Introducing: Employee Experience and Wellbeing


Building a positive employee experience requires two things: (1) commitment of the leadership to invest in developing ideal working conditions, and (2) using the right tools. The capability of HR is oftentimes limited by the tools they have at their disposal.

Take a look at some awesome new HR Technology startups! #HRTechConf

The Tim Sackett Project

The popular startup competition will take place during the upcoming HR Technology Conference , happening September 13 – 16, 2022, at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. It is my favorite event of the year!! EasyLlama (Sexual Harassment Compliance).


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7 Actions HR Can Take to Help Create an Inclusive Environment at Work

Digital HR Tech

When an organization nurtures an inclusive environment at work, employees sense the collaboration and fairness that helps their well-being and ability to embrace their full potential. Diversity and inclusion are separate concepts Ways HR can cultivate an inclusive environment.

Characteristics of a Positive Workplace Culture

HR Daily Advisor

Negativity spreads, and it can drive employees away quickly. A positive workplace culture, on the other hand, is associated with higher productivity and reduced turnover—a real win-win. Changing the workplace culture takes time and effort, but the payoff can be enormous. Here are some characteristics of positive workplace cultures: There’s frequent and appropriate communication from management and HR. Employee morale is high.

8 Ways To Promote Religious Diversity In The Workplace

Vantage Circle

Faith is an integral part of every employee, making religious diversity in the workplace imperative for every business leader. With the shift to remote work, hiring people from new and different geographies has become infinitely easier.

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Employee Feedback But Were Literally Afraid To Ask


More articles about continuous employee feedback were published in this one month than we’ve seen in any other month over the last half-decade. Amazon and Nike both made headlines, the former for a company-wide roll out of Connections , a daily Q&A feedback program that is being received with some employee skepticism. As for Nike, news regarding the introduction of employee feedback software was bittersweet. Et tu HR?

WIRTW #358 (the “appreciation” edition)

Ohio Employer's Law

o your employees feel appreciated? Today is Employee Appreciation Day. However, if you limit your appreciation efforts to 0.38% of a year’s working days, I can flat-out guarantee that your employees do not feel appreciated (even on their “special” day). Employee appreciation needs to be a year-round effort, not a one-off to-do to check off your corporate calendar. The DOL’s Model FMLA Forms Expired Just Days Ago.

How To Contribute To Creating A Safe, Positive, And Inclusive Work Environment

Thrive Global

When setting up a diverse company, one of the considerations to put in place is organizing it in our style and being considerate of our employees. The questions that should run in our minds are – how would they desire this place to be? Consider the following scenario.

Top 10 Workplace Retention Factors


Whatever is trending in the talent pool, retaining employees is imperative to business success. You’ve invested in each hire, with recruitment costs, training and development, and stable team dynamics. Losing skilled workers affects the production line and the bottom line.

25 Virtual Pride Month Ideas To Celebrate LGBTQIA+ Rights

Vantage Circle

That is why it is more important than ever to support the LGBT community. People, especially employees belonging to this umbrella term, have gone through discrimination and stigmas for decades. Before we take a look at the ideas, let’s understand: What is Pride Month? The L Word.