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Unlocking happiness at work: Strategies to fuel purpose and performance

HR Daily Advisor

Complimentary Webinar Sponsored By Halogen Software. In today’s rapidly changing world, it’s more difficult than ever to keep employees engaged and, well, happy. But does it actually matter how happy your employees are? And what effect do happy employees have on performance and company success? In this webinar, Jennifer will: Debunk happiness myths and explore the hard science of well-being.

Are You Making The Best Of Your Workforce?


Whether it’s offering high-potential employees training to develop critical leadership skills or helping less engaged employees find their focus again, it’s always quicker and less expensive to focus on the talent that you have than to acquire new talent. One of the most positive behaviours that I see from organisations that make the best of their workforce is investing time to get to know their employees’ strengths and weaknesses. Register for the webinar.