Does Your Time & Attendance Software Include Self-Service Features?

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Self-service features are the hallmark for most cloud-based time & attendance software. Such features are designed to be employee-facing, letting workers engage with the software in ways that improve their user experience, as well as their employee experience. As it relates to employee time & attendance, the solutions often point back to two things that employees and managers care about: scheduling, and forecasting.

24 Actionable Employee Engagement Ideas and Activities

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Two-thirds of employees in North America are considering leaving their jobs in 2020. For employees under 30, that number is even higher. One of the fastest routes to a better retention rate is by improving employee engagement. Highly engaged employees are not only more likely to remain with an organization – they also perform better, help companies achieve greater profitability, and have more positive interactions with customers.

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Seven Excellent Ways to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day


Employee Appreciation Day is celebrated each year on the first Friday in March. On this day, employers around the world make the extra effort to appreciate their employees’ hard work and dedication. Over the past 20 years, an increasing number of companies have embraced this occasion to recognize the achievements and contributions of their employees. Why is Employee Appreciation Day important? Employees come first. Employee Recognition

A Complete Guide to Employee Engagement for 2020


An Engaged Employee is the Holy Grail for any business. With enumerable aspects linked to Employee Engagement, it has become a matter of critical interest for any organization to drive growth and opportunity. “Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers.” Not Engaged: Employees who perform at the bare minimum level of performance and have less emotional attachments to their workplaces.

March Madness: Doesn't Mean You Bench Employee Engagement

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It was the first time that the tournament had been canceled since its creation in 1939. On March 11, 2020, the NCAA announced the entire tournament, like the women's, would be conducted with "only essential staff and limited family attendance" due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Some venues (such as those within the states of Ohio and California) enacted further local numerical restrictions on the numbers of those who could attend an event, which the NCAA agreed to respect.

three ways employee appreciation is a win-win

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When it comes to appreciating your employees, many organizations hesitate, considering only the costs. But employee appreciation, when executed correctly, is actually beneficial for both employee morale and bottom-line results. Here are three reasons why appreciating your employees is a win-win. Increased Engagement. In a 2017 press release from The Engagement Institute , it states: “In the U.S. years to an employee’s tenure.

Employee engagement: Key steps to recognize and thank good people

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Valuable employees need to know their work makes a difference, so it’s important managers to thank good people. It’s really all about keeping them engaged. When saying thanks to your good employees, acknowledge the hard work they do, and tie it in to how it’s helping your organization meet key goals. When thanking employees, there are several approaches to take. Employees will appreciate the gesture, and it provides a personal touch.

Employee Development Plan: How to Create It and Implement It in Your Company

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Employee Development Plan : How to Create It and Implement It in Your Company . Get the best practices and step-by-step instructions on how to create and carry out employee development plans. E mployee development plans are useful representations of employees’ career paths that hel p employees to grow in their roles, but also assist HR Professionals to strategically approach organizational progress. . So, why are employee development plans important?

Managing Work Stress in a Changing World

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My 7-year old twins meet their classmates for social hours, attend ballet classes, and practice their theater rehearsals for Aladdin all through Zoom. I keep telling myself, “What can I appreciate about this moment? It’s important to make the time right now to practice and if you are a leader, bring a breathing or mindfulness practice to your team or encourage them to use a mindfulness app. Spread words of appreciation.

How to Engage Employees During the Holidays


All this excitement – and stress – can infiltrate your workplace and hinder morale, decrease productivity, and derail employee engagement. Here’s a look at some ideas to enhance employee engagement during the holidays. Share the results with your employees.

How to Get Employees Excited for Your Holiday Events

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Now is the best time of year to get together as a company and celebrate the season of joy. As an HR professional, you’re likely in charge of the holiday festivities and your most important task is getting employees excited about the events you’ve planned. Not only are these holiday events a chance for employees to mingle and get to know one another, but they’re also a way of saying “Thank you” for all their hard work throughout the year. Poll everyone ahead of time.

Earn Points: New Employee Recognition & Rewards Feature

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Earn Points: New Employee Recognition & Rewards Feature. We are excited to announce a new feature functionality within JobPts, our Employee Recognition and Rewards Software. . Once the employee achieves the goal, he or she can make submission for the earned points. Category.

Claimable Awards: Enabling Employees to EARN Their Points

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Claimable Awards: Enabling Employees to EARN Their Points. We are excited to announce a new feature functionality within JobPts, our Employee Recognition and Rewards Software. . Once the employee achieves the goal, he or she can make submission for the earned points. Category.

10 Fun Ideas for Celebrating Work Anniversaries


On the inside, you’re full of warm-hearted gratitude for the loyalty of employees who stick around for the long haul. The question to ask yourself is whether your team knows how much you appreciate their efforts. They can’t read your mind, so celebrating employee milestones and work anniversaries is a way to showcase your positive energy and spread it around. An easy way to strengthen your work culture is to recognize employees on their work anniversaries.

21 HR Tools for Employee Engagement & Workforce Planning


There are several tools available across multiple areas of HR that can make a huge difference in engagement, productivity, organization, and beyond. Here’s a list of 21 HR tools that demonstrate how technology can improve employee engagement and workforce planning efforts at your organization. Employee Data Management. Employees are empowered by self-service options that allow them the opportunity to edit their own personal information. Onboarding New Employees.

Employee Wellbeing in the Workplace: Importance and Future Predictions

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Employee Wellbeing in the Workplace: Importance and Future Predictions . Find out why employee wellbeing is crucial for your business success and how to optimize it to improve your employees’ experience. What is Employee Wellbeing . Increased employee engagement .

10 Employee of the Month Templates Your Employees Will Love

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10 Employee of the Month Templates Your Employees Will Love. Naming an Employee of the Month is a bulletproof employee recognition practice. Use our Employee of the Month Templates to award your employees this month. Employee of the Month award is a very common recognition practice. Since it is an established way of appreciating your top performers, you can use it to award your employees in various situations. Category.

3 Challenges for Creating Authentic Engagement


Employees who engage their authentic selves at work contribute to unparalleled employee and customer experiences. I was reading a recent Forbes article that discussed the distinction between employees’ authentic engagement versus scripted service in creating an unparalleled customer experience. Of course, this [creating authentic engagement] is more challenging than doing things by rote: challenging for the employee and challenging for the manager.”.

How To Make A Great Employee A Brand Ambassador

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Social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook can also have a major influence on how clients and potential employees view a particular brand. Individual employees are also able to have a significant impact on how their employer is perceived, and this influence extends beyond social media. Staff members can act as powerful brand ambassadors for their employer when it comes time to recruit potential new hires or customers. What are your employees saying?

5 Marketing Strategies to Promote Company Culture and Attract Top Talent


Showcasing your culture is one of the best ways to build your empower brand, attract excellent recruits, and keep your top employees engaged. employee health and wellness. If you’re unsure about the culture, now is always the best time to start and establish a good basis.

Bonusly Data Before and After: How the Employee Experience Has Changed During COVID-19


These are strange times. employees, this will continue into 2021. Each month, employees use an allowance to give bonuses to their colleagues in recognition of and appreciation for the work they do. Employee recognition. ?? Employee celebrations. ??

18 Impactful Employee Recognition and Appreciation Ideas

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Think back to the last time someone expressed appreciation for your work — it stuck in your mind and meant something, didn’t it? But employee recognition is not just about making people feel good. It has a significant impact on key business metrics, including engagement, retention, and productivity. What really matters in the workplace is helping employees feel appreciated.”. This accompanied an increase in positive engagement from 34 to 63 percent.

How To Implement Employee Recognition In The Healthcare Industry


Employee recognition is celebrated around the globe on the 21st of September every year. Commonly known as World Gratitude Day, this unofficial celebration gives the opportunity to employers to recognize the hard work and contribution of their employees. Recognizing an employee’s effort may be challenging, especially with the current COVID-19 pandemic forcing many industries to reduce their workforce. 5 Critical Stats about Employee Engagement in the Healthcare Industry.

Managing Changes in the Workplace

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All organizations will undoubtedly experience a period of change at some point in time. Significant changes at work can have a huge impact on employee morale, motivation, well-being, and performance. Some employees might be more open to change, while others might resist it. As an HR professional, managing changes in the workplace is no easy feat and it’s important to encourage resiliency during times of change. Look after your employees.

Easing the Transition

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workers are telecommuting for the first time. During and following this disruption, it’s critical for HR to provide effective support and flexibility for employees while also empowering managers to lead and adapt to what is working and what is not. Focus on Remote Employees. Companies play a huge role in supporting employees through this difficult time, and need to recognize that all the changes have a vastly varying impact on their employees.


How to Engage Employees During the Holidays

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All this excitement – and stress – can infiltrate your workplace and hinder morale, decrease productivity, and derail employee engagement. Through all the hustle and bustle of this time of years, you can still find ways to reduce stress, boost employee engagement, and keep your team on track. Here’s a look at some ideas to enhance employee engagement during the holidays. Share the results with your employees.

Everything You Need To Know About Employee Motivation

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Employee Motivation is crucial to your organisation. Employee Motivation can be defined as the attitude employees have towards their work. The Importance of Employee Motivation. Employee motivation is important to your company. What Drives Employee Motivation ?

do retreats have a place in corporate culture?

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Early in my career I was part of a team responsible for putting on an annual employee event. It was huge; thousands of employees from around the United States attended. That was more than 15 years ago, but recently in my Facebook feed, as well as in the New York Times , I’ve read about businesses that are once again taking groups of employees on retreats. When you take employees out of their normal environment, great things happen.

New Employee Benefits That Could Be Your Secret Weapon


Today’s employees crave benefits that are as innovative as they are. Providing the perks employees really want – in addition to the medical coverage they need, of course – can help you attract and retain top talent. Fortunately, employee benefits don’t have to be expensive to be appealing. These five ideas for employee benefits will please your staff without the need to re-decorate your office digs. Want to raise employee morale? Healthcare and 401(k)?

Workplace Culture: Its Misconceptions and Important Aspects

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Business leaders must find the right strategies to implement their core beliefs among their employees. It takes deliberate communication and tracking down the behaviors of the employees from time to time. Offering Employee Perks is Enough. Appreciation.

How to Build a Resilient Workplace

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Engage Blog. Employee Engagement. Employee Feedback. Employee Retention. Employee Engagement. Employee Feedback. Employee Retention. Typically, companies riding the wave of change experience higher levels of employee stress, lower productivity rates, and increased turnover. Utilize employee feedback. Real-time employee feedback can help to identify and address problems before issues disrupt the workplace.

Top 100 HR and Recruitment Blogs [by Organic Traffic with Top 3 Articles Each]


Employee Engagement. Employee Experience. Exempt Vs Non-Exempt Employees? Employee leave of absence: Everything you need to know. Employee recognition ideas: 52 epic ways to give rewards. Employee handbook: 6 must-have policies for your manual.

5 Eye-Opening Statistics to Cement the Importance of Rewards and Recognition in the Workplace


This is not only an unhealthy approach to work but also kills all the enthusiasm and creativity in employees with time. So, how do you create a workplace where employees simply love showing up? With frequent absenteeism and high employee attrition becoming the topmost challenges of management, a supportive work environment is paramount. And the practice of mutual appreciation and timely rewards and recognition is an integral part of building a great company culture.

Achievers Named One of the 50 Most Innovative Workplaces by The Elevated Awards

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Engage Blog. Employee Engagement. Employee Feedback. Employee Retention. Employee Engagement. Employee Feedback. Employee Retention. Achievers Employee Success Platform delivers proven tools for organizations to align on values and strategic goals by empowering every employee as an owner of organizational culture and engagement. She manages The Engage Blog and produces a range of marketing content.

Successfully Communicate With a Global Workforce Using an Omni-Channel Strategy With Whirlpool Corporation


Engaging a large, global workforce can be challenging, and Whirlpool Corporation has a staggering 92,000 employees spread across the globe. . During the webinar, Nicole, Kathy, Angie, and Emily discussed the following tactics to increase employee engagement: . Using social networking to connect employees. Six Ways to Connect With Employees Using an Omni-Channel Approach. #1 Mark wanted to connect with employees on a personal level. .

Improve Employee Scheduling to Fast Track Business Recovery: The Comprehensive Guide


Have you evaluated your employee scheduling processes lately? It also decreases customer and employee satisfaction. This has made employee scheduling more complicated. Employee scheduling software can help managers create schedules that benefit both employees and customers. Using best practices for employee scheduling is essential for business recovery and post-pandemic success. Small Business Employee Scheduling. Self-Service Employee Scheduling.

100 Fun Office Games and Activities That Make Work Awesome


We greatly invest in our employees and want them to wake up looking forward to coming to Sparks, because, well, they have fun. Here are some of the ways we embrace number 10: We run a program called “Mix & Mingle”: employees selected from different departments to have lunch and get to know more about each other. As an employee engagement platform, it makes a lot of sense that Limeade pays special attention to their culture and their team.