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HR Hardball

My Talent Acquisition team recently participated in a team-building event courtesy of our friends at Strayboots. We literally have a motto in our Recruiting organization that translates to “we keep moving or we die.”. which may explain this… With that as a backdrop, a spirited walk on the streets of downtown Dallas would be a great respite from the grind, and would give us a chance to strengthen the bonds of our team.

Remote Team Building Activities to Boost Engagement


Keeping employees engaged isn’t easy—even when you’re all together under one roof. For remote teams, maintaining company culture and team spirit is an ongoing challenge. Engaging Remote Teams. Remote Team Building Activities.


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Top Employee Engagement Tools (Detailed Comparison)

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Employee engagement tool helps measure or boost employee engagement that in turn will improve the productivity and efficiency of the employees and reduce staff turnover. Features of Employee Engagement Tools. Employee perks: Employee discounts.

Maintaining Employee Engagement in Uncertain Times


As we are intimately familiar with the combination of tools and culture required for remote team success, we felt it prudent to put together and share some strategies for maintaining productivity as employees begin to work exclusively from home. Keep Employee Engagement Social.

4 Mistakes Companies Make When Tackling Employee Engagement


Employee engagement is often considered the heartbeat of an organization. It shapes culture, influences the rise and fall of productivity, and measures employee happiness. People are easily influenced by the actions of others and employee engagement is no exception. An individual’s happiness or unhappiness at work can spread like wildfire, making or breaking successful teams and leaders. Leadership’s typical reaction is to “fix” the engagement problem.

Maintaining Employee Engagement in Uncertain Times


As we are intimately familiar with the combination of tools and culture required for remote team success, we felt it prudent to put together and share some strategies for maintaining productivity as employees begin to work exclusively from home. Keep Employee Engagement Social.

You should consider hiring these strategic job positions this year.


The New Year isn’t just about redefining and improving oneself on a personal level; organizations are seeing the start of 2019 as an opportunity to develop by revamping their teams. What is changing, however, is the emergence of strategic roles related specifically to employee engagement and well-being. Everyone’s wondering what in the world work-life balance is supposed to look like now, and this confluence of factors is leaving many employees burnt out and unwell.

Why we love LifeSpeak


In the spirit of love and our LifeSpeak15 celebrations , our team thought we’d have a little fun and swap stories about why we love LifeSpeak by answering a short questionnaire on our culture, our roles, etc. All the answers were absolute gems, but our team is too large to post all of them, so here are some highlights: What’s your favorite thing about working at LifeSpeak? team attitude that flows through absolutely everyone, regardless of the role they fill.

Tips To Manage Stress Of Your Remote Team


It has been more than six months that teams have been working remotely and getting adjusted to the new normal. It has proved to be beneficial not only to the employees but also to the organizations. And, for employees, it allowed them to work flexibly.

Employee Newsletter: 5 Most Common Mistakes, 7 Best Practices and 13 Creative Ideas

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Employee Newsletter : 5 Most Common Mistakes, 7 Best Practices and 13 Creative Ideas . Keep your employees safe, informed and engaged by utilizing the best practices and ideas on creating the perfect employee newsletter. What is Employee Newsletter . Category.

5 ways to boost positivity in the workplace

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It reduces employee stress, improves energy, and increases productivity. A positive company culture is the new currency when recruiting and retaining talent. ” Here are five ways to build a positive workplace culture: 1) Identify the negatives through an employee survey. The first step to improving positivity in the workplace is to identify any glaring negatives.This can be done through a short, anonymous employee survey. 2) Prioritize employee wellness.

10 Ways to Improve Your Employee Health

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10 Ways to Improve Your Employee Health . Employee health affects your employees’ personal and professional lives. Find out how to improve your employees’ health to drive business success. I t is also a crucial part of employee experience as a whole. .

The Onboarding Experience Matters To Your Future Employees


We talked last week about the need for HR and leaders to be on the look-out for employee potential – a real-time alignment between the business’s needs, new employees in the onboarding and hiring process , and existing employees who may have unrecognized potential. As with so much else in the world of work, long-term employee engagement tracks back to the right cultural fit. But does all this front-work pay off in long-term employee engagement?

How to Engage Employees with These 7 Programs


They spend countless hours building a strong recruitment strategy. Recruitment is an integral part of any successful company, but especially so for large companies. Employee retention is just as important, if not more so, than recruitment. Hiring can be expensive, not just in terms of money spent on finding the right employees, but the cost of the work lost when someone leaves. The answer is a successful, and creative, employee engagement plan.

How To Drive Organizational Health

New to HR

For many of us, assessing the level of employee wellness in our workforce is second nature, but there is another area of business wellbeing we often neglect – our company’s organizational health. Being able to measure, diagnose and improve your company’s organizational health is imperative when driving change and development, and the results of data relating to this area can be hugely beneficial when HR comes to make changes to employee policy and recruitment practices.

Video In The Workplace: Is It Ready For Its Close-Up?


Specifically, he shared how video technology is enabling organizations to improve recruiting, sales, and marketing. In today’s age of information overload, easy-to-use, readily accessible forms of content such as video can provide deeper employee engagement. With video technology, we have transformed how we can communicate with our staff and created a way for employees to consume information in an easier, more digestible manner.

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The 9 Best Employee Morale Boosters That Really Work

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Everybody has got their good and bad days- including your employees. For your employees to do their job well, it’s important to keep them happy and engaged. So, companies can’t afford to blindside the topic of low employee morale for too long. 9 Employee Morale Boosters That Won’t Break The Bank. Boosting morale can be a difficult task, especially when 20% of employees skip lunch because they’re worried their bosses will think less of them.

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Technology is a Must-Have for Modern Onboarding

Rallyware for Human Resources

But now that our employees are scattered around the globe, new problems appear. How can we preserve team integrity, ensure efficient communication or enable the common use of intellectual property? But so do competitors… this creates new challenges: how to retain the most talented employees, how to effectively connect new talents of different locations, how to achieve the competitive edge in onboarding process. Social media (networks/intranets) are both fun and engaging.

8 Easy Steps to Transform Your Culture From Toxic to Peak Performance

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Having a great company culture gives employees something to be excited about. It encourages beliefs and behaviors that positively impact the company and boosts peak performance among teams. More than 50% of full-time employees in America feel no real connection to their work and are doing the bare minimum. Clearly, many managers and leaders are not doing a great job of keeping their employees happy. I’m talking about team building activities.

25 Of The Best Employee Perks You Need To Have

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Thanks to companies in Silicon Valley, employees have high expectations of the perks that your company offers. Besides perks like medical and dental benefits, employees are looking for companies that think outside the box and create an atmosphere that makes employees want to spend time there. Employees want a work environment that encourages fun and helps them be more productive. Employee perks are also good for retention, which is an important issue.

IT Hiring Trends: Predictions For The Year Ahead


Employees: Here To Stay. Considering that more full-time employees will be coming into the IT industry, making employees content with their jobs would be very important. In the recent past, IT companies did not have to worry about employee engagement, as they mainly worked with consultants and freelancers. With the improvement of the economy, there is an inflow of jobs, putting the spotlight on employee satisfaction.

What Are the Most Important Onboarding Forms?


An effective onboarding process—complete with the most important onboarding forms—is the first step to creating productive, long-term employees. Employee separations are costly to a company’s bottom line. Turnover costs increase if an employee leaves before his first anniversary.

How to Streamline the Employee Onboarding Process


percent, employers are struggling to invent new ways to attract and retain talented candidates for their teams. Given that the average employee alters their career path ten times between the age of 18 and 37, employers are scrambling for new and creative ways to retain top talent. Arguably the most important impactful process to focus on is employee onboarding process. Onboarding is the process of: Introducing employees to a company. Employee Record Management.

The Role of HR in Employee Experience: 9 Ways To Boost Employee Retention Rates


Recruiting, hiring, and training the best employees take significant time and money investments. Without offering these workers a good employee experience, companies risk losing their investments when these employees forsake them for greener pastures. .

Don’t Believe The Hype: Unlabeling Millennials

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Ever since the CoBies – Google’s multi-directional Conference Bikes that transform going for lunch into a team-building exercise – the image of millennials in the workplace has turned into a kind of perpetual second-guessing. The very term millennial has marketing-ploy written all over it; and that works contrary to the role of HR, which is to recruit talent. Here’s the basic premise to recruiting talent: Recruit talent.

Top Careers for HR Professionals to Pursue

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You can pursue the traditional role and become a human resource executive responsible for hiring, firing, onboarding, employee management, and engagement. Training managers hold workshops, conferences and other gatherings pertaining to the company, and team-building exercises.

5 Tips to Maintain A Culture of Connectedness in a Remote Work Environment

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How do you develop real connection—and drive active engagement—in a virtual workplace? For instance, borderless recruiting expands your talent pool exponentially, allowing you to find the best candidates regardless of location. Match your engagement strategy to the employee lifecycle.

Tips To Manage Stress Of Your Remote Team

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It has been more than six months that teams have been working remotely and getting adjusted to the new normal. It has proved to be beneficial not only to the employees but also to the organizations. And, for employees, it allowed them to work flexibly.

Workplace Wellness Programs To Support Employees’ Mental Health and Prevent Burnout

Thrive Global

Employee well-being tops the list of smart organizations’ goals. The first step to creating workplace wellness that supports employees’ mental health and prevents burnout is identifying the challenges employees are currently facing. Employee isolation.

Sterling Check - Untitled Article

Sterling Check

When it comes to corporate recruiting, some may disagree with Stengel’s thoughts on getting good players—we all know how hard it is to find good talent—but his second point likely resonates with many company leaders that strive to create great corporate cultures, especially while working remotely.

Announcing On-Demand Surveys! Coming this Spring


The Engagement Multiplier survey gives you insights into a lot, but do you ever wish you could take a deeper dive into a specific area of your business? Give some extra attention to the departments or teams that need it? Or, maybe you have a situation like this – one we frequently see, with some variation: After a year of using Engagement Multiplier, this client had reached Engaged Status consistently for 3 out of 4 surveys – terrific! Got Engagement?

Partner Stories: Crispin Manners


Crispin Manners is CEO of Onva Consulting and Chairman of the Employee Engagement Alliance in the UK, an organization that champions employee engagement and professional development. Crispin says, “Over the years I’ve seen leaders of businesses need tangible proof that investment in people makes a difference, and one of the really neat things about Engagement Multiplier is it gives very quick data, which is number-oriented. Got Engagement?

7 Ways HR Professionals Can Create an Engagement-Driven Company Culture


Are your employees happy and satisfied or are they simply dragging themselves to work? To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.” - Doug Conant In the era of job hopping, employee engagement is your key to creating a culture that attracts and retains the right candidates. So if you want to ensure your employee engagement is strong, add these 7 steps to your strategy. It then becomes easier to boost engagement through activities.

Partner Stories: Amy Riccardi


She’s been an Engagement Multiplier partner for a little over a year and uses it with all of their clients. How Amy uses Engagement Multiplier with her clients. Implementing Engagement Multiplier is one of the very first things she does, using the EM survey with other assessment tools to get a fast and accurate picture of “what’s really going on in an organization.”. The company owners had no idea what could be causing so many employees to leave. Got Engagement?

When to Re-evaluate Survey Frequency to Combat Survey Fatigue


We’re vocal advocates for the 90-day survey cycle , because when we began Engagement Multiplier, we studied the efficacy of different survey frequencies. We found, on no uncertain terms, that annual surveys do not work to improve or maintain engagement. Specifically, you can add a custom essay-style question to the end of your regular Engagement Multiplier survey asking your employees what they think is an appropriate, effective, survey frequency. Got Engagement?

HR Strategy: Creating an Engaged Ecosystem in the Workplace


What is the key to survival in a rapidly changing business environment and what does the HR team need to do to deliver this transformation? Strategic office design can boost employee well-being and office culture by providing convenient, comfortable places to focus, collaborate and socialize. The important thing is to use your office environment to support your goals and your employees’ needs. Do employees trust each other? Got Engagement?

How to Attract and Nurture Top Female Talent


A future of equal pay, benefits that enable caregivers to pursue their careers, and company cultures that nurture all employees. Did you know Engagement Multiplier is 62% female, with 60% in executive leadership positions?). How can your company attract and nurture a highly talented, driven and engaged female workforce? Your Engaged Purpose should reflect your strongest values, but it doesn’t include all of them. How do you mentor/coach employees?