11 Common Stereotypes About Human Resources Versus Reality.

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There are many stereotypes about Human Resources that give HR departments a bad rap within their organizations. These unfair allegations often prevent people from wanting to build a career in Human Resources. . HR Lacks Business And Data Knowledge .

Will HR Technology Change Human Resources – Ask #HR Bartender

HR Bartender

I received this comment from an HR Bartender reader a while ago and I must admit it’s taken me a while to think about the response. Sharlyn: Great article about the “ 13 HR Technology Concepts HR Pros Need to Know ”.


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Human Resource Planning to forecast for less risky business


The employees are more empowered today with the choices to say “yes” or “no” to a certain job and have substantial say in the company’s growth strategy. A well-built policy and strong Human Resource Planning ensures to forecast and develop a competitive workforce that meets current business needs meanwhile making it future-ready. What is Human Resource Planning? Why we need Human Resource Planning?

Everything to know about Human Resource Management


With globalization, Human Resource Management or Personnel Management as it was called in earlier days has transformed. What is Human Resource Management? Human resource management (HRM) is the strategic approach towards effective people management in a company or organization such that it helps the business gain a competitive advantage. It is designed to maximize employee performance in the service of an employer’s strategic objectives.

From Revolution to Evolution: Business Ethics in Human Resources


Examples of business ethics in action relate to key issues like: Integrity – Having a set of values that are central to how the company operates. This can also relate to transparency: the clear representation of factual information in its entirety. HR Trends

Human Resources Is the Architect of Work

HR Bartender

Whenever people ask me what I do and I say “human resources”, their first response is … oh, you hire people. Which is true, HR often has responsibility for talent acquisition. So, when I try to explain what HR does , it becomes this long list of things – benefits, compensation, safety, employee relations, etc. Of course, people’s eyes begin to glaze over…human resources is a tough profession to define. Offers purpose to employees.

Functions of an Human Resource Management(HRM)

Keka HR Blog

Human Resource Management is a way of managing, maintaining, training and developing the key resource of any organization, its people. . It’s the key factor that enables the employers and the organization to achieve their objectives. . Employee Welfare .

9 Best Human Resources Management Certifications for 2022

Analytics in HR

For HR professionals, this means that if they want to truly add value to their organization, they need to continuously work on building their skills and enhancing their qualifications. Gaining knowledge in the field of Human Resources Management helps you become more strategic in your work.

10 Employee Relations Best Practices

Best Of HR

How can HR help improve employee relations? To help HR improve employee relations, we asked HR experts and business leaders this question for their best strategies. Here are 10 employee relations best practices: Take Charge of Virtual Team Building.

What is Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM)?

Keka HR Blog

The definition of SHRM or Strategic Human Resource Management has been debated over the years. . To understand the difference, let’s begin with how the term Strategic Human Resource Management came into existence. HR practices . Enhancing employee experience.

Why Human Resource Analytics is Crucial


With the help of human resource analytics, workplace data can focus on talent management and the life cycle of an employee. In addition to the application of statistics, analysis of employee-related factors can improve business productivity, recognize training needs, and identify workforce weaknesses. Human Resource (HR) teams benefit from workforce analysis to assess the needs and goals of the organization.

Human Resources and Employee Well-being: Are We Doing Enough?

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One topic that has garnered a lot of awareness in Human Resources is employee well-being. For several years, Deloitte’s annual Global Human Capital Trends survey has acknowledged a growing concern surrounding employee well-being and how well-being affects employers.

Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM): What Is It?


But, in an era of fast change, how can you prepare for and make strategic human resource decisions that will move your business toward its objectives? We define and explain the functions and relevance of strategic human resource management in this blog. Did you know?

What is HRIS? | Human Resource Information System | CuteHR


The most often used software in human resources is a Human Resources Information System (HRIS). This enables HR operations and processes to take place electronically. In most circumstances, an HRIS will also result in greater efficiency when making HR decisions.

HR OKRs: All You Need to Know [With 11 Examples]

Analytics in HR

HR teams take on more responsibility and projects every year to take care of the organization’s most valuable asset: People. Developing HR OKRs is one of the best ways to prioritize initiatives and focus efforts in the right direction. Contents What are HR OKRs?

Employee Relations Case Management as a “new normal” HR Tool


As business owners and HR professionals struggle to determine the new normal for their company and employees, we will collectively be leaning toward more automation like employee relations case management tools and online resources to get our day-to-day work done.

Employee Relations Case Management as a “new normal” HR Tool


As business owners and HR professionals struggle to determine the new normal for their company and employees, we will collectively be leaning toward more automation and online resources to get our day-to-day work done. Should she report this through the employee concern line?

Headcount Planning: An HR Practitioner’s Guide


Well-executed headcount planning helps your organization grow sustainably and improve performance. Let’s explore what headcount planning is and how you can implement headcount planning best practices at your business. Contents What is headcount planning?

7 Side Income Ideas for Human Resource Specialists


As a Human Resource Specialist, you might have noticed that you have some free time between recruiting, administration work, and improving employee relations. As a HR specialist, you have valuable skills that can be incorporated into a myriad of different jobs outside of your current position. If you’re looking into getting some extra work on the side, then check out our 7 side income ideas for Human Resource Specialists below. #1. HR Consulting.

Outsourcing Human Resource Functions: Pros & Cons

Genesis HR Solutions

As a growing business, you will eventually get to a point when you must decide whether to hire an HR rep internally, or to outsource your HR functions. (No Respond to sensitive HR situations. Foster employee engagement. Lack of access and availability to your HR rep.

Human Resources Organization Chart: What Is It and How to Create One For Your Business?

Analytics in HR

HR is one of the essential functions in any business, whether there are ten employees or thousands. A human resources organization chart helps HR departments—and your employees—navigate that with ease. What is a human resources organization chart for?

How to Become a Chief Human Resources Officer: What You Need to Know

Analytics in HR

The future of HR is rapidly evolving as technology does, which means that the core role of the Chief Human Resources Officer is changing too. What are the key skills you should be developing to become a Chief Human Resources Officer? Articles HR Upskilling

Independent-Contractor Classifications May Need to Be Reviewed

SHRM Resources

Now that the Biden administration has announced plans to crack down on the misclassification of employees as independent contractors, employers should audit who they. HR Expertise Contingent Staffing Employee Relations Compliance Employee Relations Employment Law Talent Acquisition

Preparing for Possible Human Resources Policy Changes in 2021 and Beyond

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As the dust continues to settle after an intense election season, it is important for Human Resources to take stock of its current concerns and prepare for possible adjustments & new hot topics. Will such a change hinder small businesses from even offering a plan?

Disrupting how we think about generations

TLNT: The Business of HR

It’s not surprising HR leadership struggles with inter-generational differences in communication styles, preferences, and expectations.

What your startup needs to know about the cost of human resources

HR Digest

Do you know the cost of human resources to your company? Human resources can be a huge expense for any company, sometimes without even realizing it. This article will go in-depth into what HR entails , how much it costs, and some tips on handling these expenses.

The Most Interesting HR Stories of the Week

TLNT: The Business of HR

Dolly provides the lolly: Age Discrimination Employment Act (ADEA) Contracts, Hiring & Firing Employee Relations Future of HR HR Management Human Resources Layoffs Strategy Teambuilding Workforce Planning Featured

A Day in the Life of a Human Resources Director (HRD)


This is another installment in our “Day in the Life” series, this time focusing on the HR directors out there. In case you missed one of the previous pieces, here is the full list: The average HR manager’s day What it’s like to be a recruiter The life of an HR analyst Read on below to learn about what those HRD’s do all day, including some funny comments, in-depth descriptions, and other helpful details.

Scaling Employee Relations as Your Organization Grows

Evil HR Lady

But, if your business grows and moves outside the garage where your founders began, you need to start thinking about scaling everything—including employee relations. And when your scaling goes global, that’s a huge change which requires a lot of thoughtful planning.

Create ‘purpose’ and you’ll be loved by your employees – Forbes

TLNT: The Business of HR

Often, the results can be predictable. But judging by the results of this year’s list, there’s plenty for HRDs to sit up and take notice of – and most of it can be summed up by one word: purpose.

HR Risk Management: A Practitioner’s Guide


Navigating the world of work is becoming increasingly challenging, and there are many HR risks that organizations need to handle to stay compliant and thrive. Let’s dive into all you need to know about HR risk management. Contents What is HR risk management?

HR Generalist Job Description: Everything You Need to Know


An HR Generalist job description differs from company to company, depending on the seniority level, the organization size, and the HR operating model. A sample HR Generalist job description. An HR Generalist works on people-related tasks and activities in an organization.

UPS workers demand air-con in vans; ex Twitter employee found guilty of spying


As part of their call, Teamsters has demanded UPS details its plans, training materials, and assessments for protecting workers from excessive heat. UPS workers demand air-conditioned vans.

Most interesting HR stories of the week

TLNT: The Business of HR

Musk finally gets round to talking to Twitter employees… More than two months after billionaire Elon Musk, bought social media company, Twitter, he is to finally speak to staff this week. According to US News, Musk was scheduled speak to Twitter employees yesterday for the first time.

Are You Tracking These Common Employee Relations Issues?


If you own a business or are a HR manager, maintaining unified employee relations is integral to your company’s success. While this is inevitable, the key to dealing with common employee relations issues is having a plan and multiple supports in place so that when issues do arise, they can be addressed swiftly and effectively. Common employee issues HR should be tracking to avoid legal ramifications : 1) Conflict Management.

Risky Business: Calmer Heads Prevail in Employee Relations


There are a few different profiles when it comes to organizational risk as it pertains to Employee Relations. They expect employee claims and suits to come against them, but that doesn’t move them much. On the other end of the spectrum, you have the risk-averse organizations who would rather die than to be sued by an employee. Employee claims will happen. . The key is to not panic and plan your next step from a place of fear.

Most interesting HR stories of the week

TLNT: The Business of HR

Data it has just released finds employee engagement in the U.S. saw its first annual decline in a decade – dropping from 36% of employees being engaged in 2020 to 34% in 2021. US engagement levels slump.

Five Major Roles of Human Resource in An Organization


HRM is all about efficiently acquiring services for employees. HR managers help employees in developing their skills, motivating them, and making sure that they will continue to maintain their responsibilities. In short, Human Resource department walks with the employees throughout their journey i.e Although there are many functions of the human resource department, I am focusing on a few significant tasks.

When Disaster Strikes: HR’s Role in Emergency Preparedness

Astron Solutions

But what is HR’s role in this initiative? HR plays a significant role in emergency preparedness. The HR department is chiefly responsible for establishing and implementing employment policies and procedures. They are the main communicator with regard to employment policies and procedures with employees,” states Tracy Moon in the BLR webinar “Emergency Management at Work: How to Prepare for and Respond to a Crisis Situation.” Harvey, Irma, Sandy, & Katrina.

5 Unique Human Resources Job Titles for 2017


Last year, we looked at 5 unique HR titles that included: People Operations Manager, VP of People, Chief Happiness Officer, Vibe Manager and Director of Employee Engagement. Overall, we saw a slight shift away from Human Resources (HR) designations towards People Operations as a favored title. People Ops and related unique titles aren’t limited to startups or Silicon Valley, they’re seen at companies across the world.