills, behaviors, and ways of working, but most organizations have not defined the critical competencies needed to compete in an age of disruption and do not have a process in place to assess digital readiness in their own people, a new Aon study finds. For HR leaders, the continuous state of disruption requires a new, more flexible approach to workforce planning and development. Download the full report, which shares insights from 1,551 senior business executives, HR leaders, and employees from around the world, to learn the 5 key insights and the steps your organization can take to transform your approach to people, jobs, and rewards to thrive in an uncertain digital future.

Learning Culture of the Future – One Size Fits One


Friday, November 8, 2013 :00am. Learning Culture of the Future – One Size Fits One By Sharon Palermo. “For those who look over the horizon and constantly seek out new challenges, the future belongs to you.”

ATS 57

Forbes commentary: Three best practices for creating an employee-centric workplace


Faced with an increasingly competitive and ever-changing environment, top employers have figured it out: their employees are the key to their success. However, as the economy stabilizes and Millennials become a larger part of the workforce, what employers must do to attract, retain, and inspire their employees is facing an overhaul as well. Research reports that Millennials boast an average tenure of just over one year with a company, far less than the national standard of 4.4

#CIPD13 Innovation, culture, hackathons and a few babies

Strategic HCM

I''m in two sessions on innovation and entrepreneurship this morning - one with Innocent and Alcatel Lucent (in person), the other on the CIPD''s hackathon (via the tweets).

Benefits of Online Time Tracking and Expense Tracking


Blog about benefits of using online time and expense tracking software to manage billable hours and expenses by filling up online timesheets and expenses

Protecting Organizational Culture and Wellbeing During a Global Pandemic

Download the Gallagher Better WorksSM Insights COVID-19 report for information, new survey results and resources to help you recognize opportunities, minimize risk and confidently navigate the challenging road ahead.

Do You Really Need a Modern Recruiting Solution?


By Adrienne Whitten, Product Marketing Director at SuccessFactors (Originally posted on the SAP Community Network) If you don’t know exactly how to articulate just how critical recruiting is to the future of your company, you are missing the boat. A Boston Consulting Group study from last year showed that Recruiting has the highest impact […]. Events Recruiting

Study 47

#CIPD13 A hundred years of change, engagement and the living wage

Strategic HCM

This is the CIPD''s Centenary so it''s great to see speakers here from a couple of organisations involved in setting up the institute. Shaun Rafferty has been talking about the role of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and its''s support for the Living Wage.

#CIPD13 Dreams and the Best Workplace on Earth

Strategic HCM

I''m at the CIPD conference today and tomorrow. We''re starting with Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones on their new book about Best Workplaces. It''s a great agenda and I particularly like the idea of creating dream workplaces. However, I think the speakers'' acronym misses the point.

Benefits of Online Time Tracking and Expense Tracking


Blog about benefits of using online time and expense tracking software to manage billable hours and expenses by filling up online timesheets and expenses

Why Smoking Costs Employers More Than They Realize

Your employees are smoking, and at a cost of $7,000 per year for each employee who smokes, that adds up - fast! This free report will show you how an effective cessation program pays for itself.

Don't blame the Ulrich model

Strategic HCM

I’m looking forward to chairing Symposium Event’s Successful HR Business Partnering Summit on 5th November.

Where Customer Empathy Meets Authenticity: Success Academy’s Cloud Learning Center


By Jordan Hodgson, Senior Marketing Analyst, Customer Success Innovations at SuccessFactors (Originally posted on the SAP Community Network). As a member of SuccessFactors Customer Success Innovations team, I have the pleasure of helping launch and communicate many of the improvements that deliver value to SuccessFactors current customers. In general, I measure the success of a […]. Customer cloud customer success HCM learning success academy SuccessFactors

Real Life Stories from Real Customers Webinar


By Eva Woo, Director Product Marketing (Originally posted in the SAP Community Network) I wanted to call this series, “The Proof is in the Pudding” which according to Word Detective, is a popular figure of speech meaning “the quality, effectiveness or truth of something can only be judged by putting it into action or to […]. Employee Central Events

Do you have questions on how the integration landscape has changed? Here are some thoughts!


By Vinod Choudhary, Senior Manager Cloud Architecture Product Marketing (The original blog was posted on the SAP Community Network) Businesses need a single source of truth and business efficiency demands connected processes. Today, end to end integration of business process is more important than ever. Driven by the need for rapid innovation that often out-paces corporate […]. Cloud cloud employee central hybrid integration sap SuccessFactors

100% Remote Onboarding: Group Demonstration

Speaker: David Secunda, CEO, WorkBright

Join WorkBright on Thursday, June 24th to get a first hand look at how a 100% remote onboarding process works using their system. They'll cover a few of the new COVID-19 related legislation changes and how they can be easily facilitated with their platform.