12 Employee Retention Strategies You Need Right Now to Delight Employees and Reduce Turnover


It is reported that almost 70% of organizations indicate staff turnover has a negative impact on their bottom line. Some models show that it can cost anywhere between 6 and 9 months of that employee’s salary, on average. And 29% plan to do so in the next 12 months.

How to Save Your Company from Unhealthy Turnover and Optimize Retention


High turnover is a major concern for many organizations. In 2018, over 40 million people quit their jobs in the US compared to just 30 million in 2014. But how do you know if your turnover really is an issue? Let’s take an analytical approach to retention.

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The Right Way to Increase Minimum Wage at Your Organization


On July 18th, 2019, the U.S. government passed a bill to gradually increase the minimum wage to $15 by 2025. of wage-earning workers and their employers. . The hourly rate of labor directly influences your bottom line. Retention. Costs of turnover.

How one trucking industry CEO is solving the turnover problem

PI Worldwide

Turnover in the trucking industry is a problem—a 77% of employees leaving kind of problem. While the average turnover rate across industries in the U.S. hovers around 18% , the trucking industry struggles against an impending talent shortage and the threat of a turnover rate that continues to climb. How is it, then, that one CEO manages to operate a trucking business with an annualized turnover rate of 28%?

Employee Turnover: The Most Common Myths/Misconceptions

Clarity Wave

Employee Turnover: The Most Common Myths/Misconceptions Most businesses think about employee turnover only after it becomes a problem. The Hay Group consultants say average employee turnover rates over may rise above 20 percent over the next five years.

How to improve your restaurant turnover rate


Now bring this exact image into your mind again, only this time your server is rude, looks miserable, brings your meal a full hour after you’ve ordered, and has no knowledge over the food they’re serving. Finding employees: when you order from a limited menu.

Recruit Better: Employee Discount Programs and Taxes

HR Bartender

Here on HR Bartender, we’ve talked about the partnerships HR needs to have in the organization with finance, risk management, and marketing…just to name a few. One very important partnership that we haven’t spent much time covering is the partnership between human resources and payroll.

Employee Turnover: 6 Lesser Known Reasons Your Employees Are Leaving

Vantage Circle

Good employees are hard to find. It is even harder to retain those employees. That’s why reducing employee turnover is the primary concern among companies. High employee turnover becomes even more of a pain point for growing companies.

4 Ways to Reduce Employee Turnover and Improve Your Bottom Line


Employee turnover is one of the most bottom line busting costs associated with a company’s workforce. SHRM estimates that, for entry-level employees, the cost to fill an open position hovers near $4,000. In result, a study by DailyPay showed that employees are 1.9x

6 Causes Why Employee Turnover Is High In Your Organization

Vantage Circle

Good employees are hard to find. It is even harder to retain those employees. That’s why reducing employee turnover is fast becoming the primary concern among organizations. Calculating employee turnover is easy. It’s essentially the percentage of the total number of employees who leave an organization, over a period of time, and are replaced by new employees. We all know that employee turnover is a problem.

The Best Employee Retention Articles and Resources from Across the Web


High turnover to contend with? Low employee engagement giving you a headache? Workers looking for the door? Revitalizing your employee retention can be a daunting undertaking, but we’re here to help. General Employee Retention Articles.

This Company Raised Their Wages And This Is What They Learned

SAP Innovation

Right now the U.S. is embroiled in a national discussion about compensation, the cost of living, and employee engagement. One company took the plunge and upped their employee’s pay last February. The results so far? Turnover comes with a big price tag.

What’s Keeping HR Up at Night in 2020?


The number of job openings in the U.S. million in January 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Is this an early sign that the talent shortage is dwindling? Although the talent shortage began dominating the labor market more than a decade ago, the No.

10 signs your workplace culture is toxic (and how to fix it)

HR Morning

But identifying the symptoms and finding the antidotes for them can quickly improve morale, engagement, retention and productivity. Are your employees tired? If the answer is yes, you may have a toxic culture at work. Evaluate the underlying support network.

Student Loan Repayment 101: The Lowdown on 2020’s Hottest Employee Benefit


Chances are, you’ve probably heard about student loan repayment as an employee benefit. While innovative, student loan debt repayment as an employee benefit might not make sense for every employer. — What is Student Loan Repayment as an Employee Benefits? .

Why Employees Stay at Small Businesses


“How do we keep our best employees?” ” is a question plaguing the minds of small business leaders and HR practitioners. With talent pools shrinking , job hopping becoming more common , and recruiting costs rising , the need for answers has grown only more urgent.

3 Must-Read Digital HR and HR Tech Articles of July 2018

Digital HR Tech

The top articles of July feature seven ways HR departments can do less while accomplishing more, an article on measuring employee engagement the right way, a rather disturbing look into the future of the gig economy, and a video with examples of a successful digital transformation.

4 Economic Trends Impacting Talent Today

ClearCompany HRM

The market for talent has always been and always will be changing. From the time the first help wanted sign was hung from a shop window to today when it’s hard to tell if we’re in high unemployment or the gig economy. What not to do: Assume you can simply lower wages.

Trends 278

This Is The Tech Every Hospitality HR Manager Needs For Success


Relentless turnover challenges the sanity of even the most composed hotel manager. I would know: after owning two restaurants that employed 70 people at peak times, the constant battle against turnover triggers plenty of stressful memories. Retention.

The 100 HR Indicators Every Manager Needs to Know


If you’re like me, you might also be addicted to listicles, these articles in the forms of bullet-points that distil information in a very digestible way. Training & Development #7. Engagement #12. It provides an idea of the breadth of responsibility of a manager. #3

This Is The Tech Every Hospitality HR Manager Needs For Success


Relentless turnover challenges the sanity of even the most composed hotel manager. I would know: after owning two restaurants that employed 70 people at peak times, the constant battle against turnover triggers plenty of stressful memories. Retention.

A Full Guide to Compensation and Benefits

Digital HR Tech

Compensation and benefits refer to the benefits a firm provides to its employees in exchange for their labor. Compensation and benefits and employee motivation How do HR Departments calculate compensation and benefits? percent of the cost of employing someone.

The Power of Employee Recognition


Make no mistake, an organisation that fosters an environment that motivates employees and rewards positive behaviours will attract the best talent, maintain a strong, positive culture and retain the rockstars that outperform the competition. Mixing the right chemicals.

New Research from Paycor Reveals HR’s Increased Impact on the Bottom Line


Report “People Management - Perception vs. Reality” Discusses Key Insights about Employee Engagement, Turnover and Compliance from SMB CEOs, CFOs and HR Leaders. The report highlights common misperceptions around employee engagement, turnover and compliance in 2019, provides tips and tools that help overcome these challenges to ensure organizations can thrive and, ultimately, describes how this increases HR’s role in and financial impact on the overall business.

A Review Of Perspectives 2018 From A Workforce Management Perspective


I’m still exhausted from the few days at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, but I’m also energized. As the song says, “The future looks bright” and since how we manage our workforce is the bedrock of any organization, let’s take a look a look back at Perspectives from a Workforce Management viewpoint. Josh Bersin’s keynote , “Learning in the Flow of Work” was very engaging and, as always, Josh loaded us up with insightful data.

Facing the Challenges of Nurse Recruitment

Hospital Recruiting

Recruiting the best and brightest is always a challenge, no matter what industry you happen to find yourself in. However, the recruitment of nursing staff has proven to be a particularly challenging endeavor for human resources professionals working in the healthcare industry.

Why Visiting the Manufacturing Floor is Key for HR


Why Visiting the Manufacturing Floor is Key for HR. As a seasoned HR professional, you know it best: staying connected with the realities of the employees you oversee is key in advocating for those people and managing a successful operation. The U.S. Retention. (9).

The Art of Building a Solid Human Capital Strategy


Your people are integral to the success of your company, so not having a sound strategy to help attract, retain and engage your employees is a big mis-step for any business. Employee experience. workers say they are engaged, and that’s a big concern.

6 Tips: How to Effectively Attract and Hire STEM Talent


As the Chief Technology Officer for Achievers , I have first-hand knowledge of the broad role that technology plays in business success today. I also have a personal interest in the state of the STEM talent market. The answer may depend on who you talk to.

6 Things HR Should Expect To Happen In 2016


The working world is ever-evolving; new technologies and ways of working are changing the professional landscape. The death of the traditional CV. The average recruiter spends about 8.8 Is the company recruitment portal optimised for all devices?

Understand Important HR Trends in 5 Minutes


For detailed action plans on how to find more qualified talent, navigating compliance uncertainty and increasing employee engagement, check out full recordings from each session. Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll find: Critical components of the recruiting process. Ban the box.