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Why employee retention is important in the construction industry


That’s why employee retention is important, especially in the construction industry. As of 2021 , the construction industry had an average turnover rate of 68%—higher than most other industries, where the average hovers between 30-40%. What is employee turnover? What is employee retention?

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30 Amazing Ideas for Employee Appreciation Day


National Employee Appreciation Day: Friday, 3 March, 2023. Do you want to boost your employee retention and overall productivity? One of the best practices is employee appreciation for inspiring your team and making them feel valued. 30 Staff Appreciation Ideas to Keep your People Happy.


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Employee Turnover Rate: How to Calculate it (& Tips for Improvement)

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Employee Turnover Rate: How to Calculate it (& Tips for Improvement) . Employee turnover is costing companies money and resources. Find out why your employees quit and how to reduce your turnover rate. Many organizations today struggle with high employee turnover rates. July 10, 2020.

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10 employee appreciation ideas to implement for 2023


f your goals for 2023 are to increase productivity, motivation, and retention, we’ve got good news. Focusing on employee appreciation can accomplish all three. Finding it hard to believe that something as simple as employee happiness in the workplace can do all of that?

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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Employee Appreciation “Right”


Appreciation, like love and fear, is one of the oldest and most primitive emotions that are known to humanity. And it has a surprising tint of employee appreciation in it—dating back 2600 years ago. What is Employee Appreciation? 41% of employees want more appreciation from their immediate co-workers.

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Expense-Free Employee Appreciation Ideas That Really Work


almost 50% of employees feel underappreciated at work. Team retention is a growing concern for people and culture leaders, but the solution to high turnover rates might be simpler than you expect. Employee appreciation makes the difference for team members. Give them your parking spot for a month.

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Employee Retention Strategies: 10 Proven Tactics to Boost Your Employee Experience


Employee retention is a hot topic in the world of human resources. It's no secret that employee turnover can be costly for businesses - both in terms of money and lost productivity. Each lost employee equates to a cost of 1.5 Without engagement, retention becomes even more of a challenge.