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Yelp and a missing piece of HR Tech

Steve Boese

By now I am pretty sure you've heard the story of the call center rep at Yelp who was summarily fired after posting an 'open letter' to the CEO claiming (among other things), that the company's failure to pay a living wage was placing her and her colleagues under tremendous financial pressure. Here's a quick two paragraphs from coverage of the letter and the firing from the Washington Post : The Yelp employee who said she was fired after she blogged about the financial pressures she felt while w

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4 Expert Tips for a Successful Hiring Process


There are many steps hiring managers must take to fill an open position. These include sourcing applicants, screening candidates, interviewing, skills assessment, writing the offer and onboarding the. Visit site for full story.

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Praise is an Essential Skill for New Managers


By Derek Irvine. Recognize This! – Praising conversations are a key tool for new managers across generations, improving their capacity for communication and relationship building. There is no shortage of skills that new managers need to develop as they transition from individual contributors to leading people for the first time. One of the most overlooked yet essential skills is the ability to have a simple conversation, praising a direct report for behaviors aligned to goal achievement and core

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Re-humanizing Management: Q+A with Dr. Gary Hamel (Part 3)


Are our organizations really inhuman? What will it take to make them more human—more transparent, open, and collaborative? In this third and final part of our Q&A series with WorkHuman speaker Gary Hamel, we discuss the annual performance review (or lack thereof), how social recognition impacts culture, and what it means to have a more human workplace.

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Investing in HR Software: How to Get Internal Buy-in

Buying HR software is a major decision. That’s why finding the right provider based on your needs and ensuring key decision makers are on board is vital. Download Paycor’s guide for tips to address common concerns across your buying committee.

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Surveys Matter, But Actions Matter More


Surveys dominate the news these days. In the midst of one of the most unique primary seasons in U.S. electoral history, the results of voter surveys have upended the political process. Why is this?

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Do You Know What Your Candidates Are Thinking? (And I don’t mean Bernie and Donald!)

China Gorman

It’s here! The 2015 Talent Board North American Candidate Experience Research Report was published a couple of weeks ago. And if you have any interest at all in the relationship between the experience your employment candidates in the application process and your ability to actually hire the right talent, this report is a gold mine! Written by Madeline Laureno and Kevin W.

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5 Business Lessons I Learned From Being a Member of a Motorcycle Gang


Let's face it -- your bowling league is a business, your place of worship is a business, your family is a business -- and yes, an outlaw motorcycle gang is a business.

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NerdWallet's Small Business Funding Hacks from People Who've Used Them


This post is brought to you by NerdWallet. NerdWallet is focused on helping people lead better lives through financial education and empowerment. Getting small-business funding can be a difficult process, especially for first-time entrepreneurs. So we asked two small business owners who’ve gone through the process to share their financing hacks. Of course, what worked for them may not work for you.

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The Justification of HR: Driving Forces of Human Behavior

Laurie Ruettimann

Yesterday, I wrote about the future of human resources. One reason I’m not worried about HR? The driving forces of human behavior. I’m not just talking about the poor choices that employees make when they think nobody is looking. I’m referring to a whole host of conflict-avoidant behaviors. The tendency to hack your way to success, and by hack, I mean cheat.

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Secrets to the Switch: Choosing the Best HR Software in 2023

Speaker: Patrick Sayers - President, Newcastle Research

Does your organization need more productivity (and less pain) from your HR software? With the increase of technology-dependent remote work and highly sophisticated cyber threats on the rise, it's critical to successfully implement an HR platform that can help your organization see actionable information in real-time to hit all your key workforce KPIs.

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Toxic Employee Conundrum – Is your Hire Culture Right?


A great place to work is largely defined by the productive people who bring value to organization with their commitment, integrity and quality. While there are tons of studies and reports singing the praises of how an organization benefits from high performing employees, it is safe to admit that little has been said or done about employees who are labeled as “toxic”.

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What is Your Work Personality?

Trish McFarlane

We hear a lot about office culture lately because of it’s impact on a candidate’s job selection decision as well as the employees’ decision to remain with the company. Since the culture of workplaces are made up of a hodgepodge of personalities and each one adds a unique twist to the mix, it’s this uniqueness that keeps most of us coming back to the workplaces we love.

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How Stupid Cancer Solved These Common Small Business Challenges


This guest post is from Stupid Cancer. Stupid Cancer is the largest charity that comprehensively addresses young adult cancer through advocacy, research, support, outreach, and more. Starting a non-profit organization is no small feat. Born out of inequity, it takes a strong resolve and an entrepreneurial mindset to take the leap from side project to the international stage.

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17 Truths About Working in HR

Laurie Ruettimann

Here are 17 truths about working in HR. Create core values like birthdays and puppies. The rest is overrated. Communicate candidly, kindly, without pretension, and directly via text. Fine, okay, use the phone. Avoid email. Never send an email more than five sentences long. Give feedback kindly, with specificity, directly to the person who needs to hear it.

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2023 HR Technology Trends: What's New and What's Next

Speaker: Ben Eubanks - Chief Research Officer, Lighthouse Research & Advisory

The world of HR has changed so much in recent years, and so have the technologies and tools that support HR and talent leaders. But frankly, keeping up with the ever-changing HR tech landscape can feel like another full-time job. That's why we're sharing with you this webinar session with Ben Eubanks, Chief Research Officer for Lighthouse Research & Advisory.

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This Is What You Need To Have On Your Hiring Checklist This Year

Spark Hire

You know what they say, out with the old and in with the new. Undoubtedly, a good portion of this past year was spent advertising job openings, screening applicants, and interviewing hundreds of candidates. As a result, you’re stressed, overwhelmed, and overworked. Fortunately, a new year means a fresh start and an opportunity to adopt better hiring practices.

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Move Away from Gossip

Intrepid NOW

"How rude.". Every single day, we are exposed to rude people - those who think they are smarter or deserve more than the rest of the world. I cracked up at this stat of which I was I was recently reminded, 90% of all people think they are smarter than the average person. These people might be cab/uber drivers, family members, customers, pedestrians, employers, colleagues or any number of individuals we encounter on a daily basis.

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What Is HR Case Management?

Dovetail Software

Do you know what HR Case Management is? In the customer service sense, case management speaks to tracking interactions with customers, making sure their purchasing and product acquisition experience is the best. If we were to address case management in a healthcare environment, we would see the tracking of the life cycle of a patient, through their interactions with a healthcare provider or healthcare facility/system.

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Lung Cancer

Laurie Ruettimann

I have a childhood friend who endured stage IV lung cancer. Well, endured is not the right word. She was young and healthy. She took care of her body and was physically active. And now she’s gone. Jenny was diagnosed with cancer in March 2015 after experiencing ongoing back pain after a car accident. It was surreal. Cancer? How the hell does she have lung cancer?

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The HR Leader’s Guide to Recruiting & Hiring

62% of Paycor survey respondents say we’re in a permanent talent shortage. By 2030, we’ll see more jobs than workers (BCG).

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making the most of an extra 24 hours

O.C. Tanner

There’s no parades, or parties, or celebratory cakes. There’s really not much hoopla associated with Leap Day at all—except for maybe a few lame jokes about how it won’t happen for another four years. On Leap Day, you’ll show up to the office at the same time as usual. You’ll check your email as usual. The whole day will be pretty much usual. But, it shouldn’t be.

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The 10 best interview questions you’ll see this year

HR Morning

You can never have too many great interview questions in your back pocket. . Throughout the past year, via in-depth research and conversations with HR Morning readers, we discovered a variety of fine-tuned interview questions top employers are relying on to vet their job candidates. Here, we’ve compiled the best of the best from the past year: 1. What’s your favorite part of your current job?

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Leadership Is About Emotion


Make a list of the 5 leaders you most admire. They can be from business, social media, politics, technology, the sciences, any field. Now ask yourself why you admire them. The chances are high that your admiration is based on more than their accomplishments, impressive as those may be. I’ll bet that everyone on your list reaches you on an emotional level.

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How a Nursing Degree Changes the Face of Medicine


Before you enter the field of nursing, there is one key component to consider if you seek advancement during your clinical career, and that’s earning a bachelor of science in nursing degree. Hospitals, clinics and treatment centers rely on a nurse’s knowledge and wherewithal in administering quality healthcare to patients as well as in presenting a clean, comfortable and positive bedside manner.

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Upskilling HR: Future-Proof Your HR Career

Speaker: Jeanne Achille - CEO, The Devon Group

Is your HR department running around barefoot like the shoemaker's children? If so, you're on a collision course with the ever-changing realities of the workplace, which necessitate strong HR tech skills. In this webinar, we'll look at why HR should invest in learning to ensure organizational resiliency and employee retention. Consider it self-care as we discuss how to future-proof your own career through the opportunities provided by upskilling.

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8 Ways to Conquer Self-Doubt


Everyone struggles with feelings of insecurity and self-doubt from time to time, even those who might otherwise project the most assured and confident persona. A little self-doubt is not only normal, it’s sometimes desirable. According to the psychotherapist, Adam Phillips, self-doubt and anxiety serve an important function: In many ways, self-criticism is essential for our […] Read more.

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5 Ways to Set Clear and Focused Team Goals

TLNT: The Business of HR

Teamwide goal setting is crucial if you expect to maximize and maintain your productivity.

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20% of HR Managers say their companies pay men more than women for the same work.

The Employer Handbook

So, do we have a gender pay gap? Or is it a myth? Well, first let’s talk about this study. Recently, “more than 3,200 workers and more than 220 human resource managers in the private sector across industries participated in a nationwide survey, conducted online by Harris Poll on behalf of CareerBuilder from November 4 and December 1, 2015.” In addition to the startling results in the lede — more on that in a bit — the study reveals that “more than half of work

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Mobile technology is transforming our approach to HCM


As many in the human capital management industry have come to understand, a key part of the job is looking for ways to better manage employees with technology that is constantly advancing. Business success is all about efficiency – if you can get more done and save more time, you make more money. Business success is all about efficiency – if you can get more done and save more time, you make more money.

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Employee Open Enrollment Letter Template

When it comes to benefits, communication is critical. To help you easily explain your offerings at open enrollment, Paycor created an open enrollment sample letter (and a few tips). Download this free Employee Open Enrollment Letter Template today.