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Employee Engagement Through Training and Education Opportunities

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Employee engagement is a phrase thrown around a lot these days. Engaged employees are said to be energized, productive, and satisfied. It is up to the employee and the employer to contribute to the success of the initiative. Jrg Schiemann/

Driving Employee Engagement: 4 Criteria to Look for in a Payroll and HR System


Your team likely puts a lot of effort into keeping candidates engaged throughout the hiring process but it’s just as important to support employee engagement post-hire. Most employees spend the majority of their first day filling out administrative paperwork.

7 Ways to Support Employees’ Engagement in their Financial Wellness


Help your employees find a balance between living wisely today and planning for tomorrow. A paycheck isn’t the only thing employees depend on to meet their families’ financial needs. You might want to introduce new employees to company benefits in the context of financial wellness.

Do You See Impact In Your Job? These Employees Do. - DecisionWise


Some harder than others, but to really feel engaged in our work, it is crucial to recognize the IMPACT our work has. Read how 15 employees see MEANING in their jobs. Read how these employees think AUTONOMY is crucial for employee engagement. These Employees Do.

20 Simple Reasons Your Top Performers Quit


Retaining good employees is crucial to the success of any team. This isn't to say that an employee's access to health care isn't important — it's just not the strongest driving factor in retention of top performers. They're not as engaged as you think they are.

Everything You Need To Know About Employee Motivation

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Employee Motivation is crucial to your organisation. Employee Motivation can be defined as the attitude employees have towards their work. The Importance of Employee Motivation. Employee motivation is important to your company. What Drives Employee Motivation ?

The 20 Best Employee Retention Strategies

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Creating a highly engaged workplace begins with having an effective employee retention strategy. Employee retention is the organization’s goal to keep talented and skilled employees. What makes these employees quit? Defining Employee Retention.

Top Employee Benefits & Compensation Ideas for a Diverse Workforce

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Employees are a company’s most valuable asset. So, what are you doing to appreciate your employees? Employees love benefits. Not to forget that many employees apply for organizations depending on the perks and benefits offered by that company. Retirement Plans.

Employee Training On A Budget: 10 Tips For Small Businesses [INFOGRAPHIC]

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In a previous post , I covered strategies for successful onboarding of new employees. The topic today is training current employees – on a small budget, especially. Morale is maintained when employees have some input in the type of training they would like to receive.

Do Service Awards Still Matter?

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Yet that is the message employers send with awards for employees’ five, ten or 20-year anniversaries…” I’ve read a few posts and articles now picking up on a similar theme– questioning the value of recognition for service milestones. Let’s also look at employee engagement data for a minute.

Is 2017 the Year for Financial Wellness Among Your Employees?

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Evidently, Americans are having a difficult time with their finances. More than half (52%) of respondents to PricewaterhouseCooper’s 2016 Employee Financial Wellness Survey say they are stressed about their finances; 45% reported an increase in stress over the last 12 months.

Make Sense of HR Technology Options Available For Your Business


A small company might only need an employee scheduling tool. A midsize company might need employee scheduling coupled with a people management platform. spend over $5 trillion on payroll, benefits, and other employee programs. In a market where most job postings attract thousands of candidates, creating an applicant shortlist without automated assistance is a laborious, time-consuming task. DOWNLOAD THE E-BOOK: The Ultimate Guide to Employee Engagement Surveys.

This Shipbuilder’s Apprentice School Is A “National Model”


With about 20,000 employees, the company is the largest industrial employer in the state of Virginia. And we are particularly proud that around 40% of our production management team are graduates of the program.”. Finding employees with the right skill sets is already a troubling concern for many executives. Catch-up time. Perhaps it’s time for the United States to play catch-up. back in increased productivity and greater front-line innovation.

21 Top Talent Management, People Ops, And HR Conferences In 2019


One study found that a whopping two-thirds of employees actually changed jobs due to a lack of L&D. People Operations teams and other people managers can model L&D by attending one of the HR conferences outlined below. Employee Experience Impact Summit. Manage your time.

HR Can be Dangerous with the Right Technology!


That is a lot, especially when your job requirements also include making sure day-to-day employee management tasks (i.e. onboarding, payroll, benefits administration, time and attendance, performance) are completed accurately and on time.

The 7 Elements of an Unforgettable Employee Experience


We have all heard of the customer experience which is defined as the resulting product when a customer interacts with your brand. The employee experience has become increasingly important in HR management because of evolving business trends such as peer-to-peer sharing, high turnover rates and competitive recruiting practices. The employee journey begins before a job applicant even decides to apply, and it continues after the employee leaves the company as an alumnus.

Benefits Packages that Motivate Employees and Attract Top Talent


If it isn’t apparent yet, traditional and voluntary benefits are becoming more sought after each year over annual salary due to employees becoming more aware of the advantages of them and the flexibility they can provide to themselves and their families. Retirement.

Smartphone Apps Are Becoming The Catalyst Of HR Management

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Mobile phone applications that offer organizations the capability for online learning, enhance productivity and provide effective employee management and development are becoming a chief technology trend in Human Resources. Employees’ databases are now more approachable than ever.

Why You Need a Seamless Hiring, Payroll and Employee Benefits Platform


The more time HR leaders spend on manual tasks, the longer it takes to move forward with hiring steps and get back to current employees who have HR-related issues or questions. Ultimately, this leads to both a frustrating candidate and employee experience. .

New Technologies in Employee Training

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In healthcare, education, and transport, products like telemedicine, computer-assisted learning, plagiarism software , and self-driving improve individual and institution efficacy; with the results from their application trickling down to other industries and sectors.

3 Key Challenges of Complexity Solved by Automation

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From hiring to retiring and everything in between, HR is deluged with process requirements that can be cumbersome to manage and subject to human error when done manually. Employee Engagement. Communication is another employee engagement solution.

Taking the Temperature of Health and Financial Wellness Programs

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One is an employee’s health. The other point is an employee’s financial health. The two ideas – physical and financial health – haven’t been front and center for most organizations for a long time. C-level managers are realizing this in their employee communications initiatives.

27 Actionable Insights & Resources for Employee Lifecycle Management


As HR professionals you’ve heard it all before: managing effectively your employees’ lifecycle is the secret to create an engaged workforce which will in turn improve business efficiency. Case Study : Read how Microsoft uses social for recruiting and employee branding.

Whole-Self Benefits

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A holistic benefits plan is at the top of the wish list for today’s employees—here’s how to create one that stands out. Employees across all generations are electronically tied to the office and have the ability to work outside of traditional hours. Talk to employees. “As

Can’t Miss Conferences For Employee Benefits Professionals


Professional development is an important part of any employee benefits professional’s annual roadmap, and attending a conference is a great way to learn new skills, stay on top of industry trends and network with likeminded benefits enthusiasts. We’ve researched the top conferences for employee benefits pros, including conference dates, locations and pricing. Host: Employee Benefit Adviser. Mid-Sized Retirement & Healthcare Plan Management Conference.

27 Actionable Insights & Resources for Employee Lifecycle Management


As HR professionals you’ve heard it all before: managing effectively your employees’ lifecycle is the secret to create an engaged workforce which will in turn improve business efficiency. Case Study : Read how Microsoft uses social for recruiting and employee branding.

The Top HR Conferences in 2017-2018 You Can’t Afford to Miss

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Which HR conferences are you interested in attending this year? Once you’ve successfully acquired the buy-in you need for your conference, take some time to consider the speakers and topics that are applicable to you, make yourself a schedule. Rob de Luca, BambooHR.

Conference Twitter Primer #HRtechConf 2018


mercer : (Patricia Milligan): Advancing the #health, wealth & careers of over 110M people worldwide – Tweeting about #FutureOfWork #DigitalTransformation #Leadership #Retirement #Investments. Follow us for timely perspectives on the markets. Reach, Engage, Hire.

Total Rewards Strategy: Best Practices To Improve Engagement


Are you looking for a way to better engage workers who appear to be slipping into a state of low productivity? Employees should be aware of the tangible and intangible benefits that they can enjoy because they work for your organization.

Looking Ahead: Future-Proofing HR


This means harnessing the trend of a top-down approach that cultivates supportive managers who are capable of coaching—and motivating—employees to new levels of productivity. Provide career-building opportunities that will keep employees from leaving.

HR TechStack – Workforce Management


Workforce Management software helps organizations plan, manage, and track employee work, including labor requirements, employee schedules, and paid time off (PTO). Help administrators manage employee schedules, PTO, and leave requests. MindSalt Time & Expense.

HR TechStack – Performance Tracking


It helps organizations establish employee performance standards and enables managers to evaluate employees’ job performance in relation to these standards. Allow users to evaluate employee performance in relation to overarching company goals. Qualtrics Employee Insights.

Finding and Inspiring the Best Healthcare Workers


In a healthcare setting, your patient’s experience is defined by your employees, but finding and keeping exceptional frontline employees can be challenging. Deloitte’s report, “The Value of Patient Experience,” finds that a highly engaged staff likely boosts patient experience, translating into better business performance. Let’s take a look at the lifecycle of an employee, and how a modern HR system can make a difference.

9 Ways to attract tech talent as a growing startup

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But growing startups need talented employees, too. Create a productive environment. Gone are the days when the relationship between employer and employee went no further than the paycheck. According to Katie Evans, HR at Gusto , to attract today’s top talent, your business needs to, “Build a culture that makes employees feel comfortable from Day 1. Employees want to be associated with a positive brand. Increase employee productivity by 22%i.

Get Current on the Latest HR Trends in 3 Minutes


Nearly 6,000 business leaders attended the Web Summit and came away with new insights and key learnings. Pressed for time? 3 HR trends your employees are talking about. And with nearly 10,000 Baby Boomers turning 65 each day, many are retiring and some are moving to a new career.