Talent and HR News Update: Culture & Thankfulness


1 factor impacting employees’ satisfaction with their employers, according to data released Tuesday by compensation data and software provider PayScale. Have bosses give employees one-off notes or thank-you cards praising them when they’ve done a good job and saying exactly what was so great about the work they did, says Chris Martin, the lead data analyst for PayScale. Next month's update is all about looking ahead to your employer brand strategy for the new year.

LinkedIn Report: These 4 Ideas Are Shaping the Future of HR and Hiring

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The relationship between employers and employees is fundamentally changing, but your hiring and HR practices may not have caught up yet. People expect more from you as an employer—more transparency, more accountability, and more trust. Preventing sexual harassment has always been a moral imperative for employers, as well as a legal one. Hostile workplaces hurt your bottom line through turnover and a tarnished employer brand.