The Zenefits Saga Continues


It appears Zenefits woes are continuing—and if the predictions of one consultant are correct, they aren’t likely to end anytime soon. Yesterday, Washington State Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler ordered Zenefits to “cease free distribution of its employee benefits software, noting the tactic violates Washington state insurance law against inducements,” his office’s statement reads. benefits HR profession HR technology legal issues legislative

Zenefits’ founder is back: What does it mean for the billion-dollar HR tech market?


Check out this column in Employee Benefits Adviser : Parker Conrad is back and in a big way. Software luminaries gave him more than $500 million when he founded Zenefits to take the pain out of HR administration for small employers. All of this capital raising illustrates just how hot the benefits and HR technology market is — Grand View Research projects it will be worth $30 billion by 2025. brokers zenefits press


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Top 5 Advantages of Employee Benefits Software


When it comes to administering employee benefits , though, the pros are pretty clear. From keeping up to date on compliance changes to saving time, there are some pretty striking reasons why it makes sense to use third-party benefits software. Many employees prefer it.

The True Cost of Employee Benefits Packages


The decision to bring on a new employee is not one that should be taken lightly, as each new team member affects the culture of your small business as well as your financials. The national average of employee benefits cost. Fluctuating benefits status.

Top 4 Employee Benefit Categories That Matter Most to Employees


Winning the quest for top talent requires a strategy that appeals to the needs and wants of job seekers and employees. Overall compensation packages must include salaries and benefits that attract and retain the best workers your company can afford. Financial benefits.

Employee Benefits Benchmarking: Employer Contributions


The March 2017 Zenefits Small Business Benefits Benchmark Report is now available. Representing data from more than 8,000 Zenefits customers, the report examines how plan types, contributions, premiums, deductibles, copays and out-of-pocket costs differ across regions. In this post, we examine the Employer Contributions section of the report: Employer-sponsored health insurance is a huge part of employee benefits and a great tool for attracting and retaining talent.

[#WorkTrends] How to Provide Better Long-term Flexibility for Employees

TalentCulture - Recruiting

According to people operations platform Zenefits, and global provider of human capital management solutions, ADP, there are many solutions to choose from when creating a long-term flexibility strategy for employees. […].

ADP 105

[Free Report]: Zenefits Benchmark Report on SMB Benefits in United States


Do you ever wonder how your employee benefits package compares to other businesses in your area? The 2017 Zenefits Small Business Benefits Benchmark Report was released today, offering a snapshot of plan types, contributions, premiums, deductibles, copays, and out-of-pocket costs across different regions. When deciding what to contribute, small businesses typically consider talent acquisition and retention, pre-tax considerations, and benefits package. Zenefit

Employee Benefits Can Increase Productivity


Are you offering the employee benefits your workforce wants and deserves? Benefits make for happy employees, and happy employees are naturally more productive. Just how easy and affordable it often is to modify and increase benefits and perks for your employees. Employee benefits extend beyond good healthcare and ample vacation days. Employee Productivity. Employee Benefits. Health Benefits.

Up to 75% of Employees Get Immediate EOI Results With New Zenefits & Unum Platform


Zenefitsemployee benefits platform now integrates with Unum’s online Evidence of Insurability (EOI) portal. An exciting step, this means that employees who elect life and disability coverage tha t may require proof of good health t hrough an Evidence of Insurability (EOI) submission have an easier, faster, and paperless benefits solution. Any other employees are immediately sent to Unum for review. If declined, employees are shown result for decline.

Employee Benefits Benchmarking: Choosing the Right Plan Types


The March 2017 Zenefits Small Business Benefits Benchmark Report is now available. Representing data from more than 8,000 Zenefits customers, the report examines how plan types, contributions, premiums, deductibles, copays and out-of-pocket costs differ across regions. In some cases, employees are pushing employers to offer greater plan diversity in order to accommodate different healthcare needs. Seek Help From a Benefits Advisor. Zenefits Benefits



Employee Benefits: Here’s What Top Talent Wants


Employee benefits have quickly become a crucial factor for people when deciding where to work. When Employees Say Jump… . Employees are behind the wheel in today’s job market, and they’re more confident than ever. As confidence among employees skyrockets, so too does the pressure on businesses to start thinking far outside the compensation box. In the pursuit of happiness, talented employees are speaking up about exactly what they want.

3 Ways Remote Employees Benefit Your Company


Department of Labor, around 24 percent of employees in the U.S. The benefits of telecommuting for employees are obvious, but did you know that business owners and managers can also benefit from remote employees? In this article, we show you 3 ways remote employees add to your company. Workplace politics, water cooler gossip, and conflicts with other employees can get in the way of work. One employee might find it easier to brainstorm while running.

Full-time vs. Part-time Employee Benefits: How to Offer Both


The employee-driven economy drew businesses into fierce competition for talent. Benefits, perquisites (perks), and one-time bonuses were currency for attracting new hires and retaining current staff. They should also know what their benefit options are. Employee discounts.

Why Nonprofit Doesn’t Have to Mean No Employee Benefits


At the least, all nonprofits must pay their employees the state or federal minimum wage. That should help you determine the upper and lower end of your employee salaries. The best way to determine a good salary range for your employees is to research your competitors. How much do other nonprofits pay their employees for similar jobs in your area? Nonprofit employee benefits: What should you offer? Retirement benefits. Annual employee 5K race.

How to Build a Competitive Employee Benefits Package: A Guide for SMBs


Employee benefits can give you an edge when competing for top candidates and employee retention. When creating your employee benefits package, it’s not necessarily about who offers the best benefits in every category, but focusing on what’s important to candidates and employees. Take a look at which benefits are most highly valued. Health Benefits. One option is allowing employees to work various shifts during the day.

Do Recent Startup Devaluations Signal Tech Market Trouble?

Intoo USA

But in the past few weeks that fantasy hit a few snags with news of devaluations of prominent tech unicorns, including social messaging app, Snapchat , and HR benefits startup, Zenefits. . As Fortune and the WSJ report, Fidelity has marked down the value of its investments in Snapchat by about 25 percent, and of Zenefits by about 48 percent. According to the WSJ, Zenefits has cut employee salaries and curbed employee benefits.

What Do Employees Want? Here are the Most Popular Employee Benefits in the Biz


Similar to this query is one that employers are constantly trying to debunk: “What do employees want?” ” As the workplace landscape has changed, today’s employees seek different benefits than those of generations past. While today’s technology has eased so many workplace headaches, it also can make the everyday employee more prone to burn out. This is where employee benefits come in. Employee benefits.

Focus on hiring — not benefits — when pitching to clients


Check out this column in Employee Benefits Adviser : Many brokers find themselves participating in speaking engagements during the summer months, or hosting an event for clients and prospects before the busy fall season. If you are looking for an opportunity to connect with employers , you may be inclined to focus on benefits strategies — this is your area of expertise, after all. brokers zenefits HRIS

Should my people system connect with my benefits brokerage?


As a result, it naturally makes sense that brokerages and the benefits they supply need to be deeply ingrained and augmentative of the cultural strategy and the systems utilized to meet this demand. . Seeing this bridge develop isn’t just about improvement, it’s become an expectation of today’s best employees. This can also have a major impact on the fiscals for the benefit packages; staying proactive will appeal to your CFO. appeared first on Zenefits Blog.

Our Top 7 Blog Posts of 2017


We’re gearing up for the new year, but first we’re taking a look back at some of our most popular HR, employee benefits, and payroll blog posts of 2017. One of the hallmarks of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is the mandate that employers with fifty or more employees must offer health insurance or pay penalties. Top 7 Tips to Increase Employee Productivity. Creating an inspiring environment that fuels employee productivity is a lot easier said than done.

#HotInHR: The Platform Economy; Secrets Of Productive People, How Google Creates a Great Workplace


Every Monday we send a summary of the previous week’s funding announcements, mergers, acquisitions, and partnership news from the HR technology, recruitment, talent management and employee benefits space. Zenefits’ Free Business Model Ruled Illegal, 24% Of Americans Have Now Worked In The Platform Economy. Related: Zenefits penalized $7 million in California. Finish 2016 Strong Using These Savvy Solutions to Motivate Employees – Inc.


Supporting Our Customers With an Efficient Call-Back Model


This post was authored by Zenefits’ Implementation Manager, Johnny Westbrook, and Senior Product Manager, Alex Martsenyuk. Here at Zenefits, our product aims to solve a variety of complex issues for businesses. However, in the world of HR software , employee benefits , and payroll , there could be a time when things don’t go as planned, and you’ll need the assistance of our customer care team. Zenefits call-back model

Businesses Prioritize Wellness & Increase Overall Health Offerings, According to New SHRM Report


The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) , the world’s largest HR professional society, just released its annual employee benefits report. The 2017 Employee Benefits report highlights some interesting shifts in employer benefits offerings, including an increase in wellness and health-related programs. . Almost one-third of organizations surveyed increased their employee benefits offerings in the last 12 months.

‘Tis the Season To Offer Great Benefits (& Build a Great Team)


As a small business, building a strong, empowering culture that stands up to the big guys can be hard, but we have some tips for how to do so (and it starts with things like your benefits or 401k package). So, how do you make employees an offer they can’t refuse and keep them engaged once they are on board? When it comes to employee happiness, the benefits you offer are high on the list of what matters most. Zenefits Small Business Success Stories

How to Overcome 401(k) Plan Objections


Zenefits has partnered with best in breed business apps to bring you an easier way to connect your employees with the programming they’ve been asking you for. Objection #1: My employees aren’t interested. Two recent statistics show that 69% of private sector, small business workers participate in an employer sponsored retirement plan and that 62% of employees look to their employer for help in achieving financial security through employee benefits (1).

3 Tips for Open Enrollment Success


While open enrollment can occur at any time of year (according to the employer’s discretion), most companies host their window for health benefits plan modifications before the end of the calendar year. Simply put, open enrollment is the timeframe in which employees can make modifications and adjustments for the coming year based off of their experience over the previous year. Then make informed decisions on which plans you will offer employees in the coming year along.

How to Create a Program for Mentoring in the Workplace


However, we believe that in the current work environment, it’s becoming ever more crucial to offer this valuable service to employees. Here are the employee benefits of mentoring programs in the workplace for: Advance in their careers. 75 percent of executives credit mentoring with helping them achieve success and 87 percent of leaders believe mentoring programs can aid employee retention. Zenefits

4 Supplemental Payroll Examples Small Businesses Should Know


Not every employee is the same. Similarly, not every item in an employee’s payroll will be the same– particularly when it comes to the complexities of supplemental payroll. Supplemental wages are part of an employee’s compensation that doesn’t fit into their normal wages. Supplemental wages are types of compensation that are paid in addition to the employee’s regular wages. In certain cases, the employer might choose to reimburse the employee for making the move.

The Types of Employment: A Quick Reference Guide


Worker classifications determine, among other criteria, which workers are entitled to overtime pay and benefits, how workers are managed, compensated, and taxed, and whether certain classifications are protected under the law. This guide divides workers into two broad categories: “employees” and “contingent workers” and lists their subcategories (e.g., Employees and contingent workers are hired and paid for their skills and expertise. Types of Employees.

Why Are Fringe Benefits Important?


In 2018, employee benefits are no longer limited to offering health insurance and a matching 401(k). Thanks in part to the demands made by millennials and younger generations, organizations today are being asked to give much more to their employees. Queue fringe benefits: this is the category of perks and additional programming that are beginning to pop up all over the place. What Are Fringe Benefits? How Do Fringe Benefits Differ From Regular Benefits?

Study 30

Money on their Minds: Financial Wellness as a Benefit


The problem of distracted or anxious employees is not new, but recent surveys strongly suggest that the main source of anxiety in the workforce today may not be what employers have traditionally addressed. Several reports from 2017, including the PwC Employee Financial Wellness Survey and the Center for Financial Services Innovation , conclude that anxiety about individual financial wellness is rampant among the majority of today’s workers. Want more benefit ideas?

Sabbatical With a Cause: Conditional Sabbaticals Benefit Everyone


Sabbaticals, paid and unpaid, are becoming increasingly popular as companies strive to offer unique and exciting perks to their employees. Figures from the Society for Human Resources Management 2017 Employee Benefits Report show that 17% of companies offer paid or unpaid sabbaticals. When their companies give them the chance to do that through a sabbatical, it builds loyalty, increases retention, and produces happier and more productive employees.”.

Best HR Software Providers: Standard-setters in performance tracking to 401(K) management

HR Digest

Zenefits – Best HR software people management. The aim of the platform is to be able to cater for every aspect of human resources, not simply in terms of benefits and compensation, but also in terms of retention, employee engagement and more. Employee records. Zenefits.

5 Payroll Management Tools Every HR Needs

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Payroll is the procedure by which their employers pay employees for the work. An effective payroll process involves making sure that the employees are paid accurately and on time. Zenefits. Core offers full-service payroll, policies of paid-time-off and employee support.

M&A Friday! This Week’s HR Deals


Our weekly recap of funding, mergers & acquisition, and partnership news from the human resource, recruitment and employee benefits marketplace is below. Flock, a Software Platform to Manage HR, Benefits, and Compliance, Raises $3.5 Tanner To Acquire Australia Employee Engagement Company Accumulate. BenefitVision Joins US Retirement & Benefits Partners. 7Geese Announces a Partnership With Zenefits to Make Performance Reviews Easier. Happy Friday.

3 ‘Work Perks’ Employees Say They Want Now

Commuter Benefit Solutions

How many “work perks” do you offer your employees? Work perks are often considered the fringe benefits that can go beyond employee health insurance and other traditional benefits. They are rapidly becoming popular with employees because they have a meaningful impact on their lives. In 2018 survey of 600 small and midsize businesses, 68 percent said the work perks a company offers is just as important as traditional benefits.