5 Eye-Opening HR Stats: Why Employee Recognition Matters


Employees are arguably the most important component of a successful business. Employees put a human face on the product, build relationships with customers, and define the work culture that feeds business performance – yet 32% of companies struggle to retain top talent. What defines an effective retention strategy varies from business to business, but there is one common element that has been found to work across most business types and sectors: employee recognition.

How to Get Executives On Board with Employee Rewards and Recognition Programs


But there’s a proven way to address this problem: focus on employee engagement. According to a Harvard Business Review study , 71% of respondents rank employee engagement as very important to achieving overall organizational success and recognition happens to be the #1 driver of employee engagement. It’s clear businesses need to focus more on employee engagement and recognition strategies. Why will your employees love it?


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10 Scary HR Stats That’ll Make You Howl This Halloween


Skeletons in closets, magic disappearing acts, and people masquerading as someone else: Is Halloween coming or is it just the normal everyday stuff of HR nightmares? This year, avoid spooky business in the office by brushing up on these important HR trends. #1: A recent survey by Leadership IQ reported that, “46 percent of newly hired employees will fail within 18 months.” How do you welcome and onboard new employees?

Where HR Tech Is Headed


HR tech is “on the precipice of a total reinvention,” according to Josh Bersin, author of a pivotal Bersin by Deloitte report. billion into HR tech vendors, a figure that represents a 60 percent increase over the previous year. Here’s a quick preview of the most relevant trends in digital management of the human beings that work for you: It’s All About Employee Engagement. Analytics Help You Predict Behavior Trends. Tech for Employee Learning.

5 Biggest Challenges for HR Leadership Teams

Achievers - Recruiting

Human Resources (HR) is a complex profession (but that’s what you like about it, right?) As a seasoned HR professional and the Chief People and Culture Officer at Achievers, I understand the challenges that come with being an HR leader. Below, I share five of the biggest challenges for HR leadership teams. On a parallel track is the need to provide support for employees battling mental illnesses such as depression. Improving employee retention.