How to Protect Your Company from High Employee Turnover


Every manager and HR professional views employee turnover as a headache, but do you actually know how expensive and damaging it can be to your organization? Current statistics from Catalyst show that it costs an average of one-fifth of an employee’s salary to replace that person, which means that for a position paying $50,000 a year, your replacement costs will generally run over $10,000. Help your employees reach toward the future.

New Hire Onboarding: Take a Pulse to Increase Employee Retention

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Their services include employee experience surveys. With unemployment levels at historic lows, it’s no wonder that employee retention is a priority. A key factor in employee retention is onboarding. According to a Korn Ferry survey, 98 percent of respondents said onboarding programs are key to keeping employees. And frankly, onboarding programs are reasonable in terms of cost per employee. Using Electronic Onboarding Pulse Surveys.


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New Hires Not Engaged? How to Design an Onboarding Intervention

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Their services include employee experience surveys. That’s why many organizations use an onboarding pulse or check-in. The question becomes, once the employee has responded, what happens with the information? Just to make sure we’re on the same page, I’m defining intervention here as a process companies use to reconnect with employees and address concerns. Think of it as getting the employee-employer relationship back on track. The post New Hires Not Engaged?

5 Keys: How to Become an Inspirational Leader


According to Great Leadership , organizations with the highest quality leaders were 13 times more likely to outperform their competition in key bottom-line metrics such as financial performance, quality of products and services, employee engagement and customer satisfaction. CEOs are focusing on leadership development opportunities for their workforce more than ever to maximize business performance and encourage their employees to reach their full potential. By: Marci Peters.

Employee Engagement Questions Answered: A Live Session With our CEO


The questions we received were split 50/50 between what we would call core employee engagement questions and questions that relate to today’s unique circumstances. How do you help your employees create boundaries between their work and home life?

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Overcoming Employee Engagement Challenges


Over the past few years, employee engagement has become increasingly trendy with companies. Because low employee engagement is a company killer, and organizations are increasingly aware that in order to retain talent, they need to think beyond compensation and benefits. According to Bersin and associates, companies around the globe were already spending $720 million a year on improving their engagement levels in 2015.

5 Tips for Employees Who Are Relocating


Employee Engagement Consultant, Achievers. Employee engagement at work is very much determined by the type of environment and the people that populate said environment, so making sure your personal values align with those of your future employer, in both a cultural and business context is essential. To learn more about how culture can be the right “fit” for you, download our white paper All for One and One for All: Uniting a Global Workforce with Company Culture.

10 Scary HR Stats That’ll Make You Howl This Halloween


A recent survey by Leadership IQ reported that, “46 percent of newly hired employees will fail within 18 months.” Depending on the location of your employees and offices, you may have a lot of education and retraining to invest in. #5: Remember that recruiting is only half the battle — ensure your structure is also set up to effectively retain new and old employees alike. #6: How do you welcome and onboard new employees?

7 Ways to Create an Unbeatable Employee Experience

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What do your employees say about their experience with your company? A Bersin survey finds that “Nearly 80 percent of executives rated employee experience very important (42 percent) or important (38 percent), but only 22 percent reported that their companies were excellent at building a differentiated employee experience.” Furthermore, 59 percent of these respondents reported that they are not fully ready to address the challenge of creating a great employee experience.

Employees First

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I came across this fascinating white paper from SilkRoad the other day. The Big Shift Puts Employees First: HR Transforms from Processes and Transactions to Employee Experiences , is the 2017 contribution to their annual State of Talent reports. This shines a light on how the HR tech conversation has switched from tech to employees. White papers are, by their nature, primarily marketing documents. State of the Employee Experience.

Preparing Your Business for Success in the Gig Economy

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According to an August 2020 National Bureau of Economic Research white paper , others discovered that gig work provided more flexibility for parents, particularly almost a million women, whose children and other dependents were suddenly home full-time.

Your Guide To Employee Experience Mapping

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What do you think is keeping your employees from becoming digital nomads? But what if the employee experience would acquiesce to some of the basic principles of the digital nomad trend, and embrace job meaningfulness, flexible working, collaborative environments and idea generation? How are they shaping the employee experience? What if you applied this way of thinking to every step of the employee experience journey? Key steps to mapping the employee experience.

Top Workforce Challenges and Trends Impacting the Healthcare Industry in 2020

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In order to maintain the high level of patient care that many healthcare organizations aspire to, both employee recruitment and retention must become a priority. From an HR standpoint, increased employee burnout also leads to a spike in turnover rates. Prioritize employee recognition .

Digital Transformation: How Technology Improves the Employee Experience

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While we hear a lot about new technology making the customer experience more streamlined and compelling, it’s also true that the employee experience is being enhanced through new technology. Onboarding new hires. When a new employee arrives, they have a lot to learn.

Preparing Your Business for Success in the Gig Economy

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According to an August 2020 National Bureau of Economic Research white paper , others discovered that gig work provided more flexibility for parents, particularly almost a million women, whose children and other dependents were suddenly home full-time.

Why You Can’t Afford Disengaged Employees

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Engage Blog. Employee Engagement. Employee Feedback. Employee Retention. Onboarding and Hiring. Employee Engagement. Employee Feedback. Employee Retention. Onboarding and Hiring. Why You Can’t Afford Disengaged Employees. Why You Can’t Afford Disengaged Employees. Disengaged employees are responsible for an estimated $450 to $550 billion annually nationwide, according to a Gallup poll.

5 Simple Ways to Assess Company Culture


Leadership structure, office environment, core mission and values, interpersonal relations, team engagement and communication style—these are just some of the many organizational details that shape company culture, something that is becoming more and more important to businesses of all kinds. Employee retention. Evaluate the Onboarding Process. Show a strong company culture from the beginning, with an onboarding process that’s as engaging and interesting as it educational.

12 Ways to Engage Employees During Times of Change

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Engage Blog. Employee Engagement. Employee Feedback. Employee Retention. Onboarding and Hiring. Employee Engagement. Employee Feedback. Employee Retention. Onboarding and Hiring. Employee Engagement. 12 Ways to Engage Employees During Times of Change. 12 Ways to Engage Employees During Times of Change. How can you engage employees during times of change?

Top Do’s and Don’ts for Elevating the Employee Experience

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High levels of employee engagement are known to boost productivity, improve customer satisfaction , and bolster retention rates. It ’s these very benefits that have spurred companies across the country to invest in enhancing the employee experience. . Despite this investment, only 13 percent of today’s employees report feeling engaged in the workplace. Today, employees want real-time feedback on a continuous basis.

How Prescriptive Recruiting Improves The Odds Of Finding Your Best Match


I was engaged in the interviewing process for two separate companies at the same time. With the right tools, a company’s employer brand can maintain a highly visible and attractive experience that keeps candidates engaged, vested, and immune to competing overtures and promises. Plus recruiters can engage in more meaningful work and focus more on the candidate relationship by removing tasks that provide little value to the final outcome and are not required by regulations.

How high employee turnover hurts your company


High employee turnover hurts your bottom line. Lost knowledge, training costs, interviewing costs, and recruitment costs all add up, and companies cannot afford to ignore the long term implications high employee turnover has on the success of the business. Lack of training Employee retention strategies begin right when a new hire steps through the door. But onboarding is only one part of the employee training cake. Employee engagement

4 HR Tech Trends Shaping the Future of Work

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Historically, HR departments have been assigned time-consuming tasks ranging from oversight of onboarding, benefits administration and policy development, to organizing internal training and maintaining employee files. But in the last 20 years, thanks in large part to technology advancements that now automate these tasks, HR professionals are dedicating their time to business-growing efforts like career pathing , employee engagement and talent retention.

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Gig Workers & Company Culture: How to Make it Work


This shift has contributed to the rapid acceleration of the use of alternative workers – gig workers, temporary contractors, and others not counted as full-time employees, driven largely by the fact that remote work widens the pool from which employers can recruit.

Technology Is Changing Human Resource Management – But Where Will It Go?

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Traditionally, HR was always viewed as a paper-intensive, non-innovative area, where salary decisions are made, people get hired or fired and where team building sessions are organized. In its 2015 report in collaboration with Globoforce , The Society for Human Resource Management identified employee engagement, talent retention, competitive compensation, and developing the organizational leaders for tomorrow as major human capital challenges.

How to Achieve Remote Work Success in Healthcare


Remote work options for healthcare employees expanded significantly in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although on-site work has resumed as usual in many organizations, there’s no doubt that telecommuting has achieved new popularity among both healthcare employers and employees.

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21 Newsletters Every HR Professional Should Read


HR Dive: Learning – Caters for topics around career development, employee learning, mentoring, onboarding, and training. Content varies from white papers, case studies, and webinars to special reports and exclusive offers. Wavelength by Asana is a newsletter for HR professionals looking to gain more insights around maintaining company health, team structures, hiring, inclusive onboarding, employment empowerment, and organizational design.

Best HR Software Providers: Standard-setters in performance tracking to 401(K) management

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The platform also offers additional HR features to make it easier to manage onboarding, wages, and insurance, as well as providing general support. BambooHR is a leading cloud-based HR software provider that specializes in hiring, onboarding, benefits, compensation, and company culture.

What is COVID-19 Doing to the Workforce of the Future?


Because of coronavirus, employers have changed policies and procedures related to every step of the employee journey, from recruiting and onboarding through development and engagement at work. Digital Employee Engagement.

The Impact Of Machine Learning In HR

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Measure and manage engagement. Fine-tune and personalize training to make it more relevant and accessible to the employee. Track, guide and enhance employee growth and development. HR gathers vast amounts of data on all aspects of employee activity but without some form of machine learning to digest and analyze this information and present usable reports, it will be near impossible to identify important trends, threats and opportunities.

Using HR Data To Grow Your Startup

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Lundin tells the story of Pike Place Fish Market, a story of employee engagement and personal leadership. In this place, employees, whose tasks involve cleaning and gutting fish, cleaning up the “muck,” wrapping fish as customers wait for their orders, and even throwing those wrapped packages to those waiting customers. All of these employees, involved in a pretty dirty work environment, are having so much fun that people are stopping to join and film them.

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Are Your Supervisors Focused on the Right Customer?


As a new generation of employees is promoted to their first supervisory or management role, organizations continue to fail to set them up for leadership success. One of the first lessons I learned as a new supervisor at the Ritz Carlton Hotel Company was that my customers were no longer my most important priority—it was now my employees (or my internal customers). Employees should be aware of common safety concerns and be trained early on how to correct potential issues.

Who’s the Real Flight Risk? Why Employees Leave (And Stay)

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Engage Blog. Employee Engagement. Employee Feedback. Employee Retention. Onboarding and Hiring. Employee Engagement. Employee Feedback. Employee Retention. Onboarding and Hiring. Employee Retention. Why Employees Leave (And Stay). Why Employees Leave (And Stay). Any chance you have a few employees on your team who appear to be more loyal than they truly are? STAY ENGAGED. Engage Blog.

How to Bolster Your Employee Experiences with Competencies


Employee experience” is all the rage right now, and for good reason. An employee’s journey with your company – from recruitment and onboarding, to development and productivity, through post-exit interactions – can directly affect employee engagement, company culture, customer satisfaction, and the bottom line. This holistic approach is designed to achieve employee contentment and productivity. The Employee Experience Difference.

Can You Afford to Miss Out on an Employee Experience Platform?


In his latest white paper, Josh Bersin examines the shifts in needs and demands of employees in today’s workforce. As companies need to be more innovative with how they keep their employees happy, employees also have a greater expectation in terms of employee experience. The desire to improve and better manage employee experience is apparent globally. Employees are overwhelmed with tools.

10 Ways to Deliver Strategic HR


And in addition to the new demands put on HR are new challenges—from contending with the rapid pace of technology; engaging multiple generations of workers; and facing an increasingly diverse, remote, and globalized workforce. The company’s brand isn’t just about external perception; how employees themselves perceive the company is just as important. Prioritize employee engagement. Take a look at some additional resources: White Paper: Strategic HR is not an Oxymoron.