How to increase employee engagement and happiness during the pandemic

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It is more stressful for managers and employers to handle their employees remotely or having employees in the office who are in constant fear of the pandemic situation. Don’t Overwork the Employees. Don’t burden your employees at a crucial stressful time.

Why Team Building With Remote Employees Is More Important Than Ever


So the answer to the question, “Why is team building with remote employees more important now than ever?” has nothing to do with team building becoming suddenly important, and everything to do with the fact that remote work has become more prevalent sooner than we originally thought. Learn 3 best practices for team building with remote employees. Team Building Outcomes. 3 Key Strategies for Team Building With Remote Employees.

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A Definitive Guide on Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

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The Many Benefits of Fostering Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace. Inclusivity in the workplace means ensuring that every employee feels included and a part of the team. He says, “Diversity speaks to who is on the team, but inclusion focuses on who is really in the game.”.

10 employee engagement activities that work like magic

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Engaged employees go the extra mile because they’re emotionally invested in their company’s success. And companies with engaged employees benefit financially. As noted in the 2019 Employee Engagement Report , one Best Buy store quantified the annual value of a 0.1% increase in engagement: $100,000. These 10 employee engagement activities are designed to build engagement across the organization: 1.

If you aren’t letting your staff work flexibly, you need to start now.


A USA Today article estimates “over the course of an average day, an employee working in a typical modern desk job… may spend as little as 15 minutes outdoors during the daytime.” Further research has found approximately 93 percent of our day is spent in a building or a vehicle. They argue employees get distracted if they’re not confined to their cubicles, or that productivity decreases when workdays are shortened. Flexible work benefits everyone.

Three Ways to Improve Your Employee Engagement Plan Right Now

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Employee engagement is top-of-mind in our HR industry. Employers are focusing on ways to better engage workers who might otherwise go elsewhere seeking what they perceive to be “greener grass.” Employee engagement is top-of-mind in our HR industry. Often added to the standard benefits package, these are designed to make the working environment more inviting for employees and to help them perform their job better.

10 Employee Benefits For Better Mental Health


1 in every 5 Americans has a mental health condition, and there’s no better time than Mental Health Awareness Month to evaluate your benefits package and ensure that it supports employees holistically. Open enrollment will be here before you know it , so now is the time to refresh your benefits strategy! How well do your current benefits offerings address the mental health of your workforce? Here are ten employee benefit programs to better support mental health: 1.)

Is your workplace layout helping or hurting productivity?


Second, we need to emphasize that productivity is futile without positive engagement. Being engaged in our work is a critical component of sustaining productivity and feeling good about the work we do. Designing the best layout for your team. While the needs of each employee and organization differ, there are some general spatial considerations every workplace should accommodate to maximize productivity: Prioritize movement. Let employees work from wherever.

You should consider hiring these strategic job positions this year.


The New Year isn’t just about redefining and improving oneself on a personal level; organizations are seeing the start of 2019 as an opportunity to develop by revamping their teams. What is changing, however, is the emergence of strategic roles related specifically to employee engagement and well-being. Everyone’s wondering what in the world work-life balance is supposed to look like now, and this confluence of factors is leaving many employees burnt out and unwell.

15 employee engagement ideas to try in 2017


are engaged and that engagement costs companies between $450 and 550 billion each year. Recently, Gallup released the latest State of the American Workplace report, with fresh data on everything from engagement to retention. As it turns out, even the most engaged segment of workers surveyed (managers and executives) are only reporting 38% engagement – barely over a third. Why should I worry about employee engagement? Build (two-way) trust.

What comes next for EX: How people teams build on successful immediate responses to COVID-19


As companies reel from the effects of COVID-19, markets struggle to rebound, and nations are divided on how to respond, employee engagement is on the rise. In a Gallup study released at the end of May, the percentage of employees who are ‘actively disengaged’ was at a 10-year low and the ratio of highly-engaged to disengaged employees was at an all-time high. You’re adapting in real-time to employee feedback as the situation continues to evolve.

Employee Engagement Trends: Mental Health, Remote Work, and Social Media – 2020

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One of the hottest topics in the internal communications space is employee engagement. Whether looking at past or present data, there are a lot of employee engagement trends to take stock of, especially as we move towards an increasingly digital world and workplace. . Even though employee engagement is something that companies deal with internally, the effects of lower levels transcend the office walls. What is Employee Engagement? .

Ideas for Tackling Retail’s Employee Engagement Challenges


Discover the 3 key employee engagement challenges faced by retailers, along with ideas for overcoming them. It doesn’t matter if a retailer sells designer shoes, computer equipment, medical supplies, or submarine sandwiches — employee engagement is on the minds of leaders from the C-Suite to the stockroom. Satisfied, loyal employees deliver better customer experiences, right? workers were engaged in their jobs in 2014. Reaching employees — anywhere.

59 Awesome Employee Engagement Ideas & Activities for 2018 (Plus 10 New Bonus Ideas)


59 Awesome Employee Engagement Ideas & Activities for 2018 (Plus 10 New Bonus Ideas). The Top Employee Engagement Ideas: Align your company with a purpose. Find out what your team members are passionate about. HR managers can agree that employee engagement and retention are at the top of their priority list. 59 Employee Engagement Ideas: 1. Employee Engagement Idea 3: Get your health and wellness program in order Click To Tweet.

6 Tips for Boosting Morale in the Workplace and Combat Employee Apathy


As we begin our journey into 2019, many employees across the U.S. By following these ideas, you can help improve employee engagement, communication and more. Give employees a “catch up day” Simply, there is no worse feeling than the dread you get on the last day of your long vacation, knowing that you have to go back to reality and work the next day. Spice up the way you celebrate employee accomplishments. Provide ongoing training to employees.

12 Thoughtful Employee Gift Ideas to Recognize Your Employees’ Work

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12 Thoughtful Employee Gift Idea s to Recognize Your Employees’ Work . Use these thoughtful employee gift ideas to reward your employees for their hard work from home or from the office. What are some good employee gift ideas? Employee of the Month award .

Meet Benify at the HR Directors Summit in Birmingham— February 6-7


On February 6 th and 7 th , Benify will participate in the HR Directors Summit, Birmingham with our Executive Vice President of Global Enterprise, Chris Wakely speaking about creating a consumer grade experience for employees as the best way to increase employee engagement. He will share findings from Benify’s Benefit Gap and Compensation Gap studies and will discuss why presenting impactful information digitally optimizes the employee experience.

Remote Work: What Employees Expect from Their Employers During COVID-19

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Remote Work: What Employees Expect from Their Employers During COVID-19 . Although remote work has been popular for a while , the COVID-19 pandemic made remote work a reality for many employees. With the circumstances being changed, many employees are struggling to keep their productivity levels the same. . In this article, you will find out how to enable your employees to do their best work while being physically out of the office d uring the COVID-19 outbreak.

10 Ways to Improve Your Employee Health

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10 Ways to Improve Your Employee Health . Employee health affects your employees’ personal and professional lives. Find out how to improve your employees’ health to drive business success. Employee health is vital to your employees’ personal lives, as well as their professional performance. I t is also a crucial part of employee experience as a whole. . The key to any successful business is the employees. Category.

Best Employee Retention Ideas You'll Read in 2020

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The cost of Employee Turnover goes farther than it appears. Apart from the cost of finding a replacement, hiring, and training, there are hidden costs involved such as the impact on productivity and team morale. Employee retention, therefore, is the top priority of HR managers everywhere. The simplest way to manage turnover is to develop a plan to make employees stay. Keeping these drivers in mind, we have listed 10 highly effective employee retention ideas.

25 Of The Best Employee Perks You Need To Have

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Thanks to companies in Silicon Valley, employees have high expectations of the perks that your company offers. Besides perks like medical and dental benefits, employees are looking for companies that think outside the box and create an atmosphere that makes employees want to spend time there. Employees want a work environment that encourages fun and helps them be more productive. Employee perks are also good for retention, which is an important issue.

4 Upgrades to Improve Your Company’s Culture

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As a business leader, the organizational culture that you foster will determine whether employees feel valued and satisfied with their careers. An effective corporate culture results in employees who are positively motivated, perform better and enjoy their job and work environment. Upgrade 1: Encourage Team Bonding Events. Employees often focus their attention on their professional tasks and responsibilities, while failing to socialize and connect with their peers.

Is HR the Right Career for Me?


If you work in a large company, you’ll be part of an HR team and may function in one or more areas below: Training. Employee relations. Employee engagement. Employee development. Employee law. Employee health and safety.

10 Fantastic Employee Perks and Where to Find Them - DecisionWise


10 Fantastic Employee Perks and Where to Find Them. When it comes to employee benefits, Google, Facebook, and similar tech companies reign at the top of the list. Perks like extended parental leave, covered newborn costs, reimbursed health and fitness classes, on-site gym, free lunches, paid sabbaticals and extra vacation days all seem to be growing in popularity across the board as more companies actively work to improve employee satisfaction. Employee Experience

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Is HR the Right Career for Me?


If you work in a large company, you’ll be part of an HR team and may function in one or more areas below: Training. Employee relations. Employee engagement. Employee development. Employee law. Employee health and safety.

How to Retain Employees Without Spending More -12 Easy Tips


According to Employee Benefits News , it costs 33% of an employee’s annual salary to replace them. Employee Retention Definition. What is employee retention? This is the ability of a company to keep employees on its payroll; and it’s easily quantified as your “employee retention rate,” which is simply a statistic showing how many employees stay at your company over a given period of time. Why is Employee Retention so Important?

May 2020 Jobs Report Recap and Steps to Get Your Team Back on Track


To adapt to this “new normal” and drive long-term success, one area your business can control is your people operations – meaning the team you hire and have on your payroll. No matter the economic conditions, your top differentiator is the employees you have on staff. The unemployment bonus isn’t going to be in place indefinitely and as eager job seekers look to get back to work, you need to have a compelling employer brand to excite top talent about joining your team.

The Top Human Resources Topics #HRtalk


recruiting, talent management, benefits, etc.). Finally, we analyzed RSS feeds for about 2,000 HR blogs and other media properties in the HR, recruiting and benefits space. In the HR space, there are some topics that have been popular for years: employee engagement, big data, healthcare. Notice how “employee appreciation” is trending because March 4th was employee appreciation day in the U.S. Employee Engagement. Team Building.

Top concerns that keep Mid-Sized Business Owners up at night

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Roughly one third of the private sector is made up of mid-sized businesses, which are defined as businesses with between 50 and 999 employees. The cost increase has resulted in financial concern for mid-sized companies that are experiencing difficulty in funding employee benefits. In order to meet such challenges, it is important that HR staff are aware of how to construct an attractive benefits package that includes health care, while at the same time keeping costs down.

10 Engaging Ways To Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

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And for acknowledging their immense contribution every year the first Friday in March is celebrated as the “National Employee Appreciation Day”. The concept of Employee Appreciation Day was created by Bob Nelson, one of the founding board members of Recognition Professionals International. Employees like it when their efforts are acknowledged and appreciated. As well as, practicing employee recognition frequently lays the foundation for a strong workplace relationship.

100+ Top HR and Recruiting Podcasts

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21st Century HR Host: Lars Schmidt About: 21st Century HR is a podcast exploring how to build better businesses through modern people practices and approaches. The aim of the show is to illuminate what it takes to build people-centric companies. Everything from employment branding, to new technologies, to culture and unconscious bias in hiring, global team management, smart sourcing, the talent market, assessment tools, to RPO decisions, and more!

How HR Can Ensure Work-Life Balance Among Remote Teams

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How HR Can Ensure Work-Life Balance Among Remote Teams . Use these proven tips for improving work-life balance of your employees and see their productivity and satisfaction grow. Moreover, during COVID-19 pandemic, many employees started to work remotely. Category.

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Organizational Culture: Definition, Importance, and Development

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Organizational culture is the collection of values, expectations, and practices that guide and inform the actions of all team members. You can watch company culture in action when you see how a CEO responds to a crisis, how a team adapts to new customer demands, or how a manager corrects an employee who makes a mistake. Organizational culture affects all aspects of your business, from punctuality and tone to contract terms and employee benefits.

14 Proven Tactics To Improve Employee Morale and Job Satisfaction

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It’s not a secret that the most valuable asset of any company is its employees. Simply put, when team members are satisfied, you can expect an excellent performance that manifests in various ways: more clients, additional projects, and operations branching out to different locations, among others. Improve employee morale and job satisfaction. 4 Factors That Influence Employee Morale and Job Satisfaction. This vote of confidence helps improve employee satisfaction.

Considering Team Chemistry: Would You Hire Stephen Colbert?


Hiring managers and HR professionals are starting to take these questions into consideration, especially with the growing awareness of the impact that work culture and employee engagement have on an organization’s productivity and bottom line. In the workplace, understanding a new hire’s personality is important because it can potentially have an impact on factors like team dynamics, communication, and work style.

Considering Team Chemistry: Would You Hire Stephen Colbert?

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Hiring managers and HR professionals are starting to take these questions into consideration, especially with the growing awareness of the impact that work culture and employee engagement have on an organization’s productivity and bottom line. In the workplace, understanding a new hire’s personality is important because it can potentially have an impact on factors like team dynamics, communication, and work style. Most importantly, you’ll make your employees happier people.

The Heartbeat of the Organization

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Increasingly employees do not go into the office to get their work done – they are able to work quite effectively from a remote site. They go in order to meet with others to talk together about the planning and coordination issues their team or department is facing. Distributed organizations bring with them enormous benefits. And both note, that if they required employees to relocate they would lose critical talent. “It

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