A Look at the State of Talent Management in Manufacturing


To take advantage of these opportunities, however, manufacturing companies need talent. They must address the realities of an aging workforce and the pressures of continuous innovation and technological advancement. Talent Management in Manufacturing: Challenges and Opportunities.

The 4 Challenges of Healthcare Talent Management


We think it’s important now to celebrate the people on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis — and to think about what healthcare talent management will look like in a post-coronavirus America. In fact, competition for talent was the CEOs’ No. EightFold


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Talent Management in Telecom: Hiring in a Changing Industry


5G wireless communication technology and other telecom advances could transform the U.S. To find and train the right talent, technology companies will need to change the way they seek out workers with the potential to thrive in telecom. . Cultivating and Keeping 5G Talent.

Workforce Evolution: How Hiring Teams Are Managing Contingent Workers


Below, we explore the pros and cons that contingent workers present to hiring teams and how best to manage this important group of talent. The 3 Biggest Challenges Hiring Teams Face. With any new hiring paradigm, there will be challenges. EightFold

Vodafone Is Revamping Hiring and Talent Management as It Shifts From Telecom to Tech Company


Ericsson isn’t the only European telecommunications company taking an innovative approach to fulfilling its hiring and reskilling needs. Techradar says the hiring spree will happen through “a combination of recruitment, reskilling and, insourcing.”. Talent Management, Too.

How AI Fuels an Integrated Approach to Talent Management


Career-management strategies are evolving with technology. . AI-based talent intelligence tools are tearing down the silos in which HR teams, hiring managers, and employees operate to manage careers so organizations can build a more integrated approach to talent management.

Best Practices for Successful Workforce Planning During Economic Uncertainty


The imperative for HR leaders is to identify where and what the impact will be for their organization’s talent and skill needs.”. Redeploy Employees to Save Money and Fill Talent Gaps. EightFold Talent Management

The Art of the Follow-Through: Talent Management After Hiring


How can the people in charge of talent management ensure they are putting people at the center of their organizational strategies? Nicole Knott , managing director of HR consulting at Accenture, says the shift highlights HR’s growing strategic role within organizations. .

5 Ways Eightfold Turbo-charges Candidate Engagement With Workday (part 2 of 4)


Last week, we took a look at “5 Ways Eightfold Turbo-charges Sourcing and Screening With Workday.” That was the first in a four-part series about how you can add AI to an applicant tracking system like Workday Recruiting and achieve your talent-acquisition and talent-management goals.

Talent Management Insights: 4 Key Lessons Learned About Employee Expectations


Meeting those expectations and providing those experiences is critical for HR teams that are competing for top talent in a tight labor market where employees have the ability to be very selective about the companies they work for. “A AI-powered technology enables HR teams to do both.

Talent Management in Life Sciences: 3 Questions for HR Leaders


New demands for talented people. New demands among those talented people for better pay and better working conditions. Remote teams require a different approach to talent management. Life sciences talent faces dual pressures, and each is intense.

Talent Management in the Creative Economy


In recent years, companies have begun shifting their emphasis from skills or knowledge to creativity when it comes to hiring. Cultivating creative talent stands to transform companies, industries, and the entire economy. Hire Creative Talent to Enhance Your Entire Team.

How a Skills-first Approach Will Boost Your Talent Management Strategy


The war to fill skills gaps is the top force impacting talent strategies today. . 75% of HR professionals said the war to fill skill gaps is having the greatest impact on their talent strategy today. The war on talent is more aggressive than ever. Talent Management

4 Talent Management Challenges The Insurance Industry Is Facing


Digital transformations, the emergence of insurtech startups, and an aging workforce were all forcing employers to rethink their talent-management strategies. In fact, some people were aggressive coming out of it and they hired earlier than most. EightFold

10 Best AI Recruiting Tools of 2022

Recruiters Lineup

The advancing technology has brought about impeccable changes in the HR hiring departments. Employers and HR personnel can experience automated hiring thanks to AI recruiting tools. Top 10 AI Recruiting Software 2022. Recruiting Tools

4 Strategies to Embed Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Your Company


Fortunately, we can start to move the needle with technology. The right tools, combined with organizational commitment and intention, can make an impact. With technology, career sites can encourage rather than discourage. The hiring process is prone to bias. EightFold

Making HR More Efficient: How AI Helps Companies Hire Faster


Talent acquisition teams are facing a number of different challenges to hiring qualified job candidates in today’s highly-competitive talent marketplace. Is it possible for companies to hire faster, and why is speed of hiring so important?

5 Ways Eightfold Turbo-charges Sourcing and Screening With Workday (part 1 of 4)


How augmenting an applicant tracking system like Workday Recruiting (one of the most commonly used systems) can help achieve your talent-acquisition and talent-management goals. Recruiters finally become talent advisors to hiring managers.

Tying It All Together with Eightfold RPA


One of the most frequent questions we get asked at Eightfold is how quickly we can get a new customer deployed and productive with the Talent Intelligence Platform. One important factor in deployment is integration with legacy ATS and HRIS technologies. That’s pretty fast, but this method depends on these third-party providers, and can’t address the needs of companies with homegrown technologies that they wish to keep using.

Talent Management, COVID, and the Finance Sector: How HR Can Respond


As has been the case for IT talent and the insurance industry , the consequences of a drawn-out pandemic are affecting how finance and fintech companies recruit, hire, and manage talent. Financial Technology Is Reorienting Toward Consumer Needs. EightFold

Address Pandemic Hiring Volatility by Focusing on Skills and Capabilities


Difficulty hiring for positions traditionally seen as unskilled, like restaurant service, has prompted some businesses and legislators to claim a labor shortage exists and that steps should be taken to address it. COVID-19 and Its Impact on Hiring. To Hire for Skills, Rethink Skills.

How the Right Tools Can Help You Find and Hire Great Freelancers


HR must therefore adapt to new realities of talent management and acquisition. In this post, we explore the tech tools that HR teams can employ to tap into freelancing talent and integrate it into the company’s output. Set Up Talent Management Platforms and Processes.

How the Department of Defense Is Using AI to Unearth Talent in the Military Reserves


Department of Defense struggles to match internal talent with critical project needs and roles. million military reservists with specific skills sets, yet that talent often goes undiscovered and underutilized by the Department simply because talent managers lack visibility into those skills.

Why the U.S. Department of Defense Is Taking a Skills-based Approach to Talent Discovery


With a budget of $753 billion and operations in more than 4,800 sites in 160 nations worldwide, it’s tough to imagine how challenging recruiting and talent management must be for such a large organization. Robbins found his talent-management role when he returned to the U.S.

A New Approach to Skills, Hiring, and Organization Success: 5 key takeaways


That was the upshot of our recent webinar, A New Approach to Skills, Hiring, and Organization Success, featuring Josh Bersin and Kathi Enderes of The Josh Bersin Company; Humana’s former SVP Roger Cude ; BNY Mellon’s Stuart Logan ; and Vodafone’s Marc Starfield. .

10 Best Talent Intelligence Software in 2022

HR Lineup

The world has evolved with technology, and businesses are doing their best to keep up with the emerging trends. One of the best practices to increase productivity is sourcing quality talent, and this can be easily done using recruitment tools. Identify Hiring Requirements.

Add AI-Powered Talent Management to Greenhouse ATS in 4 Hours


Or you could add a powerful Talent Intelligence Platform to your Greenhouse Applicant Tracking System (ATS), and gain new capabilities you never had before. We’re partnering with Greenhouse because we agree that finding talented people is too hard today. The combination of Greenhouse ATS and the Eightfold Talent Intelligence Platform is making every aspect of talent management better for our customers. What can you do in 4 hours?

10 HR Leaders Anyone in Talent Management Should Follow on LinkedIn


She calls it the “linchpin of an organization’s success” matching talent to business needs. . Dane Holmes is head of human capital management at Goldman Sachs and a member of the firm’s Management Committee and Partnership Committee. EightFold

How Talent Intelligence Is Supporting Hiring for the Department of Labor


As 2022 begins, hiring, labor, and the state of the workforce make headlines daily. Federal and state governments are looking at ways to improve the hiring situation for private businesses. As employers themselves, they are also embracing new ways to hire better for government roles.

How to Create Job Postings That Make Hiring Easier on Human Resources


Between hiring and non-hiring activities, they have to carefully structure and manage their days, often relying on processes to help them maximize their resources. When those processes are outdated, it can be a real struggle for HR to properly manage those resources. .

A Post-COVID Playbook for Recruiting and Retaining Tech Talent


Even before the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic impacts, a new paradigm in tech talent management had begun to emerge. Expert tech people are just as valuable as they were before the pandemic; it’s the talent marketplace that has changed. EightFold

Be the Change: The Business Case for Talent Management’s Digital Transformation


Part 3 of an ongoing series inspired by What’s Next for You: The Eightfold Path to Transforming the Way We Hire and Manage Talent. “If If you can’t find the talent necessary to run your business, you lose money.”. Our HR systems track everything about our employees. Why isn’t this the state-of-the-art in digital technology?”. Outmoded tools and workflows mean that: Recruiters and hiring managers will only get more overwhelmed as time goes by.

Is Your Talent Pipeline Drying Up? AI-Driven Intelligence Can Unlock Talent Management Success


And healthcare companies are rethinking office visits by embracing tele-health technologies. These transformations are driving the need to hire people with specialized and often hard-to-find skillsets. But according to Diginomica , the talent pipeline is drying up for employers.

5 Human Resources Considerations When Hiring Across Time Zones


Talent acquisition in organizations is no longer bound by zip codes. The exponential growth of remote work has provided organizations with opportunities to hire the most qualified talent regardless of a candidates’ physical location. technology company Diebold Nixdorf. “As

How Talent Intelligence Tools Enable HR to Build Richer Career Maps


Organizations that want to compete for top talent must be able to provide job candidates and employees comprehensive career maps that not only show a path forward but also how to follow that path. Use Historical Data to Develop Broader Career Maps Prior to Hiring.

New York Times: Eightfold AI Finds People for Hard-to-Fill Roles


We started Eightfold because we believe that AI technology has a unique potential to help companies and workers find each other, making the job search process better and solving many of the intractable challenges of modern recruiting. And recently, America’s Newspaper of Record reported on the power of AI in recruiting and talent management. It’s just one way that our AI boosts hiring diversity and empowers recruiters to focus on recruiting instead of searching.

Bersin: Why the talent marketplace is becoming ‘central to HR tech’


And one key element of this strategy is the adoption of internal talent marketplaces. Advertisement When supported with the right technology, a talent marketplace helps employees find internal positions, projects and mentors without going through their managers.

How AI-Based Talent Intelligence Technology Addresses the Talent Crisis in the Public Sector


Agencies in the public sector are struggling to hire and retain employees. . Technology is an essential part of the solution for confronting this crisis. Talent Intelligence Tools Give Employees the Power of Movement in Their Careers.

How the Pandemic Has Impacted Job Prospects for Software Developers


As we’ve noted before, tech talent management was already undergoing major changes when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Here is an overview of what it means to recruit and retain top software developers right now, and how those strategies can align with an organization’s overall strategy.

HR Tech Awards 2022: Winners Announced


In our daily work with talent leaders and solution providers, we run into some incredible technology. According to some sources, the number of HR technology firms is more than 4,000 providers. This isn't just about recruiting tools or just about learning systems.