What’s Keeping HR Up at Night in 2020?


Is this an early sign that the talent shortage is dwindling? Although the talent shortage began dominating the labor market more than a decade ago, the No. You see this in particular when looking at tech companies on the West Coast that have massive turnover.”.

What Is Employee Recognition – A Complete Guide For 2021


Employees are an integral part of any enterprise’s success, isn’t it? Appreciation of good employees plays a crucial role in praising the good employees for maintaining their good work and motivating and encouraging others to perform in the same way. What Is Employee Recognition?


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Looking for lower turnover? Try boosting workplace connections


That saying may or may not hold water, but a recent survey found that more than half (51%) of employees say co-workers are the true reason they stick around longer. employees polled from a range of industries and company sizes say they also want to know their co-workers even better.

Can AI help reverse the Great Resignation?


As human resource leaders deal with the Great Resignation —waves of employees quitting and many more looking to leave their current jobs—HR leaders and technology experts say that data issues hinder artificial intelligence’s ability to predict employee flight risk accurately right now.

ACE 2017: Day One Highlights


Amidst the finely dressed titans of the HR space, exquisite cuisine, and glamorous ambiance was the highlight of the show, celebrating the companies that go above and beyond in the employee engagement space as determined by a panel of employee engagement experts. ATB Financial for Rewards & Recognition. Michael saw: • a 4,500% increase in recognition given compared to the organization’s prior “home-grown” manual paper solution. •

Something You Should Know: 65% of Your Workforce Is Looking For a New Job

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Why are 65 percent of employees actively looking for a new job? Disengaged Employees Employee Recognition Engagement HR Communications HR Management HR News HR Trends Retention & Engagement Talent Acquisition Talent Management Turnover Workforce Featured

Engage Blog: Top 10 HR Blogs of 2016


Social Media & Blog Manager, Achievers. From the 50 Most Engaged Workplaces Awards Gala to a stellar lineup of speaking sessions, ACE 2016 brought together a Who’s Who of top performers and thought leaders in the HR and employee engagement space. Trending topics ranged from employee turnover and talent management challenges to top company perks and thought leadership on the hot topic of employee engagement. By: Kellie Wong.

How to Use Psychology to Increase Your Employee Retention Rate


Employee tracking software can help, but first you need to understand the psychology behind your employee’s behavior. Let’s crack open a few brains and see the real psychology behind keeping your employees happy at work, and reducing your turnover costs for good. What makes employees want to stay? Employees don’t want to be all alone, physically or mentally. Remember what I said about employees not wanting to feel physically alone?

Top 10 Talent Management Blog Posts of December 2015


Here are some of our favorite blog posts published in December 2015: Where Do Your Employees Fit On The Engagement Resistance Curve? 3 Reasons Your Best Employees Are Quitting via Business Insider. An Easy Way to Engage Your Employees via Inc. 5 Ways Leaders Rock Employee Recognition via TalentCulture. HR Can Improve Business Results by Giving Managers These Three Things via HRsoft. The 4 Enablers of Employee Engagement via Glassdoor.

Forget annual surveys: Why you should listen continually to workers


A largely apparent fact that has been made abundantly more clear by the pandemic is that employees are oftentimes the best source of information about a company. By the inherent nature of the employee-employer relationship, it puts HR and our business in a place of complacency.

How HR can navigate the emerging world of culture tech


Those items are top-tier expected benefits by employees. Igniting a culture is a big job and can be a logistical nightmare for HR teams to manage—because culture is defined by the distinct characteristics unique to a particular organization. What is culture technology?

Everything You’ve Wanted To Know About Employee Turnover


The topic of employee turnover should be taken seriously by all companies, because there are both direct and residual effects of a high turnover rate. A little bit of turnover is unavoidable. A low rate of turnover is ok – you’ll survive. On the other hand, a company with a high turnover rate might need to take a closer look at what the underlying problem is. Before we look at how to calculate turnover and ways you can reduce the problem in your company….

Top 100 HR and Recruitment Blogs [by Organic Traffic with Top 3 Articles Each]


This includes general HR blogs, recruiting blogs, talent acquisition blogs, employer branding blogs and more. Employee Engagement. Performance Management. People Management. Employee Experience. Exempt Vs Non-Exempt Employees? LinkedIn Talent Blog.

Is it time for a culture check-up?


based insurance and investment-management company laid off 12% of workers in its Lincoln Financial Distributors division. Already a 20-year HR veteran, Buckingham—who currently serves as executive vice president and chief people, place and brand officer and, in 2017, was named HRE ‘s HR Executive of the Year —wasn’t surprised to find morale was low among Lincoln’s then-8,500 employees (Lincoln’s workforce is now 12,000).

5 Ways To Boost Employee Engagement


Besides talent attraction and retention, employee engagement has become a major challenge for businesses. Research reveals that employee engagement has a positive impact on performance and is key to competitive advantage. Employee disengagement, however, has the opposite effect. Revealed through tardiness, absenteeism, and general lack of enthusiasm, it results in lost productivity, higher turnover, and disproportionately high business costs.

4 Ways to Encourage Employee Engagement in Your Company


Employee churn is a growing problem for U.S. retailers have seen an increase in employee turnover since the beginning of 2016. The turnover rate for hourly employees is 65%, up from 57% last year. Across all industries, employee turnover rates stood at 16.7% voluntary turnover. That’s the highest turnover rate since 2009! These stats show a growing employee retention problem that’s gotten worse every year since 2011.

5 Ways Healthcare HR Can Recover from Employee Turnover


5 Ways Healthcare HR Can Recover from Employee Turnover Sep. High turnover is a growing concern among healthcare employers because it has a direct effect on employee satisfaction and patient care. It affects how employees interact with patients, how much effort they’re willing to put in their work, and how often they’re going to miss work because they simply just don’t want to be there. Here are 5 things you should consider to improve your retention efforts.

Healthcare HR and Employee Retention: 6 Key Factors to Consider


Healthcare HR and Employee Retention: 6 Key Factors to Consider Nov. One of the largest growing concerns among employers across all industries is retaining high-performing and high-potential employees. In fact, 46 percent of HR professionals cite employee retention/turnover as the top workforce management challenge in 2016, an increase from 25 percent in 2012. Learn how benefits packages can be used to meet your talent needs.

Employee Training: Why Companies Should Encourage Employees’ Self-Improvement

Semos Cloud

Employee Tra in in g : Why Companies Should Encourage Employees’ Self-Improvement . Employee training and education are crucial if you want your company to grow. Find out the best practices to encourage your employees’ development. Improve d employee retention.

What it Takes to Build a High-Performance Workforce

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Can we say that these people are simply better than the average group of employees who contribute to business regularly? In other words, no matter the qualities of each employee, what truly matters is the teamwork. Also read: The Link Between Performance Management and Employee Engagement. It all starts with the hiring process, so you need to be sure that new people are talented enough to take the business to the next level. Leadership and Employee Engagement.

How to Use People Analytics and Recognition to Strengthen Culture


When we spoke with people analytics thought leader Lisa Donchak of the Wharton School, she explained, “Even 15-20 years ago, there were very few institutions rigorously collecting this data about anything, much less about their employees or who they might want to hire.”. Management guru” David Ulrich took a meta approach to this problem by applying analytics to assess the impact of analytics. Turnover higher than the competition. Employee surveys on management practices.

6 ways an intranet can benefit your HR department


Engaged and empowered employees who are invested in their organization and its mission are perhaps the most powerful asset any business can have. It can support well-being, develop and communicate the employer brand, and directly shape the employee experience. It positively impacts on key HR objectives such as workplace satisfaction, retention, and productivity. You may face multiple versions of documents, with employees not accessing the most up-to-date documentation.

Engage Employees Emotionally in These 5 Ways


Employee turnover takes a huge toll on companies, but it’s especially hard on startups: high costs, diminishing morale, and wasted time. Engagement is the silver bullet when it comes to startup retention. Engaging employees can be a simple and inexpensive process as long as managers recognize what motivates human decision-making. Map an Employee’s Plan This first tip combines two drivers from Driven : the need to comprehend and the need to acquire.

13+ HR Case Studies: Recruiting, Learning, Analytics, and More


We’ve collected case studies over time (and continue to) that highlight interesting approaches and examples of innovation within human capital management. The Motley Fool: Blending Talent Management and Engagement. Motley Fool: The Coolest Talent Processes You’ve Never Heard Of. Chipotle: How Internal Mobility Reduced Turnover by 64%. Internal promotion-how Chipotle reduced turnover by 64%. Using Hackathons for Branding and Retention.

How to Successfully Engage Employees in 2017


As more and more millennials come of working age, it’s becoming increasingly important for companies to prominently exhibit their corporate social responsibility policies on either their website or their employee handbooks—in part because CSR is proving to be increasingly vital to attracting and retaining quality employees. In order for employees to feel engaged, it helps for them to feel as if the company they work for is working to benefit society in some way.

How to Collect, Analyze & Apply Employee Feedback


Employee feedback is critical to the success of any growing organization. Creating an employee feedback loop allows teams to identify inefficiencies in their process and work to improve them. This allows managers and business owners to learn where their team is having problems and find a solution. In part, collecting employee feedback is the only way to grow and do better for your customers and your team. Collect employee feedback. Analyze employee feedback.

Talent Analytics: Predicting HR’s Way Out Of The Fog

SAP Innovation

Our era has been called the Talent Age, the Social Age , the Mobile Age. There’s a lot of talk about how we need to change the culture: become more people-centric, understand what the millennnials and innovative talent wants (start by accepting that they are The Future of Work), figure out how to foster engagement and express recognition and make sure no one leaves. And the word unstructured can strike fear in the hearts of even the most seasoned talent managers.

The Great Resignation: A Classic Case Of Poor Employee Experience

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Is the US workforce experiencing an epiphany that is prompting them to prioritize their careers, shift their jobs, and resign in unison, or is it a case of a poor employee experience ? This change in employees' behavior is triggered by their needs. Employee Perspectives.

HR TechStack – Performance Tracking


It helps organizations establish employee performance standards and enables managers to evaluate employees’ job performance in relation to these standards. Performance management systems are used to manage employee progress, performance, and development in relation to organizational goals. Companies use performance management software to facilitate meaningful and ongoing discussions between managers and direct reports. Halogen Talent Space.

How Focusing on Employee Experience is the Key to Engagement

ClearCompany Recruiting

Employee experience is one of those terms that’s just now gaining some traction in talent acquisition discussions, and some people in the industry believe it to be a trending buzzword sure to lose ground sooner rather than later. What is Employee Experience? Employee experience is all about the environment organizations provide their workforce and the perception of the workforce as a result. Want to improve employee engagement? Employee Engagement

News You Might Have Missed – June 27


Performance Management: A Swing and a Miss? A coach wouldn’t give feedback to a player once a year; managers shouldn’t either. How can HR adapt to this multigenerational workforce and engage every type of employee? You might be surprised but they want the same thing as everyone else when it comes to employee engagement. The Retroactive vs. Proactive Performance Management Approach. Take a proactive approach to performance management.

4 Communication Issues and How HR Can Solve Them

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Effective inter-staff communication is challenging even when all employees are in the same place. These challenges are exacerbated further in industries such as construction and manufacturing where an HR department and management are in one location, and employees in another. Communications issues take a high business toll — Harvard Business Review highlights that 9 out of 10 employees say poor communication has the ability to drag a leader down. Employee Engagement.

Cafe Classic: Keeping Them Is Cheaper than Finding Them

Compensation Cafe

Editor's Note: Given today's labor market dynamics, Derek Irvine's Classic post on compensation and retention is a important as ever. Retention isn’t a common theme on Compensation Café , but the association between retention and compensation goes far beyond “paying people enough money to get them to stay.” Research released by Towers Watson and WorldatWork reported: 1) Attracting and retaining key employees is a growing challenge.

Prevent Collaboration Overload Using Organizational Network Analysis

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Whether it’s a talented coder who is always sharing best practices with junior colleagues or a finance professional who is a wizard with spreadsheet formulas, an employee who spends a large portion of his time sharing knowledge and responding to requests for help can be a major performance catalyst. While their impact can be exponential, these star employees can be hard to spot. In other words, highly collaborative employees are often quiet drivers of business performance.

Why You Should Focus on Employee Experience Over Employee Engagement

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Employee experience is one of those terms that’s just now gaining some traction in talent acquisition discussions, and some people in the industry believe it to be a trending buzzword sure to lose ground sooner rather than later. What is Employee Experience? Employee experience is all about the environment organizations provide their workforce and the perception of the workforce as a result. Want to improve employee engagement? Employee Engagement