Office Space Should Be Reflective of Your Work

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Magazine recently published a list of the World’s Coolest Office Spaces. We want office spaces that make employees feel comfortable so they can do their best work. Hot-desking (which is the new term for hoteling) is when you have fewer desks than employees. For example, 100 desks for 250 employees. Where do the other employees work? Employees can schedule time to be in the office and to sit near people they need to collaborate with.

Googling Candidates: Ray Rice Version.

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Read enough HR Magazine or talk to employment lawyers, and they''ll tell you Googling candidates is questionable at best, as is looking at candidates on social media. . Communications Employee Relations Recruiting Ah yes, Googling candidates. You could get sued. You could factor things into a selection process that really shouldn''t be evaluated. . You know what''s riskier than Googling candidates? Not Googling candidates. Just ask your CEO.

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How Do You “Deal With It”?


In the February edition of the SHRM HR Magazine, (Yes, I now it’s March but I am a bit behind on my reading. I found an article about dealing with difficult employees that I found to be quite interesting. Let’s be honest here, no matter how much we wish for problem employees to change, nothing will change until we dig into the reasons why they act the way they do. And then they took it one step further by working with the employee to find a way to make things better.

When Disaster Strikes: HR’s Role in Emergency Preparedness

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They are the main communicator with regard to employment policies and procedures with employees,” states Tracy Moon in the BLR webinar “Emergency Management at Work: How to Prepare for and Respond to a Crisis Situation.” Since the Human Resource Department is the go to department for everything human related in an organization, it is HR’s responsibility to communicate what should happen if an emergency occurs. Do employees have access in the event that they must work remotely?

Taking holiday helps workers recharge – but effects disappear in just a few days, study finds


A quarter of employees say the positive benefits of taking a vacation disappear ‘immediately’ on returning to work. When stress levels spike again shortly after employees return to work, that’s bad for workers and for business. Research Employee relations Health and wellbeing Strategy culture and values

What Are the Perks That Employees Value Most?

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Many employees in recent years have expressed that they value certain perks even over higher pay. Many companies have gone wild with perks, offering things like game rooms and even full kegs for employees to enjoy at any time. With the fast-changing work atmosphere, it can be difficult to know just what means the most to employees. Employees often feel that they are missing out on life when they have to miss important events because of a work schedule.

A humane approach of layoffs

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In addition to this blog, I also pen a monthly column for Workforce magazine. Related Stories Don’t forget your b.s. meter when conducting workplace investigations On LeBron James and boomerang employees 7 tips for employers, from your friendly neighborhood plaintiff lawyer. employee relationsToday, I thought I’d share my most recent column, entitled A Humane Approach to Layoffs. Enjoy. Look inside > A Humane Approach to Layoffs.

Repeat After Me: Just Don’t Be a Richard

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These conversations were with employees, managers and leaders who work in fly-over country for salt-of-the-earth, middle America, un-sexy companies in non-glamorous industries. You know…real jobs with real people; not the “world of work” we’re fed via the glossy pages of Fast Company magazine and its brethren. better HR better organizations business culture employee relations engagement work

How I Created a Stealth Recognition Program


I swear on a stack of Guns and Ammo magazines this actually happened. The head of Purchasing called me in one day to discuss how the company could recognize and say thank you to a group of about 100 employees who had worked extremely hard over the past few months on a huge software overhaul and installation. Except in those special cases where you don’t want engagement, satisfaction, retention and happy employees.

Why you should manage the performance of your colleagues right away


When was the last time you held a performance review with an employee? According to HR Magazine , fewer than half (45 percent) of employees believe their reviews are fair and accurate. HR leaders regularly say it’s difficult to assess employees accurately and the results often lead to a decrease rather than an increase in performance. According to HR Magazine , fewer than half (45 percent) of employees believe their reviews are fair and accurate.

Brandon Hall Group Research Highlights, October 17-23, 2020

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But in 2020, with the coronavirus pandemic and the movement for racial justice, it became a business imperative for every organization that wants to engage employees, relate to customers and serve their communities. With employees and consumers demanding more from the companies they work for, DE&I must become a top priority for organizations across the globe. Brandon Hall Group Featured in Training magazine.

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2020 and Beyond

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From helping employees navigate their careers to delivering data and analytics about business performance, their contributions are numerous and multi-faceted. Employees demand to be placed at the center of talent strategy. In today’s tight labor market, employees are increasingly recognizing their value and expecting employers to recognize it as well. Tomorrow’s employees will also gravitate toward organizations where they feel empowered, impactful, and involved.

2020 and Beyond

HRO Today

From helping employees navigate their careers to delivering data and analytics about business performance, their contributions are numerous and multi-faceted. Employees demand to be placed at the center of talent strategy. In today’s tight labor market, employees are increasingly recognizing their value and expecting employers to recognize it as well. Tomorrow’s employees will also gravitate toward organizations where they feel empowered, impactful, and involved.

Julie Jensen: “Give the employee an opportunity to respond to your feedback”

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Give the employee an opportunity to respond to your feedback. This opens an opportunity to discuss training possibilities, mentorships, different responsibilities or maybe even a new job the employee would rather do. One day a complaint came to me from a couple of female employees.

A New Technological World: The Impact on Your Day-to-Day HR Functions

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From educating new hires on company procedures to improving current employees’ skills, training is a critical aspect of any business strategy but the typical training session angles toward an inefficient use of time for employees without significantly improving skills. From educating new hires on company procedures to improving current employees’ skills, training is a critical aspect of any business strategy”. By Ragu Bhargava , Co-Founder and CEO, Global Upside.

“Large participants in the global marketplace can greatly influence the behaviors of their vendors” with Michele Riley and Tyler Gallagher

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She has been included in Intellectual Asset Magazine’s Patent 1000: The World’s Leading Patent Professionals for each of the last five years. Every year, all employees fill out a survey measuring those in the firm that they work with, at all levels, against the principles and standards set forth in our firm’s core values. These surveys result in what we call our citizenship scores, which are integral to each employee’s success within the firm.

Trump's First Labor Nominee: Burgers, Bikinis and Mocking Low Wage Workers.

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At the heart of some of the resistance to Puzder's nomination was a domestic abuse allegation from an ex-wife and some immigration concerns related to an undocumented housekeeper. Let's explore some of the content and I'll give you color commentary as we flow though it related to Puzder as a potential Secretary of Labor: “What’s more American,” the Carl’s Jr. I think it’s very American,” Puzder, who’s 66, said of that ad to Entrepreneur magazine. “I

HR Most Influential 2013 ~ HR to HR 2.0 and Human Capital (HCM)

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Employee Engagement Zingers. Employee Engagement Strategy: What’s Your Story? Well, its not a result of my recent blogging - or lack of it - but I am pleased to have been included in HR Magazines long list of Most Influentials again this year. HR Magazine want to know who from this lists you regard as influential and why. Technorati Tags: 2013 , HR Magazine , Influence , Most Influential. Recognition and the Employee Value Proposition (EVP).

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Internal recruitment: right or wrong? ~ HR to HR 2.0 and Human.

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Employee Engagement Zingers. Employee Engagement Strategy: What’s Your Story? One of my readings today has been an article in HR Magazine: ‘Internal Recruitment: Right or Wrong?’ The first thing to note is that this is obviously a rather theoretical question – in practice you need to do both - the HR Magazine article calls this a balanced approach. Recognition and the Employee Value Proposition (EVP). skip to main | skip to sidebar.

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Pokemon Go And the Art Of The Employee Perk


While there are many factors that go into the decision by employees to leave, the lack of the right incentives plays a prominent role for many. So, what kind of incentives do employees really want? Studies suggest that 4 out of 5 employees are more motivated by non-cash incentives. An article in Inc Magazine reports that 96 percent of employees say they are motivated by travel incentives. Related article: 8 ways leaders can motivate employees beyond money.

HR manual versus employee handbook: What’s the difference?


What, exactly, is the difference between an employee handbook and a human resources (HR) manual – and does your organization need both? It’s a good idea for companies to develop both an HR manual and an employee handbook. Give new employees a strong start with your company.

Rose Marie Beauchemin-Verzella: ?Why we need to be desensitized to disfigurements?

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McDonald Corporation asked me to help select the color for their uniforms that would flatter most employees. It was a great honor and I had a great time with their employees. A true Leader will develop relationships where respect is paramount, between themselves and their business relationships and employees and watching closely, employee to employee relations. Support of employees is critical for employers.

Could Robots Replace HR?

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A robot can spit out data, but it can’t create a strategic plan or mediate a conflict between two employees. One Chicago-based company uses a bot named “Rosie” to enter data on new employees into their systems. Do you often field routine questions about employee leave or requests for a particular form? Employee relations and engagement. Meeting with employees.

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The Top 27 Talent Management Resources


Or really anyone in charge of hiring, training, and monitoring the performance of some or all of your employees. A group blog overseen by Kris Dunn of The HR Capitalist , this blog focuses on “the sexy stuff” of talent management, rather than “all the boring HR stuff like legal issues and employee relations tactics.” Talent Management Magazine. Workforce Magazine. Both magazines cover news and editorial content related to the internet recruiting industry.

Change Management: Fighting Incivility in the Workplace

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Many people have cringed when they come upon an angry manager loudly berating an employee in full view of the public at a restaurant or a store. That doesn’t mean that the employee hasn’t committed an error in completing or trying to complete a task or duty. Since 2010, Weber Shandwick , a globally-based public relations company, in conjunction with Powell Tate and KRC Research, have conducted a study entitled Civility in America: A Nationwide Survey.

So, You Want to be a Chief Human Resources Officer? (i4cp login required)


The typical trajectory was to occupy roles in recruiting, employee relations, compensation, and training as a specialist, manager or director. As the CHRO, you are challenged to influence thinking and behavior change with leaders and employees who don’t recognize your voice, acknowledge your expertise, or believe your message. An architect of employer brand and employee experience. Magazine , the only definition of success that matters is “does it make you happy?”


Does the Ratio of CEO to Employee Pay Really Matter?

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The Securities and Exchange Commission recently voted to require employers to disclose the pay gap between the CEO and his or her employees. As Fortune magazine calmly pointed out in The Big Flaw in the SEC’s Pay Ratio Rule : The rule is well intentioned. Is the CEO-employee pay ratio a reliable measurement? This is not good press or a source of positive employee relations. The CEO-employee ratio is not alone a reliable measurement.

Zachary Misko: A rare blend of competence and courtesy in the HR industry


The Association HRO Today offers a wide spectrum of services destined to a very large number of HR decision makers through its magazines, research studies, newsletters, events, and its famous HRO Today’s Baker’s Dozen Rankings. We use that platform monthly for North America and Europe, the second week of each month, and address four different topics: talent acquisition, talent management, employee relations and services and outsourcing.

WIRTW #484 (the “happy place” edition)

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Where do you take your mind when you’re just having a bad day, when you have to deal with that employee, when a client chews you out (I know, that never happens), or when you otherwise need a mental breather from the world and all of its evil and other craziness? Employees & Their Pesky Social Media — via tHRive Law & Consulting. What can you do when an employee gains unauthorized access to coworkers’ e-mail? — HR & Employee Relations.

Cross-training staff: A guide to effective implementation


The intention is to strengthen teams, give employees more opportunities to advance and create redundancies in case key employees leave. It’s more than simply teaching employees new skills and plugging them into different or unfamiliar roles as needed. It’s a process, and doing it right can help employees, clients and your business. Cross-training is about developing employees in order to better the business and the customer experience.

Peter Fasolo, CHRO at Johnson & Johnson, On the Value of Transformational Growth and Innovation

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Many of your employees have spent their entire careers with the group. Innovation is a long-term game and our relationship with our employees is likewise built on mutual long-term investment in each other. One example of how this comes to life is to encourage our employees to have “multiple careers” within J&J. How do you motivate employees of different generations to share their knowledge?


Art of HR global conference

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You''ve not heard much from me recently and one of the reasons for this is that I''ve been working hard designing a new global HR conference, Art of HR , taking place in Dubrovnik, Croatia in November.

How to deal with employees who don’t get along


Any business will have employees who don’t get along from time to time. Whether it’s because of differences in their personalities, lifestyles, opinions or some other factor, sometimes employees just don’t mesh. Handled constructively, employee conflict can lead to healthy competition, process improvements, innovation and enhanced creativity. Here are some tips to help you tactfully turn conflict into consensus between feuding employees. Consult your employee handbook.

Your Due Diligence HR Compliance Checklist

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Conduct an annual review of your company policies and procedures to ensure your employee handbook manual is compliant with existing and new laws. Employee Files and Records. Create and store employee files and records in a locked and secure cabinet. Employee Relations.

How to handle compensation during uncertain times


The delicate balance is: How do you handle compensation during uncertain times to protect the financial health of your business but without losing valued employees? If you’re facing economic hurdles, here are some common, alternative ways to retain employees while reducing expenditures and mitigating the pain felt by your team. From the employee perspective, pay freezes are usually preferable to reductions in regular wages or interruptions to payroll.

WIRTW #381 (the “sensational inspirational celebrational” edition)

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Here’s the rest of what I read this week: Discrimination Judge Titus Channels Inner Kenny Rogers in $1 Million EEOC Rebuke — via Employee Screen IQ Firing an employee for complaining on Facebook about discrimination = retaliation — via Eric Meyer's The Employer Handbook Blog Workplace religious accommodation, cont’d — via Walter Olson's Overlawyered Yes, employers may have to accommodate even “crazy” religious beliefs. — The Muppets present, 5 People You’ll Meet At Work.

The Culture Killer: 3 Tips to Avoid Becoming the Next Uber

HR Daily Advisor

Culture plays a large part in making your company attractive to potential new hires, but it’s about more than the salary or the perks—it’s about the employee experience. In fact, according to a study from Fidelity , Millennials would take a $7,600 pay cut for a better work environment showing they would trade in a paycheck for a higher quality employee experience. Hornsey commented that “we have a new employee relations team, who are solely dedicated to addressing people’s concerns.

How to improve your employer brand


Companies with strong brands (a good reputation among employees) attract high-quality candidates more easily, can hire more selectively and have a lower cost-per-hire than companies with blander brands. Building a good employer brand means learning what employees want. And most employees want to learn. This trend isn’t unique to young people: employees want to develop their skills, regardless of their age, gender or background. Retaining and advancing employees.

WIRTW #417 (the “virgin” edition)

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Ex-Employee Alleges Jewish Nonprofit Group Fired Her Because She Wasn’t Observant Enough — via Joe’s HR and Benefits Blog. Don’t Let An Employee Wellness Program Make You Sick — via Troutman Sanders HR Law Matters. Making Sure Your Employee Wellness Program Complies with the ADA — via The Emplawyerologist. via Workforce Magazine. HR & Employee Relations. Labor Relations.

Checking In From #SHRM16 – Macro & “MikeRowe” Breakthroughs

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The annual pilgrimage of 15,000 human resource pros to experience everything HR related kicked off with a Sunday opening general session featuring Alan Mullaly (of Ford and Boeing fame) and “Dirty Jobs” host Mike Rowe (who was, for the record, the most entertaining keynote I can remember in recent years). This particularly resonated with me, coming from a retailer with over 16,000 employees.