5 Employee Appreciation Ideas For Your Remote Team


Who does not love appreciation for their work? Positive feedback like this will keep your employees motivated and encouraged. It helps employees to take pride in what they do and take ownership of their work. Instant Appreciation. Peer-to-Peer Recognition.

A Complete Guide To Employee Recognition

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A Complete Guide To Employee Recognition. This is the ultimate guide to employee recognition for business leaders. Here, you'll learn: What employee recognition is. Build an effective recognition program. What is Employee Recognition?


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The importance of employee recognition


The importance of employee recognition is often overlooked – are you aware of the impact? Employee recognition is essential for motivating, retaining and fully engaging our employees. Now, employees expect – and respond – to the same approach when it comes to recognizing their contributions within the workplace. This means the days of annual appraisals and salary as the sole driver for employees are behind us. Source: Globoforce.

The Super Simple 4-Step Guide to Rocking Employee Appreciation Day


Employee Appreciation Day 2016 is on Friday, March 4! The CEO of Globoforce , Eric Mosley, said to Inc. , “Companies should look at Employee Appreciation Day like it's Valentine's Day, or Mother's or Father's Day. Even if your special breakfast features clumpy instant coffee, your effort in making your employees appreciated will not go unnoticed! Use it to up your appreciation ante! You make us pop with appreciation!

China Gorman on the Role of Trust in Changing Cultures and Creating Great Places to Work


As a Senior Recognition Strategist and Consultant at Globoforce, I have the opportunity to meet and work with fascinating people every day. In June, we announced that China has taken on the role of Chair of the Globoforce WorkHuman Advisory Committee. China explained that Great Place to Work methodologies measure three key relationships within the organization: Is the relationship between employees and their leaders founded in trust? by Andrea Gappmayer.

You Asked: Answering Your Questions about The Power of Thanks (Part 1)


Social recognition is a very powerful means of creating and managing culture, when structured in a considered, thoughtful way. Q1: A company maintains its most valued assets not by compensation, but by appreciation? Employees need to satisfy their base requirements for safety, security, food, etc. Maintaining your most valued assets requires an appropriate blend of both compensation and recognition. Q2: Are there specific rules for employee appreciation?

Cafe Classic: 3 Reasons Valentine’s Day (and Poorly Designed Employee Rewards) Often Goes Badly

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Editor's Note: What can this holiday of love and appreciation teach us about doing rewards right? I think the same is true for many employee recognition and reward programs – for many of the same reasons. How about Employee Appreciation Day or the like?

Top 10 Favorite Blog Posts from 2014


It’s been an incredible year for recognition. Or maybe I should say for the recognition of recognition! Employee appreciation seems to have finally come into its own as a way of driving results in a company—but more than that, as a way of make the experience of work more fulfilling, happy and human. It was an exciting year for us at the Globoforce blog, too. 25 Statistics on Employee Recognition. Dangers of Employee Silence.

Cafe Classic: You Wouldn’t Pay Someone a Month Late…

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How often do you pay your employees? At its root, we compensate employees for the hours they work or the results they deliver when they complete those hours or deliver those results. Are you as concerned about the timeliness of the recognition and feedback your employees receive? The first Friday in March is traditionally celebrated as Employee Appreciation Day.

Spreading Inclusion through Social Recognition

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We have known for some time about the business case for greater diversity in our workplaces, that it can lead to both greater employee productivity and organizational performance. The “everyday practice” of diversity means that all employees feel included. It comes from instances when employees appreciate and encourage the unique contributions of others, and likewise when they themselves are appreciated and acknowledged by their peers. Recognition

The Ultimate Guide To Employee Rewards and Recognition

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In the last two decades, rewards and recognition have been the driving force behind global companies’ success in delivering a near-perfect employee experience. To acquire and retain the top performers, you must build a workplace culture where employee recognition is the everyday norm.