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5 Tips for Inspiring Employee Appreciation Ideas


HR teams are constantly pressed for employee appreciation ideas, and for good reason — according to Gallup , employees who don’t feel appreciated are twice as likely to say they’ll quit in the next year. Over the years, Kazoo has helped countless companies with their employee recognition software. If your team needs inspiration for some employee appreciation ideas, the five tips below are based on success stories from Kazoo customers.

It Takes a Recognition Culture To Spark Engagement


The recent focus on employee engagement has taught us plenty, including how closely tied employee engagement is to an organization’s success, and what happens in this disrupted, transformed workforce without engagement: our top talent moves on. By: Meghan M.

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The importance of employee recognition


The importance of employee recognition is often overlooked – are you aware of the impact? Employee recognition is essential for motivating, retaining and fully engaging our employees. What employee recognition is – and what it isn’t.

Are You Using These 5 Proven Employee Retention Strategies?


Recently, Kazoo’s Director of Employee Experience sat down to discuss employee retention strategies in 5 Tried-and-True Ways to Boost Retention , a webinar based on the latest industry research and Kazoo’s first-hand experience with helping hundreds of organizations. Below, we touch on the employee retention secrets mentioned in the webinar. Prioritize Appreciation. Question you should be asking yourself : “Is employee appreciation a habit here?”