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Ready to Revolutionize Your Onboarding?

Essium HRM

Your onboarding process has a significant impact on the new hire experience. Additionally, it affects how quickly they reach full productivity and alters their ongoing training needs. As a result, having a comprehensive, streamlined onboarding experience is essential. Fortunately, with the right onboarding technology, it’s possible to revolutionize your onboarding.

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The 3 Myths of Office Politics

The People Equation

I have long maintained that there is such a thing as “positive” office politics. “Bah!” You say with skepticism. “No such thing.” Here’s my counter-argument: there’s nothing inherently wrong with people who use power and status, but it’s the way in which they use it that gives office politics its bad name. It’s those “people behaving badly” when playing office politics that conjures up images of favoritism, greediness or selfishness.


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9 HR Steps to Create an Impactful Employee Development Plan

Analytics in HR

Businesses are finding that the traditional emphasis on education alone has not resulted in a pool of applicants who possess the required skills. These skills gaps impact organizations on several levels, including hobbling the ability to innovate and increasing costs associated with workers. This highlights the need for HR to develop effective employee development plans.

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How to Retain Your Best Employees During the Great Resignation


With threats of a recession on the horizon, many employers are wondering if the Great Resignation is coming to an end. However, survey results suggest that the trend will continue. That means employers should still take steps to reduce turnover and promote employee retention. Here are a few ways to accomplish that. 1. Be proactive and watch for warning signs.

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Investing in HR Software: How to Get Internal Buy-in

Buying HR software is a major decision. That’s why finding the right provider based on your needs and ensuring key decision makers are on board is vital. Download Paycor’s guide for tips to address common concerns across your buying committee.

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Variable Compensation: All HR Needs to Know

Analytics in HR

Finding the right mix of pay, benefits, and other incentives is essential to attracting and retaining top performers, especially in a tight labor market. Variable compensation can be a useful tool for rewarding employees’ performance to provide measurable results for your business. Let’s dive into all you need to know about variable compensation.

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is being offered a job too quickly a red flag?

Ask a Manager

This post, is being offered a job too quickly a red flag? , was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager. A reader writes: I work in an technical aspect of healthcare. In my city I have heard there is a shortage of people in my field. A lot of people left during Covid and my small city has experienced rapid growth. I have recently decided to look for a new job.

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Top 10 Healthcare Career Resource Articles of the Last 10 Years

Hospital Recruiting

October 1st, 2022 HospitalRecruiting celebrated a huge milestone by marking its tenth year being in business. In honor of a decade dedicated to healthcare staffing all across the United States, we would like to take this opportunity to thank the recruiters and job seekers who have chosen our job board for their job searches and hiring needs. Since the beginning, we’ve strived to be a resource to both healthcare employees and employers alike, most successfully demonstrated by the diversity

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DOL Issues Proposed Rule on Independent Contractors

SHRM Resources

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has issued a proposed rule to clarify who is an independent contractor under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

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Building a World-Class Recruitment Model for Healthcare Organizations


Building a World-Class Recruitment Model for Healthcare Organizations Oct. 11, 2022. Bryan Barajas Senior Director of Marketing. Workforce shortages and the COVID-19 pandemic have transformed the healthcare recruitment landscape. Many healthcare organizations are building world-class recruitment models to meet the demands of job seekers, compete with healthcare agencies and help staff feel valued.

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Secrets to the Switch: Choosing the Best HR Software in 2023

Speaker: Patrick Sayers - President, Newcastle Research

Does your organization need more productivity (and less pain) from your HR software? With the increase of technology-dependent remote work and highly sophisticated cyber threats on the rise, it's critical to successfully implement an HR platform that can help your organization see actionable information in real-time to hit all your key workforce KPIs.

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should the interviewer dress up, I can’t afford to go to an event recognizing my work, and more

Ask a Manager

This post, should the interviewer dress up, I can’t afford to go to an event recognizing my work, and more , was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. 1. Should the interviewer dress up? I’m a fairly senior manager interviewing candidates over Zoom for professional positions (e.g., accountants, lawyers) at my tech company.

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Podcast: How People Analytics Can Change the Way You See Your People


What can people analytics do for you and your business? Ian Cook, VP of People Analytics at Visier, says it can give you the same clear view of the flow of people in your business as you have into the flow of cash in your business. When Ian was running a small events business in the 1990s, he found that tracking the skills and experience of his employees in a spreadsheet allowed him to put together more powerful, effective teams that ultimately brought in more money.

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How Personal OKRs Can Benefit an Individual and Impact the Organization 


In 1962 while touring the NASA space center, President John F. Kennedy met a janitor who was sweeping the floor. “Hi, I’m Jack Kennedy. What are you doing?” the President asked. “Well, Mr. President,” the janitor replied, “I’m helping to put a man on the moon.”. Clear goals that contribute to the company’s mission help focus an employee’s efforts and spur higher performance.

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What Can a Career Coach Help You With?

Intoo USA

Maybe you’ve thought about using a career coach for yourself or wondered if your employees might benefit from coaching services. You might be focused on a single topic, such as goal-setting, how to approach a lateral career move, or developing employees for leadership roles. But there are many ways career coaches can help during every phase of an individual’s career.

Coaching 212
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2023 HR Technology Trends: What's New and What's Next

Speaker: Ben Eubanks - Chief Research Officer, Lighthouse Research & Advisory

The world of HR has changed so much in recent years, and so have the technologies and tools that support HR and talent leaders. But frankly, keeping up with the ever-changing HR tech landscape can feel like another full-time job. That's why we're sharing with you this webinar session with Ben Eubanks, Chief Research Officer for Lighthouse Research & Advisory.

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7 great tips for making employees happy


When you think of your company, the first things that come to mind might be your customers, your products, and, of course, your team. There are many ways to describe the ideal team, like productive, loyal, and collaborative. These are all great terms, but from their own perspective, most employees — and people — simply want to be happy. You know what it feels like to be happy, but what does it look like across an entire workforce?

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How to Create an Amazing Employee Induction Experience [Checklist]


Your company hired the top applicant for an advertised position after a lengthy recruitment process; great news! But before you lay back and unwind, take a moment to think about the employee induction experience your new employee will have and if it is adequate or not. 30% of new hires quit their jobs within the first 90 days of joining , according to a Jobvite survey.

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OKRs vs KPIs: How They Differ and When to Use Each


What’s more exciting — the Emerald City, or the Yellow Brick Road? Well, it depends on who you ask. Some days, you might need that glittering green city in the distance to stay motivated. But on others, it might be best to focus on the basics — putting one foot in front of the other! That’s why when people ask “OKRs vs KPIs: which is better?” We say: companies should use both OKRs (objectives and key results) and KPIs (key performance indicators) to track their performance.

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5 Steps to Build Social Connections in the Workplace

Blend Me Inc

5 Steps to Build Social Connections in the Workplace. Jennifer Cameron. Fri, 10/14/2022 - 00:00. Employee connection is about more than an event photo on a company’s LinkedIn page. Sure, the smiling faces may convey that a good time was had by all, but true workplace connection is more than a single experience. Dr. Emma Seppala, Ph.D., of Stanford Medicine writes that “social connectedness generates a positive feedback loop of social, emotional, and physical well-being.

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The HR Leader’s Guide to Recruiting & Hiring

62% of Paycor survey respondents say we’re in a permanent talent shortage. By 2030, we’ll see more jobs than workers (BCG).

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How Two Meta Employees Helped Build a Translation Tool That Impacts Billions of People

The Muse

Technical program manager Safiyyah S. and engineer Vedanuj G. were both integral to Meta’s new and revolutionary translation program.

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How HR Technology Elevates Employee Benefits Enrollment

Netchex HR Blog

Benefits enrollment can be a major stressor and time strain for HR staff. New hires are excited to learn about their benefits. They are sure to have plenty of questions reflecting their individual priorities and circumstances. Long term employees also need a lot of help during open enrollment periods, especially as deadlines get tighter. Is there HR software that can help streamline benefits enrollment?

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Key Person Insurance Vs. Life Insurance


Insurance safeguards your business, family, and personal welfare in case something bad happens. And most would agree that the worst event that can occur is the loss of life. Having insurance policies in place that can protect your employees, their families, and your business at these unfortunate times can become a little solace in a tragic situation that makes the event a bit less damaging for all.

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3 Key Takeaways for HR and People Leaders from InspireHR


Buy one get two free cowboy boots, Battle of the Bands, custom Bonusly guitar picks, and … employee retention. ??. We attended’s Inspire HR in Nashville in October of 2022 and spent time talking with fellow HR professionals about employee engagement , learning from HR leaders on how to better care for employees, and brainstorming with others on how to build company culture. ??

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Upskilling HR: Future-Proof Your HR Career

Speaker: Jeanne Achille - CEO, The Devon Group

Is your HR department running around barefoot like the shoemaker's children? If so, you're on a collision course with the ever-changing realities of the workplace, which necessitate strong HR tech skills. In this webinar, we'll look at why HR should invest in learning to ensure organizational resiliency and employee retention. Consider it self-care as we discuss how to future-proof your own career through the opportunities provided by upskilling.

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How Many Bullet Points Should Each Job on Your Resume Have in 2022?

The Muse

How to make sure the number of bullet points on your resume shows you’re the right person for any job. Plus tips on how to write them.

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What Is Workers’ Compensation Fraud?

Patriot Software

Accidents can happen in the workplace. When an employee gets a work-related injury or illness, your business could be on the line. Workers’ compensation insurance protects you by reimbursing employees when accidents take place. But, employees, employers, and even health care providers can take advantage of the system by committing workers’ compensation fraud.

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COVID-19 Close Contact Definition Changed


On October 13, 2022, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) issued an order updating the definition for “close contact” as it relates to the CDPH isolation and quarantine requirements for individuals infected or exposed to COVID-19. Employers should be aware of these changes as they affect their obligations under the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health’s (Cal/OSHA) COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standards (ETS).

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12 Tips for Remote Employee Onboarding

HR Cloud

It can be tough to onboard new remote employees. They can't just pop into the office for a meeting, and you can't always quickly bring them up to speed on all the company's goings-on. But with a little effort, you can make the process smooth for both the employee and your team. Remote work became more prevalent even before the COVID-19 pandemic. Still, the outbreak has forced even more companies and employees to adapt to this way of working.

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Employee Open Enrollment Letter Template

When it comes to benefits, communication is critical. To help you easily explain your offerings at open enrollment, Paycor created an open enrollment sample letter (and a few tips). Download this free Employee Open Enrollment Letter Template today.